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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 17


Volume 09 Chapter 17 - Planet Fort

Cang Lan Star, within the Sector Lord's world.

Luo Feng and his group of five were swiftly cleaning up the battle remains. ’’Haha, truly a young elite from the Hundred Tiger Building, this little lady actually uses an AI quantum computer. I don't have to buy one anymore, I'll just use this!’’ Thunder God was very satisfied, Luo Feng was using something that exceeded the AI, a living AI, Hong used an AI quantum computer and Thunder God was only using a normal quantum computer.

’’There's even a storage ring.’’

’’And spirit weapon.’’

’’These six Star level 9 warriors combined together don't even add up to her treasures.’’ Tie Nan He made a move and swiftly collected every treasure that was valuable.

Among the six Star level 9 warriors, there were three spirit readers and three fighters.

However their standards were close to the Nuolan Shan guards, hence they were only at the bottom of the Hundred Tiger Building, sent just to help protect the two elites this time.

’’Ao Gu, this flying spirit weapon will be yours.’’

’’Tie Nan He, you can take whichever genetic weapon you like.’’

’’This storage ring.’’ Luo Feng's gaze swept past Thunder God, Ao Gu, Tie Nan He and Hong, Thunder God suddenly shouted: ’’Let me look at this storage ring, the one I'm using is the smallest capacity.’’ Among the group, Luo Feng and Hong already had their own storage rings, Thunder God had to buy his.

He bought the smallest one.

’’Haha, it's really bigger than what I have.’’ Thunder God was very satisfied.


Thunder God, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu reorganized and prepared, after which the group swiftly left the scene of battle, arriving a thousand miles away below a mountain before stopping.

’’The next step, we should go look for the wind corner stone.’’ Luo Feng looked at the group.

’’The wind corner stone can only be found in one place of the Sector Lord's world, right at the very core of the World of Thunder, the Valley of Wind and Thunder.’’ Hong looked at the screen on his arm, gently tapping and looking, ’’From here to Valley of Wind and Thunder, the distance is over 300,000km, even if all goes well along the way, it'd still take about a month to get there.’’


Within the Sector Lord's world, one was that the gravity was extremely strong, two, Luo Feng and his group couldn't fly up high, hence they had to rely on Babata's security surveillance. If everything went smoothly, they were able to travel about 10,000km a day. It would still take about a month.

’’The horned iron rhino herds can be found living in several places of this world, but they are all far from the core territory.’’

’’No matter where we go to hunt the horned iron rhino, we'd still finally have to head towards the Valley of Wind and Thunder.’’ Thunder God creased his eyebrows, ’’This Universe Mercenary Alliance arranged this mission obviously to make us explore at least half of the Sector Lord's world.’’

Within the Sector Lord's world, there were many natural disasters and risks.

Travelling through half of the would definitely encounter many life or death situations, even with the surveillance system, it wasn't much use towards natural disasters.

’’This is training, experience, and elimination.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’The Universe Mercenary Alliance wants to eliminate the group of people who are unfit for them. If they can't even pass through this, they wouldn't have the right at all in the future to roam the dangerous universe.’’

’’Agreed.’’ Hong nodded, ’’From where we are right now, heading to the Sector Lord's world core, the Valley and Wind and Thunder, there are three routes, everybody take a look, which should we take?’’

’’These three routes...’’ Thunder God looked at the map on the screen, ’’Are all pretty dangerous.’’

’’The first route,’’ Luo Feng said.

The first route has many ferocious beasts territories, naturally the threats were lesser. Of course...this was only in comparison to the other two routes.

’’Alright, the first route.’’ Hong nodded.

’’Then let's depart!’’ Thunder God said.


Luo Feng and his group began rushing through their longest trek within the Sector Lords world, they didn't dare to fly in mid air, that would simply attract all the ferocious beasts, suicide.

The Sector Lord's world was heaven as well as hell.

An unexcavated Sector Lord's world, for too many explorers and mercenaries, was a huge treasure heaven! At the same time, it was filled with dangers, the moment one was not careful, one could lose his life. However...there would still be a large number of explorers and universe mercenaries entering. And this World of Thunder was excavated long ago, right now it was specially used as a tool for the trainee mercenary exams.


Beside a thorny undergrowth within the Long Suo mountain range, Chou Yu was singlehandedly carrying his huge battle blade, gritting his teeth.

The moment he thought of his female counterpart's venomous voice from before, the scene of the 'beautiful' blue shard piercing and slicing through the Star level 9 warriors, Chou Yu was extremely shocked and enraged. His entire body couldn't help but tremble from the rage. This was his first time entering a Sector Lord's world.

He was known before as a genius, along with other geniuses, he was nurtured and trained by the Hundred Tiger Building, having a solid foundation.

While the nurturing was tedious, it didn't have any dangers to his life.

This time however...

’’I almost died, I almost died!!!’’ Chou Yu's heart shuddered within, he had had so much hopes and dreams for the future, he had killed many before too, however when he actually faced death itself...he realized just how much he was afraid of death.

’’The military instructor said fear isn't bad, but one has to absolutely remain calm. Fear is a form of energy, an energy able to make the body evolve.’’

’’Relax, calm down.’’

Chou Yu gradually calmed down, looking at the bodyguard beside him, ordering him, ’’Help me secure my surroundings, I'm entering the Virtual Universe Network.’’

’’Yes.’’ The bodyguard respectfully complied.


The Hundred Tiger Building had an order towards all the young elites entering the Sector Lord's world to take part in these exams. They had to send a message to their supervisor everyday via the Virtual Universe Network! If their comrades died, the mail had to explain such matters too.

As long as they sent that mail, it meant that the member was still alive!


Within the Virtual Universe Network, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

A fat man with two horns on his head lay on a chair. A screen appeared before him, ’’Di!’’ A message appeared on the screen.

’’Another message of a report on being alive, open it.’’ The fat man said slowly.

The mail opened automatically.

The fat man looked through it slowly, however after a while he stood up suddenly, shocked as he stared at the mail, ’’the eighth team actually only has two people alive? And they've lost the second elite?’’ The fat man quickly sent a message request to the other seven members of the eighth team.

As one replied.

Usually, the young geniuses are prepped with bodyguards depending on their own level of importance. For example, a team of ten usually has five youths and five bodyguards. And some teams only have one youth and nine bodyguards. This eighth team originally had eight bodyguards and two youths.

They had lost one body guard earlier.

Obviously...the eighth team was an important team. To the Hundred Tiger Building, the loss of level 3 elites would be more painful, the loss of level 2 elites would be even more painful. And the loss of level 1 elites, that was simply devastating! As for the special elites...even the Hundred Tiger Building rarely got one.

Those absolute geniuses were rarely ever acquired.

Within the universe space.

The fat man opened his eyes and looked out through the external simulator, looking at the huge objects in the distant space: ’’Since we are almost at the headquarters, I'll personally deliver this report. ’’That huge object was a planet! Correctly speaking, it was an alloy made object that was made to model a planet, this was the Hundred Tiger Building's headquarters...

Black Tiger Star.

This Black Tiger Star, was basically a huge planet fort! It's entire body was black, on it were deep passages and alleys, connecting straight into the planet's interior. And the surface of it, was a thick and bulky cannon that was capable of blowing up a D grade universe ship in one shot, along with other magnetic orbit cannons, large laser cannons, etc these type of weapons.

The entire planet had several spots where there were occasional flashes of blue light.

Ship after ship covered the land and skies, almost like the countless locusts, occasionally large amounts of them flew through the deep alleys into the planet's interior. Also occasionally large amounts of universe ships would fly out from there. These ships, with a brief look, seemed like the lowest grade was a C grade, even D grade ships, one could even spot an E grade ship once in awhile!

They covered the land and skies, almost like locusts.

And this planet fort was such an enormous object, it seemed like it swallowed these large amount of ships. Over here, this was one of the four huge organizations of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, the headquarters of the Hundred Tiger Building! There were many Sector Lords that had been stationed here for many years. The entire planet used to be a very normal mineral planet and spent heavenly amounts of money and wealth to change it into the fort it was.

A planet fort!



The fat man sat in the universe ship, following the planet fort's pulling signal, it followed one of the Black Tiger Star's surface many deep alleys and flew in. From space, these alleys seemed small and nothing impressive, however when one flew close to it, he would realize that every alley was more than 100km wide.

The universe ship entered the deep alley.

’’Oh, the new installation is ready?’’ The fat man looked carefully at the two sides of the walls within the alley, the walls seemed to have a few more black alloy frames that were like centipedes, embedded into the walls themselves.

Within a moment.

The universe ship docked at the docking bay, the fat man dressed in a blue robe, followed a spacious pathway that had skies and clouds simulated on both sides, with a glance, this pathway alone had more than a hundred people, everyone seemed to be dressed in blue robes, only two of them were dressed in white robes, and on their chest were 2 star mercenary medals.

’’I greet the lord.’’ Passing by the the white robed men, the fat man bowed.

Everyone within the pathway did the same.

In Hundred Tiger Building...

The blue robe meant Universe level! Along with several important people with status. The fat man was a Star level, but because his position was big, he had the right to wear the blue robe.

The white robe, meant Domain Lord and the lesser upper echelons.

A black robe meant a Sector Lord.

As for the Undying Beings?

Even though the Hundred Tiger Building had produced Undying before in its history, these Undying beings had long gone to the Ganwu Empire, or to other places. To the Undying Beings...the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, this little pond couldn't hold them!

No matter, the Hundred Tiger Building, Black Cloud Guild, The Northern Dragon City, the Three Axe Mountain, these four large universe organizations were considered enormous powers within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, their roots went deep, and the Universe level warriors under them were plenty! Even the empire emperor wouldn't willingly mess with these groups. Just looking at the Hundred Tiger Building's main headquarters with its countless universe ships, that alone was enough proof of its power.


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