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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 6


Volume 08 Chapter 6 - Half a Year Later

’’The universe is fair.’’

’’Granting them eternal bodies, but also making them unable to get much stronger through training. If they wanted to train, the only way for them is to leave their original bodies and steal someone else's.’’ Babata said, ’’Even though they are unable to train, think of the lure of eternity, Luo Feng, you'll understand. Just like the children of Undying beings, they are at the Universe level, but their life spans are only ten eras. They would of course be willing to put their own children's souls in the eternal bodies.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

Without a way to raise their powers, they can live to 1,000 eras, which equates to 10,081,000 years, it was indeed a very attractive thing.

’’The Undying beings in the universe or even some of the great empires, through research on the various races of eternal bodies have acquired some unique and special apparatus. After, through storing these items in the frozen silver, they became these little amulets, which became what is known through the universe as Eternal Love. It takes one eternal body to make one of these.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng immediately understood...

The naturally born races with eternal bodies, were in fact very pitiful in the universe.

’’In the universe, the ones with power and rank were many.’’

’’Countless people chase after longer life spans.’’

’’Repossession is one kind of technique, but one, that technique is extremely rare, and two it is really hard to train. Luo Feng you too relied on your teacher's soul imprint, only with that supporting you were you able to use the skill.’’ Babata said, ’’to actually acquire the manual and technique, it's definitely not easier than buying an Eternal Love amulet.’’

’’To possess another body, normally that body has to first be weaker than the original.’’ Babata said.

’’The most important thing is, repossession has risks, one might end up self destructing.’’

’’Those with Eternal Love are set, just one amulet and your body transforms into the eternal body. Of course, after becoming an eternal body, one would be unable to train anymore.’’ Babata said, ’’If one wanted to train, one has to throw away the eternal body and enter another.’’

’’These unique items, can only be obtained from the ones born with the eternal bodies. Someone like Xu Xin who acquired her body from the change, we can never get such items from her.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng nodded.


Otherwise, a person who acquired the eternal body and lived for 10 million years can just allow another person to get the items from his body again? That was simply just a dream.

’’You are saying, Xu Xin now has a lifespan of 1000 eras?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask.

’’Right, also, her body is undying. In order to kill her, you'd have to destroy her soul.’’ Babata said, while the Eternal Love is extremely precious, with your teacher's status, storing a few of them wasn't difficult. For you to wear an Eternal Love was something he had planned long ago.’’

’’Even if the flesh body is destroyed, with the Eternal Love reconstructing your body, it'll naturally reform. This was the ultimate life saving trump card.’’

’’However, I was worried with you wearing the Eternal Love, not feeling any sense of danger and thus not training hard enough. That's why I haven't told you its effects.’’

’’I never thought you'd actually sacrifice your own body and use your soul to attack! Even the Eternal Love could not save you.’’

Luo Feng laughed and relaxed.

That's good too, it was some good from a misfortune. Afterall, Luo Feng was very clear...Xu Xin would never become a fighter, even with the spirits of nature, Mu Ya Crystals etc, countless treasures and they could probably force her into the Star traveller stage, but that was it. And now, even though she would be unable to train, she had an eternal body.

Yang Zhou city Ming Yue district, Luo Feng's house.

Xu Xin was sitting at the desk, shocked.

’’What's wrong?’’ Xu Xin's mind was in a whirl.

Suddenly, the opened notebook's screen had a new message alert. What was weird was...the message automatically opened.

’’Xu Xin, I am Luo Feng.’’

The words at the top of the message shocked Xu Xin, her eyebrows creased...She was very clear that the elites of the world had AIs, even Luo Feng had them! A few emails, calls, footages etc were not enough for her to believe, because her brother Xu Gang used to do this sort of thing.

’’I know you are suspicious, however, when you just tried to commit suicide, the amulet I gave you before worked, that's why presently you are still alive. And that amulet should have disappeared.’’

Xu Xin was shocked, immediately rubbing her chest and looking down to see...

Indeed, the safety amulet was gone, all that was left was the chain. This made Xu Xin shocked, and pleasantly surprised!

She knew she had just killed herself, and yet now she was still alive, was this really Luo Feng? Luo Feng wasn't dead?

’’I know you are suspicious, however, in six months, in six months I will return home, the most I'd take will be seven months.’’

’’Alright, remember, don't do silly things.’’

’’Luo Feng.’’

Finishing up the message, Xu Xin felt her exhausted heart once again fill up with life, the originally black and white world was once again filled with color, her life once again filled with hope!

’’Maybe it's real, maybe it's real.’’ To be resurrected after dying, this obviously made Xu Xin believe more, ’’six months, the most seven months?’’

’’I must tell father and mother, Luo Hua too, about this good news.’’ Xu Xin was extremely excited.


That day, after Luo Feng's family saw the message, even though they were shocked by Xu Xin's attempt to commit suicide and reprimand her..... This filled everyone with hope again. While they suspected whether it was the doing of an AI, they would still patiently wait for another half a year.

Year 2061, March 9th. Night.

Night had fallen, Luo Feng's family were having dinner, laughing.

’’Father, mother, don't push. It's hard enough that I get to come home and have dinner with you all. Alright, I'll tell you, this summer vacation, Zhen Nan and I will go register our marriage.’’ Luo Hua laughed, Luo Hua had just acquired another house in the Ming Yue district, after all his sister in law lived here, him living here too would be too crowded.

With his status, buying another house was simple, what's more, he too was a fighter.

’’That's right.’’

Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan laughed, the two babies in the crib beside were climbing around, laughing and having fun.

’’Why hasn't Xu Xin returned?’’ Gong Xin Lan couldn't help but gaze outside anxiously.

’’Right now, Little Xin has dived into her work, it's also a good thing.’’ Luo Hong Guo laughed, Gong Xin Lan nodded, right...if she tried to commit suicide again that would be bad.


Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan's vision immediately blurred, Pu tong! Pu Tong! Pu Tong! The group of body guards outside the yard all collapsed. The two nannies within the house too collapsed, Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan had collapsed on the table, no movement.


All that could be heard was the sound of the two babies.

’’Who!’’ Luo Hua looked coldly outside.

’’Mr Luo, how are you.’’

Two men dressed in black western suits smiled as they walked in, as though they were returning home. One of them was a white man while the other resembled more of a southern Asian. The southern Asian man smiled, ’’Relax, they've only been put to sleep, I haven't killed them.’’

’’Two representatives making such a grand appearance, I wonder what's the matter?’’ Luo Hua said solemnly.

’’Nothing, just taking a few things that belong to Star travellers, and things that normal people have no right to keep.’’ The southern Asian man smiled, ’’Relax, I won't kill anybody, however...I hope you stay calm, the moment you order those metal robots out, I will immediately, to these people...’’

’’Boom!’’ He made an exaggerated expression, ’’Cause their souls to explode.’’

’’Sago Nehru, you are the only Star traveller spirit reader in the world right now, do you have to do such things?’’ Luo Hua said solemnly, he knew, no matter how fast the robots were, they weren't as fast as a Spirit reader's thoughts.

Sago Nehru.

India's genius spirit reader, ever since Luo Feng and Eastbourne had fallen, Nehru, who had recently just broken through, was the only Star traveller level spirit reader left.

’’There's a need, of course there is.’’ Sago Nehru smiled, ’’Mr. Luo, I believe you know a bit about the current state of affairs of the world. Do you think...the treasures that Luo Feng left behind in your family will be left alone? Also, just leaving them in your Luo family is a waste.’’

’’Hm, Mu Ya crystal?’’ Sago Nehru smiled, ’’they are actually hidden in a room underground?’’

’’Wow, 18 Mu Ya Crystals? And quite a few spirits of nature? What a big haul, Luo Feng's haul was really big.’’ Sago Nehru was extremely surprised.

Luo Hua's expression turned ashen.

He understood, the enemy was using his spirit energy to search.

’’How do you control those metal robots?’’ Sago Nehru looked at Luo Hua.

’’No one can control them.’’ Luo Hua shook his head, ’’Even I cannot, my brother left them an order to protect our family. They'll always follow only his command.’’


Sago Nehru nodded, he understood.


The underground door automatically opened, a briefcase floated up, he extended his arm to grab it.


Sago Nehru smiled, ’’I'll give you some advice, only with great power can you own such great treasures. Otherwise...Hehe, as for those robots, they are powerful. But they are after all just robots. Oh, even with a distance of a few hundred meters, I still can instantly destroy the souls of your family.’’

’’So, don't do anything stupid.’’

’’Wei Nuo, let's go.’’ Sago Nehru turned and left, Representative Wei Nuo followed behind.

Luo Hua watched as they left, not daring to make a move.

The disc shaped battleship flew at least 300m away, even on the battleship, Sago Nehru's spirit attack could easily instantly kill all of the Luo Family.


Standing at the window, watching as the battleship left, Luo Hua's expression was ugly.

Luckily, he had split the 60 Mu Ya Crystals into several portions, storing them in different locations. These 18 crystals, were already very shocking to the two representatives. Afterall, Hong and Thunder God had only acquired a total of about 10 crystals.

’’What happened, what happened earlier?’’

’’What's wrong with me?’’

Bodyguards, nannies, Luo Hong Guo and others awoke, Luo Hua was helping them and the others, not telling what exactly happened.

There was no way...

Luo Hua could only admit, against fighters, the metal robots could still quickly resist! However, against a spirit reader and their spiritual attacks, the metal robots had no way to defend.

When the incident occurred, all of the conversation etc, were all heard by the metal robots and transmitted to Babata, naturally Luo Feng too knew of it!

’’Wei Nuo? Sago Nehru?’’

The golden horned monster which was over 300m long, deep in the ferocious ocean, its dark golden pupils were raging, ’’Babata, you said that they are now working with the fifth chairman Atkin, that cowardly turtle, keeping a low profile, even during the swallowing monster incident, he didn't even show his face. Now he's showing his ambition! I've always despised him, now...’’

’’Atkin! Sago Nehru!’’

Luo Feng was extremely angry.

Being unable to visit his loved ones before, he was already very regretful. To think that Atkin and a few others, because of their greed actually dared play with their lives.

No matter his rage, Luo Feng had to endure! Even though the days of holding in his rage seemed like years.


The first nurturing had succeeded, year 2061, June 2nd. That was the day Luo Feng would break out from his shell!


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