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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 27


Volume 09 Chapter 27 - Black Eating Black

Flying within the world within a world, at least there weren't any ferocious beasts.

The ferocious beasts of the World of Thunder were specially chosen by the Universe Mercenary Alliance as part of the tests and shipped in. This world within a world was just discovered, hence it was still as it was! However...this new world made humans even more crazy. Luo Feng and his group were heading towards the center from the outer regions.

Within six short days, they encountered twenty one incidents of attacks on their lives!

The first day they encountered one.

The second day three times.

The third day two times.

The fourth day two times.

The fifth day five times.

The sixth day eight times.

Very clearly, the closer they got to the central region, the number of robbing and killing explorers grew. Luckily Luo Feng could check within a 20km area, hence...even though they encountered twenty one attacks, they were only surprised occasionally, without any real losses.

And right now, was the seventh day.

’’Looking at the position of the light ball, we should be pretty close to the central region, I estimate it should be either today or tomorrow that we arrive.’’ Luo Feng looked up to look at the light ball in the sky, its position was located exactly in the central spot of the entire world. Hence, as long as they proceeded towards the location of the light ball they would be heading towards the central region.

’’The closer we get the more dangerous it'll get, yesterday we actually encountered eight attacks from robbers.’’ Thunder God didn't dare to relax.

’’Universe crystals, large amounts of universe crystals do indeed make the explorers go crazy.’’ Luo Feng sighed.

Star level fighters and spirit readers.

On an aboriginal planet, they were deemed as kings and even tyrants! However in a Sector Lord's world that was created with the formation of a large amount of universe crystals, they would go crazy.

’’Everybody be careful.’’ Luo Feng's expression changed.

’’What's wrong?’’ Hong, Thunder God, Ao Gu and Tie Nan He looked at Luo Feng.

’’3 o'clock ahead, 19.2 km, there are fifty explorers, forty eight of them are Star level 9 warriors.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts communicated with the rest, ’’Everybody change direction! Quickly!’’ Having been in this world for some time, Luo Feng's group had had enough experience and immediately changed their direction and fled.

However after just 2 to 3 km of flight.

’’Stop.’’ Luo Feng's expression changed slightly.

They stopped suddenly, Hong and Thunder God were surprised as they came to a sudden stop, the strong weeds and grass below them dropped low as the wind pressure forced them down.

’’What's up?’’ Hong and Thunder God asked with their raw energy.

’’There are fifty explorers ahead too.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.


’’We have to change our direction.’’ Luo Feng was very direct, the team once again changed their direction.

The team of five from Earth once again stuck close to the ground and flew, however in a blink of an eye, in a distant grass patch black silhouettes rushed towards the sky, at the same time from another direction another large group of black silhouettes swiftly flew over, a total of six groups of men flew over, very united as they surrounded Luo Feng's team.

’’There's actually six groups, every group with fifty men? A three hundred man team!’’ Thunder God stared hard.

’’Quickly flee!’’ Luo Feng ordered ferociously.


Ao Gu grabbed onto Thunder God and Hong while Luo Feng and Tie Nan He also fled at their greatest speed.

’’Not good, they are faster than us.’’ Thunder God's urgent message communicated via raw energy.

’’Trouble.’’ Hong too was flustered.

Luo Feng lowered his head and looked at the screen on his arm, there were three hundred dots on the screen chasing their five! Very clearly these three hundred were one team being ordered about, they separated like a fan formation, the moment a little team enters their area, the three hundred would surround them together and swallow them like eating dumplings!

’’Luo Feng, they are faster than you.’’

’’Their leading batch are all Star level 9 spirit readers standing on flying spirit reader weapons. And you only have one such spirit reader and he's carrying Hong and Thunder God. By my calculations, in another 600km, they would catch up.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind.


With the speed that they were flying at, 600km was too short.

’’They are getting closer.’’ Thunder God said urgently.

’’Follow me.’’ Luo Feng communicated mentally.

The five beams of light became one, swiftly flying, heading towards the distant lands, behind them were blurred images of lights that covered both land and sky, chasing after them. The three hundred beams of lights that chased them were led naturally by spirit readers with spirit weapons below them, and the fighters were a little slower, focused on protecting the elite.

’’Master, the are just about to catch up to us.’’ Ao Gu said, ’’I'll just carry you my master.’’ In Ao Gu and Tie Nan He's eyes, they only recognize Luo Feng as their master, in times of crisis, they would naturally want to protect him.

Luo Feng's eyes were fixed hard ahead, ahead was where the grass fields connected with the large forests.


’’Down!’’ Luo Feng's voice ordered mentally.

The five rushed downwards immediately entering the forests.

The three hundred beams of light madly rushed downwards too, continuing their chase...after several minutes, they gathered in the air above the forests.


’’Don't bother with them. A cold and cool youth with purple lips, dressed in a silver armor and black battle shoes, ordered, ’’This forest's area is too huge, it'd be hard for us to find them in there. Also, a small five man team probably wouldn't have acquired too many universe crystals. Return, we'll continue our hunt in the grass patches.’’


The three hundred beams of light swiftly returned.


In the forests.

Luo Feng and his team finally let out a sigh of relief.

’’Luckily we managed to rush into the forests.’’ Thunder God let out a long sigh of relief.

’’In the forest we have the advantage.’’ Hong slightly nodded, with the large amount of undergrowth and trees, it was easy to dodge and hide. And at this time, Luo Feng's surveillance system was a great benefit.

’’Luckily we escaped quickly, if we were slower by just a second it would have been over.’’ Luo Feng smiled, if they had been slower, then he would have to unleash the Golden Horned Beast! However if that had happened, the news of a Golden Horned Beast in the world within a world would spread like wildfire. A Star level 9 Golden Horned Beast would definitely still be considered an infant!

When that time came, even the Undying Beings would be attracted over!

Undying Beings, as long as they watched the entrance to the World of Thunder, it was simply like fish into a net, Luo Feng wouldn't have anywhere to run!

’’The Golden Horned Beast's usage has to be at night, the moment it's used, we have to kill the enemies clean, we definitely cannot allow the news to be leaked.’’ Luo Feng thought secretly.

’’Third brother, those grass patches are hard to hide in, just flying a little faster and the air waves would rustle the grass and alarm the explorers from before.’’ Thunder God said.

’’The grass patches and flat land fields are more dangerous.’’ Hong nodded too.

’’We'll advance from the forest side. This detour wouldn't be too much.’’ Luo Feng nodded.


However the closer they got to the center, the number and density of other explorer teams clearly grew. At the start of the seventh day, Luo Feng's team immediately encountered three teams, of which two teams were over a hundred people! Against such a big team, Luo Feng didn't dare use force against them, after all if a huge battle ensued, they might encounter losses on their side.

On the seventh day.

Luo Feng's team had already progressed about eight hours in the forest, the light ball in the sky seemed to dim down a little.

About 120km away from Luo Feng's team.

At the top of a huge and sturdy tree, there were three human silhouettes hiding within the leaves of the trees, these three even had binoculars, surveying down from above and looking far ahead.

’’Captain.’’ One of them lowered his head to look down.

At the bottom of this sturdy tree, there were twelve humans resting.

’’Hm?’’ One of which was green-skinned with a face filled with scars and dressed in a dark black colored alloy armor, with two axes on his back, . He creased his eyebrows and looked up.

’’There's prey, a total of five people.’’ The scout above said.


The captain immediately flew up and floated within the leaves, grabbing the binoculars from one. Devices such as binoculars were a very normal thing for explorers, with many places in the universe with high gravity force, or magnetic fields, or under the effects of spirit readers. At those times, seeing with the naked eye was the best method, and with the binoculars, naturally it enhanced this much more.

’’Hm, five people?’’ The captain looked through the binoculars, with his already amazing eyesight and the directions from his members beside, he very quickly spotted five silhouettes appearing through the thick forest occasionally.

’’Get up all of you, get ready to move.’’ The captain's raw energy resounded.


The group below all swiftly stood up.

’’Captain, what's the strength of the prey?’’

’’Don't worry, there's a total of five of them, they can't be that strong.’’ The captain said, these words immediately made the members smile, they loved these hunts that didn't entail much risks! And the rewards were always the highest, one had to know that the first batch to enter the world within a world, as long as they managed to survive the initial chaos and battles, would definitely have some treasures.

A few hundred cubic meters of universe crystals, that was very normal.

Outside, a few hundred cubic meters of universe crystals, one could buy a few Star level 9 slaves or even a ship!

’’After risking it all this time, our later generations would be good for tens of millions of years.’’ Many members without hope of reaching Universe levels were simply wishing for the wealth to enjoy and nurture the later generations, etc.


’’Quickly, be careful, don't let these five fat sheep discover us. The moment they discover us, they'll flee, it'd be very hard to find them in this forest again.’’

’’All be careful.’’

’’Quickly, another 20km.’’


’’5 km.’’

’’Everybody get ready...move!’’

These fifteen hunters suddenly appeared from behind a large tree, or even rushing out fiercely from behind the trees, each with mad speed, becoming beams of lights and killing towards Luo Feng's team.



A blue light flashed, its speed reaching critical point, forming a single flash through thirteen silhouettes, cleanly cutting off the heads of thirteen Star level 9 explorers, fresh blood and brains flying about. The blue light then swerved and headed towards the two elites, of which the green-skinned captain's eyes were filled with fear, obviously he didn't expect the five weak and frail fat sheep to suddenly turn into ferocious wolves.

’’Master, they've all been killed.’’ Ao Gu said respectfully.

’’Okay.’’ Luo Feng nodded, looking at the scattered fifteen bodies around them, since the 20km distance, they had already discovered these fifteen people.

After surveying that of the fifteen, thirteen were Star level 9 explorers, Luo Feng naturally wouldn't escape, rather swallowing up his prey.

Even though...

Since rushing over from the outer regions to the center, over the course of seven days, they had encountered many robberies and attacks, many of which they had to escape. However there were still six times where the enemies were swallowed by Luo Feng! With Ao Gu and the hybrid copper essence shard, as long as it was within twenty Star level 9 explorers, it was a massacre.

’’Check around, see how many universe crystals they had.’’ Luo Feng started searching.


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