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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 5


Volume 08 Chapter 5 - Safety Amulet

After becoming the Swallowing Beast, his power rose very quickly, however...after getting completely used to his new body, Luo Feng's soul was unable to fully avoid the Swallowing Beast's natural brutality, savagery, and ice cold demeanor. Having spent a good half year of loneliness, the natural brutality in his bloodline had seeped in...

This made Luo Feng much more cold and savage than before.

But after hearing this news, Luo Feng felt warm blood rushing through his entire body again: ’’I have children now, I have children now!’’ That sense of excitement nourished his soul.

’’Soon, soon, just another eight more months. My body's nurturing will be complete. When that time comes, I'll be able to return and see them.’’

Far away at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, Luo Feng who had taken over the body of the Golden Horned Beast was extremely emotional. At that time, the entire world's media were all reporting on the new born children.

One, Luo Feng's family now had descendants, wealth comparable to that of countries.

Two, the two children's genetic makeup were definitely very good, their futures were limitless.

Three, with the eight heroes' sacrifice, the birth of two new children made the whole atmosphere more special.


Year 2060 November 22, morning.

’’Ping Ping and Little Hai, be good.’’ Xu Xin, who was donned in a white cotton dress, gently kissed the two babies in her bosom. The two babies' eyes shined brightly as they looked at their mother, laughing, their tiny hands waving randomly.

Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan laughed as they received the two babies.

’’Xu Xin ah, we'll take Ping Ping and Little Hai for a little walk in the district.’’ Gong Xin Lan laughed.

’’Alright mother.’’ Xu Xin nodded.

Watching as the grandparents of her children took them away, Xu Xin lightly closed the door of the room, walking towards the ward's balcony. On the balcony lay a desk that held a notebook computer. Xu Xin sat in the chair, the warm winter sunshine shining on her body, it was very comforting. Xu Xin was smiling, moving the chair closer to the desk.

She took out a pen from the drawer.

’’Since I was young till now, with my family's teachings, I've always held myself to the highest of expectations. Also, in the end, I've also enjoyed opening my own business with some workers and conquering the business world.’’

’’However, constantly working for my own company too is tiring.’’

’’Luckily, I had Luo Feng.’’

’’Beside Luo Feng, I didn't feel any stress, he helped shelter me from the elements, allowing me to give my all into the business. I really enjoyed those days, I also wished we could have continued living those days forever...only, I never thought...I don't blame anybody. However, honestly, in this world, I don't have any reason to live.’’

’’What's the reason for us living?’’

’’Love? Family? Career?’’

’’I don't know!’’

’’Without Luo Feng here, love has forever left me, career? The business's troubles, I have no one to complain to, even with success, there's no one to enjoy it with. Without him by my side, even if the business is a success, it's all for naught, there's no more color.’’

’’Whenever I dream at night, I often cry.’’

’’Finally, I've made my decision.’’

’’I feel very relaxed, so relaxed, my spirit feels a sense of calm I've never felt before.’’

’’Dad, mom, brother, grandmother and father, don't be hurt, because right now I'm very happy.’’

As she finished writing, she put down the pen, Xu Xin looked up through the window into the little district, Luo Hong Guo and his wife were hugging the babies, the babies were laughing happily.

’’Little Hai, Ping Ping,’’ Xu Xin said softly, ’’You are only two months old, you don't know much about anything, I believe when you grow older, you probably won't remember much from this time.’’

Xu Xin opened the notebook computer and picked a tune.

It was an old song from before the great nirvana.

’’The seconds and minutes tick by on one's heart.

My eyes glimmer and shine emptily.

My heart jumps and beats with the motion.

I ask myself just how much and how deep you love me.


That mellow and soothing sound, with a sense of bashfulness, resounded within the room, this was an sold song from before the great nirvana...Wang Fei's <I'll Marry You Tomorrow >.

’’I'll Marry You Tomorrow...’’

’’I'll Marry You Tomorrow...’’

The music resounded in the room, Xu Xin gently crooned with the music, walking to a side dresser and retrieving a wedding dress...

Putting on makeup.

Wearing the wedding gown.

Xu Xin gently sang along to the song, her smile sweet and pure.

From young, she had grown up in a big family with constant competition and pressure, until she met Luo Feng, where she was finally relieved from the competitive pressure. Luo Feng was just like a mountain, a large tree, sheltering her from the elements. Xu Xin didn't like her home from before, it was filled with materialistic desires, power, wealth and competition.

She enjoyed living with Luo Feng...doing her own business and enjoying it with the ones she loved.

Sharing pain and suffering with the ones she loved.

Sharing happiness with the ones she loved.

Those were the good days... and now, with Luo Feng gone, she felt the world had gone black and white, without any other colors. What's the point of carrying on? What's the point of working hard? Victory without anyone to celebrate with, pain and suffering with no one to complain with.


Dressed up as a new bride, wearing the wedding gown, Xu Xin smiled, quietly sitting on the bed.


’’Disturbing all of my dreams.’’

’’I'll marry you tomorrow.’’

’’I'll marry you tomorrow.’’


The sweet music seeped into one's spirit, Xu Xin took out a porcelain bottle from the side, pouring out a couple of pills from within, smiling as she gently ate them, drinking some water to swallow them.

Closing her eyes.

Xu Xin, dressed in the wedding gown quietly lay down, he fingers gently massaging the nameless ring on her finger...steel ring.

’’I'll marry you tomorrow.’’

’’I'll marry you tomorrow.’’


The music continued resounding in the room.

On her neck, she wore the safety amulet Luo Feng had given her, that silver amulet surface's engravings began to glow lightly, gradually getting brighter, the silver amulet began to gently float up, emanating a dreamy white light below, enveloping Xu Xin's body.

Dressed in the white wedding gown with a white light enveloping her entire body, Xu Xin looked just like an angel.


The silver safety amulet slowly began to crack open, for a brief moment, the white light became extra thick, without a sound or trace, it completely vaporized into nothing, the thick white light seeped into Xu Xin's body. Her skin suddenly became sparkling and translucent, more shiny and glossy than before, beautiful and alluring.

It was an extremely beautiful, earth shaking beauty.

All of the cascading white light slowly got absorbed by Xu Xin, the appearance of her body seemed to have a layer of light surrounding it.

This scene lasted 26 minutes.

The glowing light was all absorbed into her body and everything returned to normal!

The entire room!

Was extremely silent! Xu Xin remained quietly lying down in the bed, as though nothing had happened before.


Her eyebrows moved, she opened her eyes.

Deep under the pacific ocean.

A large amount of metal remains were placed under the sea, a 280m long golden horned beast was just beside this heap of metal, its large dark golden pupils were filled with ice cold savagery, it extended its claw, a formless space rippled around the surroundings, immediately, the large heap of metal remains vanished into nothing.

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng.’’ Babata's clear crisp voice sounded, he seemed extremely anxious.

’’What's the matter?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’It's Xu Xin, Xu Xin committed suicide!’’ Babata shouted.


Luo Feng felt his mind go blank, blood rushing to his head.

Deep underwater, the golden horned beast's golden pupils were suddenly dazzling, rage and anxiety were mixed in them, ’’This is not something to joke about!’’

’’I'm not joking, it's real.’’ Babata said.

’’You bastard, didn't you say...Xu Xin would never do something like that? I initially said we could use the internet, making you imitate my voice and speaking with her, putting her heart at ease. What did you say? You said Xu Xin wouldn't believe and would only think I left an AI to do so after I died. Without seeing me in person, she wouldn't believe. Alright, I admit what you said had logic!’’

’’However, you promised me, Xu Xin would never do something like that. Now...’’ Luo Feng's mind felt like it was about to explode as he spoke.

’’Don't worry.’’ Babata, after seeing Luo Feng's rage, knew the joke had gone too far, ’’I haven't finished, she isn't dead, not dead at all.’’

Luo Feng was startled.

’’What's going on?’’ Luo Feng was getting angrier.

’’It's like this: Xu Xin indeed committed suicide, destroying her body completely, her soul was also almost vaporized. However, the couple amulet I gave you before actually saved her. I don't know what she actually did, whether it's bad luck or fortune. This lovers' amulet's real name is 'Eternal Love'. Babata said.

’’Eternal love?’’ Luo Feng had acquired quite a bit of inherited memories, but he didn't know what this eternal love was.

’’You don't know what Eternal love is, but you at least know about the eternal body right?’’ Babata said.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng said.

Man's life, a Star traveller's life span was a little more than 1000 years, a Star level's span is one era, a Universe level would be ten eras, a Domain Lord would be one hundred eras and a Sector Lord would be 1000 eras! Only an Undying being would never ever die.

From the Student level 9 to the Star traveller level, there's a jump in the life span.

From the Star traveller level to the Star level, there's also another jump.

Every critical point, there would be a jump in the life span.

And within the same categories, for example a Star traveller level 1 to a Star traveller level 9, the power difference is in the hundreds of times, but their life levels and spans are the same.

During the life level's entire body will go through a total reform.

This was an evolution of the body!

Man's soul can live very very long, normally, they can live for 1000 eras. On the other hand, their bodies' have limits, even with treatment and all, they will all still die of old age at a certain point.

A Star traveller body can maintain itself for about 1000 years or more, a Star level can go up to one era, only until the Sector Lord level, they have their own internal world, with that they can absorb outside energy sources, constantly reenergizing their physical body, never aging. When that occurs, then it's all up to the soul.

The soul's limit is 1000 eras.

That's why...

A Sector Lord's life span is 1000 eras.

Only after surpassing the Sector Lord, reaching the level jump for the soul! Will one be eternal!

Star traveller, Star, Universe, Domain Lord, Sector Lord, each life level jump is the critical point.

As for the Domain Lord to Undying.

The jump is for the soul!


In the vast universe, there are some special races, naturally born with 'eternal bodies';their bodies never age, only when their souls age and die, will they die. Their bodies are known as the eternal bodies.


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