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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 18


Volume 09 Chapter 18 - Ten Thousand Blade Soul Seal

Volume 9 Chapter 18: Ten Thousand Blade Soul Seal

Black Dragon Mountain star sector, in the World of Thunder on the famous 'Cang Lan' Star.

Thirty six days has passed since Luo Feng first entered the World of Thunder.

Weeds were rampant on the plains, and some of the weeds were even taller than 10 meters. These weeds also became tough after absorbing the energy of the universe, rivaling A grade alloys, which were much harder than the diamonds on Earth. When the wind blew, the grass bowed down, sometimes revealing the resting monsters on the plain.

Five flowing lights flew past the plain.

A huge monster covered in blue scales lay there like a hill. It seemed to notice something and glanced over as he let out a roar, ’’ROAR~~’’, and then lowered its head again.

’’We have already left the territory of the 'blue scaled alligator'. There is a horde of monsters at 11 o'clock, 18.9 km away. We'll go around them’’. The five flowing lights slightly paused. Luo Feng, in his alloyed battle uniform set, spoke through his spiritual force, ’’Let's go. We'll advance 3,000 km more and then rest’’.

’’Yes, master’’.

Tie Nan He and Ao Gu were very respectful.


The five flowing lights continued to fly forward.....

’’With Babata's warning, I thought this Universe Mercenary Trainee exam would be easy. Who would've thought that it would be even more complicated than I originally thought.’’ Luo Feng looked towards the distance as he flew on his soaring shuttle. The weeds to the side swiftly retracted, ’’I thought it would only take a month to reach the Valley of Wind and Thunder, but it looks like it'll take at least 50% longer than planned!’’

After almost four hours later.

’’Stop!’’ spoke Luo Feng telepathically.

The five of them stopped at the same time.

Even Hong and Thunder God listen to Luo Feng's commands in the World of Thunder, because they knew.... Luo Feng had a special sensor that could detect all danger within a certain radius.

’’Tie Nan He, Ao Gu, you two take turns being on guard. My brothers and I will rest first.’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Yes, master.’’

The two of them replied respectfully.

Luo Feng surveyed his surroundings. It was currently night time and weeds were everywhere, so the naked eye could barely see anything.

’’We were lucky today, didn't encounter much danger’’ Thunder God let out a smile, ’’Right now, we can finally let out a breath.’’

’’I was also afraid something like yesterday would happen again’’ Hong also let out a sigh of relief.

Luo Feng couldn't help but to recall the scenes from yesterday. He was still a bit frightened. Yesterday, his squad was moving forward according to their normal path. Originally, his squad had a relaxing time following the path that people used in the past. Suddenly, five monsters were discovered charging at his squad 18 km away. It was clear that they clearly discovered his squad a long time ago.

If there is nothing to obstruct their vision, it is normal for star level fighters to see past a distance of over a hundred km.

It actually isn't too difficult to escape from those five monsters, since weeds were everywhere.


Maybe one of those monsters had an extraordinary nose, so they just kept chasing. While they chased, they even roared over and over again, which attracted the attention of the other monsters on the plains. Originally five monsters, over a hundred monsters ended up chasing after his squad.

Finally, with 'Ao Gu combined with the hybrid copper shard', and the two liquid silver guards, their squad did everything they could to escape.

’’We were lucky yesterday’’ sighed Luo Feng, ’’If that 'Black Ringed Snake' horde appeared earlier and worked together with those hundreds of monsters to surround us, we probably wouldn't have been able to escape’’.

’’Black Ringed Snake horde?’’ Thunder God glared, ’’Don't remind me. Whenever I think of yesterday I get a bit scared. Yesterday was the worst day we had in the World of Thunder.’’

’’Use your time wisely and train’’ commanded Hong, ’’There are very few opportunities to train in the World of Thunder.’’



Luo Feng and Thunder God spoke no more and then closed their eyes to train.

Luo Feng was quite pleased with his days of training in the World of Thunder. Even though some accidents have occurred on their journey and all of them almost ended up getting killed several times! This kind of pressure..... caused them to improve very rapidly in the past 36 days.

Maybe it's because the World of Thunder is packed with the universe energy essence, causing them to train faster.

Or maybe, it's because of the 'evolution catalyst' they received from the virtual universe.


Thirty six days, along with the days of them rushing from Bai Lan star to Dragon Star, and then from Dragon Star to Cang Lan Star, in these two months, Luo Feng was able to step into the 'Star level 2 stage' from the 'Star level 2 stage'. This is simply an improvement of the body itself. The biggest improvement..... is his progress he made with the 《Soaring Shuttle》 and 《Soul Seal》.

Luo Feng's personal virtual space.

On top of a huge mountain that entered the clouds, Luo Feng appeared in a white robe. Beside him was a blood red castle erected on the top of the mountain.

’’RUMBLE~~’’ the castle doors opened.

’’Master’’ the eighteen rock golems respectfully yelled.


Luo Feng directly entered the castle. Under the lead of some beautiful women, he entered the training room. All four sides of the training room were bookshelves, which contained tons and tons of books. These were all the training manuals from the Yun Mo planet sect. Luo Feng directly walked to one of the bookshelves on one side and took out a golden book 《Soul Seal Part Two》.

’’Crunch, crunch’’ in his black robe, the blood red eyed demon Babata sat to the side and chewed at a red apple. He took a quick glance at Luo Feng and started chewing away at his apple again like nothing happened. Suddenly, he froze and stopped, and then looked at Luo Feng. He carefully looked at the book Luo Feng was holding.

’’LUO FENG?’’ Babata yelled with surprise.

’’Hm, what is it?’’ Luo Feng looked at Babata with a confused look on his face.

’’You, you finished the basics of 《Soul Seal》?’’ said Babata with shock.

In the Yun Mo planet sect, 《Soul Seal》is ranked at the top. Ever since Luo Feng received these training manuals, he learned all of the basics of all the training manuals deemed high priority by Babata. After that, he started learning according to his interests. Luo Feng mainly focused on 《Soul Seal》 and 《Tower of the Void》.

Because, according to the training manuals, the master of Yun Mo planet clearly prided himself on these two training manuals.

The master of Yun Mo planet once said in the training manual of 《Soul Seal》: ’’The Soul Seal method is the most important technique in our Yun Mo planet sect, and is also the biggest reason for my, Hu Yan Bo's, rise to power.’’

And the master of Yun Mo planet also said in 《Tower of the Void》: ’’Young disciple, you mustn't relax on your training of the Tower of the Void. If I was able to finish the 'Seven Floors Tower' of the Tower of the Void back then, I wouldn't have ended up dying! When venturing into the universe, defensive techniques are extremely important!’’

And so, Luo Feng always practiced these two techniques seriously.

Training a technique takes a large amount of time, energy, and talent! However, Luo Feng hasn't had these training manuals for long. Even though his strength improved quite rapidly, the main factor for that is mainly due to the Golden Horned Beast's body.

Otherwise, according to Babata's plan, it would take him 50 years to reach the Star level! Mainly because he needs to build up a solid foundation..... and so, after spending so much time, Luo Feng finally met the most basic requirements of 《Soul Seal》. And 《Tower of the Void》 still remains at the most basic level of the first stage.

’’What, Babata, is that weird?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’You met all of the various requirements in 《Soul Seal Part One》?’’ followed Babata.

’’I have’’ said Luo Feng.

’’Oh? Hehe, the soul nurtured by the Golden Horned Beast is powerful after all’’ Babata couldn't help but to compliment, ’’I thought it would've taken another few years.’’

’’Oh yeah, Luo Feng, from now on, you can practice the 'Ten Thousand Blades Soul Seal' in 《Soul Seal Part Two》. This is the most basic 'soul seal'. Once you completely learn the 'Ten Thousand Blades Soul Seal', you'll have the qualifications to form your 'Slave Seal' explained Babata.

Luo Feng started to get a bit excited after listening.

To truly control someone based off of the soul seal technique is very difficult. There are various requirements that must be met on the 《Soul Seal》 technique. At least, the current Luo Feng couldn't do it.

’’First learn the Ten Thousand Blades Soul Seal?’’ Luo Feng flipped through the book.

’’Babata, there are so many different techniques in here, so why learn this one?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but to ask.


’’Focusing on one thing always yields better results’’ scolded Babata, ’’Aren't you mainly focusing on the Soaring Shuttle? Then the soul seal technique you practice has to be able to affect the enemy. This 'Ten Thousand Blades Soul Seal', transforms the soul seal into a blade and directly attacks the soul! It can make the enemy feel like their head is about to split apart. A single moment of delay in battle is enough for your soaring shuttle to rip him to shreds.’’

’’Okay’’ nodded Luo Feng.

’’Begin then. Training the Ten Thousand Blades Soul Seal is not easy. After you finish your training, with your progress on the soul seal, you'll be able to form your 'Slave Seal'. When that happens, you can directly enslave other people and make them become your slave for eternity. Just like how your teacher had nine Undying slaves’’ Babata cast out the bait.

The slave seal!

How exciting! Luo Feng was looking forward to this technique. Even if it was only for this 'Slave Seal', he had to seriously practice the 'Ten Thousand Blades Soul Seal'.


While Luo Feng's consciousness was in the virtual space reading the 《Soul Seal》 training manual and training the first offensive soul seal technique the Ten Thousand Blades Soul Seal, his other body the Golden Horned Beast, completely delved into its training of 《Absolute Realm》.

Inner world.

On the golden continent, the Golden Horned Beast that was as large as a mountain range continued to cast the 《Absolute Realm》 technique.


There was a sliver of dissatisfaction in those dark golden eyes, ’’After so long, I can't even finish the first stage of 《Absolute Realm》, what's going on?’’. In the World of Thunder, the pressure seemed to raise Luo Feng's comprehension skills quite a bit. He also made a bit of progress on 《Absolute Realm》. However, he was still very far away from completing the first stage of 《Absolute Realm》.

’’WU ’’

The Golden Horned Beast let out a roar of anger. As of now, its current body length exceeded 900 meters.

Indeed, after consuming the alloy combinations that lead to 89 times efficiency for over three months, it's as if the Golden Horned Beast has normally evolved for 22 years. It already entered the Star level 9 stage from the Star level 7 stage! A Golden Horned Beast at the Star level 9 stage..... only one step away until the Universe level! And this single step, is the hardest step in the entire Star level transformation!


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