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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 55


Volume 08 Chapter 55 - The Golden Horned Beast's Ultimate Move

’’Rumble, rumble...’’

It's increase in power was obvious after its strengthening, every claw and step it took, every swing of it's tail, every wave of its wings was much stronger than before. The three little teams didn't have the same initial feeling of playing a game anymore, rather, they started to feel exhaustion, both sides were stuck in a deadlock, evenly matched.

’’Captain!’’ Aheman and Ahbuluote shouted, every word they shouted, they relied on raw energy to transmit.

The theory behind using raw energy (Basic energy) to transmit sound was very simple.

It was similar to putting the raw energy into the telephone lines communications, allowing the sound to swiftly travel to its desired location. This was a universe warrior's commonly used trick. As for those with spirit energy, raw energy spirit readers, fighters, they all had their own unique ways and tricks, transmitting sound with raw energy was just one of them.


Tuo Lei Wu's eyes were filled with excitement, the pure and powerful energy of a Star level flowed throughout his entire body, even through his hands and into that battle axe.

’’Understood!’’ Aheman and Ahbuluote too were getting excited.


They begun their ultimate technique!

It was extremely difficult for all fifteen of the Nuolan Shan guards to fully coordinate and do a powerful combined attack. However, just the three Tuo Lei Wu, Aheman and Ahbuluote could work together to produce the best result, unleashing the strongest attack. And with Ahbuluote and Aheman's assistance, Tuo Lei Wu as the blade, they could unleash a devastating attack.

’’Rumble! Rumble Rumble!’’

Three glaring beams of light combined into one, after, an even more glaring blurred image of a golden battle axe was slashing towards the Golden Horned Beast.


The Golden Horned Beast didn't evade at all, using its powerful sharp claws that were almost like pillars of the skies to trample hard! Tuo Lei Wu and the other two seemed to not care about attacking anywhere else, maybe they were worried about killing the Golden Horned Beast, hence they meet force with force! The golden battle axe against the claws clashed together!

’’Howl...’’An enraged cry of pain resounded.

Fresh blood splattered, the scales on the claws had been slashed through, a large wound had appeared below the meat of the claws, almost as through the claw itself was slashed into two.

’’That bastard's scale defense is incredibly strong.’’

’’Let's do it a few more times.’’

’’We'll damage him enough before capturing him alive.’’

’’Haha, let's do it.’’

Tuo Lei Wu and the other captains were very excited, the twelve other Nuolan Shan guards further away were standing back watching the show. And the injured Golden Horned Beast's eyes flickered with a chill, its mouth opened once again, an object wrapped in an energy bubble flew out...that was...a knife blade from a damaged weapon?

No, it was Luo Feng's strongest weapon...the hybrid copper essence shard!

Under the effects of the natural ability of strengthening, with the power of the mysterious golden engravings amplifying its powers, whether it was speed or others etc, even its attacks with its soul had been greatly elevated. The strengthened Golden Horned Beast coupled with the hybrid copper essence shard, just how powerful was it?

Xiu xiu xiu xiu...

The revolving hybrid copper essence danced around, just like a beam of light, in a flash, it swept past Tuo Lei Wu and the other two captains.

’’That is...’’

Tuo Lei Wu's eyes stared hard and wide, that blurry beam of light had already reached right before him, his hard and solid helmet was immediately sliced open, following that, the two captains beside also had their heads sliced open, perishing immediately.

They were dead!

The three captains died in one move!

This scene caused the distant twelve other Nuolan Shan guards to be completely shocked.

’’My god!’’

’’That's impossible!’’

’’Quickly retreat!!!’’ One of the Nuolan Shan guards turned to escape, the others were shaken back to reality, without hesitation, they chose to disperse and escape.

Xiu xiu xiu xiu...

A blurry blood red beam of light, moving at its peak speed. It was much faster than the Nuolan Shan guards' speeds, bending in an arc beam of light, just like a Tanghulu (Chinese candy on a stick), piercing through the heads of the Nuolan Shan guards one by one. Less than 0.001 seconds had passed and the twelve Nuolan guards' heads were all pierced through, completely and utterly dead.

The enormous mountain like Golden Horned Beast's eyes were ice cold, sweeping its gaze past each and every body, the meat under its claws were already rapidly regenerating, swiftly recovering.


The Golden Horned Beast vanished.

A black haired man dressed in a blood red battle uniform appeared in mid air, as the Golden Horned Beast's enormous body had suddenly vanished, the surrounding large amounts of sea water began to madly rush back to fill the space.

’’I would say the experiment could be considered a success.’’

’’The Golden Horned Beast's power, I finally have a good grasp of it within my mind.’’

’’Hm, under the effects of the strengthening coupled with the strongest weapon, the hybrid copper essence shard, it's indeed absurdly strong.’’ Luo Feng thought about the many scenarios and ideas, before ordering with his mind, ’’Babata, when we return, let's camouflage and cover up the hybrid copper essence, make it unrecognizable as a hybrid copper essence.’’

After finishing his order.

Luo Feng, who was still deep underwater, gazed around at the surrounding bodies of the Nuolan Shan guards, his lips curling into a slight smile. Before the battle had even begun, the outcome had already been decided!

Within the virtual universe.

Pula was excitedly and respectfully standing in front of a screen, on it, were the Nuolan Shan family's three original heads. The head ancestor Nuolan Shan, who was dressed in a dark green battle uniform, had flame of excitement within his eyes, ’’It's alive? That Golden Horned Beast infant is actually alive? You are sure?’’

’’Yes, I am sure. This is the footage that Tuo Lei Wu and his party just sent, please take a look Head Ancestor.’’ Pula replied loudly.

The footage was played.


Nuolan Shan and the other two heads stared hard.

’’Yes, it's the Golden Horned Beast, two horns? Looking at the length of the horns, it should be about Star level 7.’’ Nuolan Shan nodded, ’’A Star level 7 Golden Horned Beast, fifteen Nuolan Shan guards combining forces should definitely have the advantage!’’

’’Head Ancestor.’’ Yuke and Dewen, the other 2 heads, looked at the Head Ancestor, Dewen couldn't help but say, ’’Do the Nuolan Shan guards have a chance of capturing it alive?’’

’’There's hope.’’

Nuolan Shan nodded, taking a deep breath, with loads of pressure, he was still feeling extreme excitement.

My God!

This was the Golden Horned Beast, the elite bloodline in the universe, it's numbers were even smaller than the Undying Beings. One Golden Horned Beast infant, even the Undying Beings would fight for it! He, Nuolan Shan, a Universe level 9, was considered quite a prominent person in the universe, he actually had hopes of acquiring a Golden Horned Beast infant? was too unbelievable.

’’Oh! If we do manage to get the Golden Horned Beast, with my Battle-axe warrior title, I can sell the infant through the Battle-axe Colosseum, getting unbelievable rewards Nuolan Shan had already thought of how to deal with the Golden Horned Beast infant, to ordinary people, this sort of treasure would only bring about harm to oneself.

Even a Universe level warrior would have difficulty handling the Golden Horned Beast infant.

But Nuolan Shan had his own safe methods!

’’Immediately contact all the members on Earth.’’

’’I would like to personally question them.’’ Nuolan Shan said.

Pula immediately began to contact the sixty members on Earth.

Dida! Dida!

’’Why isn't anyone answering?’’

’’Even if they were engaged in battle with the Golden Horned Beast, the Star level 7 and 8 members shouldn't actually need to participate right?’’

’’Silence.’’ The head ancestor Nuolan Shan snorted softly.

Seconds passed, the three heads and Pula were all anxiously waiting, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes...the expression on the head ancestor's face, gradually changed from holding back his excitement, to creasing his eyebrows, and later grew uglier as time passed, it became ashen later on and finally expressionless, his eyes looked ready to devour anybody.

’’Don't bother, they are dead, they are all dead.’’ Nuolan Shan said.

The other two heads and Pula's expressions were extremely ugly.


They understood, those people were all dead.

Pula's call request would never be ignored by those people, they wouldn't dare to not answer. Secondly, even if they were engaged in capturing the Golden Horned Beast alive, the Star level 7 and 8 members didn't need to participate in the battle at all, and they weren't even answering...this meant to say that the Star level 7 and 8 members were all dead. As for the group of Star level 9 Nuolan guards, even if they were engaged in battle, the battle between the strong usually was extremely short.

Such a long time had passed without anyone answering, obviously...

They were all dead!

The plan they had this time, had failed!

Within the vast Black Dragon Mountain star field, amongst the over 500 countries, there was one elite...the Kalo Empire, this empire had a territory of twenty six galaxies, one had to know, many smaller and weaker universe low level empires only had two galaxies! The Silverblue Empire was one of the bigger and stronger ones.

Within the Kalo Empire, there was a well renowned planet, the Ice Mist Star.

The Ice Mist Star was the old nest of the Nuolan Shan family. Over 3000 Noulan guards gathered there, along with 30,000 Ice Mist guards, the requirements to being accepted into the Ice Mist guards had to reach the Star level! Meaning to say, the entire planet had tens of thousands of star level warriors.

This level of power, was simply terrifying.

The Kalo Empire's third family!

To be deemed as the third strongest, it wasn't just based on Nuolan Shan alone, no matter how powerful Nuolan Shan was, he after all was just one person. One had to rely on the large armies under him! To be directly above over one thousand life planets, using Star levels from his army, within the surrounding tens of thousands of life planets, the Nuolan Shan family's power was the strongest within that galaxy!


The cold wind howled.

Ice Mist Star was well known for its cold climate, within the extreme north regions where it was uninhabited and desolate, there was a black mountain, its temperature here was even colder and shocking than the rest of the planet.

’’Sou! Sou!’’

Two human silhouettes pierced through the sky and headed towards the black mountain, one of the two had pointy ears, he was a member of the Nuolan Shan family. The other was dressed in a black robe, vaguely on his forehead was a fine curved little horn. The two flew directly into one of the caves within the black mountain.

Deep in the cave.

Dressed in a dark green battle uniform, a man whose entire body emanated a chilly air sat crossed legged quietly on a black stone.

’’Head Ancestor.’’


The two bowed respectfully.

’’Dewen, Baikalo.’’ The man sitting crossed legged quietly opened his eyes, gazing at the two, his gaze had a sense of gentleness, ’’You two know the situation, your target is Earth! The first target is that automaton ship. As for the Golden Horned Beast infant...let's leave it to luck.’’

’’Head Ancestor, we still have some hope to capture that infant beast.’’ Dewen said.


The Head Ancestor Nuolan Shan shook his head slightly, ’’The Golden Horned Beast's intellect is extremely high, it's very crafty and after experiencing danger, there's a very high percentage chance that it'll leave Earth! It roams the universe, and you two will take at least two years to reach Earth. Without a target, how will you find it?’’ How will you find a target within the universe?

The two went silent.

’’Go on!’’

’’Bring the automaton ship back, as for the Golden Horned Beast, let's leave it to luck.’’ The Head Ancestor Nuolan Shan said.

’’Yes, Head Ancestor (Teacher)!’’

The two universe level warriors complied respectfully.

Within the virtual universe, in a corner of a noisy bar, Luo Feng sat with his eyes closed.

’’Luo Feng, I've already made the order. I've ordered a large batch of items with regards to planet security and defenses, defensive satellites etc, when the time comes, the entire solar system area will become an extremely secure and tight security system! If those universe ships ever appear within the solar system, we'd definitely discover them immediately.’’

Hearing those words from Babata, Luo Feng was satisfied.

The crisis this time was finally averted, from Xu Xin and the others being held hostage, he knew that this batch of people had an initial number of eighty and four captains. One of the teams had left and headed towards the coordinates within the universe as Luo Feng had suggested, the other three groups were killed by Luo Feng. As for the remaining one team, Luo Feng didn't think of them as a threat, however...he didn't dare be careless!

Earth had already suffered enough for its inferior technology.

Hence, Luo Feng wanted to buy an entire set of planet defense systems! These sort of things were extremely expensive, normal planets within the universe usually only installed low grade planet defense systems, while Luo Feng picked the highest grade.

It was to be installed over the entire solar system!

The entire solar system would be under surveillance! This was something akin to what the black dragon mountain empire would do, those ship camouflaging systems etc, wouldn't even be able to hide themselves and would be totally visible.

’’Also, I would like to install several security surveillance systems around that wormhole, the moment a ship flies through the wormhole, I would like to know as quickly as possible.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’The Nuolan Shan family probably wouldn't give up.’’

’’Relax, I've thought about it long ago.’’ Babata shouted.

Everything was adequately prepared.

Earth was already out of trouble but it was still unsafe, when the planet defense systems were ready, that was when Luo Feng could relax a little. As for the Nuolan Shan family, even if they really sent anybody else, it would still be 2 years 8 months before they arrived.

’’Third brother.’’

’’Third brother.’’

Hong and Thunder God entered the bar, walking immediately towards Luo Feng. Before, the two had already been informed by Luo Feng, they knew of the crisis being averted and the meeting time and place Luo Feng had arranged.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng looked up and got a shock, his two big brothers felt somewhat different from before.

’’Where have you two gone? You feel somewhat different from before.’’ Luo Feng was suspicious.

’’Haha, I've said it, third brother is very sensitive, he would definitely be aware of it.’’ Thunder God laughed.

’’I even thought that my feeling was wrong.’’ Luo Feng looked curiously at the two.

’’Right, we went to a very special place.’’ Hong laughed too.

’’What place?’’ Luo Feng was curious.

Hong and Thunder God glanced at each other.

’’Stop keeping me in suspense.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but urge.

Hong smiled, saying one syllable at a time: ’’!’’

Luo Feng creased his eyebrows suspiciously, muttering to himself: ’’The Killing Fields?’’


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