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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 50


Volume 08 Chapter 50 - Extreme Anger

Earth, China.

Luo Feng's castle was a symbolic structure of Yang-Zhou city, but it was currently being attacked like crazy!



The entire castle shook again and again as it was attacked by lightning-like images using either their fists or weapons. The powerful shockwaves crazily spread out and, within a radius of a few km, destroyed the lawn of West Lake Courtyard, revealing the ugly dirt and stone below.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Large amounts of smashed rock flew around, which damaged a few streets and residential areas outside of West Lake Courtyard. The flying rocks were no weaker than bullets. Cries of pain sounded across with West Lake Courtyard in the center. The few surrounding km of West Lake Courtyard were filled with people, so the amount of casualties rose to the thousands.


These star level fighters were all focusing their attacks on the castle. If they spread out, then one of their attacks could completely decimate a sector and cause damage to over a 100 km radius!

’’What's going on? We still haven't broke it?’’

Tuo Lei Wu in his black battle uniform hovered in front of the castle like a warrior god. His 19 underlings transformed into 19 flowing lights as they attacked the castle again and again.


A dark blue image stopped near him and said in a hurry, ’’This castle definitely wasn't created on earth. This is a transportable castle sold to the wealthy in the universe. The structure of the castle was constructed with safety as its top priority. Especially the central area of the castle, it's definitely at a C rank safety level’’

’’Bastard!’’ Tuo Lei Wu's face became colder and colder.

’’Captain!’’ Another squad member instantly appeared beside him and hovered there as he hurriedly said, ’’We can't breakthrough. We should just go and capture Luo Feng's wife and brother’’

’’Luo Feng's parents and two children are in the castle. They are his most important family members! Only by catching them can we achieve the greatest effect’’ Tuo Lei Wu's face became worse and worse.

In the vast universe, powerful universe fighters usually have many wives.

Because a fighter's genes will improve the genes of his future descendents, for the sake of his family and race, they would usually have many wives! And...... some powers and families are willing to send up their women to stay with powerful fighters. So in the vast universe, powerful fighters have many wives, which means that the importance of a single wife is extremely low.

And the more powerful a fighter becomes, the fewer children they'll have!

For example, the 'Manka Planet people' become domain lords when they become adults. Their genes are extremely good, but their population is also extremely small. And beings like the 'Golden Horned Beast' are so few that they're almost extinct. Their population level is even lower than the amount of undying fighters in the universe!

A powerful fighter can have a huge group of wives, and yet very few children. And of course, one mom and one dad.

So a very natural idea was formed in the universe the most important thing to a powerful fighter is their 'parents and children'.

’’Captain, earth usually goes by a monogamous system, so his wife is still important to him’’ said the squad member.

’’Hmph, since this Luo Feng is the leader of earth and has a huge amount of wealth, he'll definitely have more than one wife in the future’’ Tuo Lei Wu frowned as he said, ’’Whatever, since we can't get to his parents and children, capture his wife and brother immediately’’


The squad members obeyed respectfully.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Large amounts of flowing lights flew away, leaving behind only the extremely damaged castle and the ruined lawn.


The sound of an alarm reverberated in the sky of Yang-Zhou city.


’’My heavens’’

’’This, this......’’

As they stood on the ruins of destroyed homes, a group of police looked into the distance with shock. In front of them, huge ditches that were a few km long and several dozen meters deep seemed to have been created from the blade of a deity. The beautiful West Lake Courtyard has already become a ruin. Other than the tattered castle that still stands, everything else has been destroyed.

’’Luo Feng's castle sure is tough. The aliens blew past one layer of the castle walls, but the resulting shockwave has already destroyed the surrounding land and the walls of West Lake Courtyard’’

Two high ranking military personnel talked on the car.

’’How many people died?’’

’’812 deaths, several thousand injured’’

’’I can't believe the people from the Nuolan Shan family still haven't left!’’

To earth overall, the destruction of West Lake Courtyard and the damage caused to the surrounding civilians is something big, but not big enough to threaten the entire world. The thing that truly shocked every county was..... that this showed the people from the Nuolan Shan family still haven't left.

’’Xu Xin, hurry, hurry and get to the survival base’’

’’Yes, don't delay, right now’’

Xu Xin, who received Luo Feng's notification from the consciousness sensor helmet she carried around with her at all times, arranged for a fighter jet to come as she prepared to fly directly to the survival base.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The fighter jet was directly dragged to the ground while it was still in midair.


The hatch opened, and Xu Xin looked towards Nuolan Shan family's elite squad whose members clearly looked different from the humans on earth with an ugly face.

’’Madam Luo, come with us’’ the mini quantum computer gave off an electronic sound.

One of the members grabbed Xu Xin's hand and directly dragged her out.

Whoosh! All of them flew away.

Other than the problems they had with capturing Luo Feng's parents and children, there was absolutely no problem in capturing the leaders of the five countries, Xu Xin, and Luo Hua.

Earth, South America.

Because of population issues, South America only has two headquarter cities. One of them is 'Brasilia Headquarter City', which is primarily made up of Brazilians from before the Grand Nirvana period. There were also people from other South American countries there too.

One of the courtyards in Brasilia headquarter city.

’’Rong Zhi is back’’

Three men in black battle uniforms raised their heads and watched as another squadron swiftly landed from the sky.

’’Captain Rong Zhi, all of them have been captured?’’

’’Way too easy’’

The four captains stood together. Because their spaceship was hidden in the Amazon Forest and they didn't want to keep living in the forest while they were on earth..... they picked the nearby Brasilia headquarter city and chose a decent area to build a decent courtyard.

As for the original owner of this area?

He has long become fertilizer.

’’Get all of them here’’ ordered Tuo Lei Wu.

’’Yes, captain’’

The leaders of the five powerful countries, Xu Xin, and Luo Hua were all escorted to the huge lawn of the courtyard.

’’1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!’’ Tuo Lei Wu looked at the seven people and revealed a smile, ’’It is my honor to meet you guys’’ he spoke in the universe language and the quantum computer automatically translated into 'Chinese and English'.

The seven people here were no ordinary people. Nothing needs to be said about the five leaders of the five most powerful countries on earth. Xu Xin is Luo Feng's wife and frequently uses the virtual universe network, so she understand a lot about the universe. Luo Hua has been handicapped for around 10 years and loves playing in the stock market, which tests one's mind. When encountering something like this, he was naturally calm.

’’May I ask who you are?’’ out of the five leaders, the American president was the first to ask.

’’I, am just the captain of an extremely ordinary adventuring squad in the universe’’ smiled Tuo Lei Wu as he spoke in the universe language, ’’I want to ask you guys, I'm sure none of you have forgotten the swallowing beast incident back then?’’

The seven of them slightly nodded.

’’Good, you all are cooperating well’’

Tuo Lei Wu nodded, ’’Then where is the corpse of the swallowing beast?’’

A bit of confusion flashed across the eyes of the seven of them here. Tuo Lei Wu frowned in response: ’’Rong Zhi, hypnotize them and ask them. Don't forget, especially the woman and the youth, don't damage their memories. Later on I still need them to contact the leader of earth, 'Luo Feng'’’

’’Don't worry’’ smiled another captain.

His formless spiritual force seeped into each of their consciousnesses, and then he began his questioning.

’’What's going on, none of them know?’’

’’Not even Luo Feng's wife knows!’’

The faces of Tuo Lei Wu and the other three captains all changed. Their goal on earth was to find the body of the swallowing beast!

’’Wake up!’’ yelled Rong Zhi.

The seven of them awakened, and all of them exchanged glances, their faces changing slightly.

’’Madam Luo, I need you to enter the virtual universe network immediately. I will accompany you’’ said Tuo Lei Wu in a low tone, ’’If you don't accept, you should know that many people will die. I'm sure, with your kindness, you will accept.....’’

Xu Xin took in a deep breath and slightly nodded.

She had no choice!

Xu Xin had no power to resist this universe adventuring squad that can capture the leaders of the five powerful countries without trying.

Virtual universe.

Xu Xin and Tuo Lei Wu appeared on the street at the same time. Tuo Lei Wu brought Xu Xin into a room in a bar.

’’Contact Luo Feng’’ commanded Tuo Lei Wu, ’’Remember, do as I told you’’


Xu Xin could only send the invitation. In just a moment, Luo Feng, Hong, and Thunder God appeared on the screen in front of them.

’’Xu Xin?’’ Luo Feng's cold face finally let out some happiness, ’’You arrived at the survival base? You're fine?’’

’’I'm fine’’

Xu Xin said, ’’Luo Feng, the humans from the universe squad that invaded our home captured brother Luo Hua, and then used brother Luo Hua's phone, and then called me, and then made me tell them where the corpse of the swallowing monster is. If I don't tell them, they'll kill brother Luo Hua. I don't even know where the corpse of the swallowing monster is, what should I do?’’

Tuo Lei Wu stood in the corner of the room as he coldly watched.

According to his plan, he'll first get Xu Xin to ask her husband. It is easy to give out the information when a wife is asking her husband. If that doesn't work, he'll force out the information!

’’Luo Feng, if you don't say anything, brother Luo Hua is going to die’’ said Xu Xin hurriedly.

’’What are you asking this for, the corpse of the swallowing beast has already rotted away’’ Luo Feng started to become nervous, because he knew...... Xu Xin has been captured.

Because, Xu Xin has already been hinting at that fact.

When Xu Xin usually talks about Luo Hua, she'll usually directly say ’’your brother’’ or ’’Luo Hua’’. She wouldn't say something like ’’brother Luo Hua’’. And Xu Xin said ’’brother Luo Hua’’ several times in the conversation, and she spoke in quite a weird tone. And Tuo Lei Wu, who is relying on his 'mini quantum computer' for translations..... wouldn't be able to realize this at all.

’’Mr. Leader!’’ an image appeared beside Xu Xin.

Luo Feng stared at the cold man in front.

’’Don't lie to us like you lied to your wife! There is no way the corpse of the swallowing monster will rot away in a short three years. Tell me, where is it?’’ said Tuo Lei Wu in a low tone, ’’If you don't tell me, your brother, wife, and countless others will lose their lives’’

Luo Feng stared at Tuo Lei Wu: ’’You're from the Noulan Shan family?’’

’’Nuolan Shan family? What do they have to do with us, are you joking’’ laughed Tuo Lei Wu. Suddenly, his tone became cold as he yelled, ’’Stop wasting time, are you going to tell me or not?’’


Luo Feng's expression was complicated.

’’Ten seconds, if you don't tell me in ten seconds, I'll kill your brother first’’ said Tuo Lei Wu coldly, ’’10..... 9......’’.

’’Stop playing these childish games’’ Luo Feng stared at Tuo Lei Wu, ’’Don't you want to know about the corpse of the golden horned beast. Stop saying swallowing beast, you think I don't know?’’

’’Good!’’ Tuo Lei Wu laughed.

As an elite in the top 10 of Nuolan Shan's guards, he indeed has heard of the swallowing beast. However, in Pula's plan, everyone was commanded to just say 'swallowing beast'.

’’However..... I can't completely trust you’’ said Luo Feng.

’’I understand’’ Tuo Lei Wu nodded.

’’We'll exchange the people and the corpse of the golden horned beast at the same time’’ said Luo Feng coldly, ’’The corpse of the golden horned beast actually isn't even on earth. It is on a uninhabited planet that needs around 10 days to reach while flying at a rate of 20,000 km/s. So, no matter how hard you search on earth, you won't be able to find it.

Tuo Lei Wu's eyes flashed as he complimented: ’’Nice, smart, Mr. Leader, I'm starting to respect you. Yes, a treasure like the corpse of the golden horned beast indeed needs to be hidden well’’

’’Tell me, where is it?’’ Tuo Lei Wu started to get a bit excited. The corpse of the golden horned beast was too important. It was way more valuable than the property of the entire Nuolan Shan family.


Luo Feng sneered, ’’If I tell you now and then you end up killing people, what can I do?’’

Tuo Lei Wu's face sank.

’’Hmph’’ Luo Feng sneered, ’’If we cooperate, I'll give you some space coordinates. Arrange for some people to get there! As for me, I'll also arrange for people to meet my family members and confirm their safety. At that time, you will release them, and I will tell you the exact location of the golden horned beast’’

’’If you can't even accept this, then that means you were never planning to let my family members go’’

’’Then, we have no need for any deals!’’

’’It's not like I can't ruin your squad via the golden horned beast's corpse’’ sneered Luo Feng.

Tuo Lei Wu laughed weirdly: ’’Leader Luo Feng is indeed straightforward. We'll do as you say!’’


Luo Feng's expression was cold.

Luo Feng swiftly arranged everything with Tuo Lei Wu and then ended the call.

’’Wula’’ in a moment, Luo Feng contacted the slave market salesman again.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, you said you want me to transport 100 star level 9 slaves to Bai Lan star within a day? One day is just too short! One days time, which is to say..... we have to complete the transaction within the Silverblue empire. Star level 9 slaves aren't common to begin with. In a small area like the Silverblue Empire, even if I make arrangements with other salesmen, there aren't that many’’.

’’Stop wasting time. Up to how many can you bring within a day. I'll pay the full price’’ yelled Luo Feng.

’’Eight! To reach Bai Lan star within a day, at most eight star level nine slaves can be sent. And you can't pick their race, gender, etc.’’ the green haired man shook his head helplessly, ’’Mr. Luo Feng, is there really such a need to rush? One day, sigh, that's just too short. It takes almost 10 days to transport from Dragon Star to Bai Lan star’’.

Luo Feng was clear.

It was hard for the slave salesman to transport star level 9 slaves to Bai Lan star. Since there is a limit to how far you can fly in a day!

’’If it's eight at most, then just do eight!’’ said Luo Feng.


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