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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 9


Volume 08 Chapter 9 - Earthshaking

Sweat started to appear from Sago Nehru's forehead, facing that terrifying killing gaze from his enemy, those piercing cold eyes that made people tremble in fear, it was simply, simply just like the world broadcast from before! Just like the gaze of the one that terrified the entire world, that of the Golden Horned Beast!

Sago Nehru squeezed out a smile, ’’Mr Luo, Mr Luo Feng, you are actually still alive, this is just...’’

’’There are quite a few scum in this world, but for someone to sink to such a level...’’ Luo Feng's gaze was cold, suddenly a mental attack, one undetectable by the naked eye, pierced through Sago Nehru's consciousness like a sharp needle, the mini planet within was pierced through just like tofu, crumbling!


Sago Nehru's eyes opened wide, they were filled with fear before he collapsed on the floor.

Overlooking Sago Nehru's body from above, Luo Feng's body vanished out the door straight after.

Up high in the sky.

Luo Feng stepped on the soaring shuttle, becoming a beam of light and heading towards America.

From birth till now, Luo Feng had never been some saint, or some impregnable hero! The only thing was...he had his own limits within his heart! There were many scum in the world, but Luo Feng would never lash out at them or go punish every single one of them. After all, where there's light, there will be darkness.

However, Atkin, Sago Nehru and Yan Hai, these three top powers had done one thing that truly enraged Luo threaten or directly rob the relatives of the deceased heroes.

’’Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi, Sokolov, you all died with honor.’’

’’And these three bastards, actually disturbed your peace. I definitely won't allow it!’’

Luo Feng's fixed his gaze on the oceans in the direction of America, following Babata's tracking signals that he had acquired from hacking into the internet, Atkin was currently in the Washington base!


Washington headquarter city, because of the time difference, it was currently late at night here.

A luxurious car stopped in the street.

’’He's arrived!’’ a voice transmitted from the phone, Atkin's eyes widened from within the car.

’’Not good, Luo Feng is really not dead, he has really returned!’’ Atkin's forehead had beads of cold sweat, at the same time, a thought swiftly flashed in his mind, without question, Luo Feng had killed Yan Hai first, he was definitely heading to kill Sago Nehru now, and the next would probably be himself.

’’What can I do, what can I do?’’

’’This Luo Feng is ruthless, and his power is too strong!’’ Atkin was getting more worried the more he thought about it, he was so nervous his forehead and back was sweating like crazy.


No matter how he thought about it, he would end up dead!

’’Rush over to Luo Feng's house and hold his family hostage? Not possible, they have metal robots capable of stopping me. Also, from America to China, the distance is too far, my speed cannot match Luo Feng's, so I'll definitely be intercepted!’’ Atkin thought of many possible solutions, swiftly striking them down one after another.

’’I'm trapped in a hopeless situation, cornered. The Earth is so big, but with Luo Feng's power, I have nowhere to run!!!’’

Atkin grit his teeth, ’’I can only do this!’’

He immediately grabbed his hand phone, swiftly making a call: ’’Help me quickly this instant, with the greatest speed gather all the important media and reporters in Washington, also, inform the rest of the world's media via the HR alliance...’’

This night, was not going to be a peaceful one.

The Earth's number one person, the HR Alliance's chairman Atkin had begun his struggle to live!


In the biggest plaza in the Washington headquarter city, late at night, vehicle after vehicle of media people arrived, with their high frequency broadcasting noises, they awoke the surrounding community of American people. Seeing the plaza all lit up, filled with large numbers of vehicles, the scene attracted many citizens to gather around.

’’The chairman of the HR Alliance, will deliver a piece of shocking news to the world.’’

’’This next scene, will definitely shake the Earth.’’

’’Yes, no doubt about it, the chairman of the HR Alliance, the strongest man on the Earth now! He will officially deliver big news.’’


The media people began their individual reports.

And with the big screen in the plaza, the footage of Hong and Thunder God back then fighting the swallowing monster appeared, also scenes of the six heroes entering the ocean along with a detailed explanation of the eight heroes.

’’Why is the screen displaying the incident of the eight heroes, perhaps the announcement has something to do with the eight heroes?’’

’’Perhaps, the two vegetables Hong and Thunder God have awoken?’’

First, the surrounding houses which were filled with citizens emptied, and all of them approached the plaza.


Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Africa, wherever the HR Alliance had any influence over, they had direct control of the media coverage. And today, Atkin had, in a last ditch attempt, forked out money to other broadcasting media, causing the entire world's media to be focused on this place!

On the internet, many websites had pop ups.

It was still night in America!

However, in Europe, it was morning. In China and India, it was the hottest time of day.

Coverage on television, internet live broadcast, these led to the entire world all immediately coming to know of the scene.

’’What's up, what's the big news?’’

’’It's actually the HR Alliance's Chairman personally making an announcement?’’

The entire world, through the internet or television found out almost immediately, even those busy with work, or asleep were all notified by their friends.

It was obvious, it was big news that was about to be announced!’’

Washington headquarter city, Plaza.

’’Let me invite our HR Alliance Chairman Atkin!’’

Under the huge spotlights, the media's many cameras, wearing a white shirt with a black suit, seemingly very proper, Atkin walked up, the aura of one that controlled the universe surrounded him, this made everyone go silent. It was obviously a being that exceeded the wargod level, a being that normal people looked up to.

’’Attention all, to everyone watching this live broadcast, my friends.’’

Atkin's face had an expression that was hard to control, ’’Today, let me first introduce a person!’’

’’He is, talented beyond his years, the youngest spirit reader who exceeds the wargods!’’

’’He, once single handedly killed tens of Emperor level monsters, including a Grand Emperor.’’

’’He, in a final battle with the Swallowing Beast, killed that monster, saving humanity from that calamity!’’

’’Who is he?’’ Atkin was extremely emotional.

At the same time on the screen behind him, what was initially showing all eight heroes displayed Luo Feng's data! Luo Feng's individual achievements at different times, large amounts of pictures, words and footage appeared on the screen.

’’Yes, it is Luo Feng!’’

’’Our Earth's greatest genius, most honorable genius.’’ Atkin's voice was passionate.

Before the television and internet live broadcast.

Countless people all over the world seemed to be reliving the time more than a year ago, the time where they were all living in fear, fear that the end of humanity had come. Towards the eight heroes, in their hearts, these eight were the saviors of the world. And among them, the youngest and the one who dealt the killing blow, Luo Feng, was worshipped and respected more by countless people.

’’I admire and respect him. I am saddened by his loss, I am filled with regret for his loss...Humanity lost a great genius from this generation!’’

Atkin suddenly spoke mysteriously: ’’However, no one has noticed, from the beginning to the end, no one ever found Luo Feng's body! The warriors that entered the ocean after the battle only saw the Swallowing Beast's body, no one ever saw Luo Feng's corpse!’’


Everyone in the plaza had gone silent, what erupted after was pure elation, emotional and excited discussion that was hard to suppress!

’’Yes! Your guesses are not wrong!’’

Atkin's voice resounded loudly, ’’The news I'm about to announce today is...Earth's most honorable genius Luo Feng, he's still alive!!! Yes, he's still alive!!!’’


The entire plaza erupted!


All the countries around the world, countless citizens in front of the televisions all jumped up! Even the ones in front of their computers!

At this time!

The entire world had erupted with glee!

China, Luo Feng's house level 1 living room.

Beside was the baby's cot, Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan and the nanny were all watching the television.

’’Earth's most noble genius Luo Feng, he's still alive!!! Yes, he's still alive!!!’’ From the television, that emotional booming voice along with the celebration noises from the plaza seemed to almost blow up the television, the living room people who held their breaths couldn't help but shout out emotionally.

’’Quickly, tell Little Xin to return.’’

’’Contact Little Hua.’’

Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan excitedly dialed their handphones, the two children inside the cots beside them were quiet as they pulled on the sheets, watching the television screen wide eyed, ’’Dada, da...’’ One of them pointed at Luo Feng's picture as it appeared on the screen, making noise at it.’’


Luo Hua was in his company's office, sitting in front of his computer. Xu Xin too was at her company's computer.

They both watched their own screens.


Wei Wen, who was napping in the afternoon due to the heat was also dragged by his girlfriend to a computer.


Wei Wen was so excited his mouth dropped wide open!

The Dojo of Limits, Luo Feng's earlier teacher Jiang Fang too was in front a computer.


The girl who once chased after him, Janet, was with a suitor, stopped in a street, raising her head to watch the big screen.


Countless people around the world were watching this scene, the eight heroes were legendary in their saving of the world before. The media and reports after, made them almost godlike! And right now, the youngest and most genius amongst them was still alive? This was relayed personally by the HR Alliance's Chairman, broadcasting to the rest of the world.

’’I know this news is so exciting that it's hard to go back to bed! That's why, I couldn't resist, I had to immediately relay this good news to everyone!’’

’’He's a hero I truly respect!’’

’’Incomparable respect!’’

Atkin acted as though he was extremely emotional from his respect of the heroes and that one had returned, on television, computers, screens in the streets, this caused countless people to get even more emotional! They didn't suspect that he was just acting. From their point of view, respecting these eight heroes was normal.


Above the plaza, a beam of light swiftly descended, stopping gently. The entire plaza, including Atkin had gone silent.

The entire world, everyone in front of their computers or television had gone silent.

The entire world was silent.

Everyone looked at that silhouette!

He, dressed in long army pants, simple sleeveless top, black short hair, his gaze deep as the ocean. From mid air, he descended slowly, that formless aura seemed to permeate even people watching through their screens.


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