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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 54


Volume 08 Chapter 54 - The Power of the Golden Horned Beast

’’Swallowing beast.’’

’’Haha, a living swallowing beast.’’

Tuo Lei Wu, Aheman, Abuluote, the three captains were shouting out in excitement, the other members were also extremely excited. They were very clear on the rules of the Nuolan Shan family, the bigger the amount of work put in, naturally the bigger the reward! If they were to capture a the Swallowing Beast alive, the reward would definitely be shocking.

How could they not be excited?

’’That's not right.’’ Tuo Lei Wu suddenly stopped.

’’Aheman, Abuluote, bring your men and chase the Swallowing Beast, I'll come over in a bit.’’ Tuo Lei Wu ordered.


Aheman and Abuluote both brought the others and swiftly vanished into the distant boundaries of the sky, Tuo Lei Wu floated in mid air, his consciousness immediately entering the virtual universe network, sending a message to his superior... ’’Lord Pula, the Golden Horned Beast isn't dead. It's still alive! And it's resurfaced on Earth! This is the footage taken from the other members!’’ Simultaneously, he sent the footage along.

After which, Tuo Lei Wu immediately left the Virtual Universe Network.


Just as Tuo Lei Wu's body plunged into the ocean, creating waves that burst from the surface. As his physical body was in an unconsciousness state, it naturally fell straight into the ocean.

’’Ok, I've informed the family. Now...’’ Tuo Lei Wu burst out from the ocean and flew, licking his lips, both eyes gleaming green, ’’It's time for me to work!’’

’’Capturing the Golden Horned Beast alive, hahahaha...’’

Tuo Lei Wu became a beam of light and travelled at shocking speed, breaking through the air and chasing the others.

At that time, Tuo Lei Wu saw, in front of him in mid air was a group of Nuolan Shan guards dressed in battle uniforms, appearances different from each all floating.

’’What's the matter?’’ Tuo Lei Wu raged, ’’Why aren't you chasing it?’’


Aheman and Abuluote turned to look over, ’’The Swallowing Beast in underwater, we can't even see it with our eyes, however, captain, don't you think this place reeks of blood?’’

’’Reeks of blood?’’ Tuo Lei Wu sniffed.

Star level 9 warriors, be it listening, or olfactory senses, they were all much more adept than ordinary people. Carefully sniffing, he could smell in the surrounding air the strong smell of blood.

’’We tried contacting the other members, none of them answered.’’

’’No answer at all.’’

’’All the Star level 8 and 7 warriors, they were all the same.’’

Aheman and Abuluote were very solemn. This caused Tuo Lei Wu to be taken aback, none of the other groups were responding at all? This, this was too crazy. One had to know that the two groups were only separated for a few minutes and within that short time, forty four members had all perished? Tuo Lei Wu questioned himself, even though he was top 10 within the 8000 strong Nuolan Shan guards, to kill all 44 members, although possible, would still require sufficient time.

’’This Swallowing Beast is that powerful?’’ Tuo Lei Wu creased his eyebrows, lowering his head to survey the surface of the ocean.

With his vision and sight...

He could indeed see a black shadow at the bottom of the sea bed!

’’Di.’’ Tuo Lei Wu's AI computer on his arm rang, ’’Do a long distance scan.’’

’’Master, the space beast below is at the Star level 7.’’


Beside, a group of Nuolan Shan guards in mid air glanced at each other, discussing in hushed voices.

About 2000m below the surface.

Almost like an enormous mountain, the golden horned beast lay on the sea bed, it's body length was over 700m, it's scaled tail length was close to its body's length.

That's right!

Star level 7!

Back when Luo Feng first left earth to head to Dragon Star, the Golden Horned Beast at the time was only a Star level 4! According to the Golden Horned Beast's regular training...

The first three Star levels added together was completed in a year and a half.

The Star level 4, 5 and 6, breaking through each level would require two years.

Star level 7, 8, and 9, every level would require twelve years.

For the Star level to break through to the Universe level 1, it would actually require over fifty years.

Back when Luo Feng sold the arc cutter blade, and later spending up to a billion Black Dragon dollars to buy large amounts of metal groupings, his evolution efficiency rose to 51 times. After that time, Luo Feng remained on Earth and trained even more, when the universe explorers came. Three months later, the family fleet came, and later left due to the empire laws, secretly leaving an elite group of members to work as space pirates and conduct their search.

Another six or seven days later, Luo Feng began his battle with the remaining elite group!

This meant to say!

Luo Feng's metal groupings that rose his evolution efficiency by 51 times had been in effect for about four and a half months!

Four and a half months, 51 times normal evolution speed, faster than the regular evolution by 19 years!

The Star levels 4 to 6, required four years! Levels 6 to 7 required twelve years! Hence...the Golden Horned Beast currently indeed had the power of a Star level 7. If it were another two or three months later, the Golden Horned Beast's body would have been a Star level 8.

Star level 7 Golden Horned Beast!

Just how strong was it?

One had to know, those that receive special training and instructions, elites that possessed powerful spirit weapons, would be able to battle enemies two to three levels above! Just like how Luo Feng was easily able to overpower three to four levels above him, the main reason of course was that the warriors of Earth didn't have a system for training, and no good weapons. To be bullied by Luo Feng wouldn't be strange at all.

In the vast universe.

Large amounts of power nurturing the elites, overpowering two to three levels above, that was a very normal thing!

And the Golden Horned Beast?

If it was the same grade and level, the Golden Horned Beast could be deemed invincible! Only an extremely small percentage or chance might appear, that someone of the same grade and level would be able to win over the absolute genius of the Golden Horned Beast. That would be an absolute monster of an existence!

Back when the Golden Horned Beast was only at Star level 1.

Hong and Thunder God, who were both deemed invincible among the star travellers and had their own domains! When they first began their soul immolation, they actually couldn't even break through the Golden Horned Beast's scales. It was only finally after Hong, who had reached Domain level 2, released his strongest technique before he managed to break through! It wasn't that Star level 1 warriors were that powerful, it was the Golden Horned Beast itself that was insanely strong!

Back when Luo Feng began his soul immolation, using the secret technique of the Yun Mo Planet, heavily wounding the Golden Horned Beast with his attack...

He still had no way of breaking through the Golden Horned Beast's soul defenses.

It was only because of the soul imprint his teacher left within him immolated and became his attack that finally led to him breaking through the Golden Horned Beast! The reason why it was so difficult back then was simply because the Golden Horned Beast was insanely powerful!

Human geniuses from the universe, there exist Star level 7 warriors who could kill Star level 9 warriors in a one on one fight.

A Star level 7 Golden Horned Beast?

Against the Star level 7 humans, 99.99% of them could instantly be swallowed with the natural ability and killed. It was too simple, against Star level 8 was still a complete massacre with strength! When against Star level 9 humans, it would still hold the advantage, able to kill one or two of them. However against a group of human Star level 9 warriors...

It was indeed still troubling!

The main important thing was, within this group of human Star level 9 warriors, there were extremely strong warriors.

Like Tuo Lei Wu, he alone was able to battle up to ten normal Star level 9 warriors! Same grade and level, their battle abilities were still vastly different.


The Golden Horned Beast submerged itself in the ocean, in there, its power wasn't affected. However, the Nuolan Shan guards would be affected greatly.

In the air above the ocean.

’’Listen to my orders.’’

’’Three little teams, will attack simultaneously from three directions! I don't believe that a Star level 7 Swallowing Beast, against fifteen of us Nuolan Shan guards will be able to win!’’ Tuo Lei Wu's greenish eyes looked savage.

’’Capture the Swallowing Beast alive.’’ Aheman roared.

’’Yes, capture it alive.’’ Abuluote shouted too.


Tuo Lei Wu's booming voice resounded.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Three little teams became like long-chained beams of light, plunging straight into the ocean.


With a 2000m distance, against this level of battle plan, it was indeed a joke!


The Golden Horned Beast which was like a mountain let out a cry of happiness, lifting its head, a huge pair of eyes looking at the three beams of light heading down towards the seabed from above.


It's huge tail was like an enormous python, piercing through the ocean and immediately sweeping at one of the group of elites. ’’Attack!!!’’ This group of elite's leader Aheman roared out, at the time, ordinary weapon after weapon was brandished, they were extremely glaring, directed straight towards the tail which was sweeping towards them. The weapon Aheman was using was only a level 1 normal energy weapon.


The Nuolan Shan guards were all fitted with energy weapons (and armor), spirit weapons (and armor). However according to their battle strength, normal Nuolan Shan guards used only ordinary energy weapons that were very cheap. The more powerful ones, like Aheman, Abuluote, used level 1 energy weapons, they were extremely effective in adding to one's power.

And as for Tuo Lei Wu this sort of absolute elite, he was allocated with the optimum level 2 energy spirit weapon capable of allowing him to use his power to its maximum.


The scaled tail swept past fiercely, smashing into two of the energy weapons, breaking them before they vanished.

’’My hands have gone numb.’’

’’It's definitely energetic.’’ Aheman shouted proudly.

And the man behind all the planning and attack, Tuo Lei Wu couldn't help but smile as he saw the situation, against an enemy two levels below him, even though it was the renowned Golden Horned Beast, they had teams of five all attacking together! If even this didn't allow them to gain the upper hand, then it would be too insane.

’’Surround and attack!’’ Tuo Lei Wu ordered.

’’Yes.’’ Aheman roared excitedly.

’’Kill.’’ Abuluote's eyes gleamed.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Chaos erupted within the blink of an eye, the three groups of Nuolan guards were madly surrounding the Golden Horned Beast and attacking, the Golden Horned Beast was indeed powerful, however under the well coordinated attacks of carefully and well trained from the Nuolan Shan family heirs personally, the fifteen Nuolan Shan guards made the Golden Horned Beast do nothing but put up a struggle. It was completely disadvantaged.

’’Howl...’’A loud mad voice roared.

The golden engravings on the golden horned beast's black horns began to glow, incredibly glaring, and after, following the flow of the golden light, flowing through the golden engravings into its four claws, tail and wings.

One of the three great natural abilities, strengthening!

’’This bastard is playing with his life now.’’ Aheman shouted.

’’Don't kill it, we need to capture it alive.’’ Tuo Lei Wu shouted.


Its enormous claws fiercely stomped, Abuluote and his group of members madly brandished their weapons, ’’Rumble...’’ with that, the Golden Horned Beast violently trampled on three energy weapons, the Golden Horned Beast's enormous body that was like a mountain staggered, and Abuluote's team of five immediately separated after the attack, amongst them two members shouted out in pain and spit out fresh blood.

’’It's become so strong suddenly?’’

’’It's too sick.’’

Aheman and Abuluote stared wide eyed, two levels below them, and it could actually fend off five human warriors?


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