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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 44


Volume 08 Chapter 44 - This is...

Jade Rock Star Empire government branch, of the huge expanse of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, it was considered an out of the way place.

Buying a planet?

It was something they hadn't heard of in years.

’’Three guests, please follow me upstairs.’’ A skinny government official said.


Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God followed him and very quickly reached the government branch's 34th floor.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, is it?’’ The official looked at Luo Feng, ’’Are you sure you want to purchase this, according to your information, the planet called 'Earth'?’’


Luo Feng's eyebrows creased, ’’We should be able to buy it right?’’

’’Mr. Luo Feng, as the first person to discover the leaderless planet and delivering the news to us, you definitely have all the rights to purchase it.’’ The official emphasized, ’’However, I do have to remind Mr Luo Feng...when we sent the numbers of this planet to the empire headquarters, the answer we got from them was...once everything was cleared, they would give you a reward of 100 billion Black Dragon dollars, do you know the implications behind that reward?’’

’’The implications behind the reward?’’ Luo Feng was stunned.

Suddenly, Luo Feng thought of something Babata had once mentioned to him before... 'discovering a leaderless planet, the Black Dragon Mountain Empire will act accordingly on the different planets, the lowest reward is 10 billion Black Dragon dollars and the highest is 100 billion Black Dragon dollars.'

’’This is the highest reward?’’ Luo Feng understood finally.


The official nodded, ’’Even though the numbers and large amounts of data you provided are still in process of being confirmed, however...just from that planet's coordinates, caused the empire headquarters to determine that this planet is of the highest degree of life planets! The person who discovered it, would be given the highest level of reward! If you want to buy this planet, then you'd also have to pay the highest price!’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder god glanced at each other.

How much would they have to spend just to buy Earth, Luo Feng was discussing with his two senior brothers earlier...

According to the laws of the empire.

To immediately purchase a planet, the lowest price is 300 billion, the highest is 3 trillion Black Dragon dollars! This was the privilege given to the person who discovers a leaderless planet. If it was a planet auction, then there'd be no limit on the price.

’’You mean, Earth belongs to the highest price level of life planets?’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask.

’’Yes! That's what the headquarters replied to us.’’ The official nodded.

’’As expected!’’ Thunder God twitched his mouth.

Luo Feng and Hong were helpless.

Before, Babata had already guessed...a life planet that an Undying Being had once governed, would most probably be regarded as one of the highest level.

’’Requires 3 trillion Black Dragon dollars, right?’’ Luo Feng looked at him.

’’Yes.’’ The official nodded.

’’I'll take it.’’ Luo Feng said without hesitation.

The Earth was priceless within Luo Feng's heart, no matter how much he'd have to spend,he would still do it.

’’My apologies.’’ The official said apologetically, ’’If. Mr Luo Feng intends to buy Earth, he would first have to submit an application! Next...with regards to the large amount of numbers and data you provided, they would have to be passed though the empire headquarters individual departments for audit, verifying their authenticity, before finally completing the deal!’’

’’Damn, it's just like on Earth, doing anything requires going through an entire process.’’ Thunder God muttered in mandarin.

’’How long would it take.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but ask.

’’I am but a distant planet's small little official, I cannot guarantee the headquarters and its departments audit would require how long, I can only inform you Mr Luo Feng! According to the empire's laws limits...the slowest is 30 days! I'm not sure of the fastest. If you are a person from a big family within the empire, maybe just the amount of time for a cup of tea and it would be done.’’ The official revealed a smile.

Luo Feng's expression changed!

Hong and Thunder God's expressions also became ugly!

’’30 days?’’ Luo Feng was panicking.

The Nuolan Shan family had already arrived on earth, they would definitely be collecting data, samples and the space coordinates. They could immediately enter the universe travel and reach jade rock star. With regards to speed, with the huge background and connections of the Nuolan Shan family, the efficiency of the empire working for them would probably be much higher!

Before the purchase is completed, he cannot relax, who knew what could go awry?

’’It definitely cannot take 30 days.’’ Thunder God said seriously, ’’I can see, the way they work is exactly like on Earth. If it gets dragged out by them, things could go seriously wrong! We have to settle this in the greatest speed possible.’’

’’And even if nothing goes wrong, 30 days? Who knows what Earth would even look like after 30 days.’’ Hong's eyebrows creased.

Luo Feng nodded.

Suddenly he raised his head and looked at the official in front of him, standing straight up and walked towards him.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, what are you doing?’’ The skinny official seemed flustered.

Pa! Pa!

Luo Feng slammed both palms on the desk before him, leaning over and staring straight at the skinny official, ’’I need to settle this with the greatest speed possible!’’

’’My apologies.’’ The official shook his head apologetically, ’’I am but a little official on a distant little planet.’’

’’If you can settle it in 7 days, I'll give you 10 million Black Dragon dollars!’’ Luo Feng stared at the official, his voice serious, raising one finger, ’’if you can settle it in 3 days, I'll give you 100 million Black Dragon dollars!’’ the official's eye's looked like they were about to pop out, his entire body in a mess. An official of the empire had a very high salary.

But even after working for a whole lifetime, he wouldn't be able to have 100 million Black Dragon dollars.

That was the price a status of a normal planet's wealthiest!

100 million Black Dragon dollars was enough for him to get a Star level bodyguard, buy a large group of beautiful slaves, make all his close relatives and friends along with his fellow similar race people have to suck up to him, and lead a wealthy, luxurious and comfortable life .

’’Huff, huff.’’ The official's breathing was in disarray.

’’If you can settle it in a day, I'll give you 500 million Black Dragon dollars!’’ Luo Feng's gaze was piercing, with five fingers raised, ’’Settle it in an hour and I'll give you 1 billion Black Dragon dollars!’’

The official's eye's opened wide, he choked.

My god!

Even biscuits from the heavens weren't this big!

’’Mr. Luo Feng!’’ The official's breathing was heavy, his eyes red, he said seriously, ’’I mentioned before about the time it takes to drink a tea, that's something only the big families and elders in the empire can say, only the empire's highest level giving the order will enable that speed! As this involves too many departments, I have no guarantee to complete it within an hour, however, I definitely have a 100% guarantee of finishing this in a day!’’

The official's neck thickened!

Luo Feng smiled.

A 100% guarantee of finishing in a day? He said before that the slowest was 30 days and he had no way of guaranteeing anything, that he was only a small little official without any methods.

The power of money, was apparent within the universe.

’’However I require the money immediately to pave the road.’’ The official's eyes were lit, speaking rapidly, ’’As the audit of buying a planet etc, involves 12 departments, I have to call through to every department! According to normal procedure, this would normally take over 15 days. I do know people within those departments!’’

’’No worries!’’

’’Even if you personally bring out some big shot and order from the higher levels, they probably would still be slower than me, because I'm well connected from within.’’

’’Would Mr. Luo Feng first pass me 100 million, I'll begin immediately.’’ The official said, ’’If a big person like Mr. Luo Feng wanted to kill me, it would be akin to stepping on an ant, simple and easy, hence I definitely wouldn't take Mr Luo Feng's money and not do the work.’’

’’Very well.’’

Luo Feng smiled and nodded, ’’I'll first pass you 200 million Black Dragon dollars, after everything is completed, I'll pass you another 300 million.’’

He was already willing to spend 3 trillion to buy the planet, why bother about another 500 million Black Dragon dollars? It was just scrap compared to it! Luo Feng was clear, mice had their own little pathways, to allow this well connected from within official to deal with matters would probably be faster than asking Gao Sheng to help out! Also, Gao Sheng was only an heir from a large family, the officials from the different departments within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire may not even recognize him.

Gao Sheng too would need to ask someone else for help, etc...

Luo Feng didn't want to owe favors too much for no good reason! These sort of favors weren't easy to return.

Milky Way, Earth.

China, Hope survival base.

’’I say my little sister, when will your husband return? Also! When will those outer space fleets leave?’’ Xu Gang sat in a chair, smoking on cigarette after cigarette, obviously feeling anxious and flustered.

There was no way to not feel panicked!

’’Big brother, you are panicking, but you are still much better off than all the ordinary people living outside.’’ Xu Xin reprimanded him angrily, ’’Right now it's not just you, the entire world's upper echelon are all waiting...waiting for Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God to send some news over. We cannot do anything but patiently wait, slowly wait!’’

Xu Gang took a deep breath.

They could only wait!

It wasn't just him, everyone on Earth was anticipating. Against this universe interstellar fleet...the entire Earth's human population was like a child without even a single trace of resistance, Earth's countless people were all silently anticipating, hoping...that Earth's pride, the three warriors at the peak of Earth's strength, who were in the distant depths of the universe would be able to get them a chance of survival!

Yes, Luo Feng and the other two, in the distant Jade Rock Star, were working hard for Earth!


Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

On Earth, Asia, Europe, North America...across all the large continents or sea bodies, human silhouettes were seen flying past in the skies! Within a short half a day of the universe outer space fleet arriving on Earth, the news couldn't even be hidden at all, majority of the population had already found out.


That man with a height of 3m, green skinned, eyes big as bowls, that obviously isn't someone from Earth!

Countless strange humans flew from the cities in the air.

The ordinary folk of Earth were all dumbfounded.


The Nuolan Shan family fleet was currently engaging their plan from four fronts!

’’Sir Pula, we've communicated with the native beasts of Earth, we've discovered a few strange sea bodies! Over that region, also known on Earth through various books and studies as the renowned Bermuda sea.’’ Three Star level 8 spirit readers respectfully led the way, the handsome Pula followed them and flew over.

Bermuda, its name and reputation was too huge on earth.

There were many books on earth introducing it, the Nuolan Shan family fleet too had scanned every bit of data and book on earth, hence coming to know of Bermuda.


The four rushed straight into the sea.

Swiftly descending!

’’Lord Pula, look, over there.’’ The three star level 8 spirit readers were somewhat excited.

Pula looked and scanned carefully.

In the distance, there was a blur enormous white silhouette, with them gradually getting closer, the white blur image began to get clearer. This was an incredibly huge, bigger than every of earth's skyscrapers, an enormous pyramid! This pyramid itself was without a single scathe or trace of degradation.

There wasn't even any weeds or water plants.

It was fresh as though it was brand new!

’’Lord Pula, this white pyramid is 1200m tall, it's entire structure is floating in the sea.’’ A slightly fat black skinned spirit reader amongst them explained.


Pula's eyes lit up, flying closer, trembling slightly as he extended his hand to carefully touch the surface of the pyramid. The strange thing was...the entire pyramid's body was a silver white color, there wasn't even a trace of any alloy connectors, almost as though this 1200m high silver pyramid was completely irrigated to form the shape this way.

’’This, this this...’’ Pula's eyes grew brighter and brighter, his entire body trembling, ’’This is...’’

’’A big treasure, a big treasure!’’ Pula's eyes flushed red, excited to the max.


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