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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 31


Volume 09 Chapter 31 - 312 Pieces of Treasure

Over 10,000 explorers all looked over, all equipped with alloyed armors, split into five big factions, almost like a metal army altogether! Under the glare of the thunder and electricity surrounding the castle, with occasional flares of green light, almost everybody's eyes were burning while fixed on the castle.

That, was the treasure trove of the world within a world!

’’Oh? What's going on?’’ The ninth prince Brolin creased his eyebrows and looked.

’’Your majesty, the other explorer armies from outside are still far from here. It's still early, we have sufficient time!’’ Of the nine bodyguards, one lady with green hair said softly, ’’Right now we have the absolute advantage, we'll slowly survey this. The treasure trove in this world within a world will definitely belong to you.’’

Brolin looked ahead solemnly, that lofty ancient castle enveloped in the protection of the thunder.


’’Kakakakaka...’’ The castle made a low noise, the huge doors of the castle began to slowly open.

’’The door is opening!’’ The ninth prince Brolin who was surrounded by his bodyguards looked as his eyes gleamed, almost like a ravished wild dog spotting bones, ’’There's a 99% probability there's treasure within!’’


The huge castle doors slowly opened, allowing the people outside to faintly see the blurry interior. This made everyone who gathered outside to stare wide-eyed, with many even taking out their binoculars, etc, all highly anticipating to see what's within.

Star level 9 warriors, maybe on several normal life planets like Bai Lan Star, they could be considered powerful and tyrants.

However in the entire galaxy, even the Black Dragon Mountain star field, they were only normal soldiers, cannon fodder, bodyguards!

This group of cannon fodder were allowed the chance to explore this world within a world only because of lady Rania's powerful background! This allowed 99% of this group of people to experience the most glorious moment in their lives.

’’The doors are open.’’ Among the crowds, Thunder God looked from far at the enormous thunder castle, ’’The treasures are about to be taken away.’’

’’Anyway, there's nothing left for us.’’ Hong said softly.

Luo Feng lightly chuckled, ’’This treasure trove is too shocking, what's more, there's that ninth prince. That is his majesty from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire! Also those C2 grade laser guns...even weaker Universe level warriors can be killed! We'll just watch the show, the real people who are unhappy are probably the other four faction leaders.’’

Luo Feng was very calm.

This treasure in the world within a world, naturally he wanted it too. Ambition was a good thing, however when the heat is on and one doesn't know his own power, he could lose his life very easily!

That laser gun would only require one one here could defend against it.


’’Only through chaos, or some other situation arising, might we be able to get something from the fray, right now, there's no hope.’’ Luo Feng looked at the forefront of the crowd, the leaders of the four factions were all there.


The Black Cloud Guild, the Hundred Tiger Building, North Dragon City, sacred land Ice Neptune, these four large factions, their Star level explorers and elite leaders, all of them seemed to have been intimidated by the ninth prince. No one dared to oppose or disrupt him, they could only watch quietly as things unfolded.


The castle doors opened fully.


The fully opened castle, no one dared to enter first. The ninth prince only looked on quietly, almost as though he was waiting for other things to happen.

’’Your majesty?’’ The female bodyguard shouted seriously from behind.

’’Don't be anxious.’’ Brolin said softly, his eyes fixed dead on the thunder castle ahead.


Among the crowds, Luo Feng was also staring at the distant castle.


The surface electricity and lightning swiftly vanished from the castle, however, the old and ancient castle seemed to have been revamped and looked totally new. ’’Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!’’ A voice resounded from the castle, the entire castle lit up with light, very quickly engulfing the entire castle.

’’Haha, hahaha...’’

A carefree laughter resounded from the castle, reverberating throughout the entire place.

’’Welcome everyone, to the world within a world. I've been waiting over 10 million years for this day!’’ A thick voice resounded through the land and skies.


Over ten thousand explorers were all shocked.

’’What voice is this, who's speaking?’’

’’No idea.’’

’’Don't tell me the creator of this world within a world isn't dead?’’

’’Dream on, the World of Thunder was discovered over ten million years ago, even Sector Lords can't live that long, unless he was Undying.’’

’’Back then if the Sector Lord had become an Undying and hid himself in this world within a world for ten million years, is that possible? He may be perverted.’’

Outside the castle, over ten thousand explorers were engaged in discussion, of which Luo Feng and his two brothers were just as shocked.

’’This?’’ Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God exchanged glances.

’’What's with this?’’ Luo Feng said softly.

’’Do you even have to ask, after living for so long, the dead Sector Lord definitely had an AI to assist him.’’ A condescending voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind, ’’Loneliness for ten million years, I wonder if the AI managed to evolve to a living AI, if he did, ten million years of loneliness would probably have messed him up!’’

’’Mad?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.


The leaders of the five big factions including the ninth prince stared at the castle.

In the air above the castle, beams of light gathered, finally forming a virtual human silhouette, it was a fat chubby old white man, this old man squinted his eyes and surveyed the over ten thousand people, this made the explorers all shocked, those present were mostly experienced.

The light human silhouettes were normally AIs or technology created.

’’Little punks, for you to have come here, you want to obtain the treasures in this world within a world?’’ The white bearded old man smiled as he gazed down, ’’Right, the master did put his treasure trove in this world within a world, and I'm guarding it.’’

’’The master had many treasures.’’


The white bearded old man pointed beside him, in the air above the castle, lights gathered and a big screen appeared. On it were many many object pictures, different treasure pictures, there were so many one would be at a loss initially. And at the most central region, there was a peculiar colorful crystal ball.

’’Inheritance crystal ball!’’ The ninth prince Brolin's eyes lit up.

’’It's an inheritance crystal ball.’’ The other leaders of the factions all were very excited with anticipation.

Among the crowd.

Including Luo Feng, over ten thousand people watched the screen with its many pictures of treasures.

’’The master has many treasures.’’

’’If I broke it down specifically, there are a total of sixty eight different treasures, three hundred twelve of them in all.’’ The white bearded old man pointed at the screen, immediately the screen arranged in order.

’’No.1 The bank account to the entire spatial instruction manual inheritance crystall ball (three accounts)

No. 2 Master's bank account

No.3 Domain lord bloodline evolution potion (one portion)



No. 68 level 5 genetic energy weapon 'Fire Wheel'


Everyone stared hard at the screen, it was too magnificent, some of the treasures had three or four of the same items, even six or seven. There were a total of three hundred twelve items!

’’This is too, too...’’

’’Madness, madness.’’

’’The lousiest item is still a level 5 genetic energy weapon. My god!’’

’’Obtaining one treasure and I'll be able to become Kuna Star's leading wealthiest person.’’ over 10,000 explorers' were going crazy, their eyes gleaming.

Luo Feng and his team were excited too, their eyes staring so hard they were almost popping out.

’’This is too, too...’’ Thunder God's mouth dropped open.

’’No wonder the four large factions and two sacred lands don't care about the universe crystals! The universe crystals added together can't even compare to these treasures. The treasure no. 2 the bank account. A Sector Lord's savings, just how much would it be? It would definitely be even more than the cost of all the universe crystals in this world within a world!’’ Luo Feng too was finding it hard to conceal his excitement.

’’This Sector Lord is indeed very wealthy!’’

Babata's voice resounded within Luo Feng's mind, ’’It's too crazy, this Sector Lord definitely acquired some Undying Being's inheritance. Otherwise it wouldn't be that crazy! The entire set of space techniques inheritance, this means that the entire secret techniques have been broken down. And the no.3 treasure, the bloodline evolution potion, represents a bloodline that can reach the Domain Lord at maturity bloodline! Like the Manka people.

’’The moment it's used, one can completely change his bloodline.’’

’’Also the ninth treasure, the life fruit, there's actually three of them! If a Sector Lord were to suffer heavy injuries, the moment he uses one he'll be fully recovered. To the Sector Lords, this could mean one more life altogether. Who knows how this Sector Lord died, never actually getting to use his life fruits.’’

’’Really wealthy, really wealthy. Comparable to a poorer Undying Being.’’ Babata was excited too.

Cang Lan Star, in a wooden house constructed at a peaceful lakeside.

In front of the house sat two men, even though they were sitting there, one gave off an aura of a large mountain, while the other gave off a chilly icy aura. The two were dressed in battle armors, their legs in boots, also both had black capes on.

The two were drinking wine of the highest quality.



The two revealed a slight sense of shock.

’’This Kabu Sector Lord, was surrounded and killed by enemies, his treasures are indeed shocking.’’ The icy man couldn't help but exclaim.

The tall and sturdy man nodded slightly, ’’Even a Domain Lord bloodline evolution potion, I wonder which race it is from.’’

Among the human race, there were few that had bloodlines that reached Domain Lord at maturity.

And only these few races.

For example creating a Manka bloodline evolution serum, then, one would require killing six to seven Manka people to create it! Hence, these sort of things greatly angered the people of the stronger races. As their people were naturally small in population, they would kill those who owned these serums.

’’Let's go, to the base.’’


The two men got up, shua! Their two silhouettes vanished, as for their real selves, they had already reached over ten thousand km away at the Universe Mercenary Alliance base. Their immense speed didn't even damage their surroundings in the slightest.

World within a world.

In the air above the castle, light beams shone down, the white bearded old man pointed at the screen, smiling, ’’Have you looked closely enough, these are the treasures my master left behind.’’

Over ten thousand explorers looked up excitedly.

Who wouldn't want to obtain them?

Any one treasure alone was probably thousands to ten thousand times the Nuolan Shan Family's entire fortune.


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