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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 28


Volume 09 Chapter 28 - Enticement

’’Wow, not bad. This fifteen man team actually has close to 8000 cubic meters of universe crystals.’’ Luo Feng laughed as he handed to the two new storage rings to Hong, ’’Big brother, you keep these.’’

Hong extended his hand and caught them, ’’The more of these little teams we meet the better.’’


Luo Feng smiled as he nodded, ’’With enough universe crystals, we'll be able to buy Universe level slaves! That way, our Earth's foundation would be a little more solid.’’ Right now, Earth, as an aboriginal planet was simply too weak. A slightly larger wave of power would cause it to capsize.

Hence, the three of them had to fight hard!

’’Including this 8000 cubic meters, we have a total of...’’ Thunder God lifted his fingers, muttering, ’’In the past eight days, we dug up a total of 96000 cubic meters of universe crystals. During the time we rushed over here, it took about seven days, we dug up close to 26000 cubic meters along the way. Before, we had six attacks on us and we killed them, we acquired about 52000 cubic meters. Plus today's 8000 cubic meters, a total of...haha, over 180,000 cubic meters!’’

’’These numbers, with just a thought, one should know the answer already. Why do you even need to count with your fingers!’’ Luo Feng mocked jokingly, ’’second brother, look at yourself, do you even resemble the head of the Thunder Dojo? From what I see, you are just a small hawker selling tofu, counting his earnings for the day.’’

’’I'm just that satisfied, what's wrong with that?’’ Thunder God blinked hard, rubbing his bald head, ’’Have you never seen that much money?’’

Over 180,000 cubic meters of universe crystals!

This was a huge fortune. Even to the Nuolan Shan family, this was still a heavenly figure!

A normal life planet's cost price ranging up to a trillion Black Dragon dollars was not bad. A trillion Black Dragon dollars is around 700 million Ganwu dollars. One thousand life planets costs 700 billion Ganwu dollars. And with 18,000 cubic meters of universe crystals, the difference between that and 700 billion Ganwu dollars wasn't that much.

’’World within a world, it's really a treasure trove.’’ Hong couldn't help but exclaim.

’’The construction of a world within a world is ten times harder than the construction of a normal world.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’It needs to be even more stable, naturally requiring even more universe crystals! To build a world within a world, even to a pinnacle Sector Lord, that was still a high price! To the Sector Lords, casually joining any empire and acquiring a galaxy as territory, one galaxy usually has tens of thousands of life planets, some even with millions of life planets.’’

’’The wealth within this world within a world doesn't pale in comparison to an entire galaxy.’’

’’What we've acquired now is only a drop in the ocean. Similar to a few planets only.’’ Luo Feng said it casually, however he was very happy within.

The Nuolan Shan family's wealth was only about one thousand life planets.


Discovering new worlds, Universe level warriors would fight and kill amongst each other, causing the loss of several strong warriors. And it's because of the wealth that motivates them. If it weren't for Rania blocking the entrance of so many strong warriors, would these Star level punks even have a chance of obtaining the treasures and wealth?

’’Only 180,000 cubic meters of universe crystal! In the universe the little corner of the milky way, that's considered an absolutely wealthy person. However, our wealth right now is only about one third of the Nuolan Shan family's.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Compared to a Domain Lord, we are severely lacking! Hence we all have to continue working hard!’’

’’Haha, right, still not enough.’’ Thunder God laughed.

’’The chance of a world within a world is something one rarely encounters even in ten thousand years, if we don't work hard to gather what we can now, how would we be worthy of ourselves?’’ Hong chimed in and laughed.

’’Let's go!’’ Luo Feng waved the allow battle knife he held in his hand, pointing towards the center region.

The sunlight shone down, the battle knife's reflection was glaring.

’’Third brother, your posture seems somewhat flashy.’’

’’Can't I be happy for a bit?’’


Luo Feng's team was feeling good and happy, laughing for quite a bit, after which continuing their trek towards the central region.


When night fell, Luo Feng and his team finally reached the central region, at this time, their wealth had already risen to over 190,000 cubic meters of universe crystals. The reason for such earnings, one, was due to Babata's surveillance device, two was because of the combination of Ao Gu and the hybrid copper essence shard that gave them an overwhelming strength.


At the central region of the world within a world, it was a beautiful flat land, it's surface was filled with peculiar short flowers and grass, these flowers and grass were about 10 cm high, very orderly, as though someone maintained and trimmed them.

The land was flat with little uneven patches.

’’My god.’’

’’Just how many have died here?’’ Luo Feng and his team were extremely shocked in the night at the flat land.

Late night, the sky occasionally emanated a little white light, causing Luo Feng to be able to somewhat make out within the surrounding 100m area with a look. Just within that area there were over thirty bodies, male and female, their appearances similar to beast men, while others like that of Earth's, all of them dead, their bodies even torn open.

’’Snap!’’ Luo Feng's alloy boots, that pure alloy boots' sturdiness stepped on some bones, causing the sound.

’’This...’’Luo Feng creased his eyebrows slightly.

’’Third brother, what you said before was indeed right, the central region is indeed the place where mass killings occur.’’ Thunder God said seriously, ’’We haven't entered this area for that long and we've already seen bodies in the hundreds! The entire central region is so huge, just how many have died?’’

’’The central region, has 99% of the universe crystals of the world within a world, hence the killings here are naturally the craziest.’’ Luo Feng sighed.

’’If we were here, we'd be killing too.’’ Hong exclaimed.

Ninety nine percent of the universe crystals were here in the central region.

The central region was the cornerstone of the entire world within the world, hence the universe crystals would be here to protect it. The cornerstone wasn't meant to be dug up, the moment it was dug up, the entire world would collapse. A world's construction was based on the universe crystals at the core supplying continuous energy, naturally they absorbed energy from the universe, this was why there were large amount of crystals around the center.

As for the distant regions, the places where Luo Feng and his team were digging.

Those were the scattered crystals, much lesser!

’’Birds and animals die for food, humans die for wealth. That's nature!’’ Luo Feng sighed, ’’Let's go.’’

The five were being extra careful, heading closer and closer towards the most central part of the central region. The places that they passed by, they would occasionally see deep holes in the ground, obviously dug up universe crystals from before, surrounding these deep holes were usually several dead Star level bodies, their blood all dried up.

One hour later.

’’Get down!’’


Luo Feng's team were all sprawled on the ground, coming to a slightly protruding hill peak, looking at the distance. From far they could make out some light, at the same time spotting many human silhouettes.

’’That's...’’ Luo Feng flipped his hand, retrieving a binoculars, this was something that they hadn't purchased before entering, however after killing the team from before, they discovered its special usage and naturally took it for themselves.

’’That's a lot of people.’’ Looking through the binoculars, Luo Feng clearly saw many silhouettes up to a 100 km away.

’’Damn.’’ Beside, Thunder God was also holding a pair of binoculars, muttering, ’’That's about a thousand of them.’’

’’That's quite a number.’’ Hong nodded.

’’There's sound.’’ Tie Nan He said, ’’Right, there's sound.’’ Ao Gu said too.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God looked at Tie Nan He and Ao Gu, these two were Star level 9 bodyguards, their hearing and seeing ability far exceeded Luo Feng and his brothers.

’’What did you say?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Master, if you head forward one to two hundred kilometers, you'd be able to hear it clearly.’’ Ao Gu explained.

’’Alright.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Afterall they were close to 600 km away from the large army, another one to two hundred kilometers ahead should still be within a safe range. ’’Forward!’’ Luo Feng and his team carefully but swiftly headed forward, as they grew closer, they began to hear shouting noises.

’’Attention all explorers! Normal worlds alone would make Universe levels and even Domain Lords go crazy. This world within a world is ten times more than a normal world, ten times more valuable! Hence right now on Cang Lan Star, at the entrance to the World of Thunder, there are already large numbers of Universe levels, Domain Lords and even the great Sector Lords!’’

Our Black Dragon Mountain star field's two sacred lands, four large organizations, sixteen families have all brought their strongest over!’’

’’The treasures in this world within a world is destined to be for our Black Dragon Mountain star field to obtain.’’

’’Hence, all the large powers have all agreed, if someone wasn't from our two sacred lands, four large organizations or sixteen families, the moment they leave the World of Thunder, they would immediately be captured.’’


The voice from far away was huge and broadcasted over a 100 km, Luo Feng and his group heard it clearly. Obviously it was intentional.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God exchanged glances, they had realized this from Ming Yu's words earlier.

After which, Luo Feng and his group continued to listen.


’’No matter how many universe crystals, or even if you acquired some special treasures, it's useless! As long as you are not from our two sacred lands, four large organizations or sixteen families, the moment you are captured, you'll be dead!’’

’’And right now, you all have a chance.’’

’’As long as you join our North Dragon Castle, temporarily becoming one of our external members! Our North Dragon Castle, with our name and reputation as guarantee, will ensure that when you leave the World of Thunder and return to Cang Lan Star, you'll receive our protection. You won't be captured! As for your previously acquired universe crystals, no one will take them from you. All you need to do is join us and help us, the North Dragon Castle get treasures!’’


’’As long as you join our Hundred Tiger Building, temporarily! You'll definitely be safe!’’

’’The universe crystals you've acquired won't be touched, we just need to you follow our orders and join us, help our Hundred Tiger Building acquire treasures.’’


Thick strong voices of universe language spread throughout the entire flat lands.

Luo Feng and his team exchanged glances.

That's right!

Hundred Tiger Building, North Dragon Castle, Black Cloud Guild, sacred land Black Dragon Mountain, sacred land Ice Neptune Country. Right now they were all madly enticing explorers, with their organizations' names as guarantee, to not touch their previously acquired universe crystals.

’’Right, universe crystals? Even all the universe crystals within the world within a world wouldn't make the four large organizations or two sacred lands care less.’’ Luo Feng nodded slightly, ’’What they care about is the important treasures within Sector Lord Kabu's world. Those are the real treasures!’’

’’Right now they are roping in explorers.’’ Hong laughed, ’’Seems right, the four large organizations, two sacred lands explorers that came here are all for the mercenary trainee exams, they are all elites. Since they are elites, there wouldn't be too many. I'm afraid the organizations would only have about a hundred to a few thousand people. The real people with power are those with tens of thousands of explorers!’’

Coming from different countries, galaxies and races.

Large numbers of explorers didn't have any background or support!

They were weak.

However, they had numbers! Added together, they far exceeded the numbers of the four large organizations and two sacred lands.

’’What should we do?’’ Hong creased his eyebrows.


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