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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 29


Volume 09 Chapter 29 - Younger Brother Luo Hua

’’Why aren't there any Three Axe mountain people?’’ Thunder God suddenly said.

Luo Feng was stunned, right, the five shouting voices were individually from Hundred Tiger Building, North Dragon Castle, Black Cloud Guild, sacred lands Black Dragon Mountain and Ice Neptune Country, there weren't any from Three Axe Mountain.

’’Let's ask Heruo.’’ Hong said.

’’Right.’’ Thunder God nodded.

’’Nan He, Ao Gu, you two help keep guard.’’ Luo Feng said.

Following which, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God closed their eyes and their consciousness entered the Virtual Universe Network.

Virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain Island, Nine Star Bay living district.

’’Madness, madness, madness.’’ Luo Hua rampantly tugged at his own hair, at a loss, he along with Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan were all sitting together surrounding a table, in their own garden sipping tea.

’’Little Hua, what are you thinking about, why so troubled?’’ Luo Hong Guo lifted a cup of tea and smiled.

’’Why is it wrong, no, it should have risen greatly, it's the problem with the capacity, the movement of the assets in the other stocks, seeing that there's momentum in the movement, it should either fall greatly or rise greatly, not stagnate this way.’’ Luo Hua seemed in pain, ’’Dong Hua Star field is even rushing to sell off. How could this happen, how could this happen! The speed is not keeping up at all, not at all.’’

’’What are you saying Little Hua?’’ Gong Xin Lan smiled.

’’The capital utilization rate is not right.’’ Luo Hua looked up and glanced at Gong Xin Lan, ’’Mom, don't interrupt me, I'm thinking.’’

’’Tsk tsk, on Earth, don't you play with the stock market a lot? What's wrong now, weren't you very confident last night during dinner?’’ Gong Xin Lan said jokingly.

’’It's different.’’

Luo Hua shook his head, ’’Every investment I make, I first have to establish my own working system. And on Earth, the way the stocks work, is very different from how the universe one works. It's almost like a second class world compared to a third class world. Also in the virtual universe, I can invest in many places, like the Black Dragon Mountain star field, along with the Dong Hua Star field, etc, even in other Empires.’’

’’One never knows, a few absolute warriors may battle and destroy an entire organization.’’

’’Hence, the investment is very complicated, it changes extremely fast!’’

’’Just like the stock market on Earth, it takes a decade for a single large market! However it's different in the universe, different levels of empires have different economies and power, some are religious countries while others are empire controlled. If you say that the financial market on Earth is like a flat brook, then the universe financial market is like a huge ocean with a magnitude 12 typhoon!’’

’’It's filled with dangers and opportunity!’’

’’The powerful and adept, can in ten days to half a month increase their capital by a thousand times!’’

’’At the same time, these well adept could lose everything if they were to meet with a barrier.’’ Luo Hua shook his head, ’’Right now I'm only a small shrimp, rolling behind people's frontal charge.’’

’’You are still considered a small investor?’’ Luo Hong Guo stared, ’’These few months, haven't you said that you've made ten times more than your initial capital?’’

’’Taking a few months to make ten times more is considered normal.’’ Luo Hua shook his head, ’’The changes in the universe financial market are extremely fast, faster than Earth's by hundreds to thousands of times! The dangers are also hundreds to thousands of times more! I wanted to guarantee the safety of my capital, hence I only made ten times of the amount. However from yesterday to today, I lost 30%, losing close to 2 billion Ganwu dollars.’’

’’What?’’ Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan stared.

2 billion Ganwu dollars!

Luo Feng had given Luo Hua 500 million Ganwu dollars before, Luo Hua had almost peaked at 10 billion Ganwu dollars after.

’’Relax, I'm considered very stable already.’’ Luo Hua shook his head, after which he smiled at his parents, ’’However dad and mom, honestly, I feel that the financial market in the universe is more meaningful, surging with momentum, gives one the feeling of being pushed around by the big waves, thrilling!’’

’’Thrilling is good, but you lost 2 billion Ganwu dollars! Your brother spent only 2.1 billion Ganwu dollars to buy Earth.’’ Luo Hong Guo was obviously unhappy.

He was unhappy with the loss of such a huge figure.

’’2 billion Ganwu dollars is nothing.’’

Luo Hua shook his head and laughed, ’’Dad, mom, you have to open your eyes and look further! The universe financial market, a few absolute oligarchs, even kingdoms that control up to middle level empires, those are the true heavenly amounts of wealth. A few universe absolute warriors all mixed up in it. These waters are indeed very deep.’’

’’I'm just a small shrimp. This level of financial markets that transcend universe empires, the lowest level of investment is 100 million Ganwu dollars. If not for big brother giving me a sum at first, I would probably be able to only mess around in our own empire, unable to participate in many other investment markets.’’


In the garden of the 3 level building, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God appeared. Their three families all built on the same plot of land.

’’What lowest minimum investment is 100 million Ganwu dollars?’’ Luo Feng walked over.

’’Big brother.’’ Luo Hua stood up, ’’Just encountered some little trouble, lost some money.’’

’’How much did you lose?’’ Luo Feng sat down casually, lifting a cup of tea and drinking.

Right now in the world within a world, the large powers were busy enticing others to join them, Luo Feng wasn't too worried.

’’About 2 billion Ganwu dollars.’’ Luo Hua said.


A mouthful of tea was spat out right onto Luo Hua's body.

’’Big brother...’’Luo Hua looked helplessly at Luo Feng.

’’How much did you say, 2 billion Ganwu dollars?’’ Luo Feng stared, damn, the metal that he bought for himself, he had to first consider the price etc, the first amount of money he got from his teacher was only 10 billion Ganwu dollars, and finally buying Earth, the universe ship, slaves, planet defense system etc, giving some money to his brother, Hong and Thunder God, the amount of money he had left wasn't even 5 billion Ganwu dollars.

Of course, right now he had struck a huge amount in the world within a world.

’’Big brother, don't make a big fuss over nothing will you?’’ Luo Hua said, ’’I still have over 3 billion now.’’

’’Over 3 billion Ganwu dollars?’’ You are sure it's Ganwu dollars?’’ Luo Feng stared.

’’Right! Ganwu dollars!’’ Luo Hua nodded.


Luo Feng stared, and at this time Hong and Thunder God walked over too. Hong laughed, ’’Luo Feng, why haven't you contacted Heruo, what are you talking about?’’

’’My little brother was playing in the financial market of the universe or something and lost 2 billion Ganwu dollars.’’ Luo Feng said, Hong and Thunder God were both stunned, ’’Also, he still has over 3 billion dollars left. I'm making it clear, I only gave him 500 million Ganwu dollars.’’

Hong and Thunder God both stared at Luo Hua.

’’Why are you all looking at me like that?’’ Luo Hua seemed dumbfounded, ’’It's normal, investments all depend on capital.’’

’’A capital of 100 million Ganwu dollars, 5 times becomes 500 million Ganwu dollars.’’

’’And with a capital of 10 billion Ganwu dollars, 5 times, becomes 50 billion Ganwu dollars.’’ Luo Hua said, ’’The larger the capital, naturally the amount one makes would be more. Similarly...the losses too would be greater. What I need to do is to lower my chances of loss as much as possible, cutting down on the chances and increasing my chances of rewards!’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God all exchanged glances.


’’Your account has received an amount of 4 billion Ganwu dollars.’’ A message appeared on a screen before Luo Hua, he was stunned.

’’Don't look, it's for you.’’ Luo Feng looked at Luo Hua.

’’Big brother, why are you giving me so much?’’ Luo Hua said, ’’I have no way to guarantee no losses, the changes in the financial market in the universe are extremely fast, I can only guarantee...that the maximum amount of losses would be 30%.’’ Luo Hua was Luo Feng's natural brother, born with natural genius, along with studying under the largest investors and elites on earth, he was definitely one of the biggest and most influential investors on earth.

Maybe the financial markets of earth compared to that of the universe were considered small and immature.

However thinking wise.

There were many thoughts in the investments of Earth, many old theories, it was indeed unique. At least Luo Hua, who had just entered the universe financial market for not too long, has quickly adapted and even made profit. Falling a little occasionally could only add to his experience and improve his investing strategies.

According to Luo Hua's words through his experiencing failure time and again, increasing his experience constantly, only that way could he improve on his loss and rewards ratio and control it better. With that, he would be better prepared and he would never let the failure knock him down.

’’It's only a 30% loss, go ahead and invest.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

’’This financial market really has such a huge turnaround, it's terrifying. However... my younger brother does indeed have talent in this.’’ Luo Feng thought to himself, ’’Hm, in the future, whatever I earn, I'll pass 30% to him and let him invest. I believe that'll allow him to progress and improve even further!’’


After completing his conversation with his younger brother, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God contacted Heruo.

’’Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, seeing the three of you makes me happy.’’ Heruo on the screen was extremely excited, ’’There's been too many deaths in this world within a world, it's simply too savage.’’

’’To be able to see you too, we are very happy.’’ Hong laughed.

’’Heruo, right now the large organizations are all pulling in explorers?’’ Luo Feng asked.


Heruo nodded, ’’We North Dragon Castle, along with the Hundred Tiger Building, Black Cloud Guild and the two sacred lands are all pulling in explorers! To be able to gather any treasures, the first thing you need is numbers!’’

’’The Three Axe Mountain isn't pulling anybody in?’’ Thunder god asked.

’’Oh, the Three Axe Mountain is different from the other three organizations. The Three Axe Mountain is known as the leader of the four organizations! They do not nurture the youth. To actually be able to join the Three Axe Mountain, the lowest qualification is to be Universe level. As they don't nurture any new people, hence in this world within a world, you only occasionally see a disciple from the Three Axe Mountain, with little people, hence they have no power.’’ Heruo explained.

Luo Feng, Thunder God and Hong realized.

No nurturing of the young, hence the number of people taking part in the trainee exams was naturally small. No wonder Ming Yu looked for them.

’’Hence, it's mostly our five sides in competition.’’ Heruo smiled, ’’Luo Feng, right now we've already mostly confirmed the location of the treasure. However the five sides are all fighting for it, hence they are all working hard to pull new people in. Luo Feng, you all should join our North Dragon Castle, just temporarily.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were shocked.

’’You all are sure of where the treasure is hidden?’’ Luo Feng and Thunder God said almost simultaneously.

’’Right,’’ Heruo nodded, ’’We have a 90% certainty of where it's hidden. Right now it's being watched by the five sides! If you don't join any of our five sides, you wouldn't even have a chance to get it.’’


Luo Feng and the other two nodded slightly, they exchanged glances and made up their minds.


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