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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 12


Volume 09 Chapter 12 - To Cang Lan Star

Virtual Universe, Black Dragon Mountain Island's Nine Star Bay.

Luo Feng, Hong, and Thunder God were sitting around a table and facing a display. There was a large amount of information for those wanting to take the Universe Mercenary rainee test.

’’The Universe Mercenary trainee test are all taken in the 'Sector Lord's World'?’’

’’Inside the world of a Sector Lord, besides the dangers naturally found within, the biggest danger are the other members taking the test? Robberies and murders can happen at any time, and people can steal away your item objectives?’’ as Luo Feng read the caution, he frowned.

’’If a rookie Star level 2 or 3 stage is participating in the trainee test, you should find Star level 8 or 9 stage warriors to form a squad! That way, you at least can defend yourselves against those wanting to steal from you.’’

’’No matter what, do not directly enter with just Star Traveller level 1 and 2 stages. Even if you get lucky and find the items you need, they'll just get stolen away’’


After Luo Feng, Hong, and Thunder God finished reading, they all exchanged glances and were speechless.

’’So the most dangerous thing in the exam are the other participants’’ Thunder God shook his head helplessly.

’’You can never predict the nature of others’’ said Hong seriously.

’’Thankfully we have two servants’’ even though Luo Feng felt a bit of pressure, he wasn't too nervous. Because when he departed, Luo Feng brought two Star level 9 stage slaves with him just in case they run into some trouble. Keep in mind he bought a bunch of Star level 9 stage slaves.

Out of these two, one of them is a spirit reader while the other is a fighter.

And these two are the most outstanding ones!

Luo Feng passed on his secret training methods of the Yun Mo sect to these group of Star level 9 stages. Since they are slaves..... there is naturally no need to worry about betrayal, which was why Babata didn't stop it.

’’Form a squad with Star level 8 or 9 stages?’’ Thunder God laughed, ’’Haha, thankfully we have two great helpers’’

’’Yes, so we don't need to find other people anymore’’ Hong also smiled.

Forming a squad.

This wasn't protected by law, so you couldn't completely trust your squad members. Making sure you don't get backstabbed is a very tiring thing! Luo Feng and the other two were lucky to have two Star level 9 stage slaves. This way, they can form a squad of five and have excellent teamwork.

In the vast universe.

Those of the same race or origin usually have deep connections. After all, there are countless amounts of species in the universe, and an even larger amount of planets.

’’Daddy, daddy, what are you looking at?’’ the young boy 'Luo Hua' jumped over in his battle uniform.

’’Daddy is busy, come, give me a kiss’’ Luo Feng smiled as he ran over and picked up his son.

That night, Luo Feng and the others took a spaceship and left Bai Lan star.

You must do the paperwork for the adventurer status in real life at the 'Universe Mercenary Alliance'. Only with your adventurer status can you undergo the trainee test. Luo Feng and the others' destination is 'Dragon Star'.


Ten days later.

The Universe Mercenary Alliance station at Dragon Star basically looked like a castle. Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, and the two Star level 9 stage bodyguards entered within.

’’There's so many people’’ exclaimed Luo Feng.

’’It's like a sea of people’’ Thunder God was dazzled.

Large numbers of people entered the Universe Mercenary Alliance building, and over 80% of them were here to sign up for their adventurer status! Luo Feng and the others were also in the sea of people. They lined up with all sorts of other human species and finally finished their paperwork for the adventurer status after about an hour.

’’Adventurer card, this is an adventurer card?’’ Thunder God looked at the card in his hand.

’’Don't lose it, it's quite a pain to get it’’ laughed Luo Feng, ’’Go, let's go sign up for the Universe Mercenary trainee test’’.

There were a lot of people signing up for an adventurer status.

But there weren't a lot of people signing up for the universe mercenary trainee test. Luo Feng and the others didn't even need to line up.

’’Star level 2 stage spirit reader, Star level 2 stage fighter, Star level 1 stage fighter, Star level 9 stage fighter, Star level 9 stage spirit reader. All of you meet the requirements for the mercenary trainee test. Please pay 10,000 Black Dragon dollars per person’’

’’Very good’’.

’’The specifics of your test are in here. You can read them when you have the time’’.

After having all five of their adventurer cards scanned, their numbers entered the 'universe mercenary trainee test' system and are eligible to participate in the test.

Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God and the others entered a bar to the side. After entering, they randomly ordered some drinks and immediately started reading about the exam.

’’Enter the Sector Lord's world in Cang Lan Star and find three wind corner stones and one horn from the horned iron rhino. After that, hand it to the Universe Mercenary Alliance workers at the exit of the Sector Lord's world. After doing that, you will have successfully passed the test and will become a qualified mercenary trainee’’.

The missions for the test themselves are naturally made for testing purposes.

This is not a regular adventure. These missions were made to disqualify large amounts of people.

’’It definitely won't be easy’’ mumbled Thunder God. And then he laughed, ’’Wind corner stone, horn from the horned iron rhino? Can't people just buy them and then claim they got it themselves?’’.

’’Look here’’

Luo Feng flipped to the sixth page of the test explanation book, ’’The wind corner stone is a special stone unique to that Sector Lord's world and carries the essence of that world. And the horn of the horned iron rhino 'beast' inside that Sector Lord's world have been marked by the Universe Mercenary Alliance's workers..... every time a mission is completed, the testing items are taken back’’.

’’The Universe Mercenary Alliance is extremely strict about the items. Once someone is found cheating, they will directly lose their right to take the test forever. And for those who are selling the items, they are directly killed’’.


Luo Feng, Hong, Thunder God, and the two bodyguards were discussing about the Universe Mercenary trainee test that was about to begin.


’’Gentlemen’’ an extremely skinny man with huge ears came close with a huge smile, ’’Are the five of you preparing to participate in the universe mercenary trainee exam?’’

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng and the others looked over.

’’The mercenary trainee test within the area of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire is always held in the Sector Lord's world on Cang Lan Star. I have here..... a detailed map of that world, and the records and experiences of many seniors who have completed the mercenary trainee exam’’ said the man quietly, ’’With this, your rates of success will increase by at least 10%’’.

’’Detailed map? Experiences?’’ Luo Feng looked at the skinny man.

’’How much money?’’ asked Thunder God.

’’Not a lot, 100 Black Dragon dollars per copy’’ replied the skinny man.

’’What do you mean not a lot? 50 Black Dragon dollars for a copy’’ said Thunder God directly.

’’Deal!’’ the skinny man was extremely direct.


On Dragon Star, Luo Feng and the others purchased two more books on people's experiences on the trainee exam. After comparing them, the maps were indeed exactly the same. And there were all types of 'experiences'. But as they read and read, Luo Feng, Hong, and Thunder God were shocked that..... the Sector Lord's world changes after a certain amount of time!

On Dragon Star, Luo Feng bought his bodyguards a stage two battle uniform and a stage two energy (spiritual) weapon. Maybe an extremely high quality stage two spirit weapon requires a few billion Black Dragon Dollars, but even his own weapon is a low quality stage three spirit weapon. So of course, the weapons of these two bodyguards are 'medium quality stage two weapons'.

Stage two weapons, are enough for Star levels.


After that, Luo Feng and the others rode on the spaceship and left Dragon Star as they headed towards the even more famous 'Cang Lan Star'.

Cang Lan Star, one of the stars that can rank within the top 100 in terms of importance within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire. The master of this planet is a 'Sector Lord', of course..... this Sector Lord isn't currently living on Cang Lan star.

’’Ao Gu, Tie Nan He, from now on, you two are extremely important members of our squad. When someone tries to rob us, the three of us will have to rely on you two’’ within the spaceship's control room, all five of them were there. Luo Feng was smiling as he looked at the two bodyguards in front of him, which were the two slaves he brought with him this time.

They had similar appearances to people on Earth.

Ao Gu, a Star level 9 stage spirit reader. He was extremely skinny and barely has any meat on his cheeks. His dark red hair was messy. He was the strongest spirit reader out of the various star level nine slaves Luo Feng purchased.

Tie Nan He, an energetic, large man. He had sunken eyes and the only difference between him and regular humans was that he had three scales on his forehead. He was the most powerful fighter within the Star level nine slaves Luo Feng purchased.

’’Protecting our master is our purpose’’ said old Ao Gu.

’’Master, don't say it like that’’ followed Tie Nan He.

’’Don't be humble, our squad will be together for an extremely long amount of time. If our squad splits up in the future and you two are still alive, I'm still alive...... after going through so many life and death situations together, I'll choose to deactivate your microchips and restore your freedom’’ said Luo Feng.

Ao Gu and Tie Nan He's eyes flashed.


That is what every slave hopes for! However, under the control of the microchip, they have no way to go against their master's will.

Luo Feng nodded to himself. Slaves won't go against your will, but giving them something to strive for will make these two bodyguards work even harder..... Luo Feng also decided that once these two aren't strong enough to be useful and the squad splits up, it would be normal to grant these two their freedom after going through so many life and death situations together.

’’We're almost at Cang Lan Star, our spaceship is right about to pass through space’’

’’Cang Lan Star’’ Ao Gu and Tie Nan He had a bit of desire in their eyes. They will work hard to protect Luo Feng with all they have.

Because once their master dies.

It's over for them!

And their hope for freedom will also disappear. Not every master gives their slaves a chance to be free.


After passing through space, the spaceship flew towards a blue planet with unrivaled beauty.

’’What a beautiful planet, it's almost as beautiful as ours’’ Luo Feng stood in the control room and complimented the faraway star.

’’It is indeed beautiful’’ Thunder God also complimented, ’’However, it's quite amazing. This Cang Lan Star has a diameter of around 32,000 km, and the 'Sector Lord's world' hidden on Cang Lan star has a surface area of over 100 times that of Cang Lan star's. Such a gigantic world, and I heard some Sector Lords at the peak of their level can hide it within a single grain of sand’’.

’’One grain of sand, one world, this is a powerful aspect of the sector lords’’ complimented Hong.

The worlds of Sector Lords are indeed mysterious.

And the universe mercenary trainee exam, will be in one of those worlds.


The dark blue spaceship quickly flew into Cang Lan star.


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