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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 7


Volume 08 Chapter 7 - Luo Feng's Return

The golden fog engulfed a large hill, this was a hill totally made from metal.

In the air above the hill.

An oval shaped egg was floating.

’’Ka, Ka.’’ The egg shell began to crack open, an arm raised out from within, finally the egg fully split open. A completely nude, fit man with short black hair was floating in mid air, his eyes serene, whatever his gaze fell upon, seemed to be filled with a sense of fear.

At a height of 1.78m, even though he was on the thin side, his body seemed just like a well forged high grade well tempered steel, giving off a sense of immense power!

The man with the short black hair surveyed the golden land.

’’This is my internal world?’’ The man's eyes were filled with wonder and curiosity.


Everything suddenly vanished, at the same time...


The golden horned beast, covered completely in black scales, with a body length of 320 m suddenly appeared in the land.

Deep in the pacific ocean, the ferocious sea and undercurrent raged.

The golden horned beast suddenly vanished, at the same time, a completely nude man with black short hair appeared.

’’Finally, I've finally reverted back.’’ Luo Feng's eyes were filled with excitement that was hard to contain, ’’Core!’’ With a thought, he sensed within his body, clearly seeing his own heart through his chest, in between his lungs, right in the middle at the solar plexus spot, the core was spinning in place, filled with complex golden engravings, emitting a golden light.

This core was very very small.

Before, the Golden Horned Beast was 180m, this core's diameter was only about 20cm or so. Now that Luo Feng had reverted to his human body, the core was barely a few millimeters.

’’Genetic energy! Spiritual force!’’

Luo Feng's thoughts moved.


A large amount of golden fog flew into Luo Feng's body from within his internal world, swiftly gathering in his abdomen's center, swirling and gathering. With the large amount of metal characteristic fog from his internal world, one, two and finally three mini planets formed around his dan tian!

Star Traveller level 3!

Now, Luo Feng's body could only take so much, any more required him to first strengthen his body, raising his dan tian's ability to hold the energy.


At the same time, within the core, Luo Feng's soul which had reached the level 3 Star traveller level was madly absorbing the universe's energy. The moment it was received into the core, it was immediately sent to be refined, however it was only simple refining, reaching to the Star traveller level 5 and quickly leaving the core, flowing through his head and consciousness.

The ferocious wave of spirit energy continued to gather, change had began to happen, forming another spirit planet.

After spending a good half an hour, it finally stopped.

Within his consciousness...

A blood red planet, with five other planets orbiting around it, constantly rotating.

Star traveller 6!

’’Luo Feng, your body is at the Star traveller level 4, however, your special ability before was the golden body, that's why, your body's sturdiness is comparable to a Star traveller level 4 fighter. It's able to bear the power of a Star traveller level 6 Spirit reader, that's his limit.’’ Babata said.


Luo Feng smiled as he opened his eyes, beside him a liquid silver guard flew out, from that guard he received his storage ring, his spirit energy created a protective barrier in the sea, from within he retrieved a set of clothes to wear.

’’Cloud contact.’’ Luo Feng looked far away.

Thousands of meters away in the sea, a blood red Cloud Contact Vine, even though it had shrunk smaller, it immediately flew towards Luo Feng! After recognizing its owner, the cloud contact vine...would follow him for life, the moment Luo Feng's soul was destroyed, it too would die.


The Cloud Contact Vine shrank and entered into Luo Feng's skin, vanishing. A wave of thoughts and emotions from the Cloud Contact Vine transmitted over: ’’Happy, happy...’’

’’Looks like, I'm the same as before.’’ Luo Feng sighed, ’’However in essence, my soul's core is the core of the internal world.

His body was nurtured from the internal world.

So, Luo Feng's current body was similar to the Golden Horned Beast's body, their weakness was...the core carrying the soul and the internal world! Right now, even if Luo Feng's human head was blown off, he wouldn't die, all he needed was to expend energy and it would regrow, just like the Golden Horned Beast.

’’Luo Feng, I gave you the choice of the other races and you had to choose a human.’’

’’The Golden Horned Heast's body and evolution speed, will far exceed your Earth human body's evolution speed!’’

’’Even though the internal world has metal universe characteristics to provide, your body's genetics are too weak, even with a large amount of power, if it cannot withstand it, what happens then?’’ Babata was obviously still unsatisfied.

Luo Feng laughed.

He understood the logic, the Golden Horned Beast's growth relied on the internal world, every time the internal world grew one level, the Golden Horned Beast would immediately absorb large amounts of energy, swiftly growing in a level too. That way...the Golden Horned Beast would always maintain the same speed with its internal world.

However, Luo Feng's body genetics, compared to the Golden Horned Beast, was far too inferior! It could not evolve at the same speed.

’’It's ok, I can't be too greedy.’’ Luo Feng laughed, ’’At least, I'm currently a Star traveller level 6 spirit reader!’’

In his Earth human body, he was a Star traveller level 6 spirit reader.

The moment he switches to the Golden Horned Beast body, he becomes a Star level 3 Golden Horned Beast!

After more than a year, from a Star level 1 to a Star level 3. It was pretty fast, it would become slower as he grew, especially the critical point of breaking into the Universe level, that would take more time.


Luo Feng stepped on the soaring shuttle, swiftly breaking out of the ocean.

High up in the air.

Luo Feng was on the soaring shuttle, heading towards Europe, his expression cold.

’’Luo Feng, after the incident with the Swallowing Beast, Earth's strongest and elite have all fallen, the Palace of Wargods has shut down. The warriors have no leader, no one like Hong, Thunder God or you, who hold a sense of absolute power among the strong. That's why, everything is in a mess currently.’’

’’And back then the fifth chairman Atkin has thus become the current strongest.’’

’’Atkin, Yan Hai, they were originally representatives from the HR Alliance, but ever since the European's strongest, which was the HR's strongest Eastbourne fell, Atkin was the biggest, he joined forces with Yan Hai and led a group of representatives. Be it blackmail, threatening or just using force, they quickly took over the HR Alliance.’’

’’Also, Atkin and Yan Hai have gotten Sago Nehru in. And Sago Nehru, as India's genius, was naturally accepted into the Thunder Dojo and is currently one of their investigators.’’

’’According to my research, this is my report.’’

’’This power, Atkin was originally the fifth chairman, Yan Hai initially challenged this but failed, but his power is comparable to Jia Yi. These two are very strong. Sago Nehru, is currently Earth's only Star traveller level spirit reader, he's also the genius I mentioned before that was beneath you.’’

Luo Feng's expression was cold.

’’Regarding the organization that Atkin, Yan Hai and Sago Nehru are leading, they've become powerful! Under them are some other level 1 and 2 Star Traveller representatives. They are currently the Earth's leading powers.

’’Under them is the Dojo of Limits! The Dojo of Limits has the most loyal three guards, who are very united!’’

’’Then there's the five great countries.’’

’’Finally, the Thunder Dojo! Ever since Thunder God was comatosed, with Sago Nehru joining the dojo, the Thunder Dojo has had internal struggles and the situation is pretty serious.’’

Luo Feng was surprised with this news,

To control the HR Alliance while also influencing the Thunder Dojo, this power was indeed frightening!

’’Relying on blackmail, force, murder or stealing of treasures, this power has established its powerful foundation! The countries all do not dare to offend them.’’ Babata said.

Atkin was the most powerful fighter. Nehru was the most powerful spirit reader.

Also, Yan Hai who was closer to Atkin.

’’Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi, Sokolov, their relatives haven't suffered?’’ Luo Feng definitely did not forget, the five heroes who went along with him to battle the Golden Horned Beast.

’’More or less, they haven't been much better off, however, nobody dares to bully the families of the eight heroes! Only Mo Henderson's family has had it worse, one died. According to media, they said it was a car accident.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng's expression became even colder.

The power struggle was extremely brutal. While it may seem peaceful on the surface, many have died behind the shadows with new people replacing them.

’’The days have gotten better without new dangers and this new pile of garbage rises!’’ Luo Feng's killing intent rose, from the influence of the Golden Horned Beast's lineage and bloodline, the current Luo Feng was much more savage, ’’Back then we didn't see them in times of crisis, now they've jumped out and taken over. Even the families of the heroes they've dared to threaten, taking away their treasures.’’

’’They deserve to die!’’

’’They deserve to die!!!’’ Luo Feng's gaze was god, ’’Without a tiger in the mountain, the monkeys take over. Atkin? Yan Hai? Sago Nehru? All of you will die!’’

At Star traveller level 3, Luo Feng had already surpassed the old heroes by killing the Grand Emperor monster and was on par with Hong and Thunder God.

And now, at Star traveller level 6...

Killing those people would be like stepping on ants!

Europe, Paris headquarter city, dawn.

Dressed in a western suit, with his all white hair neatly trimmed, Yan Hai was in a good mood as held a wine glass and sat on his villa's 3rd level balcony.


Sniffing, Yan Hai seemed to enjoy the smell, closing his eyes and taking a sip.

’’Exhilarating.’’ Yan Hai remarked as he enjoyed.

He enjoyed his current life, back during the Grand Nirvana period, he regarded the end of the world and that situation as the best life for the strong, he could live like an emperor. He had assembled beside him a group of savage and brutal helpers like him, however, Jia Yi that asshole, his sense of justice was too strong!

The two were huge rivals.

As two great warriors from China, their powers were extremely close. Finally, he was cornered by Jia Yi and finally forced to leave China, hiding in the far away European continent. Decades passed with him not daring to step foot in China! And now, whenever he felt like going, he'd just do it, he did whatever he felt like!

Jia Yi was dead! The fourth chairman had also died! Luo Feng, that sick bastard too was dead!

All that was left was the fifth chairman Atkin, and he was his good friend, he was the same as himself!

’’Good wine, good wine.’’ Yan Hai smiled end to end, pouring for himself to enjoy.

The oppressive days from before were gone, and now, he was living it up!

’’Hm?’’ Yan Hai was startled, slowly turning around to look, his heart filled with fear, ’’How can this be, how can this be? With the Mu Ya crystals, I've already stepped into the star traveller level 3! Even Atkin who is stronger than me by a bit, cannot get behind me without me noticing! On this Earth, there shouldn't be anyone like that, it can't be!!!’’

His heart roared.

However, Yan Hai continued to slowly turn around, his gaze concentrated, staring hard at that spot, he wanted to know...just who it was!

Wearing long army pants, with a simple sleeveless on top, black short hair, his entire being seemed extremely malevolent and ferocious, his gaze incomparably cold.

’’You, you...’’

Yan Hai's eyes were wide open.

’’No, no...’’His face became flushed red, as though he had seen a ghost, ’’It can't be! You...’’

’’Don't look as though you've seen a ghost, only the guilty fear the dead, I am indeed Luo Feng, and I've come to reap your life!’’ A cold voice resounded.


Yan Hai felt his soul get ripped apart, after his soul had scattered, his entire body collapsed on the floor.

’’Hmph.’’ Luo Feng looked with his icy cold gaze, ’’You are the first.’’


He had already flown far into the sky.


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