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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 13


Volume 09 Chapter 13 - World of Thunder

Cang Lan Star, Luo Feng's group's spaceship just arrived and was guided towards the docking area.

’’Now we can only rely on our own flight’’.

’’It'll be fast. With our speed, we'll arrive in a few minutes’’ Luo Feng smiled as he headed towards the flourishing city with the other four Thunder City. Thunder City didn't always have that name, it's just that the world that the Sector Lord created was discovered in Thunder City.

And the Sector Lord's world was famous for its thunder, so it was named 'World of Thunder'.

’’We've arrived at Thunder City’’.

Luo Feng and the other four descended. In the city, flying cars could be seen all over the place. Many people could be seen flying by themselves too.

’’The Universe Mercenary Alliance area is 30 km away in that direction’’ Thunder God lowered his head and looked at the map that appeared on the mini quantum computer, and then it pointed towards the south eastern direction that corresponded with this star's magnetic field. After that, Luo Feng and the others swiftly headed towards the Universe Mercenary Alliance's area..... the Sector Lord's world was located in that area.

The Universe Mercenary Alliance area was also constructed after the discovery of the Sector Lord's world.

Luo Feng and the other four entered the Universe Mercenary Alliance area.

’’If you guys keep going this way, the villa on your way that is heavily surrounded is the World of Thunder’’ a worker at the area pointed towards the distance. This area was extremely empty, and yet a huge number of guards encircled the isolated buildings.

’’World of Thunder?’’.


The group looked towards the villa.

The worker smiled and laughed: ’’The great 'Sector Lord' that created the World of Thunder back then probably lived in Thunder City in seclusion. He purchased a villa and created the World of Thunder inside it. From the outside, who could tell that this villa contained a world that was even larger than the entire Cang Lan Star? However, after countless years, the villas around it have become rubble’’.

’’Oh?’’ Luo Feng nodded, and then smiled as he gave his thanks, ’’Thanks’’.

’’Let's go’’ Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, and the other two directly headed towards the villa in the distance.

The villa was securely guarded.


The guards actually swiftly let out a path. A man with a 'one star' medal on his chest walked out and raised his head to look at the sky. The guards beside him were extremely respectful. It seems like this universe mercenary is some sort of leadership figure.

’’What's going on?’’ Luo Feng was a bit surprised.

’’Look, a spaceship is flying towards here in the sky’’ Thunder God pointed towards the sky. Other than Luo Feng's group, quite a few people who have arrived at the 'Universe Mercenary Alliance area' also raised their heads to look. From a distance, a spaceship appeared in the sky above them in virtually a flash. It hovered there without moving.

HUA! The hatch opened!

After that, around twenty young men and women appearing to be of various races came out.

’’Mr. Jia Ya’’ the universe mercenary came forward.

Out of the twenty young men and women that flew down, one of them was an extremely handsome guy who was wearing a purple battle uniform set. On his chest hung a two star medal: ’’I'm just bringing some of my subordinates' rookies to take the 'trainee test'. A head like you didn't have to come personally greet me’’.

’’Mr. Jia Ya saved me back then, how can I not appear when you come?’’ smiled the universe mercenary. After that, he looked at the group of young men and women, ’’These are the rookies from the Black Cloud Guild. Hm, they all seem quite good!’’.

’’Haha, there are a few good seedlings within this batch of rookies’’ smiled the purple shirted man as he nodded.

After that, the purple shirted man scanned across the group of young people as he ordered: ’’I won't say anymore about the dangers of the Universe Mercenary trainee exam. I just hope..... that I will be able to see you guys at the Black Cloud Guild. All of you hurry into the Sector Lord's world now’’.

’’Yes, chief instructor’’.

The group of young people respectfully heeded the order.

After that, they naturally split into four squads, each squad had Star level 2 and 3 stages, and also had Star level 8 and 9 stages. The four squads swiftly entered the villa. The villa wasn't even that big..... but it seemed like the twenty people entered a bottomless hole.


The purple shirted man seemed like a venomous snake to regular people;he naturally made people feel fear.

Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, and the other two didn't dare to approach at such a time, and just stayed in the crowd in the distance.

’’The Black Cloud Guild? What is this Black Cloud Guild they were talking about?’’ sounds of discussions carried around the surrounding crowd.

’’What's the Black Cloud Guild?’’ Luo Feng also looked towards Hong and Thunder God.

’’Don't know’’.

’’Master, we don't know either’’ Ao Gu and Tie Nan He both shook their heads.

Suddenly, the sounds of discussions to the side attracted Luo Feng's group's attention: ’’This Black Cloud Guild is one of the four large organizations of our Black Dragon Mountain Empire. Our Black Dragon Mountain Empire controls the entire Black Dragon Mountain region, which contains about 8,000 galaxies! Of course, the most powerful organizations are the two large sacred lands. Below them are the four large organizations and the sixteen large families’’.

’’What are the two sacred lands?’’.

’’You don't even know that?’’.

’’The two sacred lands are 'Black Dragon Mountain' and 'Holy Sea of Frost'. It has been said that 'Undying Beings' were the ones that created the two sacred lands. They have quite a few Sector Lords in them too’’.

’’Each of the sixteen families have at least one 'Sector Lord'. Sector Lords have the ability to destroy the skies and earth and to create their own world. Of course, either of the two sacred lands can easily destroy the sixteen families’’.

’’If Black Dragon Mountain, Holy Sea of Frost, and the sixteen families belong to the government, then the four large organizations are organizations belonging to the people..... they have been around tens of thousands of years. Some of their elders from back then have even entered the Ganwu Empire’’.


Luo Feng and the others were completely focused on the discussions around them.

So that was how the powers in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire were divided. The two sacred lands, the four large organizations, and the sixteen families.

’’Luo Feng, here is some detailed information on the powers in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire’’ Babata's voice sounded in Luo Feng's mind. Suddenly, large amounts of information appeared on Luo Feng's arm guard. While Luo Feng lowered his head to look at it, he sent the information to Hong, Thunder God, Ao Gu and Tie Nan He.

After looking closely, Luo Feng was shocked.

The root of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire were the two sacred lands, 'Black Dragon Mountain' and 'Holy Sea of Frost', the government's strongest power!

And for the people were the four large organizations.

Their power spreads over a thousand galaxies, and each organization has a group of Sector Lord level fighters! In terms of power, they definitely cannot be underestimated. And the background behind the four large organizations even extend to the ultra powerful higher ups in the Ganwu Empire. So maybe the four large organizations aren't as strict as the two sacred lands.

But in terms of fighting power, they are virtually equal.

’’What? Nuolan Shan is part of 'Hundred Tigers Building' of the four large organizations?’’ Luo Feng was shocked. In the information Babata gave was some information about Nuolan Shan and the Hundred Tiger Building. After reading, Luo Feng let out a sigh of relief, ’’Phew, he's only an extremely basic member of the Hundred Tiger Building and doesn't have much authority’’.

The four large organizations can definitely cause a huge commotion in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.

If the Nuolan Shan family is a droplet of water, then any of the four large organizations are a limitless, raging sea! Because they are so powerful and have such a huge background, the Black Dragon Mountain Empire can only silently accept their existence.

’’Noulan Shan has such a huge background?’’ Thunder God was shocked. At the same time, he used his genetic energy to form a soundproof barrier.

’’He's only a basic member in the Hundred Tigers Building, and not a high ranking authority’’ said Hong.

Hundred Tigers Building, one of the four large organizations. A Universe level 9 stage fighter is indeed a basic member.

’’Three Axe Mountain, Hundred Tiger Building, Black Cloud Guild, North Dragon Castle are extremely powerful in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire’’ Luo Feng fantasized about him becoming a high ranking authority in one of those organizations. With one command of his, the entire Nuolan Shan family will directly become rubble and thousands of planets will surrender to him.


’’Power is the most important thing. Once you become as powerful as your master, one word from you can make the entire Black Dragon Mountain Empire shake in fear’’ yelled Babata, ’’Who gives a shit about the sacred lands, your master had nine Undying Beings under him!’’.

Luo Feng laughed.

In front of Yun Mo Planet's master, the Black Dragon Mountain Empire had to lower their heads. But to Luo Feng..... the Black Dragon Mountain Empire was still a huge being.


’’We are here to participate in the Universe Mercenary trainee exam’’.

Luo Feng and the others stood in front of the villa.


A scanner scanned across Luo Feng's group. Only after the guards heard the beep did they nod: ’’Enter!’’. Clearly, the identity of Luo Feng's group has just been verified.

A wide garden.

In the middle of the garden was a normal three story villa. In front of the door to the villa stood two black clothed women with cold expressions on. One of the black clothed women looked at Luo Feng's group and said seriously: ’’Adventurers, I'm sure you all know about the dangers in the world of the Sector Lord. You can still back out now!’’.

’’No need, open the door’’ said Luo Feng.


One of the black clothed women directly pushed open the door to the villa: ’’The world of the Sector Lord is on the second floor of the villa’’.

Luo Feng's group poured in the building and entered the main lobby. After that, they went up the stairs to the second floor. All of the rooms on the second floor were quite normal, except a woman with a purple mark in the shape of a flower stood in front of one of the room's door. The woman saw Luo Feng's group and directly pulled open the door. Instantly, flowing lights poured out of the room.

’’This is ’’ Luo Feng's group held their breath as they watched.

The flowing lights were like foam, so Luo Feng's group couldn't see into the room.

’’Go in, this is the World of Thunder’’ said the woman coldly.


Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, Ao Gu, and Tie Nan He exchanged glances, and then all of them extended their hands. All of them held hands, because if they don't, they will all be transported to different locations in the World of Thunder.

’’The World of Thunder!’’

’’Go, go in’’.

Tie Nan He was the first one to enter the flowing lights, after that was Thunder God, Luo Feng, Hong, and then finally Ao Gu.

Without a sound.

The five of them entered the flowing lights and completely disappeared.

’’PA!’’ the woman in front of the room closed the door once again.


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