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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 30


Volume 09 Chapter 30 - Opening The Treasure Trove

World within a world, dark night.

Luo Feng and his team of five temporarily joined the North Dragon Castle faction. The entire central region had been split into five big factions.

The North Dragon Castle faction.

’’Senior, these are the ones I mentioned, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God.’’ Luo Feng and his team were talking to the people of the North Dragon Castle, Heruo was introducing the teams, ’’This is my senior Kazan Lun.’’

’’So it's you all that saved my two juniors, thanks. Oh, I still have important matter to attend to, I'll let Heruo entertain you all.’’ Kazan Lun smiled as he left, his entire body was skinny, height about 1.5m, eyes glowing slightly green, he had a heavy aura about him.

They watched as Kazan Lun left.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God exchanged glances, obviously this guy didn't care much about them, it was only out of respect for Heruo that he came over to say hello.

’’My senior is like that, please don't mind him.’’ Heruo explained.

’’No problem.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’Our North Dragon Castle faction has a total of about 2100 people, every 100 forms a square formation. The main reason is to prevent any chaos from happening.’’ Heruo pointed at their surroundings, they were surrounded by explorers, every 100 of them gathered together, that way, if any group were to have any incidents, it wouldn't affect the others.

’’Where would you like to go? There are six square formations that are pretty lacking.’’ Heruo smiled.

’’As close to the main formation of the North Dragon Castle organization as possible.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Alright, no problem.’’


Luo Feng's team was situated in the 18th formation of the North Dragon Castle Faction.

Daybreak, on the second day.

After half a night of talking to the other members of the other formations, Luo Feng's team had come to know of many new things and news.

’’So the treasure trove is there!’’ Luo Feng looked at the center position of the five big factions, a dark blue castle was constructed there on the flat lands.

’’The guesses of the five big factions are indeed rational.’’ Thunder God nodded, ’’In this entire world within a world, with the swamps, deserts, lakes, flat lands, mountain ranges, grass lands, etc, they are all natural environments. There's only this one construct! And it is located in the most central position of the world within a world. Above it is a ball of light! This sort of position for this castle, it is very likely the position of the treasure trove.’’

’’Treasure trove!’’

’’The treasure trove must be within this castle, however with the five factions around, no one dares to make a move.’’ Luo Feng shook his head.

Hong laughed, ’’It's very normal, in the beginning, there weren't too many of the five faction people here, they were worried that the moment the battles began, it would allow a large number of the other explorers to gain rewards through the chaos, hence they began recruiting people, when one side does it, the others naturally joined in! In the meantime, they looked for an opportunity to begin their excavation and robbing.’’

’’Who knows until when we'll wait before anyone makes a move.’’ Thunder God muttered.

’’They are not rushed. The first group of people from the outside of the two million army have just begun to enter the world within a world.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’From the outer regions of the world within a world to the central region, it would still take about another seven days.’’

’’Hence, the battle could very likely explode within seven days!’’

Luo Feng's predictions weren't wrong, on the third day of joining the North Dragon Castle faction, a big incident happened.

World within a world, the white ball of light floated in the air, emanating light below.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The sky was filled with blurred images of black silhouettes suddenly flying towards the five factions from afar.

’’So many people?’’

’’How did so many people appear in such a short time?’’ There was some distress within the five factions.

The group Luo Feng was in all looked up into the sky, just a glance and one could make a guess of the numbers: ’’About 600 of them? Also from the looks of it, they are all from one power. 600 over people, to the five factions, this totally affected the balance.’’

Five factions, over 10,000 explorers, all engaged in soft discussion.

’’Black Dragon Mountain Empire, Saqisen greets the ninth prince your majesty!’’ A booming voice resounded through the air.

’’Greetings to the ninth prince your majesty!’’

Neatly in a single row, almost as though a rumble through the air, a large group of the Black Dragon Mountain sacred land people all bowed in unison. Within the 600 or so people in midair was one particular youth with white pale skin. The youth stood in mid air, his eyes like lightning, surveying his surroundings, his voice boomed at all below him, ’’I, the Empire's ninth prince Brolin, am here to take the treasure trove. Anybody who defies me will die!!!’’


The entire five factions had all gone silent, the Black Dragon Mountain faction naturally supported the emperor, as the sacred land Black Dragon Mountain was the emperor's roots!

And the other four factions were in chaos at the moment.


Among the crowd, Luo Feng looked up high at the flamboyant ninth prince, exclaiming within, ’’This ninth prince didn't appear initially, he was constantly pulling people in in other areas, and now at the most critical time he's appeared! In a short amount of time he increased the power of the Black Dragon Mountain by a lot, making the other four factions unable to do anything.’’


On the flat lands, the other four factions were buzzing with discussions.

’’Ninth prince your majesty.’’ A loud powerful voice resounded from the Hundred Tiger Building faction. A tall and sturdy looking youth, on his forehead were two curved black horns, he looked up at the ninth prince, saying, ’’This world within a world's treasure trove, for you, one person to take it all, don't you think...’’


A blinding white light pierced right through that tall and sturdy youth suddenly, his head vaporizing to nothing.


The five factions were all stunned.

Within sight was still a slight glimmer of white light residue from before, everybody was stunned, they understood what just happened! At that moment, a laser beam killed the leader of the Hundred Tiger Building.


Amongst the crowds.

Luo Feng and his team were shocked, Thunder God said softly, ’’That's too fast, that laser weapon didn't even need any preparation time before it fired.’’

’’It was indeed fast, killing in an instant.’’ Luo Feng was shocked within.

Back when he used the B6 grade laser cannon to attack the golden horned beast! That laser cannon still required a certain amount of time before it could fire, and just now...that laser beam didn't seem to require any time at all.


In the air.

Behind the ninth prince, the nine bodyguards, all of them holding within their hands a weapon akin to earth's singular rocket launcher, about 3m long with an opening of about 30cm.

’’Let me introduce to everyone.’’

’’C2 grade laser cannon, nine of them! These are the latest models, we just acquired them.’’ The ninth prince surveyed the crowds below, discovering that the leaders of the other factions had gone all pale, he laughed, ’’It's power, one shot alone can almost kill a Universe level 2 warrior. This time I came into the World of Thunder to take part in the trainee exam, for safety sake, I brought a few. I never expected this world within a world to happen.’’

’’I believe no one else wants to get in my way?’’

The ninth Prince Brolin surveyed everyone below with his gaze.

Everyone just stood dumbfounded.

Nine C2 grade laser guns, normal energy grade weapons reaching the C grade was already legendary. Very hard to purchase, even if one managed to buy one, it would be extremely costly! One C2 grade laser gun, in terms of price, wouldn't even be that much cheaper than a Universe level 1 or 2 slave.

An astronomically priced weapon!

’’Very well. Everybody is cooperating.’’ The ninth prince smiled as he looked around below, 600 of them followed suit.

Following which, the ninth prince took the 600 over people and a large army of the Black Dragon Mountain and headed majestically towards to castle. The other four factions all hesitated but slowly followed behind, towards the castle.

The crowds headed forward, Luo Feng and his team were mixed in with the North Dragon Castle faction.

’’Damn, just like that he's taking everything?’’ Thunder God stared.

’’We are helpless.’’ Luo Feng looked in the distance, at the most foremost person leading.

’’He has nine C2 grade laser guns, he could be said to be invincible now. He even has three to four thousand people below him! The strongest strength with large numbers, along with the title of prince, a prince of the Black Dragon Mountain, killing those elites of the organizations without any hesitation at all.’’ Hong shook his head, ’’This way, with his attitude and momentum, no one can stop him.’’

Luo Feng and his team could only watch on.


North Dragon Castle, Black Cloud Guild, sacred land Ice Neptune Empire, the four large faction armies, they could only watch as this happened.

The nine C2 grade laser guns, in a place where there are no Universe level explorers, that was indeed an invincible weapon to have! Whoever they wanted to one could escape. If it were just the nine laser guns, it wouldn't be enough to scare of the other four large factions of explorers. The main thing was that he still had three to four thousand people under him!

’’Stop!’’ The ninth prince raised his left hand high.


The armies of the Black Dragon Mountain sacred land stopped, the other four factions all stopped too.

Among the distant crowds.

’’Majestic.’’ Thunder God exclaimed softly.

’’This is power, big power.’’ Hong sighed.

’’No one can stop him.’’ Luo Feng watched quietly.

The ninth prince Brolin ordered and everybody simply stopped. And Brolin took his nine bodyguards and headed towards the castle. Under the gaze of about ten thousand people, he carefully headed towards the castle.

’’Sang Bi, open the castle for me.’’ The ninth prince Brolin pointed at the castle.


Behind him one of the bodyguards complied, with curly hair dressed in black alloy armor, a helmet automatically grew on him and wrapped him up. Following which he carefully walked towards the ancient castle, this ancient castle that no one had opened in 10 million years.

The castle's huge door was about 12m high, 8m wide.

The bodyguard walked up to the door and placed both hands on it, forcefully using strength...


Over ten thousand explorers were staring at this castle...

The ninth prince Brolin too was staring at the castle, his face flushed red with excitement...

Among the crowds, Luo Feng and his team of five were also watching the bodyguard push at the door from far...


Following the bodyguard's use of strength, the door slightly trembled, flecks of dust falling all over.

’’Chi chi...’’

Electric snakes fiercely rushed out from the castle, large amount of thunder surrounding the entire castle, within an instant, the bodyguard wasn't able to retreat at all, the electric snakes weaved through his body. Almost as though he was fried, with a 'Chi' sound, that bodyguard was reduced to ashes, all that was left was the burning red alloy armor.

This scene caused the over ten thousand explorers to be shocked.

’’This...’’ The ninth prince had cold sweat beading down from his forehead, with a flash he hid behind his other bodyguards, if it were he who pushed the door, he too would have died.

The electric snakes continued to revolve around the castle.

There was an increasing amount of thunder and lightning, gradually, the entire castle became a thunder castle, engulfed within the electricity.

Luo Feng's team amongst the distant crowds were all shocked from witnessing this scene.


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