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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 24


Volume 09 Chapter 24 - Big Earnings

In the vast skies, a large light ball floated high above, shining and lighting up the world within a world.

’’Rumble...’’ A waterfall over a 100m high poured and down, smashing into the deep natural pond below, the pond itself emanated a chilly air. Suddenly, five human silhouettes burst out from the surface of the pond, landing on the shore beside. The light shone down on them, their alloy battle armors reflected the glaring light, these five were Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu.

’’We finally got a huge score.’’ Thunder God exclaimed, ’’The past few days have been killing me.’’

’’Separated into the different regions of this world within a world, the universe crystals that are scattered don't follow any pattern at all! At times we find a few hidden underground, at times periods pass without anything. This is very normal.’’ Luo Feng's gaze surveyed their surroundings, around them the forest was silent, no other life forms about.

’’Third brother, how much universe crystals do we have in total?’’ Hong asked.

’’The three days added up, there's a total of 31,000 cubic meters of universe crystals.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

This was a number that deserved excitement and happiness.

From the time they entered the world within a world, his group had been scouring close to the ground and searching, it couldn't be helped that the world was extremely large, with an area stretching over a million km, such a big world, if they truly wanted to cover every inch, it would require tens of thousands of trips just to complete it!


Even if they came and went tens of thousands of times, they would have only searched everything within a 20km area search span.

This world's depth alone far exceeded 20km.

Just searching 20km down from the surface would require thousands of years! As it was too huge, hence even searching required a large amount of luck!

The first day, during the first 10 hours, his group had continuously found ten universe crystal locations, a total of 15,000 cubic meters of universe crystals.

However from then till the second day afternoon, after about 20 hours, they had only found one spot with only 300 cubic meters.

From then till now, their luck got better.

They continuously found five spots, especially the last spot deep in the pond where they found 6000 cubic meters.

The three days added up together, the total reached 31,000 cubic meters of universe crystals.

’’31,000 cubic meters, means 31 million universe currency, close to 100 billion Ganwu dollars. Back then my teacher only left me 10 billion Ganwu dollars! This newly excavated world, is indeed good to earn from...’’ Luo Feng felt elation within, his little team had just left Earth and begun exploring the vast universe.

The first time entering the Universe Mercenary trainee exams and encountering such a huge fortune.

’’Luo Feng, according to logic, there should be Universe level warriors coming in here and chasing us out.’’ Hong creased his eyebrows. ’’Why hasn't there been any news up till now?’’

’’It is weird.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’The World of Thunder may be huge, but to fly to the Valley of Wind and Thunder from far, with a Universe level's strength, no need to fear the ferocious beasts, one day should suffice. These three days have passed...and we haven't discovered a single Universe level within the world within a world, much less the Domain and Sector Lords.’’

’’Why think so much, since they aren't coming in here, let's continue to search and dig for the universe crystals, the moment we miss this opportunity, we'd lose a huge advantage.’’ Thunder God urged.

’’Haha, makes sense.’’ Hong was also filled with anticipation.

In the universe.

Even planets could be bought and sold, also feeding and nurturing the cloud contact vine with Mu Ya crystals these could be purchased and sold, basically, everything required sufficient wealth. With that, even Universe level slaves could be bought! As the three man group from Earth exploring the universe, Luo Feng naturally wanted to madly dig up more crystals.

The more wealth he had, in the future with their help, earth had more chances of evolving.

They were Earth's pioneers!

’’Let's go!’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed, filled with hope.

’’Haha, Let's go!’’ Thunder God and Hong felt the same way.

The five man group became five beams of light. With the help of the surveillance device, they continued to search and excavate for more crystals.

Cang Lan Star.

At the entrance to the World of Thunder, within the villa that was brimming with history, stood the bald sturdy man who resembled a mountain with his eyes closed, the fire tattoo on his forehead made people tremble, making people cower in reflex. Looking at the tattoo, it was like an ant looking at a tall mountain.

He stood there, the surrounding space was trembling, the air around his body occasionally sparking with flames.

Before him stood the silver haired lady Rania, as for the other Domain Lords, Universe level warriors, they were outside the villa's flower garden, within the flower garden stood only An Mengzi and Rania.

’’An Megnzi, why aren't you entering?’’ a powerful voice resounded within the garden.

Dressed in a dark blue battle armor, wearing a helmet on his head, a man that seemed even more imposing and sturdy than An Mengzi, almost like a god, suddenly appeared, his hollow steps made the air around tremble, when he landed in the garden, the entire garden immediately vanished and became a vast spacious land, beside a huge mountain.

While talking, changing the landscape and controlling both land and skies.

’’Who are you, you are the one stopping An Mengzi?’’ The tall and sturdy man looked at the silver haired lady, his eyes seemed extremely glaring for a moment, akin to a sun shining down on the land.

’’Rania! Universe Mercenary Alliance Ganwu special forces Rania.’’ The silver haired lady looked at him, ’’You should be middle Sector Lord Ba Si Ha from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire sacred land.

’’Special forces?’’

The tall and sturdy man looked at the silver haired lady before him, turning suspiciously to An Mengzi, a voice resounded within An Mengzi's mind, ’’An Mengzi, who is she? Seems as though she has background and status, able to call you directly by your name, just what is her identity?’’

’’No idea.’’ An Mengzi muttered.

’’If you don't know, then why have you stopped just because of a Domain Lord?’’ Ba Si Ha crease his eyebrows.

’’I don't know who she is, but I know she has an Undying behind her!’’ An Mengzi said.

’’Undying?’’ A huge wave of shock erupted within Ba Si Ha, however on the surface he remained like a rock, very stable. Following which his gaze turned to Rania, his world energy gently feeling about her surroundings, indeed there was a heart stopping terrifying power about her.

’’Lord Ba Si Ha.’’

The silver haired lady's eyes were calm, ’’This World of Thunder is our Universe Mercenary Alliance examination ground, unless the alliance itself decrees that it no long has that status, otherwise, it is an examination ground world. Only participating trainee mercenaries, Star level explorers can enter, no one else is allowed.’’

’’If anybody were to barge in, it would be a breach of the Alliance laws!’’ The silver haired lady looked at Ba Si Ha.

Ba Si Ha felt his headache.

To think that he, Ba Si Ha, with such a lofty position, a high rank in even one of the two sacred lands of the Black Dragon Mountain star field. Even the emperor of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire had to respect him...however now, against this silver haired lady he couldn't do anything. Killing her was too simple!


One, the silver haired lady 's background was huge.

Two, she had made it very clear, barging would mean a breach in the Alliance's laws, who would dare to barge in? Offending the Universe Mercenary Alliance was simply suicide.

Laws were laws, however with such matter people usually closed one eye and let things pass. Who would risk themselves and offend such powerful beings? However it seemed that this silver haired lady's background was obviously not small, she didn't have any qualms about offending them!

’’An Mengzi, where did she come from?’’ Ba Si Ha creased his eyebrows, troubled within.

’’No idea.’’ An Mengzi communicated softly and seriously mentally.

One day later.

A third sector lord arrived.

Dressed in a dark red battle armor, with a black cape around him, an extremely demonic handsome man moved in a flash, the skies about turned to thunder and lightning, and he appeared within the garden. The handsome man had a lightning tattoo on his forehead, when he blinked his eyes, there were sparks of lightning.

’’Rania, why are you here?’’ The handsome man stood within the garden, creasing his eyebrows at her.

’’Three Axe mountain, Jiang Tian Chen!’’

An Mengzi, Ba Si Ha, these 2 were powerful and shocking Sector Lords, in strength however, Ba Si Ha was much stronger. However...compared to Tien Chen, he was still much weaker. Tien Chen was definitely amongst the top five absolute strongest within the Black Dragon Mountain star field! As one of the absolute warriors of the Three Axe Mountain, he was also a key position holder within the Virtual Universe Network Black Dragon Mountain department.

’’I represent my teacher from the Black Dragon Mountain star field to patrol this area, discovering this incident, I definitely have to attend to it!’’ Rania looked at Tien Chen, ’’Right now I represent my teacher and forbid any breaches against the laws of the Universe Mercenary Alliance.’’

The extremely handsome Jiang Tien Chen creased his eyebrows, Pa! Pa! Pa! Lighting and electricity struck around the area.

’’What rubbish.’’ Tien Chen was frustrated.

’’What rubbish!’’

Rania raged, ’’Jiang Tien Chen, these are the laws of our Universe Mercenary Alliance, not something for you to govern over! I definitely can't stop you, however I will make a record of what happens here and report to my teacher. Whoever dares to openly disregard the rules will have to be reported and exterminated, soul destroyed, as though he never existed. Don't say I didn't warn you.’’

Jiang Tien Chen's squinted.

An Mengzi, Ba Si Ha really handed it off to this lady. So what if one had a big background? To actually dare to speak to Jiang Tien Chen this way, really took guts.

’’You doing this, you realize you are offending the strongest within the Black Dragon Mountain star field.’’ Jiang Tien Chen creased his eyebrows and looked at Rania.

’’Don't try and scare me with these! Whoever dares to enter, I will abide by the rules, and report to the alliance.’’ Rania said coldly.

Jiang Tien Chen shook his head, ’’Your power is far from your teachers, but your temper is pretty similar.’’

’’An Mengzi, Ba Si Ha, I'll arrange for our Black Dragon Mountain star field's four organizations and two sacred lands to hold a meeting and discuss this world within a world.’’ Jiang Tien Chen looked at An Mengzi and Ba Si Ha.

The two nodded.

’’Jiang Tien Chen, why, gathering people to pressure me?’’ Rania grew even more imposing.

She was enraged.

It wasn't just a ruse, she was prepared to back everything up!

’’You've even taken out the rulebook of the Alliance, who dares to fight with you?’’ Jiang Tien Chen looked at her, ’’Relax, I will act according to the Alliance rules, definitely won't send any Universe levels, Domain Lords or Sector Lords in.’’ At the same time, he sent a thread of thought into the Virtual Universe Network.

Maintaining his consciousness in reality while separately sending a part of it into the virtual universe. To a Sector Lord, this was extremely simple.


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