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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 8


Volume 08 Chapter 8 - He Has Arrived

’’Master, it's time to leave.’’ A voice filled with respect resounded from the stairs beneath the balcony.


’’Master?’’ A few repeated shouts, the suspicious butler ran up, looking around, seeing the collapsed invincible warrior Yan Hai without a movement on the floor. His expression immediately changed: ’’Master, what's wrong? What's wrong with you?’’ He ran over and squatted beside to check for breath and pulse.


The butler opened his eyes wide, extremely terrified, ’’How could the master have died? The recent health checkup by the doctor said his body was very very healthy, much healthier than even young people, how could...’’ A Star traveller fighter's life span was more than 1000 years, this point, several of the elite researchers who studied the ancient ruins knew, this butler however didn't.

In a moment!

Yan Hai's several family heart specialists were beside his body.

’’His body is completely fine, no damage whatsoever.’’ The doctor beside, using the apparatus deducted, shaking his head, ’’This shouldn't be, this body is completely healthy, he shouldn't be dead.’’

From a medical standpoint.

If there aren't any physical problems, then he shouldn't have just died. However, they had no way to check the soul.


North America, Washington headquarter city.

A black luxury car was slowly driving along the streets, sitting within was Earth's current number one person, Atkin. With unmatchable strength, he forced the entire HR Alliance to re-elect himself, replacing Isadora and becoming the first chairman! He held the highest authority in the HR Alliance. Even the nine great core families, none of them dared to fight them!

And during the Swallowing beast incident, he was the Palace of Wargod's fifth chairman!

Atkin, was extremely lean.

He sported a beard below his mouth. His gaze seemed as if he was daydreaming, but sometimes it seemed to chill one's heart! This one person, during the swallowing beast episode, kept an extremely low profile, even Hong and Thunder God had never realized this person's crazy ambitions. And when the strongest of the time fell one after another, he finally revealed his wild ambitions!

’’Hello.’’ Atkin took out his handphone.

’’Chairman, Mr Yan Hai was discovered dead 15 minutes ago, right on his house's balcony. As to the specific time of death, we are unable to determine.’’ An obviously nervous voice sounded.


Atkin's expression changed, his heart was in a flurry, how did Yan Hai die? Who on this earth had the ability to so easily kill Yan Hai?

’’How did he die?’’ Atkin asked.

’’No clue, no one in his entire house heard any commotion. No one knows just how he died, or even when!’’

Atkin creased his eyebrows and said solemnly, ’’The cause of death, unable to determine?’’

’’Yes, Mr Yan Hai's body is undamaged, his body is extremely healthy, he shouldn't be dead.’’ The moment he finished, Atkin's expression changed immediately.


Shutting the phone, Atkin's eyes squinted, his gaze cold: ’’It's a spirit reader attack on his soul! Only with one's soul destroyed would one die this way! However....on this Earth, there's only one Star traveller Spirit reader...Sago Nehru! And Sago Nehru is only a level 1 Star Traveller, he doesn't have the power to kill Yan Hai.’’

’’Just who is it?’’


Two silhouettes swiftly flashed through Atkin's mind, people he had suppressed in his memories over the years, Eastbourne! And the genius, even stronger than Eastbourne, Luo Feng!

’’But they are dead! Eastbourne's body, I saw it personally. Luo Feng's life force too had weakened till it vanished, it was broadcasted all over the world.’’ Atkin's expression changed greatly, ’’Not right, Luo Feng...Luo Feng...’’

He remembered Hong and Thunder God who were deep in their coma, back then their life force signals too had vanished, and while they didn't have any mental signals, they were living dead. But still, they weren't dead!

That swallowing beast too had gone through rebirth.

’’No one saw Luo Feng's body!’’

’’From the start to end, no one had seen Luo Feng's body. Don't tell me...he, he's still alive?’’ Atkin's expression was ugly. Back then, with extreme ease, Luo Feng had killed the eight tentacle grand emperor, he was not something Atkin could deal with! Against the eight tentacle grand emperor, he would be easily killed. And back then Luo Feng handled it with such ease.

Luo Feng, that young but invincible abnormality, was on par with Hong and Thunder God.


He needed to respect Luo Feng!

If Luo Feng had truly returned, knowing he had sent Sago Nehru and Wei Nuo to take away his Mu Ya Crystals by force, then...

’’No, No!’’ Atkin shook his head, extremely nervous and worried.

If it was Luo Feng, he was screwed.

Even if it wasn't Luo Feng, to be able to kill Yan Hai without so much of a sound, he was afraid he too wouldn't stand a chance!

’’Hello.’’ Atkin quickly made a call, ’’Sago Nehru, it's me, Atkin, I suspect Luo Feng isn't dead and has just killed Yan Hai. You need to be careful, perhaps it would be best to immediately leave your home!’’


Asia, India, New Delhi headquarter city.

Because of the time difference, it was dawn in Europe but mid afternoon in New Delhi, the ferocious sun of Fall was shining on the land, and in the headquarter city's East district, there was a large castle, it was India's ancient household of power, owned by the powerful Nehru family.

The Nehru family, was originally the strongest only in the political world, however since one of its children, Sago Nehru had swiftly risen, becoming the world's only Star Traveller spirit reader, the family's power grew by leaps and bounds!

’’Ever since Mr. Sago Nehru agreed to accept spirit reader disciples, the number of visitors have been increasing everyday.’’

’’Spirit readers, it's something that's not easy to train. Sago Nehru is the entire world's most powerful spirit reader, also, he's still so young. Even compared to Hua Xia's Luo Feng, their ages are similar! Mr. Sago Nehru is India's pride, a definite spirit reader genius, I believe he'll be just like Mr Luo Feng, becoming incredibly powerful and invincible.’’

’’Yes, the entire world says that Sago Nehru is the second Luo Feng.’’

On top of the castle, two guards looked down on a luxurious car which had stopped in the parking lot outside, beginning a discussion quietly.

Within the castle.

In the living room, gathered two groups of visitors.

’’Please wait a moment, Sago Nehru is currently meditating, once he's finished, he will attend to you all.’’ A man dressed in a light silk clothing smiled as he said.

’’Alright, I'm in no rush.’’

The two groups had a total of eight people, and among them were two young spirit readers. It was clear that they awakened recently!


Nehru castle, in the sky above, a silhouette appeared.

The weird thing was, no one saw this silhouette.

’’Babata, your camouflage system is not bad.’’ Luo Feng praised.

’’This is nothing!’’ A clear crisp voice sounded, ’’It's just twisting the surrounding light, causing whoever's below to miss the light and not see anything. It's too simple! In the universe, with better technology, the ships, interstellar transporters, even if they stopped above your cities, if they didn't want you to see them, you all wouldn't be able to!’’

Luo Feng didn't suspect that at all.

Ever since he had become the Golden Horned Beast deep underwater, with Babata's signal scrambler, all of earth's apparatus have been unable to sense his life force signal at all.

’’These are all little children's science! To a fighter, closing in on him, even if he doesn't use his sight, he should still be able to feel the presence.’’ Babata said.


Luo Feng surveyed below, extremely gently, his spirit energy swept past, no sound or trace as it flowed through the castle. It could be deemed gentle and totally noiseless, no one had realized Luo Feng's sensing, including the new Star Traveller spirit reader Sago Nehru.

’’He's a Star Traveller level 1, I'm a 6, just by levels, I'm stronger than him by 32 times. Not to mention I've trained in <Control>and <Illusion>. In terms of controlling power alone, including all the techniques, I'm countless time stronger.’’ Luo Feng shook his head, through Yun Mo Planet's structured training, he could clearly feel...

In spiritual force, he was much stronger than his enemy.


Luo Feng rushed downwards!


In the castle.

Dressed in a luxurious black robe, a youth was lying on a sofa. His leg was resting on a glass table, his hand was holding a goblet, within it he swirled the exquisite red wine.


Sago Nehru gently took a sip, ’’Fight with me? That old man, he's already so old. I'm still so young, just with power alone how can he compare with me? Right now...the moment I'm willing to accept disciples, countless powerful families are sending their children over to be my disciple. I, am the earth's only Star Traveller level spirit reader!’’

’’With the big powers on my side, also with big brother Atkin helping out, plus I'm from the Nehru family, the family with power in India...’’

’’The position of head in the Thunder Dojo is definitely mine!’’

Sago gently raised his head, revealing a condescending smile, ’’Wu, and people dare say I'm the next Luo Feng, I've heard too much of these words!’’

Ever since he broke through into the Star Traveller level, everybody praised him, saying how he would be just like Luo Feng in many aspects.

In the beginning, Sago Nehru was very proud and happy.

But after hearing much of such sayings, he began to get annoyed.

’’Hmph, my age is similar to Luo Feng's, I will one day reach the skies, become even stronger. Just like Hong and Thunder God! When that time comes, I will make others say...Luo Feng, you are Sago Nehru number two! Haha...’’ Enjoying success at such a young age, Sago Nehru was extremely content and arrogant, suddenly his phone rang.

’’Hello.’’ Sago Nehru answered.

’’Sago Nehru, it's me, Atkin, I suspect Luo Feng isn't dead and has just killed Yan Hai. You need to be careful, perhaps it would be best to immediately leave your home!’’ Atkin's voice transmitted from the phone.

Sago Nehru was so shocked he stood upright immediately.

However, the moment he stood up, he realized there was someone standing at the door behind him, he was wearing long army pants, a simple sleeveless top. The man had yellow skin and black short hair. His gaze was piercing like knives through his soul, causing Sago Nehru to tremble!

Sago Nehru's eyes opened wide!

This appearance....99% of the entire world recognized!

’’He, he...’’ Sago Nehru's face had gone pale.

Extreme fear!

Before he had felt he himself was very strong, but now with this person standing right in front of him, with just a gaze, he felt an overwhelming sense of fear! And he had once gone to that person's family's house to steal the treasures 'left behind'.

’’Sago Nehru, say something? Why aren't you saying anything?’’ Atkin's nervous voice resounded.

’’He, he has already arrived!’’


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