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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 23


Volume 09 Chapter 23 - If You Want to Die, Enter!

’’The central region of the world within a world has many universe crystals. However all those explorers aren't stupid, two holy lands, four organizations, sixteen big families, along with several universe basic level civilizations, explorers from different planets, everyone will be heading towards the center to fight for them. The competition there will be the most intense, also the rock stratum there is much stronger, just like the theory behind the Valley of Wind and Thunder! Digging there would be very difficult, it's much better for us to look in the other areas of the world within a world.’’

’’The scattered universe crystals, if gathered together, it can be quite plenty.’’

Babata advised.

Luo Feng listened, at the same time controlling his cloud contact vine to dig underground! Over 3 hours passed and this was their third spot where universe crystals were discovered.

’’We've really struck it big.’’ Luo Feng was secretly excited.

The first spot, they acquired 3000 cubic meters.

The second spot was a little lesser, 2000 cubic meters.

The third spot...according to Babata's scan and search, was 4000 cubic meters!

’’Chi chi...’’ The cloud contact vine swiftly returned.

’’Babata, how much? 4000 cubic meters?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Yeah, 4000.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng looked up to where Hong and Thunder God were smiling from, ’’4000 cubic meters.’’

’’Haha...’’ Hong and Thunder God also revealed looks of happiness.

It was said that brothers didn't have to settle debts, however even though Luo Feng had helped them a lot, be it Hong, Thunder God or Luo Feng, they were very clear...the rewards of a universe explorer, if not stated clearly at the start, would generate a lot of problems and resentment later. They had witnessed these sort of things too many times on Earth.

Hence, the three stated clearly early on.

If it were the three of them working together, it would be split three ways.

If one person did most of the work while the other two assisted, the person with the most contribution would get 60% while the other two got 20% each.

If it was one person doing all the work and the other two didn't help at all, the person doing the work would get 80% and the other two 10% each!

’’We now have a total of 9000 cubic meters of universe crystal.’’ Luo Feng was happy within.

’’Let's continue searching.’’ Hong was worried, ’’I'm afraid we don't have much time, when the large organizations' armies move in, we will definitely be disadvantaged.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded, his expression serious.

Those heirs and disciples of families, the youths of organizations had definitely all reported to their superiors. Very quickly, universe level and even domain lord levels were bound to arrive! Even...the pinnacle of strength within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, the Sector Lords may even appear. When that time comes, the cannon fodder star levels such as themselves would have no place at all.

A newly discovered world would originally make anyone go crazy, causing a lot of deaths of warriors.

Much less a newly discovered world within a world.

A world within a world was even more attractive than normal new worlds.

’’Let's make the best of our time!’’ Luo Feng ordered, ’’Keep searching for the next spot.’’


In the world within a world, it was simply a treasure trove digging site! The other teams may not be able to keep up with Luo Feng's team, but even if they managed to acquire a 100 cubic meters of universe crystals, to normal star level explorers, that was already a heavenly figure of wealth! Hence, all the Star level explorers were currently madly digging and excavating!

Unless they went to the center and fought with the tens of thousands of explorers. Otherwise, in terms of excavating, they really couldn't compete with Luo Feng's team.

There was no way around it...

Babata's surveillance and scanning system was taken from the Yun Mo Planet ship itself, even normal Sector Lords didn't have such advanced technology.

A triangular charcoal black ship flew through universe travel and arrived in a space close to Cang Lan Star.

Two men wearing silver white capes stood side by side, on their chests were 2 star Universe Mercenary medals.

’’Brother Ming Yu, this time the two of us brothers should be able to acquire some treasures. That World of Thunder's Sector Lord, had a reputation back then, I heard his treasures were plentiful, and after his death, he self imploded, no one got anything out of it.’’ With long purple hair, silver white cape, eyes piercing like blades, a handsome man spoke.

’’Brother Dong Lao, you and I aren't stationed so far from Cang Lang Star, hence we are the first to rush over, getting treasures would be normal.’’ A bulky and imposing looking man spoke, dressed in green and black.

The two could be said to be polar opposites.

One had purple hair and was extremely handsome, carefree and at ease, the other yet was tall and sturdy, strong looking, like steel. The two were the renowned Three Axe Mountain warriors... Ming Yu and Shao Dong Lai! Both were elite fighters amongst the Domain Lords. Of course, the two of them were also the Virtual Universe Network company's military external department members.

The Virtual Universe Network company's military external department was very lax in allowing others to join other little organizations.

Compared to the Virtual Universe Network company...

Even the Ganwu Empire didn't pose a threat, much less the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's Three Axe mountain organization.

’’Those Star level explorers, even though they were the first to discover the world within a world. However, the treasures within, aren't things that these little punks can take. The universe crystals they acquire would already be considered a huge windfall, they should be satisfied with that.’’ The purple haired man Shao Dong Lai smiled.

’’When we were Star levels, we didn't acquire any universe crystals.’’ Ming Yu exclaimed.

Two domain lords, they naturally assumed...

Star level explorers didn't have any rights to contend for the treasures within the world within a world.

’’Shall we go to the docking bay?’’ Shao Dong Lai asked.

’’No need.’’ Ming Yu shook his head, ’’I have property here on Cang Lan Star, we can fly directly through, it won't be considered a provocation or disrespect to the planet's leader.’’

This universe ship entered straight into the internal district of Cang Lan Star, very quickly, they went straight to stop in the air above the Universe Mercenary Alliance base.


One handsome, the other tall and sturdy, both with status and silver white capes.

The two flew down.

’’Ming Yu, Dong Lai.’’ Immediately a green skinned man dressed in armor flew over.

’’Mo Le, what's going on?’’ Ming Yu and Shao Dong Lai, the two domain lords flew over, the green skinned man, seemed to have another pupil within both of his eyes, he looked extremely unpleased and pointed to the not too distant villa: ’’Look, the entrance to the World of Thunder is blocked by people of the Universe Mercenary Alliance. They won't let anybody enter.’’

’’What's going on?’’ Ming Yu and Dong Lai were shocked.

Right now the big powers from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire had sent all their elites over, at this time, it was hard to believe that the Universe Mercenary Alliance had their personnel in charge of the Cang Lan Star base deny them entry?

’’Let's go, we'll go over.’’ Ming Yu said.

Immediately the three Domain Lords went over.

At the entrance of the villa stood twelve Universe level warriors, each either serious, or overbearing, or laughing and cheery, or even gloomy and cold, everyone basically had their own character. The guards of the villa definitely couldn't hold them, however at the entrance was a lady with short silver hair dressed in a bright silver battle uniform.

’’Lord Ming Yu.’’

’’Lord Dong Lai.’’

Immediately many Universe level warriors bowed.

Ming Yu and Dong Lai nodded slightly before looking at the lady, Ming Yu said softly, ’’A world within the World of Thunder has been discovered, it's no longer a suitable testing site! Since it's no long a testing site, then every mercenary should have a right to enter the world, why are you blocking us?’’

’’Who are you?’’ The lady with short silver hair exclaimed.

’’Ming Yu, Three Axe mountain commander Ming Yu.’’ The tall and sturdy Ming Yu stared at the lady.

’’Listen well, my name is Rania.’’ The lady with the short silver hair subtly emanated a cold aura, as though she was the surrounding area's master, god.

’’Rania?’’ Ming Yu and Dong Lai creased their eyebrows.

The number of Sector Lords in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire was few, even the Domain Lords were rare, whoever had a reputation, they all recognized. However they both had never heard of this Domain Lord Rania before.

’’The World of Thunder is an examination ground, it's an examination ground of the Universe Mercenary Alliance, unless the alliance dissolves this status, otherwise, it remains as an exam ground! As a location used to select trainee mercenaries, only Star level explorers have the right to enter. Mercenaries are forbidden from entering!’’ The silver haired lady ordered.

Ming Yu, Shao Dong Lai and Mo Le, the three big domain lords were growing impatient.


There were times where laws were meant to be abided by, however there were other times when they should be bent.

’’Rania, what status do you have within the Universe Mercenary Alliance? To actually dare to block three Universe level 2 mercenaries!’’ Ming Yu ordered.


8 hours later.

It was already dark, at the entrance of the World of Thunder, that villa entrance, the number of Domain Lords had already reached six, the number of Universe levels had reached twenty one. However facing that silver haired lady Rania, none of them had been able to enter.


The earth and skies slightly tremored.

The large numbers of people stationed at the Universe Mercenary Alliance base looked up to see, a silver-white pyramid had appeared in the sky, immediately causing Ming Yu and many others to be shocked: ’’Automaton ship?’’ In the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, the number of strong warriors with automaton ships were few, each had a large background, and the ship before them...seemed pretty high leveled.

The silver-white pyramid suddenly vanished.

An incomparably well built bald man suddenly appeared, his eyes seemingly burning with a flame within, on his forehead was a fire tattoo, his gaze surveyed below, immediately causing all the Domain Lords' souls to naturally lower their heads, the Universe level warriors had long bowed in respect.

’’Lord An Mengzi!’’ the Domain Lords and Universe level warriors said respectfully.

An Mengzi was called the Flame Sector Lord. Among the Sector Lords in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, he was an absolute elite and the pinnacle of strength, his use of fire had already reached an unbelievable level. His flame could burn and crumble even space.

’’Get out of my way!’’

An Mengzi stared at the silver haired lady.

The silver haired lady looked at An Mengzi, her gaze focusing on the fire tattoo on his forehead, revealing a strange smile: ’’An Mengzi? You already attained the recognition of the elemental source laws of the universe? Truly an elite Sector Lord. However...this is an examination grounds world, a Universe Mercenary Alliance decreed exam grounds world! Only participating Star level explorers can enter, mercenaries are forbidden.’’

’’I told you to let me through!’’ An Mengzi's voice was thick, it made people tremble.


A silver white light appeared around the silver haired lady's body.

’’Impudence!’’ the silver haired lady shouted, pointing angrily at the powerful fighter before her, ’’An Mengzi, you actually dare to disregard and provoke the laws of the Universe Mercenary Alliance? The examination grounds world, all but Star levels are forbidden, if you wish to die, then enter! I can guarantee, if you enter now, later on, the Universe Mercenary Alliance law enforcement will come kill you, causing your soul to return to nothing, as though you never existed!’’

’’Along with the others, all listen up.’’

The silver haired lady stepped back, pointing at the villa, ’’If you want to die, enter!’’

Within an instant.

Six Domain Lords, twenty one Universe level warriors all went silent, even this Flame Sector Lord An Mengzi seemed to ponder hard upon hearing the words of this silver haired lady, no one actually moved to barge through.

The days passed one by one.

The number of warriors on Cang Lan Star grew, however none were able to enter the World of Thunder. It seemed as though the words 'If you want to die, enter’’ had a terrifying effect on all of them. And that world within a world, the Star level cannon fodder were all excited amidst their madness, Luo Feng and his group were also grasping every bit of time they had and excavating.


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