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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 45


Volume 08 Chapter 45 - Extreme Excitement

Floating within the Bermuda ocean, was an enormous silver white pyramid, at a height of 1200m tall, even though it's been there for tens of thousands of years, time hadn't left even a trace or scar on it's surface!

’’This automaton universe ship!!!’’

Pula was extremely excited.

The Automaton Race!

Even though the human race had always been known as one of the leading races within vast universe, however, there were still other races that were able to go toe to toe with the human race! The Automaton Race was one of them! Accurately speaking...everyone of the Automaton Race were living AIs, the technology of the entire race had advanced to an unbelievable level!


Every one of the Automatons were absolutely powerful fighters!

As they are different from humans and did not require going through the slow process of training, the living AIs only required a powerful body, with enough powerful battle skills and techniques within their memories, they would immediately become powerful fighters! Theoretically speaking, no matter how strong the Automatons were, they had no way to become Undying Beings! However...the Automatons actually broke this curse, with several Undying Being within their race!

Just like the one that died on the Yun Mo Planet ship!

’’The Automaton Race, the race with highly advanced technology.’’ Pula's eyes lit up, ’’Our entire human race within the universe, a lot of it's technology was taken from the Automaton Race themselves.’’

’’An automaton universe ship, usually even the lowest grades are c grade, the way I see it, this is probably a d grade, or even higher.’’ Pula couldn't tell specifically, unlike the humans who used the metals and alloys in a more distinct way, which was easier to tell what sort of metals were used. What alloy! The universe ship, etc, constructs from the automaton race, humans had no way at all to tell just what they were made of.

The feeling of might be a new material altogether.

Hence, a D grade ship from the automatons would usually be regarded immediately by humans as a D9 grade. It was the best in the grade! One automaton ship's price was extremely expensive, much more expensive than a ship of the same grade built by humans.

’’Entrance, where's the entrance?’’ Pula shouted.

’’Lord Pula, the entrance is on that side! However the entrance is extremely dangerous, we threw some broken weapons in and they were all immediately vaporized into nothing.’’

’’That's a good thing!’’

Pula excitedly flew over.

The entrance of the pyramid was close to it's bottom, it was a beautiful mysterious triangular like pathway, the cabin door was opened much earlier, but no one was capable of entering it.

’’Analyze the strength of the attacks.’’ Pula flipped his hand, a reserved weapon that he used before appeared, it was a very long sword.

He casually threw it over.

The sword flew into the triangular pathway.

’’Chi...’’ The mysterious three-colored light beam shot out from the three sides of the pathway walls, brushing past the sword, the sharp and incredibly sturdy sword produced a slight rustle of noise before being vaporized into powder and subsequently nothing at all.

’’Good!’’ Pula shouted excitedly, ’’Even a C2 grade weapon was easily destroyed!’’

What did it mean?

It meant that normal Universe level 2 fighters couldn't even withstand the attack.

’’The stronger the better.’’ Pula's eyes lit up, throwing out a second reserve weapon, an exact copy of the weapon before. These reserve weapons weren't worth much...before, it was a strength weapon, now it was a spirit weapon.

’’Chi chi...’’

This time, the sword received the three colored light wave, slightly trembling before breaking apart a little, however, the speed this time was much slower.

’’It's having a harder time breaking the C5 grade?’’ Pula nodded, his smile growing wider, ’’Very good, extremely good.’’

An universe ship, strongest attack would definitely not be at just the entrance of the ship, because these sort of entrances had to maintain their defenses for an extremely long time, moreover, it's simply just the entrance, hence it couldn't be the strongest weapon on the ship.

Like the black dragon mountain x81, the entrance's attack could only kill normal Star Traveller level 2 or 3 warriors. Yet it's laser cannon was of a B6 grade.

’’The entrance pathway alone is that powerful!’’

’’This ship, it's lowest grade would probably be a D grade! It could very well be an E grade ship!’’ Pula's eyes lit up.

’’If it's a D grade, a D grade automaton ship, it's equivalent to a human race D9 grade ship!’’ Pula was extremely excited, this ship's every detail and power was extremely exaggerated.

With a diameter of 100m, a ship just like the black dragon ship, C5 grade.

A cheap C5 grade. With a diameter of 100m, would be priced at several hundred million. And the C9 grade, even if it was purely made of alloys, would be close to 10 billion Black Dragon dollars! After all, the C9 grade's defensive capabilities were tens of times stronger than the C5 grade.

As for the D grade!

A Universe level warrior and a Domain Lord usually rode in this level of ship, the Nuolan Shan family's first head Nuolan Shan himself sat in a D5 grade ship, spending 20 billion Ganwu dollars for it!

D1, that alone was about 100 billion Black Dragon dollars.

D9 grade, even if it was all alloys, was at least one thousand times more than the D1 grade! One could say, one had to sell ten to one hundred life planets before being able to afford a D9. Hence, to a Domain Lord, even this was expensive. Of course...The prices mentioned were all referring only to the ships with 100m diameters. As for those with a height of 1200m like the pyramid, at the D9 grade, with a huge body, the material used would be even more.

The price naturally would be absurd!

One could say...

Most Domain Lords couldn't even afford it!

’’D9 grade, diameter 100m, if we sold off the entire Nuolan Shan's family fortune, we could still afford it. However, for something at 1200 tall...The entire family fortune wouldn't even come close to being enough.’’ Pula's eyes were gleaming, ’’If this pyramid is e grade...’’

Five minutes later.

Virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

Within a large hall.

The 8 heirs stood side by side, a screen appeared before them, on it was the head Yu Ke Nuolan Shan.

’’Teacher!’’ Pula said determinedly, extremely excited, ’’We've discovered on Earth an Automaton Race universe ship within the sea.’’

’’Automaton Race?’’ The head's expression on the screen seemed stunned too.

’’Yes, teacher, also, that automaton ship's height is 1200m, it's lowest possible grade is also D grade.’’ Bula said.

D grade, it was the common ship of most of the Domain Lords! It's price was definitely absurd.

Also, it was a D grade, the most popular and expensive, of the Automaton Race, and it was even 1200m tall!

’’This, this...’’ Yuke Nuolan Shan's eyes lit up too.

’’Teacher.’’ Another handsome youth said loudly, ’’Not just that, we've also discovered here on Earth...that Earth was attacked by a Swallowing Beast not long ago. This Swallowing Beast, in actual fact, was a space beast of the best and elite bloodline, the brutal and savage Golden Horned Beast! Of course, this Golden Horned Beast back then was only a Star level 1, it was only an infant.’’

’’Golden Horned Beast infant?’’ Yuke Nuolan Shan became even more shocked.

A Golden Horned Beast infant, if it was alive, it's price would be many times that of the automaton universe ship!

Maybe, the E grade automaton ship's price could compare to the Golden Horned Beast infant.


To the Nuolan Shan family, this too was an enormous treasure!

’’However the Golden Horned Beast infant was said to have been killed, we are currently looking for it's corpse.’’ The handsome youth said.

’’Killed?’’ Yuke's eyes stared wide, taking a deep breath, he knew too that he had lost his composure, immediately staring at Pula, ’’Pula, hows the data gathering and sampling?’’

’’I was just about to report, we've completed gathering and sampling.’’ Bula said.

’’Very good!’’

Yuke's eye's gleamed, ’’Immediately send a little ship with these data and samples, along with the space coordinates. Reach Jade Rock Star and request to buy this planet. This planet belongs to our Nuolan Shan family! We definitely, definitely cannot let anyone else take it away. Also! With regards to this Earth, we have to keep it all secret, with the highest degree of security.’’

’’Yes sir!’’

The eight heirs resounded together.

’’Earth probably still has other treasures, the ones who understand it the best would be its native humans. Hurry up...with the quickest methods, control Earth's humans. Use both gentleness along with force.’’ Yuke said.


The eight heirs replied loudly.

’’Very good, extremely good!’’ Yuke was obviously very excited.

A ship that even the Domain Lords would find luxurious, (This is only if it's still a D grade), along with a space beast infant that would reach the pinnacle of Sector Lords just by maturing.

To the Nuolan Shan family whose strongest power was only at the Universe level 9.

These two treasures indeed would make them feel dizzy!

Chin, Kyoto headquarter city, Tianjin city.

Even though the universe outer space fleet had arrived, the ordinary folk still led their lives normally.

’’Greetings humans of Eearth, how do you do!’’

’’We are from the universe, the Nuolan Shan family, we come in peace looking for friendship! Do not be suspicious of our strength and power...’’ Households' televisions, computers etc immediate depicted the scene, a handsome pointy eared, akin to the legendary spirits male youth said in a peculiar language, beside him a screen automatically translating his words to English and mandarin.

’’Look, this is your Earth's Australia continent.’’

’’All it needs is one punch, and the entire mountain range will be destroyed.’’

’’All it needs is one punch, and this entire island will be gone.’’

The screen flickered between scenes constantly, changing between the nine Star level 9 warriors performances. Watching the Star level 9 levelling a mountain with just one punch, the force of that powerful attack creating a devastating shockwave 100km past the scene. Earth's humans were all dumbfounded...This, compared to the pinnacle of battles from before...

This was even more terrifying than Hong and Thunder God against the swallowing beast!

The effect of a single punch spread out over 100km!

This was simply akin to a large amounts of nuclear weapons!

’’Of course.’’ As handsome as the spirits, the man Pula smiled, speaking to the humans of Earth, ’’We come here in peace, hence we will not attack any of the cities! Your earth's five great countries and twenty three headquarter cities, after one hour, your so called emperor level monsters, we will throw ten of their bodies in all the headquarter cities!’’

’’If we wanted!’’

’’In one hour, we can destroy the Earth.’’

Pula smiled, ’’However we come here in peace, but your Earth's upper echelon, the so called elites are all hidden in those iron castles. This displeases us!’’

’’I hope, your earth's upper echelon can come communicate with our Nuolan Shan family, giving us, who are from the universe, and your so called aliens some proper respect!’’

’’If your Earth's upper echelon can't even give us any respect! And rejects our goodwill...’’

’’Then, we won't mind using force and brutality to conquer you all!’’

Pula smiled, ’’I'm giving you 12 Earth hours, discuss well. If after 12 hours, we still don't see see any of Earth's upper echelon, and don't receive any little form of respect, then we'll use the brute force, every hour, we'll destroy one of your so called headquarter cities.’’


Pula talking on the television, internet, was like a trillion ton nuclear bomb exploding, leaving all of humanity on Earth dumbfounded.

12 hours!

The humans of Earth only had 12 hours to discuss and prepare, and after, every hour would result in a destroyed headquarter city! One headquarter city, usually had up to 100 million people! When they saw the frequent aliens flying about in the air, the aliens occasionally displayed their overwhelming power. Seeing the emperor level beast's bodies being thrown about like ants in the pathways of the headquarter cities and plazas.

Humanity was thrown into chaos!

Even the Earth's upper echelon within the survival bases were all in a mess!

’’You are all traitors!’’

’’You are all betraying the human race! Over 6 billion people, can you bear to watch them all die?’’ For the sake of being one of the so called elites, you forsake 6 billion over lives? Luo Feng? Hong? Thunder God? Who knows when they'll reply or return? I object, I object! The aliens aren't necessary brutal or savages!’’


’’Relax, don't be deceived by this Nuolan Shan family's kind appearance! It's all an act, it's fake, the moment we open the survival base, they'll rush in here and it'll be too late for us to regret!’’

’’They are incomparably powerful! Destroying Earth would be too easy for them!’’

’’For what do they have to resort to pretending to be kind to us? We, the elites of Earth, just what meaning would we have to them?’’

’’You see, they said it themselves, when the time comes and we don't go out and communicate with them. They'll destroy one headquarter city every hour! We'll lose hundreds of millions of lives.’’

’’Can everybody please seriously consider and think about it, the moment the majority reaches 2/3 of us, we'll act.’’


’’I advise everybody here to make their decisions cautiously!’’

’’Your every vote will determine the lives of the 6 billion people outside! Yes, 6 over billion!!!’’


’’Please just wait alittle while, just wait! Luo Feng and the other two are on a distant planet fighting hard for us! This survival base was brought over by them, please believe in them! The moment we give up, if we make a mistake, then the entire human population on Earth will fall into an endless abyss of darkness.’’


’’I simply cannot watch as 6 over billion people get massacred, 6 over billion! This number alone is crushing me!’’


During the time the people's hearts were chaotic in the survival base.

Chaos was breaking out everywhere outside, madness! Silent protests! Pickets! All these plus a few madmen who had begun robbing and breaking into shops etc...millions and even tens of millions of people kneeling and begging, begging the upper echelon leaders to save them, to negotiate with the aliens

There were even people shouting loudly that this was all a ploy from the aliens!

Anyway, chaos had consumed everybody!

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng, hurry and receive the call.’’ Xu Xin sent a call request to Luo Feng, at that time, surrounding her were Luo Feng's parents and family, along with some of the countries' upper echelon.

Many people were waiting...

On the distant planet and space, Luo Feng and the other two, all waiting for their good news!

Jade Rock Star, Empire government branch.

’’3 hours 29 minutes, everything has been settled, I didn't let Mr Luo Feng down.’’ The official smiled as he stood up, his face covered in sweat from the anxiousness and worry from before as he rushed, ’’Congratulations Mr Luo Feng, from now on, you are this planet...Earth's leader. Oh, I should change my greeting to call you leader, congratulations, Leader.’’

’’Thank you!’’

Luo Feng smiled as he said, within, his heart was racing with excitement, beside him, Hong and Thunder God too were fighting hard to contain their excitement.


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