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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 14


Volume 09 Chapter 14 -Entering The World of Thunder

The stars turned and time passed.

It was still sunny before outside the villa, incomparably crowded and bustling at the Universe Mercenary Alliance base. Within the blink of an eye, it became night!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Tie Nan He, Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God and Ao Gu had just entered the World of thunder, immediately dropping at a shocking speed, the five quickly controlled their internal miniature planets to change their surrounding gravitational pull, but it was still too late! Following the sounds of five heavy crashes into the floor, Luo Feng and his group stood up from the ground.

’’That hurt.’’ Luo Feng quickly stood up.

’’This surface, is it covered with nails?’’ Thunder God too stood up.

The five stood up and began to survey their surroundings.

It was a pitch black world, only in the distant high sky was there a glimmer of light, the only thing that kept the world from being totally pitch dark. Below them, was an endless and vast black...desert!

’’Desert?’’ Hong squatted down shocked.

’’This is from the books we bought, the renowned Death Desert?’’

’’It is indeed a desert.’’

Luo Feng picked up a handful of sand, the sand grains were a dark blue color, at first glance it looked black! Every grain was very heavy, it's density was definitely at least a hundred times that of Earth's iron, the grains even had a faint sense of magnetism, causing them to all stick together. When they fell earlier, all they left were little dents in the sand.

’’The World of Thunder, its gravitational force is 3900 times that of Earth's.’’ Hong emphasized, ’’Because the entire world is made from the energy of the universe which the Sector Lord used to create it, the entire world's foundation is the 'Universe Crystal', it's soil, sand, rocks, etc are all affected by the universe energy's influence, much more special than those outside.’’

’’It's indeed special, every grain is very heavy.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

’’It's indeed extravagant, to build such a big world, just how much universe energy is needed?’’ Thunder God couldn't help but say.

Universe energy.

Once one reached the Sector Lord level, one would be able to unleash unbelievable energies, when these energies solidify, they become universe crystals. Universe crystals are actually classified as currency within the universe. This isn't like the Silverblue dollars, the Black Dragon dollars or the Ganwu Dollars and even the currencies from other empires, but the universe energies solidifying to form!

Hence, it was usable in any universe country, between any race!

’’The gravitational pull is too strong, even my spirit reading has been affected.’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

’’What's your scanning area now?’’ Thunder God asked.

’’Not even a thousandth of what I can do on Earth.’’ Luo Feng said.

A Star Traveller level 1 spirit reader, on Earth, can spread his spirit reading up to a 1km area. A Star level 1 can spread it over a 100km area. Yet...Luo Feng was a Star level 2 spirit reader, in the Sector Lord's world where the gravitational pull was 3900 times of Earth's, his area wasn't even 100m.

’’My spiritual force can't even spread out to a radius of 1,000 meters’’ The old Ao Gu said.

’’The Death Desert, is one of the World of Thunder's most dangerous territories.’’ Hong said, ’’and right now it's late night over here, I can't pinpoint direction accurately. However the longer one stays in the Death Desert, the more dangerous it gets! We have to set off immediately, randomly choose a direction and proceed with the quickest of speeds.’’

The Death Desert, one of the forbidden areas of the World of Thunder, even the wild beasts didn't dare live here.

’’Right, let's quickly set off.’’ Thunder God added.

’’Then this direction, let's move.’’ Luo Feng randomly picked a direction.


Luo Feng and his group floated up, despite the incredibly high gravitational pull, it wasn't powerful enough to stop a Star level warrior from being able to fly. Of course...because of the strong pull, their flying speed was much slower than before.


After flying for 5 minutes.

Luo Feng and his group continued to swiftly fly through the death desert, suddenly, the team's strongest spirit reader Ao Gu creased his eyebrows, ’’Master, something doesn't feel right.’’

’’Doesn't feel right?’’ Luo Feng looked at Ao Gu.

’’Look behind us.’’ Thunder God shouted.


Luo Feng, Hong, Tie Nan He and Ao Gu turned to look, it was a huge sandstorm that swallowed everything, a pitch black wall of sand moving towards them at a shocking speed. At the same time below the storm, there was a group of young men and women fleeing for their lives.

’’It's the death dust storm!’’ Ao Gu's face went pale.

’’It's the death dust storm, quickly flee!’’ Thunder God also shouted.

’’Quickly, quickly, quickly.’’ Hong was also flustered.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The five quickly fled with their greatest speed, and under the worry and anxiousness of Ao Gu, he grabbed on to the slowest flyers Hong and Thunder God and flew. Luo Feng stood on his Soaring Shuttle, flying at about the same speed as Ao Gu dragging along the other two.

Luo Feng and his group had bought a book that had recorded the dangers of the World of Thunder, the death dust storm was one of them. The death dust storm was one of the three great dangers of the Death Desert, it came without any warning without any pattern. It just came suddenly, engulfing both land and made it impossible for one to dodge or hide, many earlier generations with experience had warned the later generations...

Facing the death dust storm, drilling below the storm is suicide! Flying as high as possible is also suicide!

The only way was to race against it!

If the death dust storm disperses before it catches up to you, then you'll live.

’’We just entered this World of Thunder and we encounter the death dust storm, just what the hell is this?’’ Thunder God cursed, ’’Look, behind us, it looks like one of the four Black Cloud Guild groups from before that entered ahead us.’’ One of the four groups.

Luo Feng poured his spirit energy into his soaring shuttle, maintaining his maximum speed.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng turned to look behind.

There was indeed a small team of young men and women being chased down madly by the huge wall of sand! Looking at their uniforms, they were indeed one of the four groups that had entered the World of Thunder just before Luo Feng and his group, a group from the Black Cloud Guild. There were a total of six of them madly trying to flee, four men and two women.

Flee! Madly fleeing!

The Death dust storm gradually grew closer and closer to the Black Cloud Guild group, the group's last member was a thick and sturdy man with a single horn on his head, he roared out in rage.

’’Chi chi...’’ The death dust storm finally touched this man, immediately engulfing him and twirling him into the storm.

Under the whirlwind of the universe energy infused sand grains, this man seemed to almost be like going through a meat grinder, the battle uniform he was wearing was immediately torn apart, large amounts of fresh blood and meat, bones were scattered all about.


’’Quickly escape.’’


This little group from Black Cloud Guild's other five members had malevolent expressions, in the face of death, they all exploded with their fastest speeds.


And in front of this little group, a few kilometers away was Luo Feng's little team, they were all so shocked they began to move even faster.

’’Quick, quick, quick, hurry and escape.’’

’’Don't let the death dust storm catch up.’’

’’Damn, this death dust storm is too scary. It actually produced such a strong storm, I can guarantee, even those underground in the Death Desert would be affected by its powerful whirlwind force. No wonder the books said that even drilling underground would mean death.’’ Thunder God was extremely anxious, but seeing as there was nothing else to do, after all, he and Hong were both being carried by the spirit reader Ao Gu.

Ao Gu alone was carrying both of them, Luo Feng on his Soaring Shuttle and Tie Nan He flying alone.

Their speed was indeed quick.


Behind them, the Black Cloud Guild team lost another two slower members, and finally the death dust storm began to slowly slow down and descend, the sky reaching torrent began to lower, obviously this death dust storm was reaching its end.

’’Phew, we've managed to escape one danger.’’ Luo Feng took a sigh of relief.

’’Look, the Black Cloud Guild group is left with only three people. A Star level 9 spirit reader and two Star level 2 and 3 youths.’’ Thunder God looked at the three that were swiftly approaching them, amongst the three, a Star level 9 man was stepping on a round disc, carrying the two youths.

’’Very normal.’’ Luo Feng too looked at the distant three people, ’’The Black Cloud Guild would have organized the teams, every little team will always have a star level 9, the Star level 9 member will play the job of a nanny, the ones who are really here to train and take the exam is the Star level 2 and 3 youths. These are the real later generation elites of the Black Cloud Guild.’’

The three of them deliberately lengthened their distance from Luo Feng's group and headed in another direction away from them.

This sudden death dust storm had caused their team some major losses, even though Luo Feng's team hadn't had any losses, they didn't dare relax even a little.

After about another half an hour of flying.

’’Master, there's a large mountain range ahead.’’ Tie Nan He's sunken eyes could see into the distance, spotting the unremarkable mountain range.

’’We've discovered mountain ranges?’’

Luo Feng and his group increased their speed, as said, a long continuous mountain range that exceeded one's line of sight appeared before them. On this mountain range there were even large numbers of trees and plants, compared to the Death Desert, this mountain range seemed to be filled with vitality.

’’It's really a mountain range.’’ Hong lowered his head and looked at the quantum computer, saying, ’’second and third brother, according to the map, I think we should have reached Long Suo mountain range.’’

’’Long Suo mountain range?’’ Thunder God rushed into the sky, flying to a high point, carefully examining the outline of the mountain range, looking at some of its special points, before lowering his head to look at the quantum computer, ’’Hm, this should be the middle point between the Death Desert and the Long Suo mountain range, the distance from here to one of our destinations...Demon Moon River is about 16,000 km away.’’

Demon Moon River was situated within the Long Suo mountain range.

It was a 100 km wide river. As there were large amounts and plentiful water sources, there were many species of ferocious beasts that gathered around the river, one of them was the ’’ Horned Iron Rhino’’.

The horn of the Horned Iron Rhino was one of this test's required items.

’’Big brother, second brother, we have to be even more careful in this Long Suo mountain range. The elements are the dangerous part of the desert, but in this mountain range, with many mountains and trees and plants, there are ferocious beasts about and many other participants of the test! There are many incidents of killing between humans and the beasts along with the other participants here.’’ Luo Feng warned them.

’’Understood.’’ Hong and Thunder God nodded.

In terms of danger, the Long Suo Mountain range was the true danger.

Of course...

Within the World of Thunder, Demon Moon River wasn't the only place with the Horned Iron Rhino herd, there were other places about that had them. However, Demon Moon River was the closest location out of all the places.

’’Be careful of humans, be careful of this Sector Lord world's natural dangers, especially the lightning! If there are any signs of lightning, immediately distance yourself from wherever the lightning may hit.’’ Luo Feng remembered from the books they bought about the introduction of the place, the most treacherous and terrifying natural danger of the entire World of Thunder was...lightning!

This world was called the World of Thunder.

Mainly because the lightning of this world was too scary, far exceeding any other natural dangers! The moment one was struck, even a weaker Domain Lord would immediately be turned to dust. Star level? There was absolutely no chance of survival.


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