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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 25


Volume 09 Chapter 25 - Sector Lord Meeting

Virtual Universe.

The sky was azure blue, pure without a single blemish, clouds and mist were scattered about, in this cloud filled sky virtual space, a solid stone round table with a diameter of 10m floated, on it were a motley of scars. Around the floating stone round table floated stone chairs of the same material.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Human silhouettes appeared one after another, appearing out of nowhere, of which there were Tien Chen, An Mengzi, Ba Si Ha, they each chose a stone chair to sit in.

’’I represent the Three Axe Mountain.’’ Jiang Tien Chen sat in the stone chair, saying coldly.

’’I represent the Ice Neptune Empire.’’ Dressed in a white robe, with long almost translucent hair, a lady smiled.

’’I represent Black Dragon Mountain Empire.’’ With a face covered in scales, revealing only two red pupils, a Sector Lord that was almost 4m tall said lowly.


Twelve human silhouettes.

Each representing the four organizations, two sacred lands and sixteen families. Of which, the sixteen families only sent one representative while the four organizations and two sacred lands had a total of eleven sector lords.

’’Then, let's begin the meeting.’’ The scaly huge man from Black Dragon Mountain Empire said seriously.

’’The entrance to the World of Thunder is currently being guarded by the Universe Mercenary Alliance Ganwu special forces Rania, forbidding anyone other than Star level explorers to enter.’’ Jiang Tien Chen's voice resounded about the virtual space.

’’This Rania, what's her status?’’ A gentle voice resounded from the lady Sector Lord from Ice Neptune country.

’’Her teacher is Ganwu Empire's 3rd corps military master.’’ Jiang Tien Chen said, ’’the third master spoils her.’’

’’3rd corps military master?’’

The other eleven Sector Lords were stunned.

’’Right, hence we are unable to force our way in.’’ Jiang Tien Chen's gaze swept past every Sector Lord, ’’Hence I was thinking...there's only one way, which is to arrange for a large group of Star level 9 explorers to take part in the mercenary trainee exams and enter the World of Thunder.’’

’’Good idea!’’


Jiang Tien Chen's words had roused up and gained the approval and nod of a group of Sector Lords.

’’If there are any other suggestions please speak.’’ Jiang Tien Chen said.

’’With that Rania blocking the entrance, who would dare blatantly go against the Alliance rules?’’ The scaly big man laughed softly, ’’Alright, Brother Jiang, we'll do according to what you said! We'll arrange for a large group of Star level 9 explorers to enter.’’

’’So how much should each party arrange?’’

’’How are we dividing the numbers?’’

Immediately the twelve Sector Lords began to specifically calculate and discuss, the more men they could send out, the better the advantage at getting the treasures. Actually it was mostly a big discussion between the four organizations and the two sacred lands!

’’Sixteen families, every family can at most send 10,000 Star level explorers.’’

’’The four organizations, every one can send at most send 200,000 Star level explorers.’’

’’The two sacred lands, each side can at most send 500,000 Star level explorers.’’


This Black Dragon Mountain star field meeting of the upper echelon's result, led very quickly to the four organizations and two sacred lands dividing up their troops internally. Under each organization there were other Sector Lords, Domain Lords, Universe levels, and according to their strength, their positions were different too. The number of troops they were allowed were therefore different.

Cang Lan Star.

Since the two sacred lands, four organizations and sixteen families combined their forces after having been barred with no one but Star level explorers being allowed into the world of thunder...

’’Wow, so many are headed over.’’

’’It's totally black, just how many are there?’’

At the Universe Mercenary Alliance base, a few explorers were shocked as they looked at the sky, all they could see were huge battle ships floating in mid air, at the same time large amounts of dark grey armored soldiers flew down from above, covering the entire sky. In a flash, they all flew in an orderly single file towards the entrance of the World of Thunder...the villa.

’’What's going on?’’ Dressed in a silver armor, Rania shouted.

’’Lord, we are all Star level explorers who have accepted the Universe Mercenary trainee exam mission.’’ A star level fighter leading the group said respectfully.

’’You are all here for the trainee exams?’’ Rania was shocked, looking at the team before her.

This team that had formed an extremely long line stretched all the way to the skies.

Just how many were there?

Rania however did a sweep of everyone of them, this extremely long line of explorers, were indeed all Star level explorers who had accepted the mercenary trainee exam mission.


Within the villa's flower garden.

An Mengzi, Ba Si Ha and Jiang Tien Chen watched as this team swiftly entered the World of Thunder.

’’An Mengzi, your speed is amazing.’’ Ba Si Ha looked at An Mengzi.

’’10,000 Star level 9 explorers, just nice.’’ An Mengzi's lips curled into a smile, ’’Sorry all, I was prepared in advance.’’


Even the Nuolan Shan could produce 10,000 Star level 9 warriors, much less a Sector Lord existence! To them, finding 10,000 Star level 9 warriors was as easy as breathing! For someone like An Mengzi, just his territory alone was three galaxies, excluding the other places that admired him and worked under him.


From then on, the skies of Cang Lan Star were filled with team after team arriving.

They were all Star level explorers, almost all Star level 9 warriors! Be it teams of ten of teams of thousands, or even large teams of ten thousand. The teams of Star level 9 warriors entered single file into the World of Thunder! Ironically, several explorers from before who were here to take the trainee exam were held up.

Cang Lan Star, Universe Mercenary Alliance base, within a bar beside it.

Ming Yu and Shao Dong Lai, two domain lords were sitting within. Other than the two Domain Lords within the bar, everyone else was at the Universe level! Normal explorers all didn't even dare to enter. And at this time, an obviously very icy man dressed in dark green armor with pointy ears entered, his gaze surveyed the bar before discovering Ming Yu and Shao Dong Lai.

’’Lord Ming Yu, Lord Dong Lai.’’

’’Nuolan Shan, you've brought your armies too.’’ Ming Yu and Dong Lai nodded, even though the two of them were Domain Lords, the one before them was Nuolan Shan who had the Battle-axe fighter title. Back when they were in Universe level, they couldn't even achieve this title. Hence they still had respect for Nuolan Shan.

’’Just a few troops.’’ Nuolan Shan smiled, ’’They are all outside.’’

Ming Yu and Shao Dong Lai glanced outside.

Outside the window in the plain fields, teams dressed in standard uniforms were all lined up.

’’Not that little, there's 200 of them.’’ Ming Yu complemented, ’’Universe levels, some of them were only allocated 50, or some others a 100.’’

The 200 Star level 9 warriors from the Nuolan Shan family headed towards the villa in an orderly fashion, entering into the world single file.

These 200 were Star level 9 warriors with the highest battle abilities, hand picked specially by Nuolan Shan from the family.

’’It was just luck.’’ Nuolan Shan smiled.

’’Ok, you can go.’’ Ming Yu said indifferently.

’’Yes.’’ Nuolan Shan slightly bowed and walked to a corner of the bar, sitting with two familiar Universe levels. The entire bar was filled with Universe levels in groups, Domain Lords too, everybody was waiting for when the Star level 9s all returned.

In the bar, in a spot against the window, Ming Yu and Shao Dong Lai were engaged in conversation.

’’The number of people who entered are certainly plenty.’’ Shao Dong Lao exclaimed.

’’The two sacred lands, four organizations and sixteen families, added up together, it's about 2 million Star level explorers!’’ Ming Yu too exclaimed, ’’Look, the Star level explorers outside getting ready to enter the World of Thunder have already formed such a long line, lining up to the skies.’’


Shao Dong Lai glanced outside through the window.

The skies were completely covered and dark, almost as though a huge black cloud was covering the skies!

’’You and I have both sent one thousand people in, who knows what we'll get from it.’’ Shao Dong Lai shook his head.

’’The Star levels fly really slow, and there are ferocious beasts blocking, even with a huge army who dare to fly strongly within, it would still take about seven to eight days to reach the Valley of Wind and Thunder!’’ Ming Yu shook his head, ’’Hence, those who take advantage of being there first, the first group of explorers within the World of Thunder, those are the ones most likely to acquire treasures within the world within a world.’’

Shao Dong Lai nodded, asking, ’’How many do you have under you that were there initially?’’

’’No one, you should know too that the Three Axe Mountain doesn't nurture young people.’’ Ming Yu shook his head, suddenly recalling, his eyes gleamed, ’’Right, the three youths that I recruited, the ones that I advised to take part in the universe missions. Back then it seemed as though they were quite moved by my speech, if they wanted to take risks then they could have very likely joined the mercenary trainee exams.’’

’’Three youths?’’ Shao Dong Lai was shocked.

’’Right, it was Lord Man Luo who asked me to observe them, they are called Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God.’’ Ming Yu revealed a smile;’’I'll contact them now.’’

’’Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God?’’ Shao Dong Lai muttered, ’’Able to gain the attention of Lord Man Luo?’’

It was dark night in the world within a world.

It was already the eighth day since they entered the world within a world, in a large plain field, with wild grass growing a plenty, the land slightly shook, following that with a boom, five human silhouettes emerged from the land.

’’We've gone eight days without rest, it's getting tedious. How come those Universe levels still aren't arriving?’’ Thunder God mocked.

’’Complaining after getting a good deal.’’ Hong laughed.

’’It is tiring, however it is still thrilling.’’ Luo Feng was feeling extremely elated, Thunder God nodded, ’’Right, thrilling! Digging for universe crystals is thrilling, just thinking of how Earth's price was 2.1 billion Ganwu dollars, and right now we've already dug up...about 96000 cubic meters of universe crystals, close to 300 billion Ganwu dollars, you could say we've dug up a 100 Earths already.’’

’’This comparison is indeed interesting.’’ Luo Feng laughed out.

96000 cubic meters of universe crystals. It's worth was 300 billion Ganwu dollars!

It was a huge sum.

To a Universe level warrior, this was already a huge sum of wealth. Discovering and excavating a new world was indeed a very thrilling matter.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’What's up?’’ Hong and Thunder God looked at him.

’’Give me a moment, I'll enter the Virtual Universe Network. ’’Luo Feng said and closed his eyes.


Black Dragon Mountain Island, Nine Star Bay.

Luo Feng appeared within his own house, with a glance he saw Xu Xin who was checking through the news.

’’Luo Feng?’’ Xu Xin stood up excitedly, ’’These few days you haven't been entering the Virtual Universe Network.’’

’’It's been busy these few days, time is money, time is power. These few days, every minute and second cannot be wasted.’’ Luo Feng laughed, these words made her suspicious: ’’What do you mean? These few days every minute and second cannot be wasted, where have you been these few days?’’

’’I'll let you know when I return.’’ Luo Feng's thoughts moved, a screen appeared before him with a message request.

It was the Virtual Universe Network company's military department based in Black Dragon Mountain Empire, external department Ming Yu's message request.


Luo Feng connected the call.

’’Lord Ming Yu.’’ Luo Feng smiled at Ming Yu.

’’Luo Feng, I want to ask you, are you in the world within a world in World of Thunder right now?’’


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