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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 47


Volume 08 Chapter 47 - Should we Retreat?


Within all the headquarter cities of Earth, countless people were all totally silent.

Within Europe, Paris headquarter city.

A whole group of people who were protesting were all lifting their heads in anticipation as they watched the screen, yes, they were protesting being abandoned by the leaders of their countries. They were requesting for Earth's upper echelon to come out and work together with the Nuolan Shan family. However, that was only because...Earth had no defensive capabilities against the Nuolan Shan family!

Nobody wanted to end up a slave, unless they were twisted in their minds!

This group of people didn't want to become slaves, if there was a not submit to the Nuolan Shan family while gaining their freedom and lives, they would definitely be willing.

’’Luo Feng!’’

’’It's actually Luo Feng, look at the screen, it seems this group of aliens are probably also from that Black Dragon Mountain Empire.’’

’’This Black Dragon Mountain Empire, is a country within the universe?’’

’’Luo Feng is from Earth, how did he become a planet leader on the universe scale? And also Earth, our leader?’’

’’Who knows.’’

In terms of knowledge, Earth's humans weren't stupid.

From the speech Luo Feng broadcasted all over, they easily deducted...the Black Dragon Mountain Empire was powerful on the empire level, much much stronger than this seemingly huge and vast Nuolan Shan family. And their Earth's pride Luo Feng, had become the planet leader within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.


If Earth wanted to ever mix with the universe, and for anybody to ever become their leader, the humans of Earth would definitely hope it'd be one of their natives! Even more so, since Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God had already reached god status on Earth, for any of them to become Earth's leader, there would hardly be any rejections on earth by anyone.

’’Who knows if Luo Feng's words will do anything.’’

’’This Nuolan Shan family doesn't even know whether to retreat or not.’’

Everybody was worried...


Earth's six great survival bases.

’’Luo Feng, this planet leader status, will it help us?’’

’’An empire in the universe, it cannot be exactly the same as how we do it on may not be accurate!’’

’’Just watch, there's going to be an outcome soon.’’


On Earth, whether it was the billions of ordinary folk, or the upper echelon, they were all waiting, waiting to see the reaction of the Nuolan Shan family.

Luo Feng and the other two sat within the ship, proceeding back through the dark space.

Virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

Within the restaurant private room.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God watched the screen floating before them, maintaining contact with Xu Xin.

’’Xu Xin, what's happening?’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’What's the reaction of the Nuolan Shan family, are they retreating?’’

’’The satellite scan indicates that the two battleships are still parked above the Pacific ocean, no movement.’’ Xu Xin was very worried, ’’Maybe the people from the Nuolan Shan family are discussing things.’’

’’No movement?’’

Luo Feng's eyebrows creased.

’’They have the guts not to leave.’’ Beside, Thunder God's eye's gleamed, ’’If they don't leave, we'll record their actions and send it over to the empire headquarters, naming them as space pirates. The Black Dragon Mountain Empire is a very strong middle level civilization within the universe! They definitely won't allow this family to do as it pleases!’’

’’If it was an extremely huge family, that'd be hard to say.’’

’’But the Nuolan Shan family, against the Silverblue Empire or that level or empire, would be a hard pill to swallow. However against the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, they are nothing but ants!’’ Thunder God said confidently.

These words made both Hong and Luo Feng nod.

’’It doesn't matter what we say.’’ Luo Feng's eyebrows creased, ’’We can only see what they decide to do!’’

Luo Feng and the other two maintained contact with Earth, silently waiting...for news from that side!

Earth, in the air above the Pacific ocean.

Two huge interstellar battleships were floating in mid air, in one of their control rooms, the eight heirs were standing, raging and pissed off.

The extreme joy and excitement from finding the strange huge round ball before was all gone from their minds, now all was left was frustration.

’’Earth's leader?’’

’’This earth actually has a leader?’’

’’What do we do now?’’

They couldn't stifle their rage.

Anybody would know, the moment the Nuolan Shan family chose not to retreat from Earth, they would have serious consequences! Earth's leader, meaning everybody on Earth were all his property and territory! Invading one's territory plus engaging in wanton looting, this sort of behavior was definitely not allowed by the empire, they would immediately be deemed as space pirates.

Space pirates, or also known as space bandits. They were hated by every huge empire, they were immediately killed!

’’Follow me to meet the head.’’ Pula said solemnly.


The other seven complied.

This sort of news, they could only let the head decide their course of action.

A whole half a minute later.

Virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

Within a luxurious villa's living room, the eight heirs stood at attention, before them a screen floated and the screen displayed two, one was the current head Yuke Nuolan Shan and the Elder head Dewen Nuolan Shan.

’’Teacher, Elder, this is the public broadcast footage on Earth before.’’ Pula said respectfully.

Immediately, the footage was played.

When they say the proof of ownership from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, the two heads' expressions became ugly.

Especially during the footage, Luo Feng even took out the constitution and read from it, this enraged them even further.

’’Leave my territory immediately! Otherwise, your Nuolan shan family will gain the status of space pirates and incur the wrath of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's army’’ The footage's last sentence, left the two heads at a lost for words, there was a huge treasure on Earth before, and now suddenly it has become someone else's territory!

’’Earth, is this Luo Feng's territory?’’ Yuke couldn't believe it.

’’Yes, teacher. I just checked. There is indeed a record within the empire, Luo Feng must have just become its leader today.’’ Bula added.


Yuke Nuolan Shan bit down angrily.

’’Just who is this Luo Feng? Which family?’’ The elder beside creased his eyebrows in dissatisfaction.

’’He is one of the top three warriors on earth, he's current level should be a Star Traveller level 9, I estimate it to be so.’’ Bula said respectfully.

’’What, an Earthling?’’

The head stared wide eyed.


An aboriginal from an aboriginal planet, suddenly became the planet's leader? One must know that to buy a planet, even the person who discovers it getting a discounted price, for a planet like Earth which was a life planet with the highest level of pricing, would require at least 3 trillion Black Dragon dollars!

It was something that was impossible for normal people, that's why he asked which family he was from!

’’Yes, an Earthling.’’ Pula nodded.’’ It's probably that Earth had several treasures which he sold and earned enough.’’

’’Earth's treasures?’’

The two heads thought of the automaton universe ship, feeling the pinch of the loss! That was an automaton ship, the lowest level was a D grade. Much more valuable than their entire Nuolan Shan family fortune! This sort of ship's operation, or even to conquer it, with it's entrance defense, would at least require a Universe level 5 or 6 to have a hope of breaking in.

’’Teacher, what should we do, should we retreat?’’ Bula said nervously.

’’Elder, should we retreat?’’ The other heirs were all extremely worried too.

’’We don't have a lot of time to hesitate, the longer we stay on earth, the more likely we'll be deemed as space pirates.’’ Pula said anxiously.

The head Yuke Nuolan Shan bit down angrily, ’’Bastard! That Luo Feng, I want to kill him!’’

’’Retreat!’’ The elder's expression was malevolent, he cursed softly.

The eight heirs were stunned.

’’Elder!!!’’ Yuke Nuolan shan looked shocked as he stared at the Elder, ’’Are we going to just give up like this?’’

The Elder said angrily: ’’Yuke, have you gone senile in your head? If we don't give up like this, no matter how valuable that automaton ship is, what's the point? The moment we become space pirates, the empire's army will destroy our entire family without any problem at all. Don't tell me, just because of Earth's treasures, you are willing to sacrifice the entire family?’’

’’We, we...’’ Yuke Nuolan shan hesitated.

’’Yes, we can escape. But the entire Nuolan Shan family, was built from our ancestors hard work for many many years. Don't tell me you want all of this to go in vain?’’ The elder scolded.

Yuke Nuolan Shan went silent.

That was right.

The ancestor back then, also known as Nuolan Shan, the founder of the family, independently created the Nuolan Shan family. With his family last name, strengthening it through tens of thousands of years before actually being able to make it progress to such a level today.

’’Retreat!’’ The elder gave the order, Yuke Nuolan Shan sighed softly.

Pula and the other heirs looked at the two heads before complying, : ’’Yes!’’

On Earth, following Pula and the other heirs' orders. The Nuolan Shan family members who were originally scattered across the globe swiftly headed straight back towards the battleships to gather. As for the entire retreating process...since they were already retreating, the Nuoan Shan family definitely wouldn't be secretive about it. In fact, they did it openly in public, letting the Earth's leader know and not have any reason to report back to the universe empire's court.

The six great survival bases.

Through the satellite, the Earth's upper echelon all clearly saw the Nuolan Shan family with its huge number of people and troops swiftly gather at the battleships.

’’Haha, they are retreating.’’

’’They are really retreating.

’’They've begun to collect everybody and everything.’’

’’One by one, they are all entering the battleship.’’

’’We've won!’’

’’We've won!’’


The extremely excited Earth's upper echelons, willfully shouted loudly, displaying their elation! And this news swiftly reached Luo Feng and the other two in the distance dark space through Xu Xin.


Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God looked at the screen, that Nuolan Shan family troops were gathering from all across the globe, entering the battleships.

’’Looks like they are really retreating.’’ Thunder God's eyes gleamed.

’’Don't be anxious.’’ Hong stared at the screen, ’’Let's wait for the battleships to actually leave earth before saying.’’

’’We are about to succeed.’’ Luo Feng too held his breath as he waited.

Waiting for the two battleships to leave Earth!


The two enormous interstellar battleships, under the surveillance of Earth's many satellites, finally began to increase their speed and fly upwards, quickly leaving the atmosphere.

This entire scene, was directly broadcasted to every country on Earth, every base's household television, computer screens.

’’The day we held our bated breaths, the day that left us all in fear, the day that left us in despair! We had already given up originally, thinking that all of us were about to be conquered by the Nuolan Shan family from the universe, however, when that enormous 3D projection appeared in mid air, seeing that image...we thought about back then, that duty bound honorable image that plunged into the depths of the sea to fight it out with the Swallowing Beast. Yes! We've been conquered by him, he, is a true hero! Yes, hero!!!’’ On television, the reporter couldn't control his emotions as tears rolled out continuously.

On every television in every country, the scene broadcasted was that same scene, however each used their own language to speak.


’’We've won!’’

’’We've won.’’


A few of the silent sitting protests people who were watching the huge screen, the scene of the two enormous battleships picking up and leaving, all jumped up, crazily shouting excitedly.

’’Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God, the three who, the moment they found out about the expected invasion of the Nuolan Shan family, risked their lives and entered the universe to fight it out for our Earth's single chance of survival. They've succeeded, yes! The three have succeeded!’’ On television, they played the footage of Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God's incomparable elation.

This footage, was something Luo Feng and the other two sent over via the Virtual Universe Network.

’’It's too emotional, I'm just going crazy.’’

Within the universe ship's control room, Thunder God was extremely excited, ’’Truthfully, when I saw that the entire Earth, every base, every place, countless people shouting and celebrating, with people kneeling down and kissing the land. I felt so emotional my whole body shivered, I know...this is our race, our root, they our fellow people, our fellow people!!!’’

’’Yes, we've succeeded, succeeded.’’ Hong was calm, his eyes too were moist.

’’I too cannot bear to stay here in the Virtual Universe Network anymore.’’ Luo Feng's emotional state was incomparably high, ’’Looking at the entire Earth's situation sent over, I feel so emotional that my head is bursting.’’

’’I want to go home, to Earth.’’ Luo Feng shouted within the ship's control room, ’’I want to return to Earth now, return there now!’’

’’Me too!’’ Thunder god nodded.

’’Yes, return home.’’ Hong nodded.

They were extremely emotional!

The universe scout ship was continuously proceeding within the dark space, heading towards Earth's coordinates.

Unlike the joy that the humans of earth and Luo Feng were experiencing.

The people in the Nuolan Shan family's two battleships were extremely enraged, the leading battleship, the eight heirs were in the control room, not a single smile could be seen.


’’Dog shit.’’

’’How did it turn out this way?’’

’’This Luo Feng, how did he become the Earth's leader, and so quickly?’’

The atmosphere was cold and tense, it could drive people crazy.


Pula creased his eyebrows slightly, the other heirs looked towards him, Pula said solemnly, ’’The head wants to meet me.’’ Finishing that, he immediately went towards his own cabin.

Within the Virtual Universe Network.

The current head Yuke Nuolan shan and the elder Dewen Nuolan shan were standing there, respectfully, beside them, stood an incredibly skinny, eyes looking extremely vicious with pointy ears man. He was donned in a dark green battle uniform, on his chest there was a peculiar axe medal.

’’For the family?’’

’’Thinking about me?’’

This man was extremely furious, ’’It doesn't mean a thing for the family, back then when I started this whole thing from scratch and built the entire family! I can do it all over again if I need to! The most important thing is power! It's power, do you all understand? Right now I'm already at the Universe level 9, just a little more and I'll reach the Domain Lord level! If I had a huge amount of immeasurable wealth, I can invite an Undying warrior to teach me, with that I'll be able to breakthrough, and when that happens, I'll have a 100 era lifespan. Then, the Nuolan Shan family will become even more glorious!’’

’’The wrath of the empire?’’ What a joke!’’

’’The family's elite will immediately take the ships and travel through the universe. If it comes to it, we'll leave the Black Dragon Mountain Empire!’’

’’Those planets, we can just throw them away!’’

’’Later when I become a Domain Lord, the Nuolan Shan family will be stronger by a hundred times!: The man said coldly, ’’What's more, it's not like our entire Nuolan Shan would have to leave right away after looting earth. It would be a waste afterall to give up all of our planets.’’

The two heads, in front of the head ancestor, didn't dare utter a word.


A notice sound rang.

’’Oh, the brat leading the fleet has arrived.’’ The man, only now did he reveal an ice cold smile.


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