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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 51


Volume 08 Chapter 51 - The Killing Fields

After finishing the call with Wula. 12 hours later, they reached Bailan Star.

The white snow fluttered about, extreme cold temperatures all about.

The ship landed within the warehouse bases, in front of a castle.

’’Master.’’ The slave guards were respectfully waiting in front of the base.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng swiftly exited from the cabin door, Thunder God and Hong followed behind.

’’The metals Master ordered have arrived, they are all stored in the warehouse.’’ The slave guard captain said respectfully, ’’Also, the slave owner's ship arrived too, delivering three slaves.’’

’’Ok.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

The metals he ordered, were the optimum combination the Golden Horned Beast required during the Star level, it allowed the evolution speed multiplier go up to eighty nine times! The metal groups he ordered the previous time cost 10 billion Black Dragon dollars, and right now, they were just about depleted, their multiplier efficiency had only reached fifty one times.

The slave guard captain watched as Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God entered the castle.

The slave guard captain was somewhat shocked, the Master usually had a smile when he arrived, yet why was his aura so angry and malevolent this time?

Ever since the possession, Luo Feng's killing intent and aura had always been heavily brutal and savage, it was only because of his wife and children that helped diffuse this malevolence, that and Luo Feng's own self control. This was why he was always courteous and never seemed to look down or bully anybody, one had to know...When Luo Feng first left the sea and killed Sago Nehru and Atkin, that was the Luo Feng without restraints!

This time, Luo Feng's killing intent and savage side couldn't be held back any longer.


Within the top floor of castle on Bailan Star.

They had been on Bailan Star for about 9 hours, just at that time, the last five Star level 9 slaves were finally delivered.

’’Third brother, you are taking the slaves back with you to Earth alone, don't you need us with you?’’ Thunder God stared wide eyed.

’’First and second brother, the battle this time mainly relies on the Star level 9 slaves. You and I, have no way to intervene at all. The only reason I'm going is to direct and give orders faster. If I didn't need to direct them, there's actually no need for me to go at all.’’ Luo Feng explained.

Hong and Thunder God understood.

This battle was a battle between Star level 9 warriors, between the two of them, one was a Star level 1 while the other was only a Star Traveller level 9, going with them would be suicide!

’’Third brother, you must be careful.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but say.

’’Don't overdo it.’’ Hong reminded.

Luo Feng nodded, ’’I'll be leaving first.’’ Ever since he found out about his wife and little brother being taken hostage, he had lost all sense of restraint, it was only because he needed to wait for the eight slaves that he held back till now.

At the entrance of the castle.

Hong and Thunder God watched as Luo Feng brought the eight Star level 9 slaves and took the ship, disappearing into the sky.

’’Sigh...’’ Thunder God sighed angrily, looking to Hong beside him, ’’Big brother, don't you feel really bad inside.’’

’’A little.’’ Hong slightly lifted his head, looking in the direction of which the ship disappeared.

’’I don't feel good either.’’ Thunder God exclaimed. ’’Before, no matter what level of danger we encountered, the two of us could still fight it out. Yet this time...from the start till end, the two of us couldn't do anything at all! This feeling of helplessness, it's really...really shitty! Feels terrible!’’

’’It is indeed a terrible feeling!’’ Hong nodded.

Hong and Thunder God, just what sort of people are they?

Over the decades, the two had always been Earth's pinnacle of strength and elites! Whether it was the period of the Great Nirvana, or the incident with the Swallowing Beast! They could always fight it out and give their all!

Yet this time...The crisis brought about by the Nuolan Shan family, the two had no power to help at all!

’’Our power is simply too weak.’’ Hong said solemnly.

’’Yes, we are too weak.’’ Thunder God nodded, ’’It's not just us that are too weak, even third brother's power is too weak! Right now we are relying on the power of money...and our own strengths and powers? Two star level 1 warriors, one Star Traveller level 9. Compared to the Nuolan Shan family, the difference is just simply absurd.

Hong said solemnly: ’’Let's go to the virtual universe.’’

’’Virtual universe?’’ Thunder God froze.

’’The virtual universe is the place within the entire vast universe where countless people and powerful warriors gather. We have to find a path that fits us!’’ Hong said.

Within the Virtual Universe Network.

Hong and Thunder God sat within the corner of a bar, Hong relied on his quantum computer to search for data.

’’How's it coming?’’ Thunder God asked.

’’I've found it, a very suitable place for fighters to train.’’ Hong nodded, ’’However this place, the price is very high! According to the difference in levels of power, the amount to be paid is different, but they are still expensive!’’

’’Third brother gave us each 500 million Ganwu dollars! That'll definitely be enough.’’ Thunder God said.

’’It is enough, 500 million Ganwu dollars is a huge sum of money.’’ Hong nodded, ’’however, as we grow stronger, even the 500 million Ganwu dollars will be used up.’’

’’What is this place?’’ Thunder God couldn't help but ask.

’’The Killing Fields!’’

Hong slowly explained

For a fighter to raise his powers, does he rely on simply hard training? Unless one was a Manka person, or something like the Golden Horned Beast, with a strong natural bloodline to naturally reach the Domain Lord or Sector Lord! However...even the Manka people, after reaching the Domain Lord, would still require various methods to train and work to breakthrough.

Want to raise one's power?


Battle was the best method! The best way was to battle one that was on par with one's own strength! A battle that forced one to his limits and feel the imminence of death!

’’Right, big brother, the time when our powers rose the fastest was during the Great Nirvana, it was during that period that we had to face many many different kinds of monsters. But as our powers overtook that of the monsters, our evolution speed too slowed! Over decades, we only rose by three levels.’’ Thunder God said.

’’Yes.’’ Hong's eyes gleamed.

A fighter that didn't battle, how could he still be considered a fighter?


Hong and Thunder God had indeed found a more suitable path, battle was indeed one important path for upgrading one's powers, this was also the reason why the powerful fighters and spirit readers, over 99% of them joined the Universe Mercenary Alliance. This was also why the Battle-axe Coliseum, a terrifying place where there was a definite death every battle, was still popular and functioning!

To one who acquires the title of Universe level Battle-axe warrior, the probability of reaching the Domain Lord could be said to be 50%!

While for normal Universe levels to break into the Domain Lord level, the probability is absurdly low.


’’This is the Killing Fields?’’ Hong and Thunder God entered a large hall, this hall was enormous, comparable to even a city, however there weren't too many people within.

’’It's truly imposing.’’

Thunder God looked within the large hall, the huge 'blood' backdrop, caused him to compliment.

’’How can it not be imposing? This place's prices are extremely expensive, I'm a Star Traveller level 9, a day here requires 1 million Black Dragon dollars or 700 Ganwu dollars. This is definitely not something an average person could afford.’’ Hong couldn't help but say, 1 million Black Dragon dollars is enough to even buy a huge warehouse base on Bailan Star.

Over here, just one day was enough!

’’But many people are still willing to come.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but say, ’’didn't you see the advertisement, whatever kinds of enemies, they can completely customize them to your request.’’

’’Indeed, that's what I like about here.’’ Hong took a deep breath.

Killing Fields!

This was an extremely extravagant battle place, the customer, could request from the Virtual Universe Network with whatever he wants. For example, Hong was a Star Traveller level 9, his domain was at the 2nd level, he could totally request for a Star level 9 with domain level 3, this was extremely difficult to do in reality.

He could also request for a hundred Star Traveller level 9 warriors to surround and attack him.

These sort of meetings, were extremely rare in reality. However in the virtual universe, they were all possible!

Of course...

There were still differences between the virtual universe and reality, otherwise, the Battle-axe Coliseum wouldn't be so popular.

’’Tulu, you'd made big this time no?’’

’’Still ok, however we lost three of our people from our little team! No choice...several small teams discovered the new world together, how could we not engage in battle? And who knows which Sector Lord created the new world, within it there were several treasures that I didn't manage to grab hold of, at least we managed to get 10,000 of the universe crystals, it's considered quite an earning.’’

’’10,000? This world, there's definitely more to be excavated there!’’

The three men walked past from beside, on their left chest were medals, the picture of the medals were blood red waves floating about a planet.

’’Universe 1 star mercenaries.’’

Hong and Thunder God looked at each other.

The Mercenary medal the Battle-axe medal, etc, these were all medals recognized within the virtual universe, through the virtual universe's customer screening through their quantum computers or AI systems, while checking the user's data, it automatically recorded these details. The users could choose whether to display these or hide them.

’’What in world were they talking about?’’ Thunder God couldn't help but ask.

’’They were talking about a Sector Lord, I've also heard that Sector Lords are capable of creating another world.’’ Hong shook his head, ’’Anyway, that's still too far from where we are, let's go, let's enter to battle.’’

’’Right, battle.’’

Hong and Thunder God thus began their days within the Killing Fields...

Over here, many of the strong and powerful within the universe frequented the place. If they met any enemy in reality, they could totally enter the Killing Fields and custom an enemy similar to the one in reality and begin the battle! Of course...there were bound to be several differences between the virtual universe and reality.

You could never possibly customize an enemy or opponent to be 100% similar to reality.

When Hong and Thunder God were experiencing 'death' time and again within the Killing Fields, and also the feeling of killing the opponent time after time, after about 8 hours of universe travel, Luo Feng's universe ship had finally arrived on Earth!

China East side, within a particular wilderness area.

A man dressed in a blood red uniform, eyes gleaming from with rage stood there. Behind him, stood a row of eight people, the shortest about 1.2m while the tallest was about 4m tall. There were both men and women, one them in particular had a lion's head .


These were the eight star level 9 slaves Luo Feng had purchased! Due to time constraints, Luo Feng didn't have much to choose from, hence this eight slaves had very big differences from the first batch that he bought. The first batch had appearances that were very similar to the humans of Earth, without careful analysis, one couldn't even tell.

’’From now on, you cannot be over 100 meters away from me.’’ Luo Feng said using universe language.

’’Yes, master!’’

Whether it was a loud reverberating, or deep and resounding, or clean and crisp voice, the complex mix resounded, the eight star level 9 slaves replied respectfully.

Luo Feng was expressionless, there was a fire raging in his eyes.

’’Babata, enter the entire planet's satellite network, through the countries' surveillance systems, look for traces of those scum from the Nuolan Shan family.’’ Luo Feng gave the order.



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