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Swallowed Star - Volume 9 - Chapter 1


Volume 09 Chapter 1 - Man Luo

’’The killing fields, just what kind of place is it?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’It's a good place.’’ Thunder God purposely acted all mysterious.

’’After visiting just once, you'd be hooked on it.’’ Hong also chimed in, not revealing any details.

A clear crisp voice sounded, ’’The killing fields, is a special training ground for fighters and spirit readers. In there, whatever opponent you wish to face, they can make it possible. Group fights? One vs one? Battling against a Sector Lord? The killing fields can fulfill your every whim, of course the daily usage fee is extremely high.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God turned their heads, the one who spoke was Babata, who was on Luo Feng's shoulder.

’’Luo Feng.’’

The voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind, ’’the killing fields is also within my plan for your training. I actually wanted to tell you about it the moment you acquired your teacher's bank account. However, you got so caught up in dealing with the Nuolan Shan family fleet and didn't have any time to actually visit the killing fields. Go now, it's a pretty good spot.’’

To be complemented by Babata as pretty good?

’’Let's go, we'll go take a look now.’’ Luo Feng couldn't resist anymore.

’’I just knew third brother wouldn't be able to wait any longer.’’ Thunder God lifted his drink and gulped it down, the three settled the bill and immediately left the bar.

The Black Dragon Mountain Island within the virtual universe was extremely vast, hence, the island's internal department had set up transport pathways for travel, according to the distance required, one had to pay different amounts. Travel within the island itself wasn't expensive, however if one wanted to travel from the Black Dragon Mountain Island to the Ganwu Empire, the price was shocking.

Black dragon mountain island, killing fields.


Almost like an overflowing sea of blood, the backgrounds one drop of blood was the most eye catching;the entire hall was engulfed within this background. The hall was vast, stretching beyond what one could see with one look. The people within the hall seemed sparse, however that was only because the hall itself was similar in size to that of a city, hence, the total number of people within should still have been in the tens of thousands.

’’In the killing fields, the fees are expensive, for someone like me, one day would require 1 million Black Dragon dollars, or 700 Ganwu dollars.’’ Hong said softly.

’’That expensive?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

For an ordinary planet like Bailan Star, the wealthiest person usually only has about 100 million Black Dragon dollars. That meant to say that these planet's wealthiest didn't have the funds to allow their own children to train in the killing fields. Afterall 100 million Black Dragon dollars was only sufficient for 100 days of use. It wasn't surprising that there wasn't a large number of people in here.

’’3rd brother, you are a star level 1, the price is even higher.’’ Hong said softly.

’’Right, and spirit readers are even more expensive than fighters.’’ Thunder god said beside, ’’I require 2 million black dragon dollars a day, you as a spirit reader, I've checked, would require 5 million black dragon dollars, or 3500 Ganwu dollars.’’

’’That's too crazy.’’ Luo Feng was completely stunned.

’’Also, the higher up to rise, the stronger you get, the price per day would also get increasingly shocking.’’ Thunder God said softly. ’’If a Sector Lord warrior came in here, the amount of money require per day, I believe to us would be a heavenly figure.’’

’’The prices are high? What a joke, it's absolutely not high!’’ Babata's voice resounded in Luo Feng's mind, ’’To be able to give you any form of enemy, even to the point where space techniques, spirit weapons, etc are all within your grasp, where can you find such an environment ever? This place, was made especially for the universe families, sects, groups and empires' powers to train their elites, it's a really good training place.

Luo Feng slightly nodded his head.

’’Go link up your bank account.’’ Thunder God said, ’’That way, the fees can be deducted straight from your bank account.’’

’’Understood, where do I go to do that?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Follow me.’’

Under the guidance of Hong and Thunder God, Luo Feng went to the front desk to handle the linking up of his account.


At the edge of the hall, there were many pathways.

’’Every path that you take will bring you directly into your own personal killing fields space.’’ Thunder god said softly, ’’Whatever enemy you wish to customize, go ahead and do it.’’

’’From here, we cannot follow you anymore.’’ Hong laughed.

Luo Feng nodded.

During the time of their conversation, Luo Feng had seen many people follow the pathways deep within, amongst them were many Universe Mercenaries, Luo Feng had even spotted one Universe two star mercenary. This was indeed a rare spotting on a place like Black Dragon Mountain Island, however here in the killing fields, it seemed a frequent occurrence.

’’Also, have you seen, that old man over there?’’ Thunder God said softly.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng turned to look.

There was indeed a green skinned, head riddled with wrinkles old man, he was squinting his eyes sitting on a chair, relaxed and comfortable. Beside him were a few other people resting but no one actually dared to disturb that man. From an Earth human's point of view, this man's appearance was an eyesore, however he had a mysterious feeling that soothed and calmed others.

’’He's called Man Luo, The man in charge of the killing fields on Black Dragon Mountain Island division.’’ Thunder God said softly, ’’we got to watch a good show before, this old man was lashing out and lecturing two universe mercenaries, and the two mercenaries didn't even dare to rebut him.’’


Luo Feng was shocked.

In the virtual universe, even if you were an Undying Being, you couldn't kill anyone in the virtual universe! After all, this was a network! Hence...even if you were a prominent figure, people who respected you would give you face. If they didn't respect you, they couldn't care less! To be able to leave the two universe mercenaries speechless and afraid to rebut, was indeed strange.

’’Hehe.’’ The green skinned old man in the distance looked over towards Luo Feng and his party, laughing..


Luo Feng and the other two were shocked.

’’He heard it?’’

’’Forget it, hurry in to the killing fields space.’’ Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God followed different pathways and entered deep within.

As he walked, the space around him changed greatly suddenly.

This was the vast and spacious skies.

Luo Feng was standing on a stone, a golden book appeared within his hands, the book seemed to be made of metal, flipping a page from the book, Luo Feng understood immediately.

’’This is the space of the killing fields?’’

’’Babata, send out a request, I would like one thousand Star Traveller level 9 warriors as my opponents.’’ Luo Feng's eyes gleamed with a flash of red, licking his lips, ’’I've held back for too long! Time to vent it out a little!’’ After the possession, Luo Feng has been having pangs of bloodthirst and killing intent, egging at his soul for a long time.

Luo Feng had been resisting all this time.

’’No problem!’’

’’Luo Feng, I've set the battlegrounds as the desert, one thousand opponents using normal energy weapons, what you've chosen is a level 3 weapon the Soaring Shuttle and a level 2 battle uniform set.’’ Babata said, ’’I've sent the request.’’ As long as it was a weapon within the universe, 99.99% of the time, the killing fields would be able to provide it.


The killing fields space began to transform, the initial skies disappeared, the surroundings morphed into a vast desert, Luo Feng stood on the sand, dressed in a blood red battle uniform, before him floated the Soaring Shuttle. At the same time in the distant skies, blurry silhouettes of fighters dressed in white battle uniforms welding different weapons appeared.


’’Kill him!’’ The majestic fighter army shouted, all them glared and rushed towards Luo Feng.

Luo Feng revealed a smile from within.


The Soaring Shuttle immediately separated into thirty knife blades, very thin little knife blades, these thirty blades distanced themselves a little and naturally began to form a swordfish structure, at the same time, every one of the blades were glowing with a golden thread, this thread weaved through every single blade, forming an extremely lifelike swordfish.

The Soaring Shuttle's second form, the swordfish formation!

’’Rumble...’’ the one thousand strong fighter army rushed in, almost like a dark cloud enveloping pressure, pressing towards Luo Feng.


Luo Feng rushed into the sky, heading straight towards the entire group of fighters.



Wherever that golden swordfish went, there would be a rain of blood. Yet, the huge fighter army seemed not to care at all about their losses, madly surrounding Luo Feng and attacking. Minutes and seconds passed, none of the fighters retreated, until the last fighter had been pierced into a rain of blood, falling from the sky did the battle end.

Drenched in fresh blood , Luo Feng stood on the desert ground, letting out a huge sigh of relief, ’’That's much better.’’

’’Everyday you hold back all that killing intent, as time passes, your inner self and heart will find it harder and harder to resist. Until finally, your entire being will simply go crazy. The entire killing spree you just went on, allowed you to vent it out. I'd be surprised if you didn't feel better!’’

’’Babata, this is a side effect of the possession?’’ Luo Feng was helpless.

Before the possession, Luo Feng was already able to kill without hesitation, however, it wasn't as bad...inevitably, there was a sense of bloodthirst and slaughtering impulse within! This level of bloodthirst was entirely deep within his bones. Every Golden Horned Beast was known for its brutality and savagery. Luo Feng's human soul could only forcibly suppress, and not disperse, the killing intent.

’’You are complaining after getting a bargain!’’ Babata said with disdain.


Luo Feng looked at his own body, ’’If you didn't set this level 2 battle uniform set for me, I'm afraid I'd be dead now.’’

For one thousand Star Traveller level 9 opponents to kill one Star level 1 was actually very simple. Even though Luo Feng's consciousness was very strong, his spirit weapon's power and usage was shocking, however he would still receive several huge blows, he had to rely on the battle uniform to lessen more than half the impact and damage.

Suppressing years of bloodthirst and killing intent, releasing and venting it all out now.

The first time, madly massacring one thousand Star Traveller level 9 fighters.

The second time, he fought against ten Star level 1 fighters, finally killing eight of them and dying from his own severe wounds!

The third time, Luo Feng directly made Thunder God as his opponent, a Star level 1 with a one layer domain, using a level 2 energy weapon, level 2 battle armor...the result, Luo Feng was actually killed by Thunder God. Luo Feng knew from this that the only reason he was stronger than Thunder God before was because of his spirit weapon. Giving Thunder God a level 2 energy weapon resulted in his own loss.

The fourth time, Luo Feng put Hong as his opponent...

A total of ninety eight battles, after that, Luo Feng felt a sense of extreme exhaustion, at the same time, a total sense of exhilaration.

It felt good!

He had never experienced such exhilaration in battles all his life, being able to choose his opponents and customize their strengths.

’’Are you tired now?’’

Babata looked at Luo Feng who was lying on the sand, ’’Luo Feng, since you've completed your battles, I'll tell you the most important usage of the killing fields. This place's usage fee is extremely high, just one day requires 3500 Ganwu dollars, a Universe level 1 spirit reader would require 350,000 Ganwu dollars. A Domain Lord level 1 would require 35 million Ganwu dollars and a Sector Lord level 1 spirit reader would require 3.5 billion Ganwu dollars. Do you know why it's so expensive? Why even at this price Sector Lords still come?’’

Luo Feng was stunned.

Sector Lords....

Joining a powerful empire, able to receive an entire starfield as his territory, able to construct a world of his own. 3.5 billion Ganwu dollars would definitely be affordable, but no one was an idiot. the killing fields definitely had to have a matching reward for it to be able to attract them.

’’You, and even Hong and Thunder God, still don't know the most important aspect of the killing fields.’’ Babata said proudly as he raised his head.


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