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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 15


Volume 09 Chapter 15 - The Horned Iron Rhino Herd

Long Suo Mountain range, danger was concealed everywhere.

’’There are ferocious beasts 18km to the right.’’

’’3 o'clock direction, 19km ahead there are beasts.


Luo Feng calmly reported each and every figure, the entire little team was proceeding with shocking speed, this level of progress speed, was something a large majority of teams in the Long Suo mountain range couldn't imagine! Because in this world of the Sector Lord, one's spirit reading area was very small, and using spiritual force to search was easily detectable by the ferocious beasts. Hence usually, progress speeds were very slow.

Using one or two years to complete the Universe Mercenary trainee exams was very normal.

However, Luo Feng and his group moved extremely fast.

’’Babata, your security search ability is indeed a lot more convenient.’’ Luo Feng complemented in his mind.

’’This is something I took from the Yun Mo Planet ship, it won't omit anything within an area with a 20,000 (m/km) diameter! Even Sector Lords cannot escape its search, much less these incomparably stupid beasts.’’ Babata was especially pleased with himself.

The mountain forest was especially hard to travel.

Luo Feng's five man team was completely unable to fly, because flying within the Long Suo mountain rage...was akin to becoming a target for all the beasts! The beasts herds could look up and easily spot them, one had to know...these beasts could fly too. Then, with large numbers of herds and beasts surrounding and attacking, one wouldn't even be able to escape.

Spending close to about two days of time, Luo Feng's team finally arrived at Demon Moon River.

Demon Moon River.

It was a vast and endless river, surrounding it were large empty fields of land;a few trees were already smashed from having been trampled on, obviously a large number of beasts usually frequented the river's surroundings.

’’There are no beasts around.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

’’We can't do anything about it, we just have to slowly wait,’’ Thunder God laughed, ’’Waiting here would still be better than us rushing to the next spot that has the horned iron rhino herds.’’

’’Our luck is not bad, since coming to the Sector Lord's World of Thunder, we haven't had a true blood battle yet.’’ Hong was very relaxed, of course the main reason they haven't had a battle was due to Luo Feng's security surveillance device.

They slowly waited.

Within the World of Thunder, there were nine sun-like balls during the day, and it was pitch black at night, only having a faint thread of light leaking down from above. Within the Demon Moon River forests, they waited. During the first night, Luo Feng and the others discovered three huge lizard type ferocious beasts.

During the second day, they discovered three groups of beasts.

They even witnessed the terrifying scene of beasts fighting amongst themselves and killing each other.

During the sixth day, the nine balls of light floated high above in the World of Thunder.

Luo Feng and the other four patiently waited.

’’We are hunters waiting for a rabbit? I never expected us to actually have to sit and wait.’’ Thunder God sat on a branch of a tree, occasionally looking into the distance.

’’You come down, if the horned iron rhino comes, I'll discover it immediately.’’ Luo Feng looked up and smiled, there was some stewed meat on the ground, these were all preserved very well, ’’Attention all!’’ Luo Feng's expression grew serious, beside him lay the sleeping Hong, along with Ao Gu who was sitting crossed legged and finally Tie Nan He who was standing guard, they all swiftly looked over.

’’What's the matter Luo Feng?’’ The others looked at him.

’’The horned iron rhino has come.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed.

’’They've finally come!’’

The group immediately stood up.

’’Follow me.’’ Luo Feng stepped on the Soaring Shuttle, leading the way swiftly through the forest, even though there was a large number of trees and plants within the forest, Luo Feng's nimble movements never even touched a single one of them. Behind, Hong, Thunder God, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu swiftly followed, very quickly the five arrived not far off from the lakeside.

’’The horned iron rhino are arriving from that direction, their speed isn't fast, they'll be here in about 5 minutes.’’ Luo Feng pointed ahead, ’’There's a total of twenty one horned iron rhinos.’’

After a while.

Beast after beast that looked like trucks appeared within their line of sight, their rock like skin was undoubtedly solid and sturdy, that piercing blade-like single horn...reflected and gleamed with a chilly light under the sunlight from the nine light balls above, yet their eyes seemed gentle.

The single horned rhino was a very simple beast.

These ferocious beasts, the reason why they were ferocious was mostly because of their low intelligence. Within the universe, the beasts were mostly sorted into two main categories, the demon beasts and the ferocious beasts.

The demon beast race groups are directed towards species that have intelligence similar to that of the human race's student level. Like the beasts on Earth, they belonged to the demon beasts, more matured demon beasts' intelligence weren't even lower than humans! As they had intelligence, hence in the vast universe, the demon beast's race was one of the extremely huge and powerful races.

Ferocious beasts had strength but low intelligence.

They couldn't learn, be it brutal and savage, or gentle, their common point was that they had low intelligence.

Of course the beasts, besides the demon beasts and ferocious beasts, there were still the god beasts, like the space beasts that were also known as space god beasts.

’’Damn, that horned iron rhino's power is very strong.’’ Thunder God was looking at the screen on his arm, its power level.

’’It's very strong, it'd be hard for five of us to deal with it, we can only think of a way to separate them. After all we just need five horns.’’ Luo Feng communicated via spirit reading.

’’Separate? These beasts have low intelligence, they should be easy to deceive.’’

’’What method should we use?’’

When Luo Feng's group was in soft discussion, Luo Feng's expression suddenly changed, saying softly: ’’A small team of humans is swiftly approaching, they should have discovered the horned iron rhinos drinking water.’’ As the Demon Moon River was a lake, there weren't any things obstructing its view, even from far way, one could still see the beasts around it.

A team of humans appeared within their line of sight.

All of them were wearing the same black battle uniform.


Black terrifying silhouettes exploded with the fastest of speeds, creating air explosion sounds, directly rushing towards the herd of horned iron rhinos drinking water. The twenty one horned iron rhinos fiercely raised their heads, the leader of the herd immediately let out a strong and angry roar: ’’Roar!!!’’

Everyone of the human team were incredibly calm, joining their hands and surrounding and attacking one horned iron rhino, killing it with the greatest speed.

There were a total of ten members in the team, they swiftly killed four of the horned iron rhinos.


’’Nine Star level 9 stages, one Star level 2 stage.’’ Luo Feng looked at his screen, softly saying, this little team, arranged for too many Star level 9 stage warriors. The weaker one...I estimate he is probably the one with status, hence he brought so many underlings with him.’’ Participating in the Universe Mercenary trainee test, this was extremely normal.

One had to know 99% of the strong had all experienced this.

Several large family heirs regarded this trainee mercenary exam as necessary, but for safety, they sent along a large group of Star level 9 stage warriors, this was very normal. Even though the family insists on training their heirs, over the long periods of times...several rules and methods of teachings warped and resulted in the original intended motive being far from what it was.

’’Nine Star level 9 stages, they can definitely deal with the twenty one horned iron rhinos.’’ Hong said softly.

’’Damn, after waiting for so long, they get snatched away by some pampered heir.’’ Thunder God cursed softly.

It was displeasing.

But against nine Star level 9 stage warriors, with proper preparation and coordination, what could their own little team do? They could only watch stupidly by the side.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed, ’’Something good is coming.’’

’’Something good?’’ Thunder God looked suspiciously at Luo Feng, ’’What good is there?’’

’’We might be able to get our horns.’’ Luo Feng looked anxiously at the distance.



’’Kill all of them and collect all the horns, then we'll leave immediately.’’ The white skinned youth, wielding a long and narrow battle blade was currently engaged in battle with the smallest built horned iron rhino, this little horned iron rhino's strength was only about a Star level 1, he could indeed handle it without a problem.

’’Yes.’’ The group of Star level 9 warriors immediately complied.

Fresh blood splattered all over! Raging howls and roars resounded! Beast after beast shook the earth as they fell to the ground! This group of horned iron rhinos strongest was only about a Star level 9, the others were all weaker. Against nine Star level 9 humans, they definitely were disadvantaged, losing more and more of their fellow beasts.


The earth shook violently.

’’Howl!!!’’ An enraged roar resounded from the forests.

The earth began to tremble violently, the remaining five horned iron rhinos immediately roared excitedly, from not far off, a huge horned iron rhino's silhouette appeared.

’’Not good, let's leave quickly!’’ One of the nine black clothed underlings shouted.

’’Lord, over fifty single horned rhinos are rushing over, the leading few are all very powerful, let's leave.’’

’’Quickly, protect the ninth prince well.’’


Immediately, one of the nine black clothed underlings grabbedhugged the ninth prince, stepping on a streamlined huge blade-like flying spirit weapon and escaped swiftly. And the other eight underlings fled swiftly behind seeing the remaining horned iron rhinos madly rushing at them.



Large numbers of enormous horned iron rhinos rushed out, every one of them eyes scarlet, seemingly mad with rage. Over fifty horned iron rhinos...obviously these were the mature males from the horned iron rhino herd, each madly stomping through the land of the forests, madly chasing after the group of black clothed men.

Luo Feng's team of five looked at the majestic group of horned iron rhinos madly chasing after the elite team, leaving behind the bodies of the remaining horned iron rhinos.

’’Quickly!’’ Luo Feng led the way and rushed out.

’’Haha, we got it so easily.’’

’’Which empire is that ninth prince from? A basic level empire or from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire? I think he's from a family that probably only controls one or two basic level empires. ’’Thunder God muttered, the group swiftly headed over the bodies of the falle horned iron rhinos. Even though the group of black clothed men had chopped off ten horns.

There were still six bodies with their horns intact.

’’Pu chi!’’ The Soaring Shuttle became a golden swordfish, immediately chopping off one of the horns from the forehead of a dead rhino.

Hong, Thunder God, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu too swiftly cut off and obtained their horns.

’’Roar!’’ From the distance, among the group of rhinos chasing down the black clothed men, there was one that turned and stared at Luo Feng's group, letting out an enraged howl. Immediately, over twenty horned iron rhinos turned and rushed madly towards them, against the same race of humans that had killed so many of their fellow beasts, they were filled with hatred!

’’Hurry.’’ Luo Feng urged.

’’Luo Feng, about 12 km away, a team of humans that were originally waiting by the river is approaching you very swiftly, I think they want to kill you all.’’ Babata warned Luo Feng in his mind.


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