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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 2


Volume 09 Chapter 2 - The Real Use of The Killing Fields

’’What important aspect?’’ Luo Feng asked anxiously.

’’Everybody knows the first part, that's to be able to choose whatever opponent you want to engage in battle. The second aspect, is more important.’’ Babata's little face revealed a proud smile, ’’You've seen from that metal book before, you know that you can customize your own opponent right?’’

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’The second aspect is, you can customize an opponent's basic qualities, spirit reading level, consciousness, techniques, weapons, etc, to be exactly the same as you! The only difference is that...the opponent's experience is incomparably more vast, extremely more adept at battle.’’ Babata said, ’’Do you understand what I mean?’’

Luo Feng was shocked, immediately going mad with excitement!


If the opponent was himself with greater experience and more adept at battling, such an opponent would be a great help to his own battle techniques and experience. Afterall, he could customize his opponent's body, consciousness and spirit reading level, etc to be exactly the same.

’’Through this method, you can swiftly absorb experience.’’ Babata said.

’’Of course, these two aspects still aren't the most important.’’ Babata laughed mischievously.

Luo Feng held his breath.

Just with the two aspects Babata mentioned, Luo Feng was already extremely excited! How could he better himself? How should he actually fight? He could customize his opponent and analyze. This way, he could swiftly improve his battle techniques, an extremely effective usage.

’’To the strong within the universe, which one of them isn't crafty and clever with an abundance in battle experience?’’

’’Hence, the biggest thing that draws them here is...’’

’’The killing fields has an effect of a teacher!’’ Babata emphasized.


Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Right.’’ Babata nodded, ’’Look, Luo Feng, right now your consciousness level, what's the maximum number of blade pieces you can control?

’’36!’’ Luo Feng said.

The stronger the Golden Horned Beast got, Luo Feng's consciousness level too naturally grew with it. Right now the Golden Horned Beast was a Star level 7, his consciousness level could control a maximum of thirty six knife blades.

’’According to the Soaring Shuttle's three ultimate forms and nine layers, with an amplitude of thirty six, you already have the fifth layer's power. But why are you still using a swordfish formation composed of 30 blade pieces?’’ Babata questioned.

’’With an amplitude of thirty six, that only means that the requirement was met, to be able to actually unleash the technique was still a very difficult thing to accomplish.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but say, ’’It's liveliness, usage methods, movement and propelling, etc, I've failed time and again, time and again. It requires a long time before I can truly unleash the power of the Soaring Shuttle. Right now my amplitude level is at thirty six, but I'd still have to grind for a long time before I can unleash the fifth layer's power.


’’Luo Feng, right now if you customize an opponent to use the Soaring Shuttle too, you can customize him to use the soaring shuttle's fifth layer!’’ Babata smiled, revealing two fangs, ’’That way, wouldn't you witness it firsthand, how others control and use the Soaring Shuttle?’’

Luo Feng's eyes lit up.

To have someone demonstrate over and over again before him, compared to himself just poring over the books to learn, the difficulty level was completely different.

’’Also, you can customize your opponent to have perfect and complete control of the Soaring Shuttle! That way, you'd be able to see...just how to use the Soaring Shuttle, to maximize its potential.’’ Babata said.

’’Perfect and complete control?’’ Luo Feng was very clear.

The Soaring Shuttle's first form, 'Mountain Drill' didn't have any special technique, it just shot out in a straight line.

The Swordfish Formation however, was lively and more skillful in every aspect.

The third form, was even more complex.

At this time, the controlling ability was extremely important, in different people's hands, the amount of power unleashed too would be different. The same Swordfish Formation used, if unleashed perfectly, maybe its power could be raised one to two times more.

’’This is a free training session, free teacher.’’

’’You want to study the Soaring Shuttle, this way, wouldn't it do?’’ Babata laughed evilly.

’’This is still considered normal and average. Like your teacher, as an Undying! He was well adept in the space control aspect, he could even use space techniques to camouflage a universe coordinate.’’ Babata explained, ’’However, to be able to progress further, what could he do? He could totally customize an opponent who knows space techniques, one with space techniques a litte more powerful than himself.’’

’’That way, he could personally spar again and again with such an opponent.’’

’’Then in space techniques wise, if one wanted to progress, this would be much easier than training hard blindly.’’ Babata explained.

Luo Feng had a revelation.

There were many universe origin secret techniques that were deep and profound.

Just watching an opponent unleash it, naturally one wouldn't be able to learn and master it. However if one naturally had some feel for it, to spar over and over again with an opponent who knows and uses it, one would naturally be able to grasp it easier.

’’Free training, free teacher.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but compliment, immediately staring hard, ’’That's not right, the cost of this place is still extremely high.’’

’’The cost is high? Wait till you become a Sector Lord! Or even an Undying, to acquire any form of breakthrough is extremely difficult, the killing fields, these sort of such powerful beings, the quality to price ratio is simply too high! They just have to spend some insignificant cash to receive an opponent they need.’’ Babata sighed, ’’You need to know, there are many strong warriors who've come to realize that within the universe, when they get stuck at any point, finding an opponent stronger and with more awareness than themselves would make it easy for themselves to trigger inspiration and allow them to breakthrough!’’

Luo Feng couldn't help but nod.

No wonder...

It was no wonder this killing fields dared to price it's usage so high.

’’Babata, how is this killing fields able to virtually simulate perfectly complete secret techniques.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask.

’’The killing fields' owner is the Virtual Universe Network company.’’ Babata said, ’’Over countless years, with countless strong warriors from the vast universe sparring and battling in the virtual universe, the scene and footage from every battle will naturally be recorded by the virtual universe. Hence, the database of the virtual universe is extremely large. It has a wide array of secret techniques!’’

’’Of course, they are all just skills that were used, not training methods.’’ Babata explained.

Luo Feng nodded.

Indeed, just like the Yun Mo Planet's <Soul Imprint>technique, even if the virtual universe recorded the scene of him unleashing it, without the training manuals, it was still worthless.


To someone of the same sect training the same techniques, it would have great beneficial properties.

’’Babata, help me customize a Golden Horned Beast opponent, a Star level 1 Golden Horned Beast.’’ Luo Feng shouted.

Luo Feng had fully understood the killing fields' most important usage, that was to teach himself which direction to take and how to train with the greatest efficiency! This killing fields was the database for the Virtual Universe Network company, and the Virtual Universe Network company, as one of the five Great Leviathans of the universe, was much much stronger than any empire.

The battle scene of a Golden Horned Beast, Luo Feng believed that the virtual universe country would definitely have some reserves!


’’I died again.’’

’’Again.’’ Luo Feng stood in mid air, looking at the fully black scaled terrifying Golden Horned Beast, finally understanding its glory and terror.

He himself was a Star level 1! With an amplitude of thirty six, and his spirit weapon was very powerful.

The Golden Horned Beast too was a star level 1!

One side fell!

Of course it was himself!

’’Same grade and level, for a human to battle and win against a Golden Horned Beast? That's simply an impossible task. Even if a person managed to do it, that person would have to be an occasional absolute genius from trillions of galaxies, even having someone stronger than your teacher to mentor and teach.’’ Babata said, ’’As for you Luo Feng? Your power is rising too quickly, your control of the soaring shuttle is still too raw, even with ten tries, you'd still be killed.’’


And death again!

Luo Feng was killed time and again by the same grade and level Golden Horned Beast, there was actually another reason, Luo Feng had customized this Golden Horned Beast to be incredibly adept at battle!

’’So the Golden Horned Beast is actually that adept at battle!’’

’’Its wings actually have the feeling of blade technique, the best way to use these scaled wings aren't to smash directly, but to brush and slice past like a blade, and this movement itself allows so much more flexibility.’’

’’The tail acts like a whip, the tail is indeed the fastest part of the Golden Horned Beast, I've always only used very simple attacks, however this Golden Horned Beast's tail in this killing fields really mimics a whip, suddenly attacking and vibrating the air, causing the space to explode, it's power is obviously much greater.’’

’’It doesn't use its claws immediately, but the moment it does, it's power is shocking and earthshaking.’’

Luo Feng was trampled and killed immediately by the Golden Horned Beast!

’’So it's that way, that way.’’ Reviving again, Luo Feng felt an extreme sense of excitement, ’’I know now how to train the Golden Horned Beast in the future.

Even with good natural talents, it didn't mean that every Golden Horned Beast was at the same level of strength.

One had to know that with generation after generation of Golden Horned Beast, the <Absolute Realm>technique, many die after achieving the first level, while the others were mostly stuck at level 2, however in history there were some who actually managed to train till they reached level 3! What did this mean? It meant that even among the same powerful bloodline, there were differences in their battle abilities.

Luo Feng thought about it, he wanted to make himself the strongest Golden Horned Beast in history!

In the following days.

Luo Feng first went with Hong and Thunder God to purchase a plot of land within Black Dragon Mountain Island's 9 star bay, following his intentions to purchase several wooden houses. This would totally allow Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God's families to be able to live within them. After, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God even sent a large number of consciousness transmitting helmets to Earth.

Luo Feng's family all loved it there.

His parents enjoyed playing the virtual games, enjoying a perfect and comfortable life within the games. The two children Ping Ping and Little Hai were receiving Babata's planned training methods, engaging in martial arts training amidst games and fun. The most excited however was undoubtedly his little brother Luo Hua.

’’It's too advanced and magnificent.’’

’’Earth's stock market, compared to the universe's banking and investment system, is like a drop of water in a vast ocean.’’

’’Over here, is truly a stockbroker's investment and trading heaven!!!’’ Luo Hua was incomparably excited, requesting from Luo Feng ten transmitter helmets, all for the sake of having several assistants. Since then, Luo Hua and his assistants stayed within a three storey wooden house, analyzing the finance of the universe countries and began investing.

As for capital?

Luo Feng back then had given Hong and Thunder God 500 million Ganwu dollars, naturally he wouldn't give his own little brother less, similarly giving 500 million Ganwu dollars.


The virtual universe indeed could satisfy all of one's needs.

Amidst the time spent, Luo Feng came to know from the surveillance system installed around the wormhole that a universe ship had passed through, Luo Feng estimated that it was from the Nuolan Shan family. arrive on Earth would require another 2 years and 8 months. Luo Feng wasn't rushed or anxious. He was currently engaged in endless joy and fun.

’’Third brother, you called me crazy, your big brother is the crazy one. The longest I've gone is three days in the killing fields without leaving. Look at your big brother, he actually hasn't left the killing fields space in eight days consecutively, won't he ever get tired?’’

Thunder God and Luo Feng were currently sitting at a corner of the killing fields hall, ordering some food and beverages.


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