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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 46


Volume 08 Chapter 46 - The Projection in the Sky

After the procedures were all done, within the citizen database of the black dragon mountain empire, Luo Feng's status was officially changed to 'Planet Leader'.

’’Let's hurry and leave Jade Rock Star!’’

’’Let's return immediately.’’

’’Right, immediately contact Earth.’’

Luo Feng Hong and Thunder God rushed with their greatest speed towards the planet's docking bay, taking their silver grey universe ship and leaving Jade Rock star, beginning the universe travel.

Within the dark space.

The ship continued to advance.

Luo Feng, Thunder god and Hong were each in their own cabins, entering into the Virtual Universe Network.

Within the Virtual Universe Network, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God appeared out of thin air amidst a crowded spacious alley, the others glanced at the three with a sense of disdain. This was the virtual universe, only people without property would appear in the middle of the alleys. People with their own property would appear at their own place!

’’Third brother, we are rich people, let's buy a house in the virtual universe next time.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but to say quietly.

One could imagine, Thunder God on Earth was so much above everybody.

In the virtual universe, he was actually looked down on.

’’Before, we had little money, we couldn't spend much. However, it's possible now. Let's buy a big house!’’ Luo Feng nodded, within the virtual universe, the moment one purchases a house, he could place his own and his close friends, etc virtual universe numbers to the house, the moment they were all linked, everybody would appear within that house.


For example Luo Feng and Xu Xin, as one of them is on Earth while the other is in a distant space, the two entering the virtual universe simultaneously would never appear on the same alley.

Unless Hong, Thunder God and Luo Feng were together in reality, thus they would appear at the same place.

’’We'll talk about this later, let's hurry and contact Earth.’’ Hong said.

’’Yes.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

The three swiftly found a restaurant and entered a private room, immediately contacting Earth.

A screen appeared in mid air.

On the screen, Xu Xin appeared.

’’Luo Feng!’’ Xu Xin let out a face of happiness.

’’Xu Xin, what's going on on Earth now?’’ Luo Feng, Thunder God and Hong looked at the screen.

’’It's really bad!’’

Xu Xin said anxiously, ’’Look at this footage!’’ Normal people entering the virtual universe network usually used the assisting quantum computers or AI quantum computers, even though Xu Xin was using the conscious transmitter helmets, it's efficiency was still much stronger than Earth's regular computers.

Xu Xin uploaded the footage of Earth into the virtual universe and played it!

’’This was from the broadcast.’’ Xu Xin explained.


The footage began to play!

’’Humans of Earth, how do you do!’’

’’We are the Nuolan Shan family from the universe, we come here in peace! But don't suspect our power...’’ The same footage that was played in every household of Earth,was replayed for Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God. These three were earth's elites, none of them were stupid or gullible!

Finishing the footage, they knew that matters were worse than they thought!

’’Luo Feng. ’’Xu Xin said, ’’It's extremely chaotic now, within each of the 6 survival bases, the upper echelon are all having opposing opinions. And the 6 over billion people outside are even more chaotic.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and thunder god creased their eyebrows.

They obviously knew what would result from the footage and the backlash from it.

’’Sister-in-law.’’ Hong said solemnly, ’’That footage said it gave the humans of Earth 12 hours, how much time has passed already?’’

’’It's already been 4 hours and 8 minutes.’’ Xu Xin immediately replied.

’’Good, we'll contact you all again in half an hour.’’ Hong said.


The call was ended.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God looked at each other.

’’Right now third brother is Earth's leader, using the law to intimidate the Nuolan Shan family should be useful.’’ Thunder God said.

’’Yes, they are only one big family from the Kaluo empire, against something like the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.’’ Hong nodded, ’’They definitely wouldn't dare go against them.’’

’’I understand.’’

Luo Feng agreed too, however, I was thinking, just relying on the law angle, probably isn't enough. The best way is for our own strength to significantly increase! That's why I was thinking...let's see if we can buy a Universe level 1 slave.’’

’’Universe level slave?’’ Hong and Thunder god stared.

’’I'm just considering, I haven't exactly made the decision.’’ Luo Feng pondered, ’’If...the price of the Universe level 1 slave is reasonable, it'd be a good thing. After all his power would definitely be sufficient, with strength to spare!’’

Hong and Thunder God nodded.

Even though there was the law within the universe, it was still relative to who it was against. The Black Dragon Mountain Empire's laws, had a great intimidating effect on the Nuolan Shan family because the Nuolan Shan family was much weaker than the Black Dragon Mountain Empire. If it was Luo Feng's teacher, the master of the Yun Mo Planet who was to come snatch a planet, the Black Dragon Mountain Empire wouldn't even be able to touch him!

One's own power had to be strong enough!

’’Du, du du...’’

Luo Feng made a call request to the slave owner he bought from back on Dragon Star. He was indeed a businessman, it only took a few seconds before they were connected. On the screen, a skinny green haired man with a wide smile and full of enthusiasm appeared.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, very nice of you to look for me, it really makes me happy!’’ The green haired man was extremely enthusiastic.


Luo Feng smiled as he asked, ’’This time, I would like to ask you, is your boss able to...get a Universe level slave!’’

’’Universe level slave?’’ The green haired man stared.

The highest a slave can ever get is only the Universe level, to be able to turn a Universe level warrior into a slave, the first condition was to capture him alive, rendering incapable of resisting and implanting the microchip. To be able to do something of this degree, one not only had to stronger than the opponent, he still required many other factors to work together.

’’If you are serious, we can definitely get one! There's stock!’’ The green haired man looked at Luo Feng, ’’It all just depends on whether Mr. Luo Feng has enough money.’’

’’A Universe level 1 slave, how much would it be?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’That's a trillion dollar figure, so much so that the actual deal would usually be settled in Ganwu dollars.’’ The green haired man warned Luo Feng.

’’Give me a figure.’’ Luo Feng pushed.

The green haired man looked at Luo Feng with surprise, the first time he met Luo Feng, he had already felt that Luo Feng was definitely one who had received the best education and upbringing, his whole aura was different. He never expected...for Luo Feng to return and question about a Universe level slave, this was definitely something not any normal person could afford.

’’10 trillion Black Dragon dollars, about 10 billion Ganwu dollars.’’ The green haired man said, ’’And this is the lowest.’’

’’Damn.’’ Luo Feng cursed inside.

’’Take it that I never asked.’’ Luo Feng was direct, ’’Wula, we'll chat again later, I still have matters to attend to.’’

’’Haha, what I've got is time, call me whenever Mr. Luo Feng.’’ The green haired man was still extremely enthusiastic, as a businessman, he had to be this way. He was very clear...a customer like Luo Feng, with frequent good service and care, making him happy, who knew when the customer might return with a big order.

One large order alone would let them earn plenty!


The call ended.

Within the private room, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God looked at each other.

’’The price is so absurd, I still thought about 2 or 3 trillion Black Dragon dollars would settle it.’’ Luo Feng mumbled.

The first batch of money his teacher left him was 10 billion Ganwu dollars.

Buying the Earth required 3 trillion Black Dragon dollars, if he paid using ganwu dollars, he only required 2.1 billion ganwu dollars. Obviously the Black Dragon Mountain Empire was more willing to accept more Ganwu dollars. And right now, Luo Feng's capital was only 7.9 billion Ganwu dollars plus a few hundred million Black Dragon dollars.

’’It's quite shocking.’’ Hong and Thunder God nodded.

’’Haha, Luo Feng, you've gone stupid, wanting to buy a Universe level slave?’’ A sharp piercing evil voice resounded, it was Babata on Luo Feng's shoulder, ’’You have to know when a Universe level warrior joins any empire, he would receive over 10 planets immediately. Even though they are normal life planets, put them together and they'd be worth close to 10 trillion Black Dragon dollars. Even though the Universe level 1 is the weakest among the Universe levels, but 10 trillion Black Dragon dollars and up is definite! And this is only at Universe level 1, if it was the higher levels like 2 or 3, or even 6 or 7...damn, it'd be even more shocking!’’

Luo Feng was stunned, replying curtly, ’’Why didn't you say so earlier?’’

’’I was playing a virtual game, much more fun than talking to you all.’’ Babata said contently.

’’Virtual game?’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were speechless.

’’That requires money.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but say.

’’Playing a virtual game only costs so much, playing for a million years would only require 100 million Black Dragon dollars.’’ Babata couldn't care less, his attitude left Luo Feng speechless.

The other assisting quantum computers and AI computers, no matter how intelligent, would never go against the master's orders and do whatever it wanted.

And Babata, having already evolved into a living AI, with the capability to feel pain and happiness, and awareness, making his own decisions etc, was no different from a normal person! That's why he liked playing games...and he happened to be Luo Feng's virtual assistant, everyone entering the virtual universe had a virtual assistant.

Many of the procedures within the virtual universe was done via the virtual assistant.

That's why, when Babata withdrew the money...within the virtual universe's system, it determined that it was Luo Feng who ordered Babata to withdraw the money. Hence it would definitely allow it! After all, no one asked Luo Feng to actually use a living AI as his mini quantum computer, AI computer.


’’Luo Feng, you've now become a planet leader. Immediately order the empire to send you the ownership rights as proof and through the Virtual Universe Network, send it to Earth. Then, let all the countries of Earth broadcast it all publicly! Also, broadcast the Black Dragon Mountain Empire constitution concerning territory ownership once, the Nuolan Shan family is after all only a small family within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, they wouldn't dare go against it!’’ Babata said directly.

’’Of course, you first have to record the footage of them on Earth!’’

’’If they were to go against the empire laws, they'd be courting death.’’ Babata said confidently.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God looked at each other.

They were indeed ready to use this method, but they hadn't thought out carefully their plan of action.

’’We do it this way!’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up.

’’Little guy, why are you so clear about the empire laws?’’ Thunder God looked stunned as he rubbed Babata's head.

’’Don't touch me! And don't call me little bastard! You have to call me...demon lord, do you understand?’’ The demon Babata stared at Thunder God before closing his eyes and ignoring him, continuing with his virtual game.

Stuck in emptiness for 50 thousand years, to be able to enter the virtual universe, how could the demon Babata not play to his heart's content?

As for the safety of Earth?

What did it matter to him? To the demon Babata, it didn't mean much, mostly it was only because of Luo Feng that he came up with some plans for them.


According to Babata, Luo Feng swiftly recorded the footage along with some of the data and proof he received from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.

’’Just like this.’’ Luo Feng looked at Hong and Thunder God.

’’Yes, no problem.’’ Thunder God pondered a little, ’’It'll definitely work.’’

’’Almost.’’. Hong nodded.

’’Then I'll first send all these over, after that, I'll leave it to those on Earth to act.’’ Luo Feng took a deep breath and began to request the call from Xu Xin.

Milky Way, Earth.

The Nuolan Shan family's warriors were swiftly scouring Earth's every corner, especially with over 1000 star levels, in terms of speed, there were many that were much faster than the Swallowing Beast from before. A life planet with a radius of 6,400km, to them, covering one whole round was easy.

Earth, China, Shenlong district.

’’It's unbelievable!’’

’’My god!’’

’’This, what is this...’’

Including Pula, the eight heirs of the family along with many star level 9s of the Nuolan guard were shocked at the depths of Shenlong, that enormous 800m diameter round ball was constantly emitting poisonous gas around it, just what was this round ball? It was like a round ball mountain, and the poisonous gas it was emitting had already affected the two careless searchers from before, one was a Star level 3 while the other a Star level 5, they both immediately rotted from the gas.

’’It's definitely a treasure.’’ A group of people stared at the poisonous round ball, to emit a gas that could kill star levels, it definitely wasn't a simple toy.

Du! Du! Du!

Du! Du! Du!

In an instant, the eight heirs' quantum computer resounded.

’’Lord, above China's survival base in mid air, a large screen has appeared! Look.’’ The eight heirs' quantum computers all lit up, displaying the scene.


At the time, everyone of Earth's household televisions, internet networks all immediately switched to the same scene. At the same time in China, India and the six great survival bases, through these bases, 3D images were projected above in mid air! The large image shone across the sky.

3D projection, it was enormous.

Even from 100m away, one could still easily see it with the naked eye.

’’Kaluo empire Nuolan Shan family, how do you do.’’

’’I am Luo Feng.’’

’’Not long ago, the planet of which you are on, Earth, has become my territory.’’ A large voice resounded through every household's televisions, computers, even across every country's broadcast, resounding through the air, ’’This is the Black Dragon Mountain Empire proof of ownership.’’

On Earth.

The originally unbridled, excited and proud Nuolan Shan family members were all stunned, be it those watching their own screens or the other watching the huge projection up high that seemed like a god, in the image, Luo Feng was speaking with confidence, beside him the proof of ownership appeared. Luo Feng was using universe language, at the bottom of the projections, mandarin and English subtitles were displayed.

’’Is, is this real?’’

’’It's indeed proof from the empire.’’

On earth, all the members of the Nuolan Shan family were shocked.

The big projection.

Luo Feng held in his hand a virtual book, that was the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's <constitution>, Luo Feng's expression was serious as he flipped the pages and read: ’’According to the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's constitution chapter 12, section 61, 62 and 63. Without the permission of the planet leader, barging and invading a planet will result in the invaders being deemed as space pirates! Your Nuolan Shan family didn't know before that this planet had a leader, it's not considered a crime. But right now I've told you all, this is my territory!’’

’’As the leader of Earth, I request for you all to...’’

Within the huge projection, Luo Feng raged and scolded, ’’Leave my territory immediately! Otherwise, your Nuolan shan family will gain the status of space pirates and incur the wrath of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire's army!’’

’’Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath!’’

Billions of household television, computers and other forms of broadcast resounded, Luo Feng's voice echoed almost like the tsunami throughout every corner of earth.

On Earth, whether it was those hiding in their houses, or outside, or engaging in robbery, everybody went silent. Whether they were watching from home or on the streets, they could recognize, the man talking confidently on the screen, was Earth's humanity's pride...

Luo Feng!


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