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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 43


Volume 08 Chapter 43 - Huge Amounts of Wealth

Within the reception room.

’’Babata, what's the matter, why do I feel a sense of uneasiness?’’ Luo Feng rubbed his chin, questioning Babata through his thoughts.

’’Is there something wrong?’’ The little demon feigned ignorance.

’’The look and expression of that personnel before, seemed like Earth's western religious groups finally meeting their god, or angel or something like that. Before, even when they saw the Universe Mercenaries, their expressions didn't even go that far.’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’Babata, tell me, just what's going on? Don't lie or trick me!’’

’’I say.’’ Babata mocked, ’’The account you reported before, is actually a five star account.’’

’’Five star account?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

In the enormous hall before, everyone had heard that even wealth and amounts up to the trillions were only normal customers, not even reaching the one star account requirements! Compared to the one star account, who knew how many times larger the five star account had to be, what was the meaning in this?

’’The teacher couldn't possibly give me that much money just from the first account right?’’ Luo Feng creased his eyebrows.

Star level, Universe level, Domain Lord level, he could acquire a total of three large amounts whenever he broke through, one for each level!

This first amount, should the least of the three!

’’That's a given!’’

’’This first amount of money is definitely the smallest! It's like only a drop of water in the vast ocean of your teacher's wealth! As for this account...actually, your Universe level account, is also 8492 8593 woxh 8528 5285 032', the Domain Lord level account, is also this one! Incidentally, it's also the same account that your teacher used back then! A five star account.’’ Babata said.

’’The account my teacher used to use?’’ Luo Feng was stunned.

The master of the Yun Mo Planet!

This was the ultimate warrior with nine Undying Beings as slaves under him, a powerful being even amongst the Undying. In the Ganwu Empire, he was also quite a powerful being. This person, with that much power, having a five star account wasn't strange at all.

’’The three accounts your teacher arranged for you, in truth, are all in this account.’’ Babata said.

’’What does that mean?’’ Luo Feng was somewhat unclear.

’’The same account, with different passwords and opening mechanisms, hence the amount of money you will receive will be different.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng realized immediately.

Even the bank cards on Earth had the same mechanism, entering a password and discovering a balance of 10,000 dollars. Entering another password and the balance becomes 10 million dollars. Enter a third password and maybe the balance becomes 1 billion! If anybody were to ever be robbed or kidnapped and blackmailed into revealing their back account password...the robbers retrieving the money would only be able to retrieve 10,000 dollars only.

’’This account, is the main account.’’

’’All three parts of the inheritance your teacher left you, is all here in this account.’’

’’However, there's three different ways to acquire the inheritance in this account, through these different methods, the inheritance you acquire will be different.’’ Babata explained.

’’So I see.’’ Luo Feng realized.

At this point in time, the fat and chubby branch president rushed in through the doors, very enthusiastically and respectfully: ’’Respected guest, please follow me.’’

They rode in the elevator and arrived at the tower's thirteenth floor.


’’Respected guest.’’ A clear crisp voice resounded from a metal robot, ’’Universe Galaxy Bank welcomes you.’’

Luo Feng left the elevator suspiciously, the branch president bowed respectfully and left in the elevator.

’’Please follow me.’’ The metal robot said to Luo Feng.

’’Eh? A robot is serving me?’’ Luo Feng said suspiciously.

He didn't know...that the position of the Jade Rock Star's Universe Galaxy Bank's president was too low;even he wasn't deemed worthy enough to serve Luo Feng!

Within a luxurious and comfortable reception room.

’’8492 8593 woxh 8528 5285 032’’. Luo Feng sat down, clearly repeating in universe language, ’’This is the account, I would like to withdraw money from.’’

’’Please wait a moment.’’

The metal robot smiled, at this point in time, it said, ’’Please scan across this board on my arm with your spiritual force.’’ Suddenly, a peculiar black and gold board extended from the robot's arm.

’’Spiritual force?’’ Luo Feng smiled.

Babata had mentioned, one of the requirements of withdrawing the money was...his spiritual force had to be at least a star level, and it had to be spiritual force from the Yun Mo Planet sect to be able to pass.

Luo Feng's thoughts moved, his spiritual force brushed past the board.


’’The requirements match!’’

The metal robot looked at Luo Feng, ’’Please enter the threefold four dimensional wave band password, respected guest, you can choose to enter it with your spiritual force, voice or manually with your hands.’’

The threefold four dimensional wave band password was extremely complex, and it went according to the time and space marker, etc to generate the account. According the original password, and the time and space marker, the spiritual force level, etc, a new password would be generated right that moment! Also, the method of calculation and determining was set by the Yun Mo Planet master back then.

Moreover, this password was three fold!

’’What a long password.’’ Luo Feng used the quantum computer to connect to the Universe Galaxy Bank's system, before using his spiritual force to enter the password.

’’Check the balance.’’ Luo Feng felt nervous as he gave the order.

Nervousness! Anxiety!

His teacher, was a person whose wealth could even match the wealth of an entire Empire in the universe. However, his wealth was split into three portions, and the Star level amount he was receiving was also the least. Just how much would this smallest portion be? Luo Feng didn't have to much faith or guarantee it...but who knew just what his teacher thought?

’’I hope I can afford Earth, I hope I can afford Earth.’’ Luo Feng secretly prayed.


The screen on Luo Feng's arm lit up, numbers appeared on the screen, the long number of 0s in the figure dumbfounded Luo Feng.

’’10 000 000 000’’

’’Tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands...hmm, hundred million, 10 billion?’’ Luo Feng stared at the currency symbol behind, ’’Ganwu dollars?’’

’’10 billion Ganwu dollars!’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up completely, his expression filled with joy.

What a gift!

He was a kind teacher indeed! 10 billion Ganwu dollars, even the government's reward itself was a total of 10 billion Black Dragon dollars! Through the Black Dragon dollar exchange route, one could totally exchange for tens of trillions of Black Dragon dollars. Even Universe level warriors had to probably sell off a few planets to be able to acquire a fortune this huge.

’’Your teacher back then thought, when you reach the Star level, you'd probably just begun messing around in the universe, 10 billion Ganwu dollars should be enough! Afterall, it would be good for those heirs to the large families to be able to acquire just 100 million Ganwu dollars.’’ Babata said.

Luo Feng nodded his head and agreed.

Even Gao Sheng Wei Di only acquired a life planet after 10 years, and he wouldn't dare sell it off.

’’Babata, my Universe and Domain Lord level accounts, just how much would I get in those levels?’’ Luo Feng asked, Babata back then was the teacher's AI, the three accounts the teacher set up in the Virtual Universe Network, he would definitely be the clearest of the amounts.

’’I can't say, I can't say.’’

Babata insisted on not divulging the information.

’’I just can't say and that's final!’’

’’10 billion, and it's in Ganwu dollars!’’ Luo Feng looked at the balance, finally feeling a sense of wealth and security. This wasn't Black Dragon dollars, but the much more valuable Ganwu dollars! Amongst the Star levels, even the heirs of big families, the later generations with huge powers, Luo Feng would still be considered one of the richest wealthiest of the lot.

One had to know that the wealthiest person on normal planets usually only had about 100 million Black Dragon dollars!

Just Luo Feng alone, was akin to tens of thousands of these wealthiest put together!

’’Transfer!’’ Luo Feng looked at the metal robot and said, ’’Transfer it to the account that's linked to my spiritual force imprint.’’

This teacher's account, was linked and bound to his teacher's spirit imprint, even though he had ways to open it, it was too troublesome to open it time and again.

The spiritual force imprint was the safest and most convenient method.

Outside the entrance of the Universe Galaxy Bank.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God walked out.

’’Luo Feng, is the money enough?’’ Thunder God asked.

’’Is it sufficient?’’ Hong too asked nervously.

To request to buy Earth, astronomical amounts of money was required.

’’No problem at all!’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Come, let's head to the Empire Government and buy Earth.’’

Milky way, Earth.

The entire population of ordinary citizens still went about their lives as per normal, completely oblivious to the fleet from the universe arriving on Earth! And Earth's fighters, scientists, etc, the families of the elites, all waited within the survival bases, they too didn't know of the dangers that had arrived...only the upper echelon knew!

In the air above the Pacific ocean.

Two enormous battleships floated side by side.

Within one of the battleships.

The Nuolan Shan family's eight great heirs stood in a row, looking at the huge screen above the control board. These eight Star level 9 youths, looked serious and determined, not one of them smiling.

’’Scan complete!’’

’’Earth's population is close to 7 billion, amongst them 1.8 billion of them are living in six survival bases. This planet's Student level, Star Traveller level fighters, over 99% of them are in the survival bases. And outside those, there are almost none that have even reached the Student level 1.’’ The battleship's AI swiftly calculated and reported.

As an interstellar battleship, it's scanning capabilities and radius was extremely huge.

Earth's radius was only about 6,400km, scanning through it's entirety was simple.

’’Survival bases! There are survival bases!’’ Among the eight heirs, one black skinned youth raged, ’’Who said this was a backward planet with no leader? They even have survival bases, I don't believe that a small little planet like this has the ability to manufacture the parts required to build survival bases! It's definitely impossible!’’


A Nuolan Shan family direct descendant nodded, ’’I agree too, this planet definitely has had communication with the universe!’’

’’But what should we do now?’’

’’Buluo definitely must have been killed by an aboriginal of this planet.’’

’’Don't call them aboriginals, this planet definitely isn't an aboriginal planet, to be able to build six survival bases, and they are all C grade, just these six bases alone...even in the universe, normal planet's wouldn't be able to build them!’’

There was a ruckus within the control room.

They had originally thought it would be simple to deal with Earth, but looking at the situation now, this planet's upper echelon had all hidden within the survival bases! The ordinary folk outside that had not even reached the Student level 1, to have done this step itself...obviously they had prepared for this invasion much earlier. Even the information gathered from the network probably isn't reliable.

Naturally, the eight heirs weren't too happy.

’’Silence.’’ A serious voice resounded.

The other seven heirs turned, Pula was the one speaking! He was the one amongst them with the highest authority and position!

’’Earth's upper echelon are all hiding within the survival bases, these bases, we can't do anything about them.’’ Pula's gaze was ice cold, he scanned the seven in the room, ’’Right group will act according to the plan and swiftly gather Earth's various mineral ores, etc, begin sampling and collecting data! As for the rest...I'm going to see the teacher!’’

Since a young age, Bulua was always the brightest within the Nuolan Shan family.

At the Star level 9, he had his own domain and was the family's biggest hope to be the next Universe level heir, he was indeed a genius! Of course there was no comparison to the freaks of nature Hong and Thunder God who had their own domains at the Star Traveller level.

Geniuses, had their own privileges.

Pula could easily meet up with the heads and elders. Compared to the tragic Bulo from before, he was much stronger.

Virtual universe, Ganwu Empire, Black Dragon Mountain Island.


Two human silhouettes appeared on the screen, ears pointy and pupils red. One of the two was more imposing and intimidating while the other seemed more comfortable to be around.

’’Teacher, Elder.’’ Pula bowed respectfully, his heart within stunned...there two Heads before him, ’’I have urgent news to report.’’

’’Speak.’’ The intimidating presence of the current head Yu Ke Nuolan Shan said.

’’This planet, has made ample preparation for our invasion!’’

’’Their planet's upper echelon and elites are all hiding well within survival bases, and these bases are all C grade. We have no way to break through them.’’ Pula said solemnly, ’’I can deduce...that the valuable information, etc on this planet has been collected or destroyed, we have no way to check it out.’’

’’Also, the building of a survival base is extremely complex, one planet alone definitely cannot do it. The survival bases are most definitely bought from the universe.’’

On the screen, the Head and Elder'

As long as one wasn't dim, anyone could have guessed that this planet has had contact with the universe.

’’I've checked, this planet is still currently without a leader.’’ The Elder said.

’’Teacher, Elder, what should be the next step for our fleet on earth?’’ Pula questioned respectfully.

The two heads discussed quietly.

Pula didn't dare interrupt.

’’Pula!’’ Yu Ke Nuolan Shan's gaze was piercing, ’’With the greatest speed, collect data and record the planet's coordinates! After that, with the greatest speed possible, send this data to the closest Black Dragon Mountain government branch station at Jade Rock Star! Since Earth is doesn't have a leader, we have to as quickly as possible buy it under our name.’’


Yu Ke Nuolan Shan's voice resounded firmly, ’’Begin searching on the planet, whether there are any treasures left behind by that Undying Being back then!’’

’’Three! Remember, the strongest and sturdiest fort usually crumbles from within! Since you have no way to forcefully break into the survival bases, be it hypnotism, or bewitching or confusing the human hearts within, whatever the case...finding a way to control the human race will greatly benefit our excavation of Earth's treasures.’’

’’Four, I remember you said that there were large numbers of beasts on this planet? Begin taming and communicate with them, they too are the life forms of this Earth, maybe they know of places within Earth.’’

’’Understood!’’ Pula complied.

’’Go on, immediately begin.’’ Yu Ke gave the order.

’’Yes sir!’’ Pula complied.

When Pula began to act on all four fronts, giving out the orders, ordering over 1000 star levels and tens of thousands of star travellers, Luo Feng was at Jade Rock Star's government branch.

The empire government branch.

’’This is this planet's coordinates.’’

’’This is our travel log and record of us reaching this planet.’’

’’As for this planet's samples and data, etc, everything is already in here.’’ Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God sat in the chairs, Hong and Thunder God didn't speak universe language, all they could do was rely on the quantum computers and AIs to translate through their thoughts. Luo Feng sat at the side and spoke.

The government branch personnel were working on the case.

One of the personnel said: ’’If the space marker and travel log, etc pass without any problems, you will acquire 100 billion Black Dragon dollars as a reward...’’

’’No, I don't want the reward.’’

Luo Feng looked at this personnel, ’’Discovering a leaderless planet, I have the right and authority to purchase it! I want to buy it!’’

The group of government officials within who were originally locked in discussion immediately went silent, turning to look at Luo Feng.

’’Buy a life planet?’’ The personnel couldn't help but repeat the question.

This wasn't simply purchasing a weapon, treasure or something of the sort, a life planet was something much more expensive.

’’Yes, I want to buy it.’’ Luo Feng said.


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