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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 19


Volume 09 Chapter 19 - Valley of Wind and Thunder

Immersed in training, time flew by quickly.

’’Luo Feng, it's already daybreak. Hong and Thunder God have stopped their training.’’ Within the quiet training room, lying in a chair sleeping, Babata said with his eyes closed.


Luo Feng closed the book within his hands, closing his eyes, recollecting the images within his mind regarding the Ten Thousand Blade Soul Seal secret technique's training process, unleashing process along with its theories and explanations, etc. After which, Luo Feng smiled as he opened his eyes, he at least had a grasp on the logic behind the 'Ten Thousand Blade Soul Seal' technique.

From tomorrow, he would begin training it properly! The moment he finished, this Ten Thousand Blade Soul Seal would become Luo Feng's number one soul attacking technique.

’’Babata, I'm leaving.’’ Luo Feng placed the book back on the shelf.

’’Countdown reminder, the amount of time before the Nuolan Shan family's troops arrive on Earth is another 2 years 4 months and 29 days.’’ Babata shouted.

’’2 years 4 months and 29 days...’’ Luo Feng repeated the words softly, his eyes gleaming coldly. The Nuolan Shan family troops that would arrive on Earth after 2 years, while he couldn't have any hopes or wishes for the others to be able to help within the short 2 years, he'd have to fend them off himself!

’’A little more than 2 years.’’

’’What do we do?’’

’’If the Nuolan Shan family fleet sends a Universe level 6 or 7 warrior, how will I deal with it?’’ Luo Feng was troubled, his Golden Horned Beast's body was definitely able to break into the Universe level in a few months! However, the moment it breaks into the Universe level, the evolution time required would be greatly increased, and if he wanted to use the proper metal groupings, those prices were much much more than those used during the Star level, the amount of money he had wasn't sufficient.

Milky Way, Dark Space.

A D3 grade streamlined ship shaped like an axe was swiftly flying through space.

’’Bai Kalo, you've broken through?’’ Within the control room, with pointy ears, the Nuolan Shan's second head De Wen Nuolan Shan turned to look at the approaching person.

’’Yes.’’ Covered in a black robe, Bai Kalo nodded his head.

De Wen felt dissatisfied within.

He, as the family's second head, naturally bowed before the head ancestor much earlier. And this Bai Kalo was even his junior! However...his awareness level was extremely high, he was the most exceptional amongst the heirs of the Nuolan Shan family, right now De Wen was at Universe level 6 while Bai Kalo was at Universe level 8! This Bai Kalo naturally had an air of arrogance around him!

Universe level 8, in terms of awareness, battle experience, Bai Kalo far exceeded the previous head De Wen.

’’Bai Kalo, what warriors did you mention were on Earth? Since even our elite team hasn't responded at all, and are all probably dead, this enemy must not be weak at all.’’ De Wen looked at the beautiful scenery of space ahead of him, asking his junior beside him, Bai Kalo's eyes looked outside, ’’The automaton ship has been there for so long without anyone taking it. Even with a strong person there, he can't be that strong.’’

De Wen's eyes gleamed, smiling, ’’Junior has a point.’’

’’Senior, how long before we arrive on earth?’’ Bai Kalo said coldly.

’’About another 2 years, 4 months and 26 days.’’ De Wen said.

’’Oh, then I'll first enter the virtual universe.’’ Bai Kalo said, turning and leaving the control room.

De Wen looked at the back of Bai Kalo, cursing within his heart, ’’This bastard, he probably only left his cabin just to come and ask about how much longer we needed to travel. Before, while we travelled through the wormhole, he didn't even show. Now that he knows how much longer we need, he'll probably not ever show himself again until we arrive at Earth.’’

Bai Kalo was an exceptional loner amongst the Nuolan Shan family heirs.

If Luo Feng were to know that this time the Nuolan Shan family had sent two powerful Universe level warriors, one Universe level 6 stage and the other 8 stage, the pressure he would feel would be greatly increased.


It had been fifty one days since they entered the World of Thunder.

’’No problem, let's continue advancing.’’ Thunder God sat on the ground and shouted, at this time, Thunder God's waist was covered in fresh blood, completely drenching his robe and visible from the outside.

’’Don't show off, afterall we are pretty close to the Valley of Wind and Thunder, another 8000 or so kilometers, we can reach in a day.’’ Luo Feng said softly, ’’Your injuries are heavy, even if you use the Mu Ya crystal, it'd take a few hours to recover.’’

’’Right, second brother, even if we leave tomorrow, it'd wouldn't be late.’’ Hong looked at Thunder God.

Thunder God gritted his teeth, cursing softly, ’’Damn, that scum bird!’’

Luo Feng felt helpless with the situation. Since the trek from the Long Suo mountain range heading to Valley of Wind and Thunder, they had travelled a good half of the World of Thunder. Before, in Long Suo mountain range they relied on Babata's surveillance devices, hence they never really met with dangers, thus the group had been really positive till now, who would have thought...

That when the group truly began their trek across half of the World of Thunder, only then did they truly find out, as an elimination exam world, it wasn't as easy as they thought.

A scanning diameter of 20,000 meters?

It was useful within the mountain range and forests, as there were an abundance of trees and growth within the forest, a distance of 20,000m was still very safe.

However of a flat land area, grass land area, swamp area, reef mountainous region etc, a few ferocious beasts could see over a 100 miles and spot them immediately! With the ferocious beasts' speed, even if the gravitational pull of the World of Thunder was huge, it'd still only require them only one or two seconds to travel over the 20 km distance.

A 20km surveillance area, with the time needed for Luo Feng to react and inform the others, it gave his group less than a second to escape.

Hence meeting dangers was extremely common!

And just before...

An eagle like golden bird flying high in the skies had surveyed the group below it from far away, hence it rushed over to kill them. This golden bird's speed was extremely quick, and also very powerful. Much stronger than average Star level 9 fighters, Tie Nan He was captured and flown away on the spot!

It's powerful claws wreaked havoc, Luo Feng and Hong were both wearing alloy battle armors, however their internal layer was covered with the cloud contact vine, hence they were unharmed. Thunder God however felt the brunt of it.

Luckily he only received scratches from claw attacks from a distance, had it been a physical contact itself, he would have lost his life.

And that golden bird, after suffering a soul attack from Ao Gu knew it would be hard to win, hence it turned and fled into the skies.

’’Everybody needs to be on alert.’’

’’The ferocious beasts' speeds are extremely fast, by the time I discover them and inform everybody...we'll have very little time to escape and dodge.’’ Luo Feng said softly, ’’We are only about 8000 km away from the Valley of Wind and Thunder, a day's trek at most, let's not get careless on the last day.’’

’’We've had such a perilous journey, those teams without the surveillance system, coming here, must definitely go through complete life and death situations.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but say.

’’The amount of danger we've encountered isn't little too.’’ Hong said.

Another night of quiet training.

Tonight, Luo Feng was training within the slaughter space of the Killing Fields, these ten days of training, he was partially training the Soaring Shuttle while working on his Ten Thousand Blades Soul Seal, this move's first layer was finally completed, its targets and requirements were be able to produce a soul seal blade.

’’Soul attack, relied on using spirit reading theory to arrange and form the most effective path of attack.’’

’’Back then, the spirit readers of Earth's awareness level and soul attacks were extremely weak, even the same stage and level fighters, couldn't be killed with a soul attack.’’

’’This soul seal blade's construct is obviously astonishing and meticulous, much more orderly.’’ Luo Feng was extremely happy, with the soul seal blade, his power had doubled! Even a higher level fighter, if attacked by a soul seal blade, if he survived, he'd mostly blank out for a moment mentally.

And the Soaring Shuttle could take the opportunity to kill this enemy!

One mental and one real!

This was the true power of a spirit reader! If it were purely mental (relying of the soul attacks, illusions etc), or pure force (relying on the spirit weapons), these ways weren't the true power of a spirit reader. It was a pity...whether it was spirit weapon control techniques or soul attack techniques, these were all not to be divulged!

Every secret technique was extremely valuable.

And the higher level the techniques, the harder it was to be even bought! The <Soul Seal>which the Yun Mo Planet Master was most proud of was a special technique that an Undying Being wouldn't even trade for an entire star field.

This was also why the heirs and disciples with background and teachers train so quickly and breakthrough so easily!


Five beams of light stopped, it was these five.

This little group gazed at the distant mountains, those mountains seemed to be covered in snow, accurately speaking, that wasn't snow, but large amounts of rocks and stones madly flying about! Also above the mountain in the skies were cumulus clouds, lightning snakes flying all about, seemingly as though lightning could strike at any time.

’’Big brother, third brother, according to the map coordinates, ahead is Valley of Wind and Thunder.’’ Thunder God held his breath.

’’The thunder clouds have hovered above for long periods of times, this World of Thunder, besides the Valley of Wind and Thunder, there's no other place like this.’’ Hong too squinted his eyes.

Luo Feng held his breath and watched.

The Valley of Wind and Thunder was the core of the World of Thunder, it's center point, and also it's most dangerous place! And one of the required items to pass the Universe Mercenary Trainee exam was here...the wind corner stone, one had to acquire it here at the Valley of Wind and Thunder.

’’Let's go.’’ Luo Feng said softly.

The five didn't fly anymore, walking towards the Valley of Wind and Thunder...oddly enough, there wasn't a single ferocious beast around, most probably it was because they knew of the Valley's dangers. There weren't any plants on the valley, just bare stone, these stones were dark and black, occasionally with hints of silver.

’’The wind's really strong.’’ Luo Feng felt that his walk alone wasn't stable.

’’Just how strong is this wind?’’ Thunder God and Hong couldn't help but exclaim as well.

The level 12 typhoon on Earth, to a Star level, couldn't and didn't have any impact on them at all. However at this moment, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God couldn't even walk properly, this was on an unbelievable level altogether.

’’According to the books, the wind from the Valley of Wind and Thunder, gets stronger as we head more to the center and deeper within. The wind at the most center region is like knives! It carries with it strong amounts of universe energy, even Universe level warriors flying into the center would be madly torn and shredded apart, no questions about it.’’

’’The mad wind covers the most dangerous region within, however that's the place with the most wind corner stones.’’

’’Of course there are still many wind corner stones dancing about in the wind.’’

’’The entire Valley of Wind and Thunder's most dangerous thing is the thunder and lightning. The moment lightning strikes, even a weaker Domain Lord will die immediately. Universe levels have no chance of survival, much less us Star levels. Everybody think, how are we going to go acquire those wind corner stones.’’ Luo Feng looked at the four beside him, at that time a voice resounded in his mind: ’’Luo Feng, around the 20km area of your team, there are a total of 1092 humans.’’


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