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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 42


Volume 08 Chapter 42 - Universe Mercenaries

Jade Rock Star, a mid level civilization country planet directly controlled by the Black Dragon Mountain Empire. It was an important hub for the six big countries surrounding it, it's level of importance was higher than even the low level civilizations. Naturally, they had a branch of the Universe Galaxy Bank and the Universe First Bank, the two giants in the banking industry.

At the core of the modern city, land was extremely expensive.

A stunning and breathtaking tower was constructed right here, also, surrounding it was over 3 square km area of grass. In a place where every inch is very expensive, a 3 square km area of no constructs, just plain grass and plant life for décor, this was an extreme luxury and waste of space.

Admiration could be seen in the eyes of the humans from other planets walking on the street when they looked towards this building.

Just simply because...this was the Universe Galaxy Bank.

’’It's so huge!’’

’’So pretty!’’

Luo Feng and Thunder God raised their heads to look at this 'art piece'-like building, their gaze filled with awe.

’’Definitely has an aura about it, how was it built?’’ Hong's eyes too were gleaming.

The three brothers from Earth were almost like little countryside people, shocked at the enormous construct! This skyscraper for the Universe Galaxy Bank had completely created the universe river's stereoscopic effect. Just looking at was like facing space head on, a visual experience that went beyond extraordinary.

’’Last time on Dragon Star, I visited it once before. But seeing it again, it is breathtaking.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but compliment.

’’Look, even walking towards the main doors of the bank, the air is different.’’ Thunder God pushed his lips out and pouted, hinting at the distant customers.

Luo Feng looked over.

Indeed, the occasional customer heading into the Universe Galaxy Bank, had an obvious different air about them! Afterall...the lowest account here was 100 million Black Dragon dollars, a normal planet's wealthiest would probably only have that much.

’’Let's go, let's enter.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Yes.’’ Hong and Thunder God were filled with anticipation.

The three walked side by side towards the big bank entrance.

The distant traffic of people on the streets, noticing these three walking towards the bank were naturally filled with envy. When would it be...before they themselves would be able to enter the doors of the Universe Galaxy Bank?

The Universe Galaxy Bank's doors were enormous beyond compare, almost like a huge waterfall, like Earth's legends of waterfalls with caves behind them, the only difference was...what seemed like a waterfall here, was actually just a result of light reflecting off the door itself.

’’If one who wasn't an old customer of the bank, wants to open an account, they have to go that way.’’ Luo Feng said comfortably, ’’However I am an old customer, you two can follow me and we head directly through the main entrance.’’

Entering through the 'water' entrance.

The interior was extremely spacious;it was a big hall that warmed the hearts and delighted the eyes of whoever that entered.

’’How are you sir, please rest over here for a bit, there are many customers today, my apologies.’’ A beautiful young lady dressed in the bank's corset with it's logo smiled as she bowed.


Luo Feng noticed that on the sofas, there were already about twelve groups of other customers, Luo Feng and the other two followed the instructions and waited on the thirteenth sofa. Beside the sofa, a screen automatically appeared, on it displayed various types of menus and pages.

’’Whatever you want to drink, it's all free.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Oh?’’ Hong and Thunder God browsed with interest.

Silently waiting.

Groups of customers entered into the offices, more customers formed up behind and queued. When Luo Feng reached third in the line, the hall had sixteen groups of people.


Luo Feng suddenly felt the originally silent hall rise in commotion, this was a commotion where people kept their voices down! One had to know, to be able to enter the Universe Galaxy Bank, everybody had some sort of status or personal status, no matter how rampant and arrogant one was outside, one still had to work hard to prove one was 'civilized' here, hence a commotion was a rare occurrence.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng turned to look.

Three people walked into the hall.

The one leading them was dressed in a black military uniform, his entire body was fit and sturdy, with a height of 2.1m, his skin green. In the middle of his forehead there was even a third eye! Beside him, there was an obviously weaker and smaller but of the same race person, and the last was was a person completely covered in a black robe.

The one similarity of the three was...

On their left chest, there was a medal, and the picture of the medal was a blood red wave with a planet one it.

’’This is...’’ Luo Feng's pupils strained!

’’In the Virtual Universe Network, I've seen those pictures.’’ Thunder God said with a hushed voice, beside him, Hong's eyes too were gleaming, burning with intensity.

The other customers who were conscious of their status were all anxious and held their breaths, some were looking crazy with respect towards the three, the others were engaged in hushed discussions.

’’Universe mercenaries! Real universe mercenaries!’’

’’We actually got to see universe mercenaries!’’

’’And they are the 1 star mercenaries!’’

’’Three Universe Mercenaries, to be able to see them on Jade Rock Star, this sort of planet, it's too...too...’’


Incomparable excitement!

Including Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God, everyone within the Jade Rock Star branch of the Universe Galaxy Bank was completely filled with excitement. That was because...these three, were within the universe, the most respected, strongest and most valiant organization...the Universe Mercenaries!

The universe's number one power...the Universe Mercenaries Alliance!

Over 99% of the powerful fighters, spirit readers would all join the Universe Mercenaries Alliance. Even though the alliance was more lax and dispersed, in the vast universe, no Empire would dare to mess with the Universe Mercenaries Alliance. Back then, Luo Feng's teacher, the master of the Yun Mo Planet Hu Yan Bo, was one of them!

A Star Traveller, would be considered an explorer.

Star level, they had the rights to enter the examinations and earn the title of probationary universe mercenary!

Universe levels had the rights to enter the universe 1 star mercenaries examination!


Domain lords, had the rights to enter the universe 3 star mercenaries examinations!

One had to actually earn the rights to take part in the examinations!

Whether one actually earned the titles depended on the results of the examinations! The tests themselves were incredibly difficult and tough, that was why...the authentic universe 1 star mercenaries were all Universe levels that had gone through a tedious selection process! So much so that even Domain Lords who hadn't passed the 2 star examinations remained as 1 star!

This meant...

The three Universe Mercenaries before everybody, were at least three Universe levels! They might even be Domain Lords!

Universe Mercenaries!

This was something that instilled and commanded a sense of respect and even worship! They lived in tumultuous situations and experienced dangerous life or death situations time after time! They had an invincible amount of power! This was an alliance within the vast universe that countless human races respected and worshipped. Some others may be Universe levels, but they don't have the guts to join and be mercenaries, or, have no power at all to pass the examinations!

The Universe Mercenaries examinations were called the toughest and strictest of all tests!

It's death rate percentage was extremely high!

’’Three Universe Mercenaries!’’ Luo Feng felt his heartbeat speed up.

’’Fighters able to battle it out on a white dwarf!’’ Hong looked at these three universe mercenaries, memories surfacing in his mind!

As the strongest warrior on Earth for a long time, Hong anticipated as he saw the Universe Mercenaries who were so much higher up than he was: ’’One day, I too will become a Universe Mercenary!’’ The Universe Mercenaries, this was a gold plated medal, much much stronger than any universe warriors ability alone.

As they were mercenaries, almost all of them had partners, their partners too wouldn't be too much weaker, and they would all have experienced life or death situations countless times!

Even the Nuolan Mountain family wouldn't dare mess with the three Universe Mercenaries before them! Unless they were prepared for the destruction of their family...

’’Three respected guests!’’

A rather plump, small eyed fatty with purplish-red skin and two golden horns on his head and was dressed in a dark green uniform sat on the elevator and appeared in the hall. He ran over and said humbly and respectfully, ’’I am the Universe Galaxy Bank Jade Rock Star's branch president, Peteri, my three respected guests, please follow me.’’


The leading Universe Mercenary creased his eyebrows slightly, his third eye briefly scanning the fat branch president, nodding.

After that, the three Universe Mercenaries followed the branch president and immediately sat in the elevator and went up the tower.

At once, the bubble burst within the hall and a huge commotion erupted.

’’It was actually three Universe Mercenaries.’’

’’Universe Mercenaries! And two of them are Pishi Race people, the other one was wrapped from head to toe so it was hard to discern.’’

’’Second Uncle, why did they go up, doesn't this Universe Galaxy Bank work on its operations on the first floor?’’

’’Normal customers are handled here, the star customers are all above!’’

’’What determines a star customer?’’

’’No idea, anyway even our company's main person in charge, with properties and wealth in the trillions, still is only a regular customer in the Universe Galaxy Bank, not even reaching the 1 star customer grade requirements.’’

Within the bank's big hall, many groups of people were actively discussing.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God too couldn't help but discuss in hushed voices.

’’From what I see, these three mercenaries are probably 1 star clients.’’ Thunder God said.

’’Maybe, after all the star client's requirements are absurd.’’ Luo Feng said.

During their discussion, the personnel in charge of the queue had already reached Luo Feng.

’’Sir, it's your turn.’’ The bank's service personnel was incredibly respectful.

’’First and second brother, I'll be back shortly.’’

Luo Feng said, under the instructions of the service personnel, he entered the reception room within.

’’I would like to make a transfer.’’ Luo Feng told the personnel within the reception room.

’’May I know the number of your account?’’ Within the reception room, the beautiful personnel said with a smile.

Babata had told Luo Feng the account number earlier on, at this time, Luo Feng was extremely excited! This was one of the 3 accounts left behind by his teacher for him, the 3 accounts were separately for the Star level, Universe level, Domain lord level to acquire. This first account's amount of money was probably the smallest, however, for someone as big as the master of the Yun Mo Planet...

Even just a strand of hair itself would be extremely thick!

’’8492 8593 woxh 8528 5285 032。’’ Luo Feng held his breath, reporting the account number.

’’Please wait a moment.’’

The personnel worked swiftly within the reception room, before quietly waiting for the universe network to transfer the details.

’’This, this is...’’

The personnel, who originally had big enough eyes, stared so hard they almost looked the size of fists, pupils filled with shock. After, she turned to look at Luo Feng with shock, trembling as she said, ’’Respected guest, please, please wait a moment, I have to inform the branch president!’’ Finishing, she turned and ran out, just after leaving, she ran back in, extremely nervous as she looked at Luo Feng, ’’Respected customer, there will be someone else taking care of your needs, please wait a moment.’’ Finishing, she left swiftly.

The Universe Galaxy Bank, Jade Rock Star branch, 9th level.

The branch president Peteri was smiling and respectfully talking to the three Universe Mercenaries, working on their documents: ’’Even though it's troublesome, but it'll be finished really quickly, please wait a moment.’’ On such a place like Jade Rock Star, even he, would only occasionally have to deal with 1 star clients, after all the requirements to reach the 1 star level is extremely high.

At this time...


The door was immediately yanked open!

’’Hm?’’ The three Universe Mercenaries turned to look, their faces revealing signs of dissatisfaction, the leader of the group, the Pishi three eyed race human's gaze was ice cold towards the person barging in.

’’What's the matter?’’ The branch president was extremely dissatisfied!

How could one barge in while he was receiving important guests?

A lady along with a similar fat man with two horns entered, both gazing straight with distress at the branch president. Peteri was slightly alarmed, these two, one of them was the vice president while the other was a service personnel, Peteri got the hint and told the three people with a bow: Please wait a moment.’’

As he finished, he swiftly left and closed the door.

’’What's the matter?’’ The president creased his eyebrows and looked at the two of them, ’’Little brother, don't you know I'm currently entertaining three 1 star customers? This is a big deal!’’

’’I know.’’ The fat vice president who looked similar to the president forehead was filled with perspiration, ’’However this is even bigger.’’

’’What's the matter?’’ The president Peteri seemed shocked.

’’Let's talk in the private room.’’ The other personnel said.

The president squinted his eyes, the reception room for the three universe mercenaries was a special room made for such special guests, even spirit energy couldn't pass through, absolutely soundproof, it even blocked many different kinds of signals. And the private room, was the Universe Galaxy Bank's even more prestigious room for important matters, even Undying Beings would have trouble eavesdropping.

Very quickly, the three reached the private room.

Within the private room, the president looked at the personnel and said: ’’Speak, what's the matter?’’

’’Big matter.’’ The vice president choked and cleared his throat.

’’President.’’ The personnel's face was flushed from excitement, she said softly, ’’There's a client downstairs looking to withdraw money and transfer accounts, his a 5 star account!’’


The president's face immediately went pale!

My god!

Many planets' Universe Galaxy Bank branch presidents would occasionally meet a one star client, they were incredibly rare, even to the point where it took decades to meet a single two star client, and one may not even meet a three star client in one's lifetime, much less the legendary five star client! One had to know...Even Universe level warriors, to be a one star client was pretty decent already.

Five star account, what does that signify?

A client with a five star account can buy planets like they were candy! A place like the Silverblue Empire's low level civilizations, in front of this client, was like ants! Even in the vast universe, even in the universe high level civilizations, Empires, he would still be a person of high status!

One breath, and he could order hundreds of millions of people to become slaves, hundreds of millions of people to rise up below him, such a terrifying force and presence!

’’Five star account?’’

The president was completely dumbfounded.

’’Right, brother, if you don't believe me, you can check for yourself. Right now the entire bank's control settings have been completely transferred and controlled by AIs! Our every word and movement is being monitored...Before, if we actually dared to mention anything about the five star client outside the private room, the bank's AI would have immediately killed us.’’ The vice president's head was covered in cold sweat.

The president too decided to wipe his own head.

The Universe Galaxy Bank, such a powerful and enormous bank, definitely placed its clients before everything else! Especially the five star clients, these sort of clients placed their wealth within the bank and the bank used that money to circulate and invest, the revenue generated everyday had huge amounts of profits! These sort of clients, if their secrecy were ever to be divulged...even if it meant destroying one whole planet, the Universe Galaxy Bank would do whatever it took to protect the client's secrecy and not leak out any information.


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