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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 10


Volume 09 Chapter 10 - Leaving Earth

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God exchanged glances.

’’Lord Ming Yu, I would like to ask.’’ Hong looked at the tall and sturdy man, ’’If we joined the Virtual Universe Network company, what would we need to do, what missions are there?’’

’’In the early stages, since your powers are weak, the company will nurture you. Hence the management will be very strict! You will have to strictly adhere to the company's orders in training, taking on life or death exams etc, however, as your power rises, your rights and privileges will constantly increase. At Universe level, Domain Lord, Sector Lord, the stronger you get, you only need to act at crucial and critical times.’’ Ming Yu replied directly.

Luo Feng and the others hesitated.

Under strict management?

Hong and Thunder God, they were both founders of dojos, how could they be managed and be under strict management?

’’When our powers are weak, during the nurturing time, are we unable to move on our own?’’ Hong asked.

Luo Feng and Thunder God looked at the tall and sturdy man before them.

’’You'll have holidays, fixed holidays.’’ The tall and sturdy man emphasized, ’’The nurturing period when your powers are weak has very strict supervision, this point you all have to understand! Holidays? With the Virtual Universe Network, you can still meet with your loved ones and chat, so the holidays don't really mean much.’’

Hong, Thunder God and Luo Feng exchanged glances and shook their heads.

They couldn't accept this!

The nurturing period? Maybe the entire Star levels were deemed as the nurturing period for the Virtual Universe Network company, this could be a hundred years or more of strict management. Luo Feng and the other two couldn't accept this.

’’Hm?’’ The external department Ming Yu creased his eyebrows, sighing within.

They can't take the strict management!

He had frequently encountered such incidents, as the external department that frequently invited geniuses to join their Virtual Universe Network company. However since they were geniuses, they'd long have powers that tried to entice them, these geniuses were all generally untamed, who would be unwilling to subject themselves to long periods of strict supervision, hence the rejection rate was high.


The important internal people who the Virtual Universe Network Company cultivated had to pass very strict supervision and a tedious process.

’’We are unable to accept.’’ Hong said.

’’Oh, of course...’’ Ming Yu smiled, ’’What I mentioned earlier was the internal members, our Virtual Universe Network company is separated into internal and external, there are many privileges to being an internal member, but the supervision is stricter. The external members however are much more lax, but their privileges are much smaller. They are far from the internal members.’’

’’Like me for example, an external department person.’’ Ming Yu smiled, ’’If you become external members, even though you'll be unable to receive evolution catalysts, but you'll still might be able use money to buy them. Buying your first portion and you'll even get it at a lower price. Buying the second portion will be much more costly, a normal external member may buy up to three portions.’’

’’How much?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Bloodline evolution catalysts, buying the first portion, is priced at 100 million Ganwu dollars. If it's the second portion, it would cost 1 billion Ganwu dollars.’’ Ming Yu said, ’’Bloodline catalysts are very rarely circulated outside, only one with incredible luck and skill will be able to get one outside, and the prices would be extremely absurd. At the same time, the Virtual Universe Network company very strictly forbids you all from selling them outside, if you were ever discovered to be peddling them outside secretly...’’

’’Death!’’ Ming Yu said casually.

Luo Feng immediately gave up on the thought of selling it outside.

’’These are some rules regarding joining our Virtual Universe Network company, take a look, if you can accept them.’’ The tall and sturdy Ming Yu pointed at the screen, on it appeared a large amount of rules and regulations.


Five minutes later.

’’Welcome to our Virtual Universe Network company, right now you are all external members of our Virtual Universe Network company Black Dragon Mountain Empire department, currently under my jurisdiction, drop me a mail if you have any matters.’’ The tall and sturdy Ming Yu smiled.

’’Yes Lord Ming Yu.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God bowed slightly.

Leaving the Killing Fields, returning to their house, 9 star bay on Black Dragon Mountain Island.

’’Being an external member is extremely lax.’’

’’They actually allow us to join a few other normal organizations, even allowing us to join things like the Ganwu Dojo, it's really unbelievable.’’ Thunder God walked along the pebble road by the lake side, exclaiming surprised, ’’It only forbids us from joining the Battle-axe Colosseum and other powers that exceed the Empire's power.’’

The Virtual Universe Network company's military department was separated into internal and external.

The internal group was the most loyal and dependable, and they were also forbidden by the Virtual Universe Network company's most important departments from joining any other powers.

The external group was much more lax.

For example, if a Sector Lord from the Ganwu Dojo were to be invited by the company, they could just leave their names in the external department. The moment an important battle or matter arises, they can let their external members go battle! Usually there weren't many limits on the external members, just as long as they don't join any similarly leveled super powers.

’’The Virtual Universe Network company, doesn't even bother to notice the Ganwu Dojo.’’ Luo Feng laughed.

’’Haha, joining the Virtual Universe Network company, Luo Feng, I still thought of you borrowing some of the Ganwu Dojo's strength in the future, however since you are part of the Virtual Universe Network company's external department, with a high enough position, that's even better.’’ Babata was very excited.

’’Big brother, second brother, do you have enough money to buy the evolution catalyst?’’ Luo Feng asked.


’’It's still plenty.’’ Hong and Thunder God said.

Luo Feng felt helpless within, the main thing was that his money worried him at the moment, because he was using the 89 times efficiency metal groupings, madly swallowing to evolve his internal world...believing that it wouldn't even take a year for him to breakthrough to the Universe level. A Universe level Golden Horned Beast, the price of the metal it required, that was hundreds to even thousands of times more absurd.

Calculating his own money, he definitely didn't have enough!

’’My teacher back then, probably never would have thought that his next disciple would have a Golden Horned Beast body, a Golden Horned really a black hole for money.’’ Luo feng thought within.

’’Third brother, after we finish out matters with the external department, I've decided to go sign up at the Universe Mercenary Alliance.’’ Hong's eyes gleamed, ’’Even though I'm currently still unable to take the probation examinations, however...I can't take it anymore.’’

’’Me too!’’ Thunder God licked his lips, eyes gleaming with sense of wilderness, ’’Dancing with blades in life or death situations, that's what I call an exciting life.’’

’’You two...’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Third brother, will you go too?’’ Hong asked.

’’Let's go together no?’’ Thunder God too looked at Luo Feng.

The fighters of Earth, how many of them were gutless?

’’Go, of course we'll go together!’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Haha...’’ Thunder God laughed loudly.

’’Brother.’’ Hong too patted Luo Feng's shoulder.

Luo Feng looked at his two older brothers who seemed to have a new flame ignited within them, thinking within: ’’Risks? Yes, I too want to take risks, the feeling of dancing with blades in the face of life and death, that was indeed a glorious feeling!’’ Back then in the wilderness, gambling his life in death battles with the beasts, that feeling was indeed heart stopping.

’’If big brother and second brother really encounter an unavoidable danger, I can release my Golden Horned Beast body and save them!’’ Luo Feng thought within.

The Golden Horned Beast's existence had to be kept secret.

However if they met with an unavoidable danger, he would of course have to unleash it!

Within the hall of the Killing Fields.

An incomparably elderly green skinned old man sat in the corner, carrying a glass of water, lifting his wrinkled forehead, looking at his surroundings with his muddy eyes. He, was the main manager of the Black Dragon Mountain Island's Killing Fields...Man Luo, an elder with a renowned name around here.

At this time, the tall and sturdy Ming Yu swiftly walked over, walking directly to the green skinned old man.

’’Lord.’’ Ming Yu said softly.

’’How'd it go?’’ The green skinned old man's muddy gaze looked at him.

Min Yu lowered his head respectfully, ’’The Lord guessed accurately, the three are unwilling to join the internal department, they've only joined the external department, also that Hong is indeed very powerful, Star Traveller level 9, three layer domain.’’

’’Three layer domain?’’ The green skinned old man's eyes lit up, his originally muddy eyes seemed penetrating and clear suddenly, almost as though it held boundless amounts of knowledge, able to see right through a person's soul, before this old man, the 2 star mercenary Ming Yu was incomparably respectful, and this was pure respect from within.

’’Hm, very good.’’

The green skinned old man smiled and nodded, his eyes reverted to its muddy state, ’’To be able to discover a level 1 elite, that's not bad. After all special elites, this can be discovered but not sought. This level of genius cannot be forced, for them to join the external department is already not bad! We'll let them expand on their own.’’

’’Yes.’’ Ming Yu said respectfully.

Whatever he did before, be it analyzing Luo Feng or the other two, and observing them for a month...these were all ordered by Lord Man Luo. Why would Ming Yu himself have such time to go observe Luo Feng and the other two for a whole month?


The spring warmth bloomed, in China's Yangzhou city, a C9 grade dark blue triangular universe ship floated over in the sky above the castle, this was a ship that Luo Feng and the others had just bought, spending 11 billion Black Dragon dollars, to Luo Feng and the others at the moment, this was indeed nothing at all.

After all the planet defense system alone, Luo Feng had spent about ten times more than the ship.

’’Don't cry, Daddy is just going out, and we can all meet in the virtual universe. Come, be good, give daddy a kiss.’’ Luo Feng stood half squatting in front of his two children, the two handsome and adorable boys gave Luo Feng and hard kiss each on the cheek, hugging him tightly, reluctant to let him go.


Luo Hong Guo patted Luo Feng's shoulders, ’’I won't say more, remember to mind your safety outside.’’

’’Oh, right, where's Luo Hua?’’ Luo Feng looked around him.

Beside, Zhen Nan who had come to send him off said, ’’Luo Hua's trading and investing these few days have been a very crucial time, right now it's their time of dealings, he doesn't dare to relax even a little. Hence, he told me to send you off and he said he'll apologize again in the future in the Virtual Universe Network.’’

’’This kid.’’ Luo Feng shook his head and couldn't help but laugh.

Luo Feng bid goodbye to his family, beside them were Hong's family and Thunder God's family, each coming to send them off.

After which, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God took two slaves into the universe ship.


The dark blue triangular universe ship gradually rose into the sky, under the sights of the three families;it swiftly left the atmosphere, disappearing from their line of sight.


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