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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 3


Volume 09 Chapter 3 - Nuolan Shan

Within the hall of the killing fields.

Luo Feng and Thunder God were casually engaged in a conversation, this was also an effective way to relax.

’’Luo Feng, Thunder!’’

’’Haha, what a surprise bumping into you two here.’’ A clear laughter resounded, a black skinned man as big as a bear, along with a pale skinny red haired youth walked side by side over.

’’Buleimu, Heruo, come, sit.’’ Luo Feng waved and shouted.

As frequent customers training hard within the killing fields, and also frequent visitors of the big hall, chatting away, they naturally met a few similar elites who spent many hours within the killing fields. Everybody was clear, to be able to spend so much time within the killing fields, meant that one either had a lot of money or a lot of background, that their paths would meet again in the future. The more friends they made, the more paths they opened, the future adventures in the universe may require such friends, hence everybody made the effort to make more friends.

Within the short time of a month, Luo Feng had made over thirty friends, the two standing before them were considered the closer ones.

’’Hong hasn't come out?’’ Buleimu exclaimed loudly.

’’He hasn't come out in 8 days.’’ Thunder god said.

’’That's crazy.’’ Heruo couldn't help but laugh, ’’Right, let me tell you two something...Buleimu and I won't be coming to the killing fields for quite a bit.’’ The sturdy and huge Buleimu beside him nodded.

’’What's wrong?’’ Luo Feng and Thunder God were shocked.

These two were very similar to them, frequently staying for long periods within the killing fields.

’’Buleimu and I have been ordered by our teacher to go and become universe mercenary trainees by attending the mercenary trainee examination.’’ Heruo said softly, ’’This universe mercenary trainee examination is much more dangerous than the usual universe explorer missions, I heard the mortality rate and elimination rate is extremely high. If, a month later, neither Buleimu nor I, come to the killing fields, we'd most likely have died from the examinations. I'm telling you today just to let you know that if we disappear, you'd think we left without saying our goodbyes, totally unfriendly, haha...’’

’’For real?’’

Luo Feng and Thunder God were very shocked.

The universe mercenary trainee examination, was it that absurd?

’’It is indeed dangerous, however, the Universe levels, the Domain and sector lords, over 99% of them are mercenaries.’’ Heruo's gaze was serious, ’’If I don't take a gamble, and become some small guard or soldier, constantly at others' beck and call, I'll regret it. If I have to be somebody, I'll go all out, if I want to live well free and easy, I have to risk it all, I have to battle!’’

’’Yeah.’’ Buleimu nodded his head seriously.

Luo Feng and Thunder god glanced at each other.

As the two of them were high above everyone within earth, they didn't have any sort of pressure from others. Unlike Heruo and Buleimu who had such heavy upbringing, the pressure from their living environment was much more than Luo Feng and the others. The heavy upbringing from the huge powers, with them spending large amounts of money and resources etc, if they didn't get a satisfactory result, the expelled and rejected heirs' fates definitely aren't good.

’’Heruo, Buleimu, the trainee examinations, are they that dangerous?’’ Thunder God was suspicious.

The Universe Mercenary Alliance.

The ranks were separated into explorers, trainee mercenaries, 1 star mercenary, 2 star mercenary and 3 star mercenary. Of which, the explorers weren't required to take any examination, all they had to do was to go sign up and they'd immediately become explorers. The trainee mercenaries were required to take the examination, the 1 star mercenaries too were required...every rank required taking the exams!

The trainee mercenary examination, one could immediately participate after reaching the star level.

The failure and elimination percentage was extremely high.

’’It's very dangerous.’’ The big and sturdy Buleimu said softly from the side, his voice almost like it reverberated from within his chest out, ’’The Universe Mercenaries, they are originally a job where one risks his life constantly, hence, as the entrance exam, the trainee mercenary exam aims to eliminate fighters and spirit readers who aren't fit to be mercenaries.’’

’’The location of the exam, is and has always been the excavated worlds of Sector Lords.’’ Buleimu said, ’’In a Sector Lord's world, the Universe Mercenary Alliance will construct several difficult and dangerous situations to eliminate a large amount of people. From the elimination process, if you are lucky, you'll survive, however the mortality rate is still very high.’’

’’Sector Lord's world?’’

Luo Feng was shocked.

A Domain Lord's world, Luo Feng had researched and asked Babata about it. Within the universe, a Universe level warrior was already a big shot, and a Domain Lord, was able to unleash his own domain within reality itself! A Domain Lord's domain, wasn't anything like Hong's or Thunder God's, it was tens of millions of times stronger.

As for a Sector Lord, not just having an internal world, one was able to even create a new world!

Within this world, many things could be customized and built according to the wishes of the sector lord. Hence, many impossible and physics defying situations could be created.

’’What are you talking about?’’ A voice resounded.

Luo Feng and the other three turned to look, it was Hong dressed in a black battle uniform walking over, his entire being seemed to be high-spirited. Luo Feng couldn't help but to sigh at this sight...Hong was indeed a weird thing, after extreme battle after battle, normal people would be extremely tired and exhausted. Hong, however, never seemed to grow tired.

’’I heard you all saying the mortality rate is very high?’’ Hong pulled a chair and sat.

’’We are talking about the universe mercenary trainee exams.’’ Thunder god said.

’’The military instructor is here?’’ Buleimu said softly.

’’Military instructor?’’ Heruo too looked towards the entrance of the big hall, immediately spotting three human silhouettes walking over. One of which, was their military instructor. Buleimu and Heruo immediately put down their crossed leg, becoming much more serious.

’’Military instructor, the Universe level military instructor you all mentioned before, Kunxi?’’ Thunder God muttered.

’’That's him?’’ Luo Feng too looked curiously.

Heruo said softly, ’’It's the distant bald-headed one dressed in the green battle uniform.’’ Luckily they were in the virtual universe, where everyone's power levels were limited to only the low level wargod. Even though one could acquire badges and medals to prove one's true power in the virtual universe, however only in special circumstances, like the killing fields, could one unleash the same amount of power one has in reality.

And outside these special circumstances, be it the ordinary masses, or an Undying Being, they all had a low level wargod body.

Luckily that Universe level military instructor now currently had a weak and small body, his hearing abilities couldn't pick up on their conversation. If he had heard the two words 'bald headed', he definitely would have fiercely punished his own elite students.

’’Bald headed?’’ Luo Feng looked carefully over.

There were three people walking side by side in the distance, amongst them two were bald, one was in a green battle uniform while the other was in a dark grey battle uniform. As for the third...his ears were pointy, eyes gleaming red...

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's squinted his eyes, ’’This person's appearance is similar to the people of the Nuolan Shan family!’’

The three people in the distance, the person similar to the Nuolan Shan family also seemed to have noticed Luo Feng, staring at them.

The two locked eye contact for awhile!

It was like they were against each other immediately.


’’Mr. Nuolan Shan, what are you looking at?’’ The Universe Mercenary Kunxi turned suspiciously over to look, laughing after, ’’Oh, there's two of my underlings' students.’’

’’Your underlings?’’

Nuolan Shan's ice cold gaze looked over, ’’That black haired youth dressed in the blood red battle uniform?’’

’’No, I don't recognize that youth.’’ Kunxi shook his head, beside him, the other bald universe mercenary said, ’’Those five, the big black one and the red haired little one, are our elite students from within the group, the other three, we don't recognize.’’

’’As long as they are not from your North Dragon City.’’ Nuolan Shan's gaze was ice cold.

The moment he saw Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God, he immediately recognized...the black haired blood red uniformed youth was the broadcasted publicly Earth's leader...Luo Feng! Nuolan Shan immediately felt a raging fire erupt from within, rushing straight to his head!

He, a Battle-axe status warrior!

Just how many has he massacred?

Directly controlling over one thousand life planets, the number of warriors under him were like clouds, he hadn't tasted such defeat in a very long time. However on Earth, he indeed suffered a heavy loss.

’’Mr. Nuolan Shan.’’ The two Universe Mercenaries looked at Nuolan Shan with confusion.

Nuolan Shan took big strides towards Luo Feng. The two universe mercenaries followed behind. They were there following Nuolan Shan...afterall even amongst the Universe level warriors, there were differences in status, as a Universe level 9 and having the status of Battle-axe warrior, Nuolan Shan's status was naturally very high!

Even though the hall was huge, there were still about ten thousand customers.

A warrior with a huge axe medal on his chest along with two 1 star mercenary warriors, would definitely attract the gaze of many, the three walked swiftly towards Luo Feng.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's eyebrows creased.

’’Military instructor!’’

Heruo and Buleimu swiftly stood up, Hong and Thunder God looked suspiciously at Nuolan Shan, saying softly, ’’Luo Feng, that man looks very similar to the Nuolan Shan family people.’’

’’I'm afraid he's not friendly.’’ Luo Feng squinted his eyes.

Within a moment...


Battle boots slammed on the ground, the three universe level warriors stood before Luo Feng's table.

’’I see the two military instructors.’’ Heruo and Buleimu said respectfully.

’’Hm.’’ The two bald military instructors nodded slightly, looking over at Nuolan Shan. Nuolan Shan just stood there, surveying Luo Feng who was sitting before him, saying coldly, ’’You are Luo Feng?’’

’’Yes!’’ Luo Feng looked at him.

’’That planet is yours?’’ Nuolan Shan asked this particular second sentence without mentioning the name of Earth.

Luo Feng's lips curled into a smile, ’’Yes!’’

’’Sell it to me.’’ Nuolan Shan's cold gaze stared hard at Luo Feng. ’’Name a price.’’

Luo Feng shook his head.

’’10 billion Ganwu dollars?’’ Nuolan Shan said.

’’There's no room for discussion.’’ Luo Feng said without any hesitation.

’’100 billion Ganwu dollars!’’ Nuolan Shan said.

’’I said...there's no room for discussion. No matter what price you say, no deal.’’ Luo Feng looked at Nuolan Shan, beside him Hong and Thunder God calmly looked at him.

Beside him, the two universe mercenaries were extremely shocked, Nuolan Shan wanted to buy this youth's planet the moment he saw him and even gave such an extravagant figure. 10 billion Ganwu dollars was definitely enough to buy a top level life planet, and even saying 100 billion Ganwu dollars, such a heavenly figure, just what kind of planet was worth such a price?

Even for someone like Nuolan Shan, shelling out this much money was quite a feat too.

’’You are provoking me!’’ Nuolan Shan squinted his eyes, staring just like a venomous snake at the youth, ’’Young man, my temper isn't good, but today I'm giving you this chance...give me the planet under your name, and all our feuds and debts will be settled.’’

’’Give the planet to you?’’ Luo Feng's lips curled into a smile.

Is that possible?

Earth, was home to countless families to the humans of Earth. To others, it may seem that there could be a price that could be used to buy it, however to one of Earth, it was priceless!

’’I apologize, I won't be treating you to a drink.’’ Luo Feng raised his cup and downed the glass in one shot.

Nuolan Shan's expression immediately grew even uglier.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God didn't even bother to look at him.

’’Come on, big brother, second brother, cheers.’’ Luo Feng lifted his glass.

’’Come, cheers.’’ Hong laughed.

’’Bottoms up.’’ Thunder God said.

The three totally treated the Battle-axe warrior Nuolan Shan who was standing beside as nothing but empty space. If it were in reality...the three would probably have run far away the moment they spotted Nuolan Shan, escaping as far they could. However, in the virtual universe, what did they need to be afraid of?


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