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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 53


Volume 08 Chapter 53 - Bloodbath at Sea

Within the universe ship, the leaders of the five countries were breathing anxiously, obviously the scene from before happened too quickly, suddenly they were wrapped in the cloud contact vine's leaves, not having a chance to react to anything.

The cloud contact armor swiftly retracted, revealing Luo Feng's face.

’’Luo Feng?’’

’’Mr. Luo Feng?’’

The leaders of the countries all looked shocked at the person before them, following with expressions of elation and joy, they understood they had been saved. Beside them, Xu Xin and Luo Hua looked even happier, Xu Xin rushed straight into Luo Feng's chest, hugging him tightly: ’’I was afraid, afraid that I would never get to see you again, and that I would never see Ping Ping and Little Hai...’’

’’It's fine now, darling.’’ Luo Feng said softly.

They hugged for awhile before Luo Feng released her.

’’Attention all.’’ Luo Feng looked at the others, ’’I still have matters to attend to, I request for you all to wait within the universe ship for the moment, it's extremely safe within here.’’

’’Bro, be careful.’’ Luo Hua said.

Luo Feng laughed before gently pinching the cheeks of his wife's little face. After that, he turned and swiftly left, flying out the cabin!

Above the Pacific Ocean.

Luo Feng raised his head to see the universe ship in mid air disappear into the borders of the sky.

’’It's time to truly battle it out at least once!’’

’’Those scum from the Nuolan Shan family, they really think of Earth as their backyard, playing with whatever they want!’’ Luo Feng floated in mid air, gazing far at the direction of South America, smiling coldly before plunging straight into the ocean below. With a splash and ripples of waves splashing about, Luo Feng entered towards the sea bed.

Luo Feng's internal world.

The large land enshrouded in golden mist, the Golden Horned Beast that was originally occupying the metal land suddenly disappeared, at the same time, a human male appeared within. According to theory, within this internal world, whether it was metal or human flesh and blood, the moment they entered, they would immediately be broken down and killed.

Back when the Golden Horned Beast attacked, that was how it swallowed the battle bases.

This level of decomposition power, was a natural ability from the internal world.

When Luo Feng appeared...the energy actually reacted as though it had discovered its own child, wrapping itself around Luo Feng, not hurting him at all!

’’Luo Feng, later, just go ahead and kill to your heart's content!’’

’’When I created the auxiliary AI to meld into that ship, I already linked it to the Earth's satellite network, any footage or pictures of this entire sea's happenings will immediately be deleted, relax, no one will discover you.’’

To chase and slaughter!

The extremely enraged Nuolan Shan family little elite team, had been madly pursuing Luo Feng's eight Star level 9 slaves. Their bloodthirsty close quarter fight extended to tens of thousands of km, however their speeds were simply too fast, every second equated to 50km, after a few minutes of work, they had rushed over from South America to where Luo Feng had concealed himself.

’’Hua hua...’’

The ocean slightly rippled, the sun was incredibly glaring.

’’Bastard, bastard, bastard!!!’’ Tuo Lei Wu was roaring with rage within, not long ago, he even told the Head Ancestor that he was extremely confident with guarantee... ’’Head Ancestor, there definitely won't be any problems, I dare to guarantee with my life!’’ However in the blink of an eye, all his hostages were taken away, how could he not be angry?

Chase him down and kill him!

They had the numbers, successfully killing one of the enemy's Star level 9 warrriors, while losing themselves a Star level 8.

’’Not one of you is escaping!’’ Tuo Lei Wu's eyes glared.

Fifteen Star level 9 warriors were chasing down seven Star level 9 warriors!

The Star level 9 warriors were flying far head while the eighteen Star level 8 warriors were obviously slower by quite a bit, the twenty six Star level 7 warriors were even further behind.

And just when Tuo Lei Wu and a group of the Star level 9 warriors just flew over from that side of the ocean, the originally peaceful ocean suddenly erupted and burst open, almost as though an enormous black creature was rising from the seabed, gradually, revealing its sharp blades, silhouette that was just like a huge mountain.


’’What's that?’’

The eighteen Star level 8 warriors caught up from behind, they were extremely vigilant, such an enormous figure, caused so much commotion, how could they not discover it?

’’Why do I feel that it resembles the Swallowing Beast from the data.’’ A group of members looked carefully.

’’Swallowing Beast???’’

’’Quickly look!’’

’’It truly looks like it!’’

’’It's indeed similar, the scales on its back even have golden engravings.’’

’’It's head is about to surface.’’

The Swallowing Beast was incredibly important, compared to chasing down those Star level 9 warriors before, that didn't have any meaning anymore. At this time, a group from behind...the twenty six Star level 7 warriors finally caught up.

Under the careful scrutiny of the Nuolan Shan family's elite little team who were floating in mid air, among the lashing of waves, an incredible enormous head, just it's head alone was over 100m huge, meaning to head alone was bigger than earth's normal high school's football fields!

The huge and vast back, was just like a mountain!

Incomparably huge!

However, this group of elite members, who were from the universe, having experienced much and seen extensively, were all very calm.

’’Hua la!’’

This huge beast finally broke out from the water's surface, the ocean lashed at it's entire body of piercing black scales, under the glare of the sun, its reflection was incredibly glaring. It's huge head's most eye-catching point was obviously, the two black horns that pierced the sky and made people tremble, wrapped about the horns were tight and peculiar golden engravings, causing the black horns to look, at first glance, like they were golden.

A pair of huge dark golden pupils!

Almost as though it were the eyes of heaven and earth!

Ice cold, brutal and savage!

’’Swallowing Beast!!!’’ One member from the group shouted loudly.

’’It's the Swallowing Beast!’’

’’That's it, that's it’’

The Nuolan Shan family's elite group of members, none of them were feeling fear, rather, they all shouted in excitement.

’’Quickly inform the captain!’’


’’This is too good, this swallowing beast is actually still alive.’’

Tuo Lei Wu and the other fifteen Nuolan Shan guards were still engaged in chasing.

’’They really run fast.’’ Tuo Lei Wu was so enraged that his teeth itched, other than killing one of the enemies amidst the initial chaos, he couldn't kill any at all during the chase. As the enemy was focusing all their power on escaping, to actually be able to kill while chasing was difficult. However the moment Tuo Lei Wu thought about the guarantee he made towards the Head Ancestor, and the way things were now, he couldn't help but grow more enraged.

’’Du du.’’

The quantum computer on his arm vibrated.

’’Captain, captain, it's the Swallowing Beast, a living Swallowing Beast!’’ An excited voice resounded, simultaneously, the screen appeared with the footage of the Golden Horned Beast gradually appearing from the sea bed.

’’My god!’’

Tuo Lei Wu's eyes stared wide, the scene from the quantum computer made his heart and spirit tremble, the other members didn't know about the Golden Horned Beast but he did! That was the Golden Horned Beast, the most elite bloodline amongst the space beasts, the moment it matured, it would be the pinnacle of Sector Lord level 9!

Similar to the Undying Beings, just as invincible!

The most elite bloodline, an almost extinct race, much less than even the Undying Beings and warriors.

’’This is the Golden Horned Beast, and it's still an infant.’’ Tuo Lei Wu had a feeling of admiration, the legendary pinnacle of space beasts, the Golden Horned Beast was the true presence of power, with a slight movement of its legs, a wave of its tail, it could shave away at layers of a planet, with its full power, it could easily destroy an entire planet!

This was the elite Golden Horned Beast!

The pinnacle existence of Sector Lords!

’’Quickly, capture it.’’ Tuo Lei Wu raged.

’’Everybody, stop chasing, quickly, follow me.’’ Tuo Lei Wu informed the other fourteen members through the AI computer with the video, giving the order. There were some who were still curious as to why they were stopping, however after seeing the footage, they all grew excited and began to shout, incomparably excited as they turned and flew back.

The air above the ocean.

’’Capture it!’’

’’Capture it alive!’’ The eighteen Star level 8 and twenty six Star level 7 warriors, the group members were extremely excited.

The Golden Horned Beast that gradually surfaced looked above and surveyed the fastest and the ones in front, the group of Star level 8 warriors, its eyes filled with a thread of killing intent.


A scaled tail that shook the earth moved at a shocking speed sweeping past the air, towards the eighteen Star level 8 warriors, nine of which were hit by it, the first five who were immediately and directly hit by the tail were instantly split apart, fresh blood scattering with limbs flung all over, the remaining four were either crippled or heavily damaged.

’’Don't use force to fight with it, use skill.’’

’’It's body is huge, within a small space, it won't be able to react as quickly as humans.’’

The other members were terrified to the point of sweating cold sweat, each becoming like thunder snakes with movements that were hard to trace and capture.

This was indeed a weak point of the Golden Horned Beast, back when Hong and Thunder God immolated their souls and faced the Golden Horned Beast, they relied on their small stature and quick reflexes to attack. an elite of the bloodlines, the Golden Horned Beast also had methods to supplement its weaknesses, that being its entire body was a weapon!

Claws! Horns! Tail! Wings!

’’Hu la!’’

The Golden Horned Beast whose speed was exploding, with a wave of it's huge wings, it's wings were totally covered in scales, at its sides were the incredibly sharp and piercing scales, when the beast's speed exploded, and it's wings waved madly, ’’Ah!’’ those brushed by the enormous wings were immediately cut into three chunks.

’’Its scales' defenses are too ...’’ a member shouted out loudly, his body instantly slashed into chunks by the sharp and incredibly fast claws, fresh blood flew all over.


’’It's too strong...’’

With a tail length comparable to it's entire body, the scaled tail fiercely swung, just like a whip suddenly brushing past three members, slicing them open alive! Against over ten Star level 9 warriors would be somewhat troublesome, however against Star level 8 and 7 warriors, for the Golden Horned Beast that had already reached Star level 7, was simply just a massacre!

It's four claws, were recklessly clawing about!

It's two wings madly waving, it was just like two overcast clouds engulfing everything!

The most extreme waving and fastest was still the tail!

At this time!

Eighteen Star level 8 warriors were all killed, yes, the Golden Horned Beast purposefully aimed to kill all the Star level 8 warriors.



’’Quickly escape!’’ The Star level 7 warriors were all distressed and frantic.

At this time, the Golden Horned Beast's eyes had a sense of bloodlust and madness, it opened it's bloody mouth wide, immediately, a formless energy engulfed the space around, completely surrounding the Star level 7 warriors of the Nuolan Shan family's elite group. The members bodies all gradually shrank and flew into the Golden Horned Beast's mouth.

The closer they got to its mouth, the smaller they got.

Until the point where they couldn't get any smaller, they vanished into the black hole within the Golden Horned Beast's mouth.

One of its three natural abilities, swallowing!

The swallowing technique, was a natural ability that was for training, it was for swallowing large amounts of metal into the internal world, it however had it's own attacking properties, anything weaker than itself, it could instantly swallow and kill.

’’Burp!’’ The Golden Horned Beast seemed like it hiccupped, looking at the over ten beams of light swiftly flying over, it immediately rushed straight back into the ocean, leaving only a mist of blood where it had killed in the surrounding.


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