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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 49


Volume 08 Chapter 49 - Capture!

Earth, South America, the Amazon jungle.

A universe scout ship had entered into the amazon jungle's rivers, deep underwater. Along with its own signal masking, camouflaging systems etc, it was impossible to detect. Deep somewhere in the forest, one after another, soldiers dressed in dark blue battle uniforms were either sitting crossed legged on the ground, nestled against a tree or sitting on the branches.

The fearsome beasts within the forests didn't even dare approach or get near them.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

4 human silhouettes rushed out from a distant river, these 4 were dressed in black uniforms.


A group of soldiers stood up and shouted in unison in universe language.

This time, the Nuolan Shan elite little team had a total of 20 star level 9s and 60 star level 7s and 8s, they were divided into 4 little groups. Each group was led by a different leader, their names Tuoleiwu, Rong Zhi, Aeman and Abuluote, amongst them Tuoleiwu was the main in charge.


’’Since everyone has arrived, speak, you were all each in charge of different oceans, did you search result in anything?’’ Tuoleiwu said seriously, he was a strong and sturdy back skinned man, his hair was a peculiar mix of black and green. Even though there were a total of 20 Nuolan guards and they were all star level 9s.


A good comparison was how Luo Feng could kill enemies 3 or 4 levels above him! Similarly within the star level 9, different people had different battle levels. The universe level 9 Nuolan Shan had killed over 1000 universe levels, more than half of them were universe level 9s!

Same grade, same level, the difference in their battle capabilities and strengths were still vastly different.


He was amongst the top 10 in the 8000 strong Nuolan guards, just he alone would be able to hold off up to 10 normal star level 9s!

’’Captain, we couldn't find anything, we couldn't find the swallowing beast's body at all.’’

’’Right, our little group here was in charge of the Atlantic ocean, after a few days of landing, we've combed over the entire Atlantic ocean. But we still couldn't find the swallowing beast's body.’’

’’Same here.’’

’’Captain, what do we do since no one has been able to find it?’’

A group of soldiers all looked at the 4 captains.

The 4 captains exchanged glances, Aeman, the one with the most intimidating body and build said seriously: ’’We have 80 people, we've spent so much time and searched every inch of earth's oceans without any luck. The next step...are we to engage in Lord Pula's plan?’’


Tuoleiwu nodded, ’’According to the plan Lord Pula gave to us, there are 2 possibilities with regards to the swallowing beast, 1, the humans have it either to dissect and research or keep, 2, they don't have it, it's body is still in the ocean. Since right now we've searched and there's no sign of its body at all in the oceans, then they humans definitely have it!’’

America, Washington base.

’’What a beautiful day.’’ Boris Brent was all smiles as he walked out of the White House, in the distance, policemen rushed to help open the car doors, Baoli entered the cars and 2 bodyguards swiftly followed and the chauffeur immediately departed.

’’It was too cramped in the survival bases. With only that much space, it was too uncomfortable.’’

’’Luckily, that group of evil aliens have all left.’’

Baoli smiled as he said to the black bodyguard beside him, ’’David, should I display some form of gratitude towards the noble Mr. Luo Feng?’’

’’Yes, sir.’’ The bodyguard smiled, revealing a very white set of teeth.


Boris smiled and nodded, ’’According to the data we acquired from the virtual universe network, our earth is within the dark space, the next time aliens actually try and invade, would take at least a few years. Our people of earth are very confident. Look, the stocks which had dropped to near zero before are bustling and live again. David, if you had listened to me earlier, you would have earned a great deal of money.’’

The bodyguard maintained his smile.


After experiencing that crisis, the people of earth were filled with hope for the future!

’’Hello, hello, dear, I'll be home in 5 minutes.’’

’’Yes, relax, I've already prepared a present, yes, I'll give you a surprise later.’’ Boris smiled as he called, suddenly his expression changed. This was because he had just realized, the chauffeur had actually driven and parked the car in an unfamiliar road. Boris said, ’’Hey, This is the wrong way! Turn back!’’

The moment the words left his mouth, he suddenly felt an extreme sense of weariness envelope him...

Be it the bodyguards, or the chauffeur, including Boris himself, they all suddenly fell into a trance, a state of hypnotism. The car continued to proceed, until finally it reached a desolate alley.

The car screeched to a halt.

Sou! Sou!

Two human silhouettes appeared beside the car, one was Tuoleiwu while the other was dressed in a dark blue battle uniform, with 3 eyes, this was another star level 9 out of the 20.

’’Question him.’’ Tuoleiwu gave the order.

’’Yes, captain.’’ The 3 eyed man looked at Boris, without speaking, the quantum computer spoke in english...

’’Tell me your name.’’

’’Boris Brent.’’ Boris said dazed,

’’The swallowing beast incident, where is that beast's body?’’ The 3 eyed man's quantum computer spoke basic English.

’’No idea.’’ Boris 's eyes weren't focused at all.

Tuoleiwu and the 3 eyed man glanced at each other.

’’Where's the most likely place the body of the swallowing beast could be right now?’’ The 3 eyed man asked again.

’’The swallowing beast, was fought by the combined forces of the 6 great heroes and finally killed by China's Luo Feng. Everybody thought back then that Luo Feng had died, but a year after, he actually returned alive. The countries all think...that wherever the body of the swallowing beast is, Luo Feng would know the best.’’ Boris said.

The 3 eyed man asked again: ’’Are there any other possibilities?’’

’’Either the other countries may have acquired it, or it was eaten by the sea creatures.’’ Boris said.

The alley went silent.

’’Captain?’’ The 3 eyed man looked at the captain.

’’Luo Feng?’’

Tuoleiwu pondered for a moment, opening his communicator, Rong Zhi, Abuluote, take your teams individually and capture the leading brains of the 5 great countries. I'll personally take a team and go capture the close ones of the planet leader.


The other 3 captains complied.

Yangzhou city, Westlake courtyard, Luo Feng's castle.

The Nuolan Shan family fleet had entered universe travel and left the solar system, this was something actually recorded by the surveillance devices set up around the solar system. Since everybody knew that the Nuolan Shan family had left, large amounts of the people within the survival bases naturally came out, after all, the personal space within the bases was quite small.

’’Ping ping, Little Hai, when you are home, listen to your grandfather and grandmother.’’ Xu Xin finished her lunch and smiled at her 2 sons.

’’Mama, I want to follow you out.’’ Little Hai shouted.

’’Mama has some business matters to attend to.’’ Xu Xin kissed her 2 sons before heading to the car and leaving the castle.

Since the crisis had passed, life gradually returned to normalcy.

Large amount of powerful warriors were scattered around the castle's surroundings, these were all what Luo Feng bought before.

’’Run a little faster, Litte Hai is so fast.’’

’’Ping Ping, keep going, keep going.’’

Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan were happily on the grass outside the castle playing with their grandchildren. Beside in the distance, Zhen Nan was sitting in chair reading a book,just from watching Ping Ping and Little Hai made her look down and occasionally rub her belly.

’’Remember, everybody must be careful.’’

’’The moment we act, we must swiftly capture the earth leader's close ones.’’

In mid air, with Tuoleiwu as the leading warrior, 20 beams of light swiftly flew towards Yangzhou city. Everyone of them brought with them a camouflage device, even on normal planets such as Bailan star, these could be used, much less earth.

’’There's another 300km, we'll be there shortly.’’

’’We must be fast!’’

The grass patch outside the castle, Luo Hong Guo, Gong Xin Lan were still playing with their grandchildren.



An extremely ear piercing alarm sound immediately resounded throughout the entire castle.

’’Protect the little masters!’’

Beside them in the distance were Meng 2 and 4 who were just standing by, their expressions changed and immediately became 2 beams of light, Meng 2 was a star level 7 spirit reader, her speed was absurd, almost instantly she was hugging Ping Ping and Little Hai. And Meng 4 swiftly hugged Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan, the other star level 1 guards swiftly hugged Zhen Nan.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The grass patch was less than a 100m away from the castle, they swiftly rushed in, entering into the castle's master bedroom which was the place with the highest defensive capabilities.


The castle's defense system swiftly activated!

With the master bedroom as the core, 10 pathway gates immediately fell and locked dead! One had to know that the castle's core was made of c grade metals, guaranteeing that even a universe level attack wouldn't be able to breakthrough.

Within the bedroom.

’’This, this, what is this?’’


Luo Hong Guo and Gong Xin Lan's faces were pale white.



The 2 children were very flustered.

’’The castle's security warning system has an area of 20,000m.’’ Meng 2's expression was serious, he said solemnly, ’’According to the level of enemies approaching, the warning system will give out a different alarm sound. The alarm from before represented...that the approaching enemies were at least of our level. Their specific levels and strengths will only be known from checking the defense system.’’

Virtual universe network, Black Dragon Mountain island.

’’Sir, this manor requires 15 million black dragon dollars, it's definitely luxurious and comfortable, suitable for your status and position.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god were looking at houses.

They were getting ready to buy a house within the virtual universe network.

’’It's really expensive, even the items in the virtual universe network are so expensive.’’ Thunder god snapped.

’’Hold on a moment.’’

Luo Feng realized that there was a call request, looking at the spirit imprint matched to the virtual universe network number, it was actually his own father.


An image appeared before Luo Feng.

His father Luo Hong Guo looked pale and terrified, saying anxiously: ’’Luo Feng, there are aliens attacking our home, the defense system shows that the enemies are 5 star level 9s, 15 star level 7 and 8s. I think that the Nuolan Shan family probably hasn't totally left!’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God's expression changed.

’’Dad, attacking the castle? Are there any injuries?’’ Luo Feng said anxiously.

’’Many of the guards have died, we and Ping ping and Little Hai, along with Zhen Nan are in the castle without harm. However Xu Xin and your little brother Luo Hua are outside because of work.’’ Luo Hong Guo said worriedly.


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