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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 16


Volume 09 Chapter 16 - Hundred Tiger Building

Luo Feng swiftly moved all the horned iron rhino's horns into his storage space, and quickly used his spiritual force to say: ’’Let's leave quickly, there's a little team behind us coming to kill us!’’

’’What?’’ Hong and Thunder God were shocked.

They didn't have any time to hesitate, the five immediately flew into the forest beside, leaving behind the huge bodies of the horned iron rhinos. 12km, to a Star level...if it were in the outside world, they could breeze through it within a second. Even within this Sector Lord's world, with their speeds slowed, it still didn't take too much time

Within the forest.

Luo Feng, who was standing on the Soaring Shuttle flipped his hand and a shield along with an alloy battle knife appeared, he was even wearing a normal alloy battle uniform. Alloyed battle uniforms, battle blades, even though they weren't expensive, this was mainly because they didn't have any amplitude abilities! However in terms of material, they were incredibly sturdy and reached up to D grade.

D grade alloys, if it were a universe ship, it would be extremely expensive. However the battle knife, uniform, shield and other such items were very cheap.

’’Chi chi...’’ A blood red helmet grew swiftly on Luo Feng's head.

This was from the cloud contact vine.


Hand wielding a six corner shield, alloy battle knife, the metal uniform wrapped around Luo Feng's body reflected the cold, at first glance, it looked almost like a fur clothing. His entire person was fast as lightning, swiftly escaping, anxious and worried within, ’’Babata, how is the strength level of that team?’’

’’Seven Star level 9 stages, one Star level 2 and one Star level 3.’’ Babata said.

’’Bastards.’’ Luo Feng cursed under his breath.

’’Their speed is very fast, they are closing the distance, 2.8km...2.6km...’’ Babata continuously updated Luo Feng.

’’There are seven Star level 9 warriors behind us.’’ Luo Feng used his spirit reading to inform Hong, Thunder God, Ao Gu and Tie Nan He.

’’That's big trouble.’’

Hong and they others felt the pressure.

At the time, the team chasing to kill them from behind was constantly closing the distance, the distance slowly became not even 1km.


With a face like a blade, skin sparkling and translucent, just like precious stones, one could even see the veins below his skin. His eyes squinted, laughing like an innocent youth, he was dressed in a fur clothed like raw energy battle uniform, carrying on his back a huge battle knife that was almost as big as him. He was currently being pulled by his partner beside, using his spirit weapon to swiftly chase.

’’Hmph.’’ He looked down at his quantum computer on his arm, ’’Two Star level 9 warriors, along with three Star level 1 and 2 stages ? Hmph! Too weak!’’

’’600m, 500m, 400m...’’ He constantly calculated the distance.

He could already see the little team flying ahead of him.

The other eight members, many were wearing goggles, these goggles also had a screen effect, constantly flickering with numbers.

’’Surround them!’’ He gave off an order.


Seven out of the eight members all complied.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The group swiftly separated, surrounding Luo Feng's team of five.


Luo Feng's team stopped as they looked at the nine that had surrounded them. This was still within the forest of the Long Suo Mountain range, around them were many large trees, on the branches of the trees above there were even some scratch marks from ferocious beasts before, such solid and strong trees were rarely seen in the universe. Because of this, people couldn't help but to compliment this sector lord's work.

’’Who's the head?’’ The youth who led the nine shouted, his gaze however staring at Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, sweeping through the three of them. It was very obvious, participating in the mercenary trainee exams, most would arrange for stronger warriors to protect their more important younger members. The weak ones, are usually the ones giving the orders.

’’It's me.’’

Luo Feng stared at the youth before him, ’’Who are you all, what do you want?’’

’’Haha, your question is really stupid, don't you even know what we want?’’ The youth laughed, eyes seemingly arrogant and condescending, as though he was looking at a beggar, ’’Punk, hand over the six horns from the horned iron rhinos and we can spare your lives. If you don't...’’

The youth laughed coldly.

Luo Feng looked at the group surrounding them, the screen on his arm began to display large amounts of numbers.

’’Why are we bothering to talk with them, just kill them.’’ A young lady beside the youth dressed in a black battle uniform said coldly, the youth thought to himself, ’’This idiot, can't she see that the enemy also has two Star level 9 stages? Even though we can win, however if we really fight it out and the enemy risks it all, even if we can kill them, we might lose some of our people too! If we can acquire the horns without anyone dying, isn't that better?’’

’’My partner is impatient already.’’ The youth's gaze swept past Luo Feng's team, ’’Better give an answer now.’’

Being surrounded.

Luo Feng and his team, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu naturally looked at their master Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder god too naturally exchanged glances with Luo Feng.

’’Horned iron rhino's horn?’’ Luo Feng flipped his hand, a horn appeared in his hand, looking at the youth before him, ’’A horn? We'll give you one.’’

’’Six of them! Not one less!’’

The youth said coldly.

The other eight stared at Luo Feng's team. They had all seen earlier twenty one horned iron rhinos drinking by the lakeside, of which sixteen died and ten of the horns were taken by the earlier group...hence they were very sure that this yellow skinned black haired man's team had taken away six horns.

’’Black haired punk!’’ The young lady beside shouted, ’’We are from Hundred Tiger Building, hurry and hand over the horns, otherwise...hmph!’’

Hundred Tiger Building? One of the four big organizations of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire?

Coming from Hundred Tiger Building, it meant that this group were well trained, at least in battle prowess, they were definitely powerful.

’’Are you going to hand them over or not?’’ The youth too seemed impatient now.

’’Don't waste your time speaking anymore.’’ The lady urged.

Luo Feng and his team who were surrounded in by the group, felt immense pressure, Luo Feng could feel too that this group were losing their patience.

’’Ao Gu.’’ Luo Feng used his spirit reading to speak.

’’Master.’’ The old Ao Gu replied.

’’The moment we make a move, follow the plan I told you before we entered this Sector Lord's world, do you know what to do?’’

’’Understood.’’ Ao Gu replied.

Luo Feng surveyed the group from Hundred Tiger Building coldly, gazing past the Star level 9 stages with goggles and finally stopping at the young couple, ’’The horns, we'll at most give you one. If you're still not satisfied...let me warn you, there'll be no turning back from certain actions.’’

’’Threatening me?’’ The youth laughed coldly.

’’Hmph.’’ The young lady turned and exchanged glances with the youth.

The two almost simultaneously retreated.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!...

Except for one Star level 9 protecting the two of them, the other six exploded together. And within that instant of which they exploded, Ao Gu who was standing beside Luo Feng gazed coldly, shua! A blue shard appeared from nowhere, Ao Gu's spirit reading seemed like a hand that grabbed it, grabbing it hard by it's body, revealing a blade!

This blade, seemed to have a hint of a little red.


This was the newly camouflaged hybrid copper essence shard that was covered with a layer of alloy, only the sharp tip wasn't covered. This move...was Luo Feng's current ultimate move! Allowing his strongest spirit reader slave Au Go to use the hybrid copper essence shard, with its sharpness and Ao Gu's control, even Universe levels would be hurt!


The blue knife blade became a beam of light, flashing towards the oncoming Star level 9 enemies.

’’Master, be careful, it's a spirit reader's attack.’’ Ao Gu who had released his spirit energy earlier warned, he was using half of his spirit energy to control the hybrid copper essence and the other half on defense, this was because Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God's soul defense couldn't withstand a soul attack of a Star level 9 spirit reader.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Ao Gu blocked three spirit attacks.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The blue knife blade easily flew through Star level 9 warriors after another, with it's absurd speed and sharpness, the serious looking and fully confident fighters, spirit readers with goggles all lost their heads, the top of them being sliced off and flying all over. They died one by one with their eyes behind their goggles filled with fear.

’’That's not possible!’’ The not too distant couple watching the battle who were very confident before looked on with shocked expressions and wide eyes.

Star level 9 stage warriors!

They were defeated even without a fight?

They didn't know...just how terrifying the spirit weapon and its level of sharpness was! When the Yun Mo Planet ship sped up, whatever rocks, little stars could be immediately smashed through, even a small star could be easily sliced right through! Against the oncoming rush of the Yun Mo Planet, it's piercing and sharpness was terrifying!

Even Sector Lord warriors, under the speeding Yun Mo planet ship, it's sharpness could easily cut right through them!

’’Escape!’’ The youth gave an order to the underling beside him, a Star level 9 spirit reader.

The underling quickly took the youth and the young lady.

’’Leave her, quickly.’’ The youth gave the order.


In terms of position, the young lady was lower than the youth by a little. Also, this bodyguard was clear...the enemy's spirit reader if sped up,he wouldn't be able to escape them carrying two people. Hu! The bodyguard took the youth, stepped on the spirit weapon and swiftly became a beam of light as he escaped.

’’Wait for me.’’ The young lady's face revealed defeat, she turned her head, seeing the blue light that had killed the six Star level 9 warriors flying towards her.

The young lady panicked, her eyes filled with venomous hatred: ’’Chou Yu!!!’’


Her head exploded open!


Within the blink of an eye, six star level 9 warriors including a Hundred Tiger Building elite youth, were all killed! And that Chou Yu youth and his bodyguard had escaped way out of sight.

’’Stop chasing.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Yes, master.’’

Ao Gu and Tie Nan He said respectfully.

Luo Feng immediately put the hybrid copper essence back into the storage ring, if he really wanted to chase after those two, he'd have to let Au Go take off by himself and chase! And Ao Gu couldn't bring anyone along, if he did, he wouldn't be able to catch up...if that happened, with only Luo Feng and the other three left behind, it was very unsafe within the Long Suo mountain range.

Also, Luo Feng couldn't possible allow Ao Gu to take the hybrid copper essence shard far way with him to chase and kill the other 2.

’’Babata, is it fine for us to let them escape?’’ Luo Feng asked mentally.

’’No problem! They have no clue about your identity or news about you, even if they knew, you don't have a fixed residence, even if you return, you return to Earth, what is there to be afraid of?’’ Babata couldn't care much about it, ’’It's akin to bare feet not being afraid of people who wear shoes, right now, you are bare footed.’’


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