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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 48


Volume 08 Chapter 48 - Nuolan Shan's Order

Pula stood respectfully, a screen appeared floating before him, on it appeared a human image.

’’Eh?’’ Pula was stunned.

There were a total of three people on the screen, one of them was his teacher Yuke Nuolan Shan, the other was the elder, and these two were respectfully standing at the side of a man dressed in a dark green battle uniform, and on this man chest, there was a peculiar axe medal, this made Pula's heart race within with a torrent of emotions.

A battle-axe medal!

This was a display of proof of absolute strength amongst the warriors, it was one of the Five Leviathans, the Battle-axe Coliseum, proof of experiencing life or death situations over countless time, the greatest honor! The Battle-axe Coliseum, along with the Virtual Universe Network Company, the Universe First Bank, Universe Galaxy Bank and the Universe Mercenary Alliance, were the Great Leviathans of the universe!

The Battle-axe Coliseum allowed its members to kill amongst themselves while others bet.

For example, when Universe level warriors dueled, it placed the two Universe level warriors on an uninhabited planet or in space, under the supervision of the Battle-axe Coliseum and broadcast, battling to the death! Only when one side has died will the other be considered victorious! Its death percentage for every battle was a 100%, this was because in a battle to the death, everyone who dared to duel all had their own ultimate ability.

The contestants, were called the fighters of the arena.

Winning ten matches, one would acquire the Battle-axe Coliseum's title warrior.

Winning one hundred matches, would acquire the title warrior king.

Winning one thousand matches would acquire the title of 'Battle-axe warrior'.

That means to say...under Nuolan Shan's hand, there were over one thousand dead Universe level warriors! Every battle to the death was a definite risk and danger, a challenge to one's life! To be able to win one thousand matches, that was the true mark of a Universe level, a true 'most powerful universe level fighter'. This didn't really mean invincibility though.

The so called Star Traveller level domain fighter, to be invincible within one's own level.

These were just 'nicknames.'

But the Battle-Axe warrior status, one actually had to risk his life in match after match of deadly battles, swapping one thousand Universe level warriors' heads and blood to prove it! It goes to show how powerful Nuolan Shan was! In the Nuolan Shan family, the first Nuolan Shan was almost just like a legend, within the Kalo Empire, the Nuolan Shan family was the solidly placed third family!

The first family was the royal family, they had a Domain Lord.

The second family was the Wei Di family, its main power was in Black Dragon Mountain Empire, stretching all the way to the Ganwu Empire, it's entire complete power was much much more powerful than the royal family.

The other families behind, many families had Universe level 9 warriors, however...Nuolan Shan family was still the uncontested third family! With a huge number of Star level warriors willing to join, also excluding Nuolan Shan himself, with his disciples and other family members, there were a total of six Universe levels!

Six great Universe level subordinates!

To be able to build an eight thousand man Nuolan Shan guard army! The Nuolan Shan guards were all at Star level 9! The number of life planets they controlled in total exceeded one thousand!

This, was all built from Nuolan Shan himself!

Nuolan Shan, a legendary being!


Even though it was said that one galaxy usually only produced one Universe level warrior, however the moment there's a teacher to guide, the efficiency would rise by a lot more, (just like earth, they could actually be forced by the Yun Mo Planet master to reach the Sector Lord level, this showed the benefits of having a teacher). Looking at the Silverblue Empire, maybe the number of Universe level warriors was little and pathetic. However in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, to control over eight thousand galaxies, such a powerful and vast empire, with many many ancient families, there were even Undying Beings!

Hence, the number of Universe level warriors was definitely plenty!

Hence, the universe battle-axe warrior, even within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire still meant quite a big deal. Of course the Domain Lord battle-axe warrior and the Sector Lord battle-axe warrior within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire were like myths, that was because the entire Black Dragon Mountain Empire only had so few Domain Lords. Hence the number of participants was much much less!


In over a million to ten million years, the vast Black Dragon Mountain Empire had only produced one Domain Lord level battle-axe warrior.

As for the Sector Lord battle-axe warrior, that was a myth in the Ganwu Empire!

’’Battle-axe warrior, Universe level battle-axe warrior!’’ Pula was so excited his heart trembled, ’’Within the entire Black Dragon Mountain Empire, the current ones who are still alive and have been awarded the Universe level battle-axe warrior title, there's only twelve of them. Six of them are currently still at Universe level 9, four have become Domain Lords and two have become Sector Lords.’’

’’Head ancestor!’’

’’I've finally got to see the Head Ancestor.’’ Pula was extremely excited.

’’Your name is Pula?’’ The man whose eyes were piercing and vicious looked at Pula, ’’I've heard of you, you are our Nuolan Shan family's youth who's most likely to reach the Universe level.’’

’’Pula greets the head ancestor.’’ Pula was excited within, being extremely respectful.

’’Hm.’’ The man nodded. ’’I heard you discovered on Earth an automaton universe ship, and the corpse of a Golden Horned Beast infant?’’


Pula said, ’’The automaton ship is underwater on Earth, only thing is the ship's entrance defenses are too strong, we have no way to enter. And the Golden Horned Beast infant indeed landed on Earth, however...we had too little time, the amount of places we managed to seach was too little, we haven't found the infant's corpse.’’

’’Ship, Golden Horned Beast infant's body!’’ The man couldn't help but tremble within, as a battle-axe warrior, the friends he had made and the things he had seen were beyond normal. He was very clear that this sort of extremely valuable item like the Golden Horned Beast's body, was something Undying Beings would be willing to buy, even the Ganwu Empire would definitely want to buy it to dissect and research.

Undying Beings, Ganwu Empire, this sort of power and buying power, any casual price thrown out would far exceed the entire Nuolan Shan family's fortune by many times.

’’The ship is secondary, the Golden Horned Beast infant body is the real treasure, even if the body is treated and used as a specimen, it's still the pinnacle of luxurious treasures to obtain.’’ The man was highly anticipating.

Pula said, ’’We are worried, whether the infant's body has already degraded...’’


The man said, ’’The Golden Horned Beast has an internal world to support it, even if it dies, after a thousand years, its muscles degraded, its bones and scales will still remain. What's more, the date you sent shows it's only been dead for three years.’’

’’Pula.’’ The man said coldly, ’’I order you...From your fleet's brightest and elite warriors, form a small group to stay, they will take a small inconspicuous ship to stay on Earth! The aim is to find the golden horned beast's body!’’

’’Stay on Earth?’’ Bula was shocked, ’’Head ancestor, Earth has a leader...’’

’’So what if they have a leader?’’

The man said coldly, ’’I'm only ordering a small elite group to conceal themselves on Earth to look for the Golden Horned Beast infant's body! Even if they are found or revealed...wouldn't just letting that group be deemed as space pirates suffice? What proof could Earth have that that little group is from the Nuolan Shan family?’’

Let that little group impose as space pirates?

’’Head ancestor, we just left and space pirates immediately appeared? Wouldn't the people from earth suspect us?’’ Pula said.

’’Remember!’’ The man said coldly, ’’According to empire laws, what they need is proof! Without proof, even if they know clearly that these are Nuolan Shan family people, without any proof to submit...that these people are from our family. Then, that Earth leader Luo Feng won't be able to do anything anyway!’’

’’Understood.’’ Pula nodded.

’’Go!’’ The man ordered, ’’Ensure that we find that Golden Horned Beast infant's body.’’

’’Head ancestor, we've found another peculiar treasure on Earth, take a look.’’ Pula immediately played the footage, it was the poisonous round ball they found in China, Shenlongjia.


Nuolan Shan's gaze was ice cold, he was originally watching the footage calmly, but his face displayed a sense of shock and fear, immediately ordering, ’’Pula, I do not allow any of you to go near it! Listen to me clearly, I definitely do not allow it at all! Do not act on your own!’’

Yuke, Dewen, the two heads were very shocked, they had never seen the head ancestor so flustered and angry before.

’’Head ancestor.’’ Pula was stunned.

’’Why are you still here?’’ Nuolan Shan ordered coldly, ’’Remember my words, do not touch that thing, you must definitely never touch it.’’

’’Yes, yes, yes.’’ Pula was shocked, immediately following his order and leaving the virtual universe.


’’Head ancestor?’’

Yuke Nuolan Shan, Dewen Nuolan Shan, the two heads looked at the head ancestor with curiosity, Nuolan Shan simply said softly, ’’Don't ask so much, let's just hope it's dead, if it was alive...’’ Nuolan Shan seemed as though he had seen countless galaxies destroyed, his body couldn't help but to tremble a bit.

’’Earth? Earth?’’

’’Just what is this place!’’

Nuolan shan felt fear from within, ’’Even if Earth had countless treasures, I would still definitely never go there. As for the automaton universe ship, it requires a Universe level 5 or 6? Hmph, I'll send a disciple, I can't go there personally, if that thing was alive, I'd never be able to escape alive!’’

Solar System.

The two enormous battleships flew out of Earth simultaneously, a ship with a diameter of 100m flew out from within one of the battleships, turning on it's screening and camouflage systems, just like Buluo back when his little group of explorers had first arrived, carefully re-entering Earth. With the capabilities of the C grade universe ship camouflaging itself, the humans of Earth had no way at all to detect it.


’’This is the order given by the Head ancestor, you must complete the mission. These are the specific details.’’

’’Remember, no matter what happens, you must definitely never let any proof of you all being members of the Nuolan Shan family be captured by the people of Earth.’’

There were twenty Star level 9 and sixty Star level 7 and 8 fighters.

This was the Nuolan Shan family's little elite group.

With Earth oblivious to them, they quietly entered Earth, not disturbing anyone, and began their mission in searching for the Golden Horned Beast infant's body.

Within the dark space.

Luo Feng and the other two were still in their ship heading towards Earth.

’’Haha, after going through this once, the future will definitely be much easier.’’ Hong laughed.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were extremely happy.

’’Yes! Even if they know that earth has treasures, however, if they send anyone over...they would have to go through the wormhole and enter the dark space district, then it'd take another two years and eight months to reach.’’ Thunder God was proud, ’’Two years and eight months, that's so much time, we'd be extremely prepared by then.’’

Luo Feng nodded.


After this batch of people leave, even if the Nuolan Shan family sent a Universe level warrior, it would still take him two years and eight months to reach Earth. By then...

’’My Golden Horned Beast's body, would long have reached the Universe level.’’ Luo Feng was extremely elated.


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