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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 22


Volume 09 Chapter 22 - Hardworking Luo Feng

World within the world.

Hu! Hu! Hu! The thousands to tens of thousands of Star level explorers entered through the black hole, all in their teams, swiftly heading in all directions and covering the skies and land.

’’Third brother, where should we head to?’’ Hong looked at Luo Feng.

’’We cannot waste any time.’’ Thunder God was extremely anxious.

Luo Feng looked in all directions, at that time, Heruo who had connected to the virtual universe to report the news opened his eyes, looking apologetic at Luo Feng's group: ’’Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, my apologies, I have to act according to the orders and meet up with the rest of my organization.’’ After which his team swiftly left.

’’Follow me.’’ Luo Feng too rose into the air.

Hong, Thunder God, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu followed, the five man team swiftly flew close to the ground.

Before, the blurred images of the tens of thousands of explorers surrounded them, however once dispersed, and after flying for a few minutes, Luo Feng's team was totally secluded with no one around them. This world within a world....was simply too huge. The tens of thousands of people here were simply a drop of water within a vast ocean.

’’Third brother, we're just going to fly like this?’’ Hong looked at Luo Feng.

’’We can only do this.’’ Luo Feng explained, ’’A world within a world, is a world itself. It's extremely huge, who knows where the treasure is hidden? Hence we can only search blindly like looking for a needle in a haystack. Luckily we have a surveillance area of 20km, as long as there's any treasure within this area we will definitely notice it immediately!’’

Luo Feng was very clear, with the vastness of the world within a world, the optimum method of searching was this.

Sticking close to the ground, and letting Babata search within the 20km area, reporting the moment he discovers anything!

’’Big and second brother.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Before when Heruo and the others went to gather with his North Dragon Castle group, you should both noticed something right?’’

’’Thunder God nodded: ’’The various big powers are arranging them to meet and work together.’’

Grabbing treasures from the world within the world!

The number of people was important, and the four great organizations, 16 big families had many people within the world within a world, the moment they gathered, they could form teams of hundreds. And for teams like Luo Feng's which were considered leisurely, without much background, if they fought against teams of hundreds, it was pure suicide.

’’Hence, we must remain inconspicuous.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’If we can find any treasures that'd be great, if not, we'll dig for some universe crystals!’’

Every world has universe crystals.

A world that had yet to be excavated, the amount of universe crystals should be plenty! This was a currency that the entire universe used!


The world within a world, didn't have any ferocious beasts, it was a quiet world.

’’It's really quiet.’’ Luo Feng exclaimed.

’’Quiet is normal, the ferocious beasts within the World of Thunder were there completely because the Universe Mercenary Alliance used the place as an exam grounds, bringing them in and moving them about within.’’ Thunder God muttered, ’’Actually, without any ferocious beasts, it kind of takes away the thrill of using flying to rush about.’’

’’Stop!’’ A voice resounded fiercely within Luo Feng's mind.

’’Stop!’’ Luo Feng immediately used spirit reading to mentally communicate, the suddenly shout caused the other four's ears to ring loudly.

’’Damn.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but hold his ear, glaring, ’’Luo Feng, you could speak softer.’’

Luo Feng couldn't care less about his second brother's rubbish, communicating mentally with Babata, following that he surveyed his surroundings and said softly: ’’Everybody be careful, we've found a place to start digging!’’

’’Digging?’’ Hong and Thunder God were shocked.

’’Right, 3200m underground here there's universe crystals.’’ Luo Feng said softly.

’’Universe crystals?’’

’’Damn, universe crystals?’’ Thunder God immediately stared.

’’This land is made up for earth and soil, 1900m deeper would be rocks and stones. However, the rock stratum here shouldn't be too solid, unlike those at the Valley of Wind and Thunder, with long periods of welding from the mad winds and lightning. It should only take a day to dig through.’’ Luo Feng said softly.

Universe crystals, that was a windfall! And it was an absolute currency, much more valuable than Ganwu dollars.

And right now Luo Feng was very lacking in money!

Accurately speaking, the moment the Golden Horned Beast broke through to the Universe level, that was when Luo Feng would be severely lacking in money. The 10 billion Ganwu dollars his teacher had left him in his first account was left with less than 5 billion Ganwu dollars, however the moment the Golden Horned Beast broke through, from the Universe level 1 to the Domain Lord level 1, required one thousand years!

In order to accelerate the evolution, he required purchasing many valuable and expensive metal groupings!

And the metal groupings the Universe level required were much more expensive than the Star level, and it required an even larger amount! Luo Feng's 5 billion Ganwu dollars, using the optimum metal groupings, wouldn't even be enough for a month of the golden horned beast's consumption! Of course if he swallowed only normal metals and remains etc, it would be much cheaper, however the evolution speed would be much slower too.

Luo Feng couldn't afford to waste any time!

The armies of the Nuolan Shan family were approaching soon, arriving on earth in a short amount of time. Hence...he had to acquire with the greatest speed sufficient wealth to allow the golden horned beast to evolve at the fastest speed!

’’Chi chi...’’

Ao Gu used the hybrid copper essence shard to dig downwards at his fastest speed, Luo Feng too followed behind anxiously. Hong and Thunder God too followed, Tie Nan He was in charge of concealing the grounds surface behind them, defending against other star level explorers discovering them. That 1900m of soil was easily broken through after just half an hour of digging.

However the rock stratum below, their speed was greatly reduced.

’’This is too slow.’’ Luo Feng was getting anxious, ’’Looks like we really need a day.’’

Luo Feng, if you use the cloud contact vine to grip that shard and dig, it may be even faster.’’ Hong said.

’’That's right!’’

Luo Feng's eyes gleamed, digging a path underground to make a path for humans to pass through was indeed difficult, however allowing one long vine to slip through and dig was much easier.

’’Ao Gu, you step back.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Yes.’’ Ao Gu stepped aside.

Luo Feng dug as deep as possible, with a thought, the cloud contact vine which was wrapped around his body immediately extended a vine, at the same time the arm guard that was originally on his wrist swiftly moved and attached itself on the vine, shrinking in size! This arm guard was where Babata laid, and it was also his storage space.

This long vine was slim but strong and sturdy, on its tip was also a leaf that wrapped around the hybrid copper essence shard, swiftly extending downwards! The hybrid copper essence dug deep, the slender vine continuously extended downwards, it was simply too fast!

Back then on Earth, the Star Traveller level 5 or 6 cloud contact vine's extension was already shocking.

Currently the Star level 4 cloud contact vine could easily extend tens of thousands of meters. Hence...After about 20 minutes, with the piercing hybrid copper essence drill tip, the vine had already reached 3200m underground.


3200m underground.

A large dark blue, akin to a space colored huge body of crystal was among the rocks. A leaf wrapped around the hybrid copper essence shard had extended over a 1000m, finally reaching its destination. On the vine, there was even a bracelet.

’’Wahaha! Collect it!’’

Babata shouted loudly.

A huge dark blue crystal body, immediately vanished within the storage space.


Within the storage space.

This was an incomparably large storage space, even the Yun Mo Planet ship was here.

The huge dark blue crystal appeared out of thin air, beside it, a metal robot immediately flew over, the robot's red eyes shined, sound coming from its mouth: ’’Luo Feng that idiot, actually following the rules of that Earth fighter team's rules and sharing of rewards, this universe crystal is something he obtained, he's even prepared to split it with Hong and Thunder God. What an idiot!’’

’’This universe crystal is pretty big, about 9000 cubic meters! Hm, cut it!’’

Immediately, a few small robots appeared.

The small robots began to swiftly cut and split the universe crystal, the universe crystal's energy was shocking, however splitting it wasn't too difficult, within the universe, they were usually split into currency shapes. The universe's standard rule was for 1 cubic meter of universe crystal to be split into 1000 universe currency.



Luo Feng's cloud contact vine armor's extended vine swiftly returned, at the same time the bracelet returned to Luo Feng's wrist, wrapping itself around.

’’Babata, how many universe crystals was there?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Haha, our luck is not bad, usually universe crystals that were scattered about in a world are lesser, only the center has more universe crystals. I'd never expect you to actually get 3000 cubic meters of universe crystal, your luck is not bad.’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind.

Luo Feng nodded.

’’Big brother and second brother, let's go up.’’ Luo Feng.

The five swiftly flew back towards the surface, quickly breaking through the surface.

’’How did it go?’’ Thunder God looked at Luo Feng.

’’How many universe crystals did we get?’’ Hong asked.

’’Our luck is not bad.’’ Luo Feng looked around, it was silent and dark around them, they could vaguely make out the vast land, ’’These sort of scattered universe crystals within these world within worlds aren't usually much. We actually got 3000 cubic meters this time, it's considered quite a bit.’’

’’3000 cubic meters?’’ Thunder God's eyes gleamed, ’’3000 cubic meters equates to 3 million universe currency. 1 universe currency if exchanged now, we'd be able to change for a little more than 3000 Ganwu dollars. Meaning, about 10 billion Ganwu dollars.’’

’’10 billion Ganwu dollars?’’ Hong too began to feel the huge amount of numbers.

’’The first time Thunder God and I went to the Killing Fields, we heard some Universe level warriors talking about a newly discovered world, saying they acquired about 10000 cubic meters of universe crystal. We managed to get 3000 cubic meters just like that, it's not bad.’’ Hong exclaimed.

’’Indeed a Sector Lord's world, the first amount and so much.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but exclaim too. ’’From the sayings of the universe explorers, whenever they discovered a new world, it was always a windfall! However these first excavations are usually snatched away by the Universe or even Domain Lord levels.’’

’’Let's make the most of our time!’’ Luo Feng said, ’’Let's continue!’’

The first sum alone was 3000 cubic meters, catching up to the first account of wealth his teacher had left behind for him, this made Luo Feng very excited.

A Sector Lord's world, was indeed a huge treasure!

The most inconspicuous crystals, these were huge amounts of wealth.

’’However, the moment the Golden Horned Beast becomes a Universe level, its consumption of money would be shocking. This amount is far from enough, continue!’’ Luo Feng was filled with anticipation.

At this time, Luo Feng didn't even know that the amount of crystal actually acquired was 9000 cubic meters, the evil Babata had intentionally hidden the other 6000 cubic meters.


Maybe some of the other teams had brought their own sensors, however...the abilities and designs of those sensors, how many could actually compare to Babata's surveillance device? Under the guidance of Babata's orders, Luo Feng and his group quickly discovered a second underground universe crystal location.

’’Who knows, maybe relying on this Sector Lord's world, I could really get enough money to support the Golden Horned Beast's Universe level.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed, controlling the vine and the bracelet digging underground, ’’Dig!’’


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