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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 26


Volume 09 Chapter 26 - The Central Area

’’A world within a world?’’ Luo Feng looked at the screen, his heart trembled slightly.

Several thoughts raced through his mind, according to logic, his participation in the Universe Mercenary trainee exams wasn't leaked out or divulged at all. The people who knew were very few! Even though 'Heruo' knew, he was from the Northern Dragon City, he didn't have the rights to contact someone like Ming Yu! That, this Domain Lord, lord Ming Yu, how did he know he was in this world within a world?

’’It's not strange! Back then when I spoke to you three, I could see you guys had the idea of exploring the universe. And with your strength, the first mission you'd think of naturally would be the Universe Mercenary trainee exam. And within the entire Black Dragon Mountain star field, there's only this World of Thunder.’’ Ming Yu was very frank and open.

Luo Feng looked at the tall and sturdy man man in the screen, ’’Lord Ming Yu, and the reason for your call?’’

’’This world within a world is something a very reputable Sector Lord within the last ten million years of the Black Dragon Mountain star field created, his name was Kabu, known as the Thunder Sector Lord.’’ Ming Yu swiftly spoke, ’’And this Sector Lord Kabu's luck was really good, even amongst the Sector Lords he was very wealthy, with several very renowned treasures that would make even Sector Lords green with envy!’’

Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat, asking, ’’The Lord Ming Yu, why haven't you all entered the world within a world?’’

This question was something Hong, Thunder God and himself had been wondering for awhile.

’’It's a long story, when you exit from the World of Thunder you will know.’’ Ming Yu spoke in a low serious tone, ’’The reason for my call is to tell you! Even though non-Star level explorers are unable to enter the World of Thunder, however the treasures within are too alluring. Hence, the large organizations and powers within the Black Dragon Mountain star field have all sent out Star level 9 teams to enter the World of Thunder.’’

’’What?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

Teams and armies of Star level 9 warriors?

The entire Black Dragon Mountain star field, had over 8000 galaxies, and just the Silverblue Empire alone had over 500! Such a large area star field, sending out Star level 9 warriors, how many would that add up to?

’’A total of how many?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’With the gathering of all the elite and upper echelon within the Black Dragon Mountain star field, organizing the Sector Lord meeting, the final verdict ended with the total number of explorers from all sides adding up to 2 million.’’ Ming Yu said softly.

Luo Feng went silent.

Two million?

As the saying goes, the moment the numbers exceeded tens of thousands, it would already feel overcrowded. This two million strong army, the moment it was formed, that would be a sea of people that couldn't be seen end to end. And they were all Star level 9 warriors! A million strong army of Star level 9 warriors, even Universe levels who saw that would be scared and would retreat.

Even ants can bite an elephant to death!

To a Universe level warrior, Star level 9 warriors were akin to ants, however if it were 2 million ants, to be able to kill them all, his internal energy maybe not even be enough.

’’The explorer teams are big and small. Some are underlings of Sector Lords while others are underlings of either Domain Lords or Universe levels.’’ Ming Yu smiled, encouraging, ’’As they are not united, you don't have to be too worried, just as long as you hide and take cover, there's hope for your survival.’’

’’Okay.’’ Luo Feng couldn't relax at all.

Two million Star level 9 warriors!

It made one's scalp go completely numb! If it were a single Sector Lord, two million Star level 9 warriors wouldn't be an easy feat to gather, however since this was the combined forces of the entire Black Dragon Mountain star field, it was naturally simple.

’’What a magnificent sight.’’ Luo Feng sighed to himself.

’’Lord Ming Yu, what's the reason for your call?’’ Luo Feng asked again.

’’There's definitely a reason for my call.’’ Ming Yu smiled, ’’I'll tell you, even though there's a huge army of 2 million Star level 9 warriors entering, the problem lies on Cang Lan Star, there's a huge gathering of all the strongest in the Black Dragon Mountain star field! Each district's strongest have gathered and barricaded Cang Lan Star, stopping other explorers from entering the World of Thunder, simultaneously... the moment somebody exits from the World of Thunder, like for instance, you, Luo Feng! As long as he isn't from either the two sacred lands, the four large organizations or the sixteen families...then the result and consequence, you should understand immediately.’’

Luo Feng's expression changed drastically.

That's too heinous!

The large organizations of the Black Dragon Mountain star field have teamed up, obviously all wanting to have pieces of the world within the world pie! As long as it wasn't from either of their powers, blackmail or threatening would be a simple let off, most probably one would be robbed and killed altogether!

’’Right now on Cang Lan Star, there's a large group of Universe levels!’’

’’There's over one hundred Domain Lords!’’

’’And close to ten Sector Lords!’’

’’Luo Feng, think about it, if you were to exit from the World of Thunder, wouldn't the outcome be tragic?’’ Ming Yu smiled as he looked at Luo Feng, however with his huge tall and sturdy frame, his smile was indeed terrifying.

Luo Feng too was stunned.

Domain Lords?

Those were existences that could destroy life planets like Earth with a simple slap! The renowned interstellar fleets were nothing but playthings in the face of a Sector Lord. Even the Silverblue Empire trembled in fear of the Sector Lords. The Nuolan Shan family was nothing but ants compared to a Sector Lord, and there were close to ten of them here on Cang Lan Star?

My god!

’’Lord Ming Yu, what should I do then?’’ Luo Feng looked at Ming Yu, even though he had already guessed what this absolute warrior thought of already.

’’You should have already guessed what I'm thinking.’’

Ming Yu said very casually, ’’Very simple, you guys are the first batch to enter the world within the world. And the other Star level 9 armies, even though they are huge in numbers, but they are still too late! You all are the ones with the most hope of acquiring the treasures. Sector Lord Kabu had many treasures that would make even Sector Lords grow green with envy, if you share some with me, I, this Domain Lord would be moved.’’

’’The thing that you have to do is, after acquiring the treasures, find something that can interest me and give it to me!’’

’’Of course I will not mistreat you!’’ Ming Yu smiled.

’’Also, wearing my banner, the other large powers naturally will not bother you.’’


One had to be smart to become a strong warrior, hence Luo Feng naturally didn't reject his offer.

After finishing the conversation with Ming Yu, Luo Feng left the Virtual Universe Network.

’’Sister-in-law, my big brother returned earlier?’’ Luo Hua seemed rather tired as he walked outside from the wooden house, sitting on a chair outside and sipping a drink was Xu Xin who nodded and smiled: ’’Right, he came into the Virtual Universe Network for awhile just now. However, he just returned to reality.’’

’’I have matters to tell him! Oh, I missed the chance.’’ Luo Hua creased his eyebrows.

’’What matters?’’ Xu Xin closed her virtual diary, within the virtual universe , the screen could be set to display whatever and however, since Xu Xin came from Earth, she was already used to having a diary, she naturally relied on the quantum computer to assist her.

’’It's a meeting on Earth.’’

Luo Hua explained, ’’The leaders of the countries of Earth had a meeting, they were thinking of ...sending out a few pioneers out into the universe to establish contact with the universe.’’

’’What?’’ Xu Xin creased her eyebrows.

’’Humans are that way. Since they had the transmitter helmets and connected with the Virtual Universe Network, now they want more, not just virtual, they want to experience the real thing.’’ Luo Hua shook his head, ’’They told me to tell my brother, since I'm just a messenger, I have no power or say.’’

’’Don't be worried.’’

Xu Xin creased her eyebrows, ’’Your brother is currently very busy, when he's done with it, you can tell him then.’’

Luo Hua thought for awhile before nodding slightly, ’’Right, that's good too.’’

World within a world.

Within the grass fields, Luo Feng and his team squatted low.

’’Third brother, your acceptance of Lord Ming Yu's terms was right.’’ Thunder God thought as he nodded. ’’What he says makes a lot of sense, those large organizations have definitely teamed up and will not let any little shrimps without background leave with the treasures.’’

’’I thought so too hence I agreed.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’However, I'm very worried about one thing now.’’ Thunder God creased his eyebrows, ’’When we leave, we have to leave with Ming Yu! However, if this Ming Yu secretly kills us and takes our treasures, he wouldn't have to deliver on his end, and he'd be able to take all our treasures.’’

’’Right, we cannot be unguarded about this.’’ Hong nodded.

’’I was worried about this too.’’ Luo Feng was troubled.

Working with Ming Yu, they could avoid dealing with the other powers. However if Ming Yu turned on them and killed them, what then?

A Domain Lord warrior, if he wanted to kill them it was as easy as flipping his hand.

’’Relax Luo Feng.’’ A clear crisp voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind, ’’This Ming Yu actually sought you guys out as just another method for more treasures! One has to know, there are tens of thousands of people within the first batch who entered the world within the world! Tens of thousands of people fighting for the treasures, Ming Yu wouldn't have too much faith in you guys getting the treasures,it's just more of a comparison of your luck compared to the later 2 million army entering!’’


’’Right now on Cang Lan Star, Universe levels, Domain Lords and Sector Lords, large numbers of powerful people have gathered. This is a rare gathering within the Black Dragon Mountain star field! Anyone who dares to rob and kill on Cang Lan Star, the Sector Lords would be the first to notice. That Ming Yu isn't that evil or stupid enough to make a move on Cang Lan Star. The strong all care a lot about reputation and respect.’’

’’Trust in the strong's promise!’’

’’Especially where the strong gather, like Cang Lan Star. No matter how sly or devious one is, he still has to maintain the most basic behavior as a powerful person.’’

Babata's speech made Luo Feng realize.

That was true.

A Domain Lord warrior, an absolute warrior enough to terrify a basic level empire, especially in such a large gathering, indeed wouldn't take his reputation as a joke.


’’Right now the two million explorer army are steadily entering the World of Thunder. They only require about seven to eight days to reach the world within a world. Hence, we cannot stay in the edges around the world within a world anymore.’’ Luo Feng said softly, ’’We have to grasp the opportunity and head to the center region!’’

’’Right! Universe crystals are valuable.’’ Thunder God nodded, ’’However, the treasures that could make the Domain and Sector Lords go crazy are the real treasures.’’

Hong slightly nodded.

’’However we do have to be careful, there were tens of thousands of people in the first batch to enter.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows, ’’Especially the large organizations, powers, the little teams have all teamed up together. Compared to them, our team of five is simply too weak and little. Hence we have to remain discreet, we'll discuss again after we've figured out the center region's terrain.’’

’’That makes sense. The universe crystals are mostly situated around the center region, that place would definitely be filled with killing and robbing.’’ Thunder god was getting excited.

On the eighth day in the world within a world.

Luo Feng's team hadn't dared to go near the center region mostly because they had guessed that it would be chaos and killing there.

And right now, they had no choice but to go.

That was because in seven to eight days, the two million strong army would enter and they would first appear at the edges of the world.

’’Let's depart!’’ Luo Feng ordered.

The five man team immediately became five beams of light and headed towards the center region of the world within a world.


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