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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 52


Volume 08 Chapter 52 - Rescue Mission

In the wilderness, Luo Feng and his eight slaves were patiently waiting.

’’Luo Feng, those scum must have hidden their signal, and they are using camouflage systems, the countries' surveillance systems cannot detect them.’’ Babata was obviously dissatisfied, ’’Oh, wait!’’

’’What's wrong?’’ Luo Feng listened intently.

’’I realized...that there's an AI system that has hacked into the Earth's satellite network. Hehe, and it's a little punk!’’ Babata was obviously excited, ’’Oh, I've found it. This AI level probably corresponds to a basic level AI, it has entered the Earth's network, the entry point being south America, Brasillia headquarter city.’’

’’South America?’’ Luo Feng grinned slightly with a cold smile.


A ship appeared in mid air beside him, the cabin door automatically opening.

’’Let's go!’’ Luo Feng ordered.

The eight great slaves followed him into the ship.


Flying from Asia to South America, even though Luo Feng's speed was incredible, it would still take awhile. Using the universe ship however was extremely fast! Just like the Nuolan Shan family, Luo Feng's ship naturally had its own signal masking and camouflage systems and abilities, with Babata around, Luo Feng's ship could camouflage itself even better than the Nuolan Shan family's.

South America, Brasilia headquarter city.

The villa that Tuo Lei Wu and his men had taken over was about 60km away, the ship floated.

’’Remember, no one is to leave more than 100m away from me.’’ Luo Feng stared coldly at the eight great slaves, ’’At the same time, no one is to make a single sound, understood?’’


The eight great slaves replied.

’’Very good, let's go.’’ Luo Feng flew out of the ship first and the eight great slaves followed.

The nine of them swiftly headed towards the villa.

The little elite team probably would never have suspected that with their far more advanced technology than Earth, the only reason why they were finally discovered was because their AI had hacked into Earth's network systems and got discovered. There was no way around it, compared to Babata, that AI's capabilities were far too inferior.

’’It's that villa in front.’’ Babata reminded.

Luo Feng and the eight great slaves floated in mid air.

However, the light around them was somewhat warping, causing the nine who were floating in mid air to be invisible to the people in the district below them. This sort of camouflage was purely a result of the study of light systems to hide oneself from sight. To the warriors and strong however, as long as the distance was close, they could totally feel each other's energies.

’’Babata, have you checked on the situation inside?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’My scanning system radius is 20,000m, why don't you even take a look at where my security surveillance system is from? It's actually taken from the Yun Mo Planet ship!’’ Babata was extremely confident, back then on Misty Island, he relied on this security surveillance system to scan every human's strength, potential, even the breadth of their brains he scanned from far.

The Yun Mo Planet ship!

Hu Yan Bo's ship! Just how advanced was his security surveillance system? Checking in on a group of Star level 9 warriors was too simple.

’’Hehe, they actually even installed a defense mechanism? Haha, in front of me, it's all a joke.’’

’’Hoho, take a look. 15 Star level 9, 19 Star level 8, 26 Star level 7 warriors. The Nuolan Shan family has a total of sixty people. The, they are the leaders of the five great countries along with your wife Xu Xin, and your little brother Luo Hua.’’ Babata easily scanned everything.

As long as it was within the 20,000m (20km) area, he could easily scan everything clearly.

’’Sixty people?’’ Luo Feng's eyebrows creased.

Fifteen at Star level 9 and forty five at Star level 7 and 8.

Their strength was double that of his!

Luo Feng didn't know...

There was a separate group of twenty that was in a ship leaving earth, heading towards Luo Feng's given coordinates, ready to search for the Golden Horned Beast's body.

’’Babata, give me everyone's specific locations along with the entire blueprint of the villa, etc.’’ Luo Feng was very clear, he needed to be extremely careful in this rescue mission, just a small hiccup would result in undesired consequences.

Within a short time.

’’From now on, I will give you your orders through the mini quantum computer.’’ Luo Feng's gaze swept past the eight great slaves, ’’You need to be extra careful.’’

’’Understood, Master.’’ The eight great slaves replied solemnly.

’’Let's go!’’ Luo Feng gave the order through Babata to their quantum computers.

The eight great slaves didn't even reply, following Luo Feng into the villa, the nine reaching the foot of the wall.

’’The four of you will stay out here and stand guard, be prepared for orders.’’ Luo Feng ordered.

The four nodded, not daring to make a sound.

’’The rest will follow me.’’ Luo Feng too didn't make a sound, only directing.

Luo Feng and the other four sneakily began to enter the conquered large villa, luckily with Babata's scanning and surveillance, any person's position and movement were all within his grasp. The only thing was...Luo Feng still didn't dare get careless, even controlling his heartbeat to the point where it was stopped for awhile, after all, the weakest on the enemy side was still at least a Star level 7.

They were all extremely vigilant people!

Even heartbeats could arouse their suspicion and notice! Controlling one's heartbeat to temporarily stop wasn't necessarily a hard thing, normal Student level fighters could slow down their heartbeats already, Star Traveller fighters could even stop their hearts for half an hour, much less Luo Feng who was a Star level 1 spirit reader. He could even simply destroy his heart and nothing would even happen!

’’There's someone heading here, he'll discover you in about 1.1 seconds.’’

’’On the left, 52m away there's someone coming down the stairs.’’

’’In front...’’


Babata's frequent warnings made Luo Feng and the other four extremely nervous and careful.

Within the villa, in a particular building, a luxurious room on the third floor, there were two Star level 9 fighters standing guard.

Within the room.

Tuo Lei Wu sat crossed-legged, currently within the virtual universe reporting the situation to the family head.

’’Head ancestor, Nuolan Shan guard Rongzhi is leading a small team and is currently heading towards the destination, I estimate they'll reach fifteen days later.’’ Tuo Lei Wu stood at attention, his eyes filled with excitement and worship, the human silhouette on the screen before him was the man with the highest power and authority within the entire Nuolan Shan family!

Tuo Lei Wu was filled with great pride and passion.

To be able to meet with the founder of the family, this was such an honor. One had to know even the elite heir Pula only got to meet Nuolan Shan for the first time also because of this incident.

’’Fifteen days?’’ Nuolan Shan's gaze was cold, the corners of his mouth curling slightly.

’’Very well, you currently have the position of 'Great Captain' right.’’ Nuolan Shan said casually.

’’Yes, Head Ancestor.’’ Tuo Lei Wu said respectfully.

’’When this matter is done, you will be promoted to commander.’’ Nuolan Shan said directly, ’’and be awarded with a family medal.’’

Tuo Lei Wu and the others were all outsiders, hence normally the highest position they could ever achieve was as a commander! Of course...if they reached the Universe level, they'd become something the Kaluo empire, Silverblue Empire, etc would fight to have. Staying within the Nuolan Shan family, they naturally would receive an even higher position, comparable to even the heads.

Tuo Lei Wu looked happy and excited, replying loudly, ’’Yes, Head Ancestor!’’

’’On earth, be more careful with the captured leaders and hostages, don't let anything happen.’’ Nuolan Shan warned.

’’Head Ancestor, there definitely won't be anything that'll disrupt the plan, I guarantee with my life!’’ Tuo Lei Wu was extremely confident facing the Head Ancestor.

Nuolan Shan slightly nodded.

He was satisfied with the way his underlings were handling matters seriously.

’’Luo Feng, in front of you 150m ahead, is the place where they are holding the leaders of the five great countries and Xu Xin and Luo Hua.’’

’’Right now, we are unable to get any closer, that level is the place within the villa with the most number of fighters, the Nuolan Shan family little team of sixty members, thirty two of them are in that level. Including nine who are at Star level 9.’’ Babata warned Luo Feng, the entire villa was huge, the number of other people in the other areas wasn't considered large at all.

Luo Feng had no choice but to gradually draw closer.

’’The captive place is guarded by two Star level 9 guards.’’ Babata warned, ’’The other people guarding are quite a bit further.’’

Luo Feng's thoughts moved, the cloud contact vine swiftly covered his face.

One was for safety, two, he didn't want the Nuolan Shan family people to know that he was Luo Feng.

’’150m, you are all at Star level 9, flying speed within space can reach a max of 150,000m per second, on Earth, because of the air resistance, you'd be much slower. But you'll still be able to hit 50,000m per second, I now request for you all to reach within 150m of that room with your greatest speed.’’

’’Two of you will be in charge of pinning down the guards while the other two will be in charge of saving people.’’

Luo Feng's orders were transmitted to their quantum computers.

The four great slaves nodded.

’’Then...’’Luo Feng looked at the building before him, his eyes squinting, ’’Let's do it!’’

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The four great slaves, Star level 9 warriors, and Luo Feng!

The four slaves had a flying speed of about 50,000m per second, even though Luo Feng was only a Star level 1, however relying on the level 3 spirit weapon Soaring Shuttle along with great awareness, his speed could still exceed 20,000m per second!

Within the room.

Xu Xin, Luo Hua and the leaders of the 5 countries were scattered in the different corners of the room, nothing but a blanket was spread across the floor.

’’What are you looking at?’’ A guard sitting in a chair stared at the leaders of Europe, pointing as he snorted, ’’Someone like you, a country leader? However, I do have to say, your Earth is only just this big, to actually have so many countries! Within the universe's low level civilizations, they usually contain a few galaxies, millions of life planets...’’

The moment his words left his mouth!


The wall violently exploded apart!

A strong and sturdily built man huge man with a lion head dressed in battle armor rushed in, immediately reaching right in front of the guard.

150m distance, 50,000m per second? What did it mean?

It was faster than a blink of the eye!

As it was simply too fast, faster than the speed of sound by many times. The moment the two guards felt the powerful auras, the four slaves only had a distance of 10m between them, following that, they immediately engaged in battle!


Luo Hua and Xu Xin stared.

Sou! Sou!

Two long vines fiercely rose from the ground and wrapped them, the leaves wrapping them separately.


Luo Feng controlled seven vines and separated they wrapped around the seven hostages. One had to know back then during the Misty Island incident, the cloud contact vine numbers were already plentiful, much less the currently already Star level 3 cloud contact vine. With regards to just the cloud contact vine's growth speed, Luo Feng's particular one was indeed fast.

At least...

It was much faster than Luo Feng's human body training.

’’Capture them!’’


The entire villa had suddenly rumbled and exploded into chaos, with the naked eye, one could only see shockwaves whistling and spreading in every direction, not only did it level the villa completely, the surrounding residential district alleys too suddenly received large amounts of shockwaves that destroyed and leveled the area. Back during the attack on West Lake Courtyard, the main courtyard itself was a few km square meters.

And this villa wasn't that big.

Plus, during the last time, all the attacks were directed at the castle. This time however, was a group of Star level 9 warriors attacking each other seriously, some of the attacks were dodged and naturally hit the walls and ground.

’’Capture that red armored person!’’ Tuo Lei Wu became like a flash, rushing towards the sky.

With one look, he could gaze far and wide, a person clad in blood red armor with seven vines extended, wrapped around seven people.

’’No need to send me off.’’

A universe ship appeared in mid air suddenly, the cabin door was opened from earlier on, the person clad in blood red armor carried the seven and swiftly entered the cabin.


The universe ship immediately disappeared.

With regards to speed...the universe ship's speed, was many many times faster than a Star level 9.

’’Lure them towards the Pacific Ocean, these are the coordinates.’’ At the same time, Luo Feng sent out the order to the eight great slaves' mini quantum computers.


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