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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 21


Volume 09 Chapter 21 - Violent Storm

’’Look, what's up with that?’’ Thunder God's eyes stared wide, pointing at the distant black holes.

’’Black holes that can tear up the World of Thunder?’’ Beside them, Heruo from the North Dragon City team said, creasing his eyebrows. At the same time, Luo Feng was pondering and staring at the black holes, these black holes were far from the normal caves, they ripped apart time and space, peculiar existences: ’’Babata, just what are these black holes?’’

’’They should be...a world's entrance! Right, a world's entrance!’’ Babata said excitedly.

’’A world's entrance?’’

Luo Feng held his alloy battle knife, feeling suspicious.

At that time, tens of thousands of explorers on the mountain range looked at the black holes, suddenly a voice resounded, ’’A world within a world! This could very well be the entrance to the world within this world!’’

’’Right, a world within a world!’’

’’It's exactly a world within a world!’’


Large numbers of Star level youths, coming from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire families, powers, or even some youths from other planets with peculiar appearances all burned up with raging enthusiasm, all becoming beams of lights, over ten thousand beams of lights swiftly flying straight towards the distant black holes.

’’It's a world within a world.’’ Heruo too was extremely excited.

’’World within a world?’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were curious, at this time information popped out before them. Those explorers coming from families and different planets had understanding about several explorer stories and matters. However Luo Feng and his brothers hadn't interacted with the virtual universe for too long, they didn't really know much yet.

’’Quickly rush, don't let them go steal it first.’’ Heruo shouted, his team swiftly rushed towards the black holes.

Even though Luo Feng felt suspicious, his group still followed the large groups of teams and armies towards the black holes.

’’Luo Feng, don't be anxious.’’ Babata's voice resounded, ’’You can wait a few minutes and it'll be fine!’’

’’Babata, what's a world within a world?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’A Sector Lord is able to create a world, this you know! And within this world itself, creating another concealed world. This second world, is known as a world within a world.’’ Babata explained, ’’However, to be able to build a world within a world, one first has to make sure that second world is stable enough, and that requires a huge amount of universe crystals as its foundation.’’

Luo Feng understood.

World of Thunder, this was hidden within a villa on Cang Lan Star.

And this world within a world was hidden within a secret place within the World of Thunder.

’’The cost of building a world within a world is extremely huge. Hence, it's mostly used to store and hide treasures, only because of that will one not mind the costs and build it.’’ Babata said.


The black holes that appeared on the mountain range around the Valley of Wind and Thunder attracted the gathering of a large number of explorers.

Of which there was a group all dressed in black uniform, nine Star level 9 stages and one Star level 2, it was the initial group that had attacked and killed the horned iron rhinos, the ninth prince team.

’’Lord.’’ A bodyguard said respectfully.

’’Interesting, very interesting.’’

The pale skinned youth held a battle knife, looking at the black holes, smiling, ’’A world within a world? The cost of building a world itself is already huge enough! To build another world within the first one. The difficulty is more than ten times harder! Sector actually bear to pay such a huge price to build a world within a world, there must be some real treasures hidden within.’’

’’This World of Thunder was long excavated by others. And later it even became the Universe Mercenary's exam place! After so long, with countless people passing in and out, no one had discovered this world within a world.’’

’’It was actually unintentionally opened by that team.’’

The youth revealed a smile, ’’Luck! This is pure luck!’’

’’The lord's luck has always been good.’’ The black uniform bodyguard said respectfully.

’’No, this world within a world is a fat piece of meat that's too big!’’ The youth shook his head, ’’Something that made the Sector Lord not care about the costs and build a new world to actually hide it, it definitely must be treasures that would even make other Sector Lords crazy for! The news of this world within world will swiftly spread to the four organizations, the strongest from our empire, the Domain Lords and even the Sector Lords will rush over!’’

’’Hence, these group of Star level explorers won't be able to get any real treasures.’’ The youth said condescendingly.

’’If you, the lord were to get a treasure, the strong still wouldn't dare snatch it from you.’’ The black uniform bodyguard said.

The youth smiled.

’’Hmm, the team closest to the entrance had sent their robot in through the entrance and it's returned! The entrance to the world within a world is safe. Let's go, we'll enter.’’ The youth ordered, the nine bodyguards complied.



’’The entrance to the world within the world is safe, we can enter.’’

’’Hundred Tiger Building brothers hurry and enter.’’

The Star level explorers were all mad with the rush, and Luo Feng's group along with Heruo's group swiftly passed through the black hole with others.

’’This is the world within a world?’’ Luo Feng looked around, the world within was currently dark night, in its darkness little threads of light floated down, making one unable to see far with the naked eye.

’’Brother Luo Feng, please wait, I have to report the news to my organization.’’ Heruo said.

’’Report to the organization?’’

Luo Feng looked at Heruo, Hong and Thunder God too were shocked.

’’Encountering such a big matter, if I dared to not report it, after the incident, I'll definitely suffer for it.’’ Heruo shook his head, beside him, his other partner had already closed his eyes and his consciousness was connected to the virtual universe. After which Heruo closed his eyes. As for the two bodyguards, they stood beside them and guarded.

Luo Feng sighed quietly, these heirs and disciples under the organizations, the organizations influence on them was too absurd.

Looks like, the four organizations within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire will come to know of the news very quickly.


The Black Dragon Mountain star field, contained over 8000 galaxies, the number of life planets ranged in the trillions. The four organizations' connections and roots spread over many galaxies, and of which in terms of position, power, the Black Cloud Guild, the North Dragon City, the Hundred Tiger Building and the Three Axe Mountain, the undisputed strongest would be the Three Axe Mountain!

The Three Axe Mountain was different from the other three organizations.

The other three organizations trained their elites etc, but the Three Axe Mountain didn't even accept Star levels, the lowest requirement to join them was to be a Universe level. In terms of position, the Three Axe Mountain...their Universe levels are soldiers, their Domain Lords are commanders and their Sector Lords are generals.

According to hearsay...

The three founders of the Three Axe Mountain have the highest ranks, generals. These three founders, two have become Undying while another reached the pinnacle of Sector Lords tens of thousands of years ago, deemed invincible amongst the Sector Lords. After this there was no news of him, no one knew if he became an Undying or died.

’’You are talking about the World of Thunder on Cang Lan Star?’’ A man dressed in a dark red battle uniform, donning a peculiar black cape, said to an old man with a white cape and silver hair.

’’Yes, general!’’ The old man said respectfully.

’’You can go.’’ The general ordered.

’’Yes sir.’’ The old man's silhouette disappeared in a flash.

The man dressed in a dark red battle uniform curled his lips slightly, his eyes flashing with a electricity, his fingers gently motioning, the surrounding space began to ripple, even creating a slight tear in the space, the general ordered: ’’The World of Thunder, was something Kabu created back then. No wonder no one has been able to find the treasures he hid. He actually created a world within a world! The Universe Mercenary Alliance is also very interesting, they long discovered and excavated this World of Thunder for so many years, taking all of its treasures. Only after did they send a large number of ferocious beasts in and make it an exam ground. Who would have thought...this exam grounds would have a world within a world!’’

’’Very interesting!’’

’’Kabu, after dying for ten million years, you still make us worry.’’ The general's eyes gleamed, his gaze seemed as though it could poke a hole through space, ’’Back then, his secret techniques of space which he acquired may even be left in that world within a world.’’


’’World of Thunder, back then the World of Thunder Sector Lord Kabu created it, and there's a world within a world? Sector Lord Kabu created this second world, the treasures he hid in them are definitely not your average treasures. Luckily, Cang Lan Star is not too far from where I am. Haha...’’


’’Quickly, quickly, quickly, hurry to the ships. Immediately set out for Cang Lan Star.’’

In a particular base, large numbers of Star level 9 stages swiftly rushed into ships, after which two Domain Lords entered the ships and they departed immediately.


That day, the news shook the entire Black Dragon Mountain Empire, even though the Black Dragon Mountain Empire governed over 8000 galaxies, one Sector Lord was still considered the pinnacle of strength within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire already! For example the six great families, all got their position because of having one Sector Lord!

The creator of the World of Thunder, the Sector Lord Kabu was the pinnacle of Sector Lords back then!

He created a world within a world, just what treasures did it hold?

The entire Black Dragon Mountain Empire, even the royal family sent its men and armies, the four organizations sent their strongest. In the eyes of the strongest...the Star level explorers may have been the ones to discover the world within the world, however the real people able to obtain the treasures within would undoubtedly be these people!

Star level? They were cannon fodder!

On a fire red planet, diameter of 8600 km, its surface was filled with red sand, this particular sand, rocky planet didn't have a chance for life. It's surface temperature reached up to over 3000 degrees, unsuitable for regular living by humans, this kind of planet could be found all over the universe.

On this planet, in a fire red tall mountain.

The wind blew the sand about, there was dead silence in the mountain.


Very suddenly, the entire mountain violently exploded open, trillions of rubble scattering in all directions and flying about, a purple fire rushed towards the sky, engulfed in a purple flame, dressed in armor, eyes burning, a bald man floated in the air, his forehead had a peculiar flame tattoo: ’’Sector Lord Kabu actually left a world within a world? No wonder after so many years no one heard any news of where he left the secret space technique crystal ball, that crystal ball might very well be in that world within the world! That would be a complete inheritance, haha, it's mine!’’


A huge silver pyramid appeared before him, very similar to the automaton ship on earth, only a little smaller. This silver pyramid's bottom automatically opened into a small pathway, within it colors flashed about, extremely beautiful.


The bald man engulfed in a purple flame who looked like a god entered the ship, after which swiftly leaving that dead silent planet, increasing in speed and entering universe travel, heading towards Cang Lan Star.


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