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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 41


Volume 08 Chapter 41 - Time of Urgency

Solar system, a grey, enormous apparatus was currently set up on a moon orbiting Neptune.


One of its lenses was currently aimed at the two enormous battleships flying past the distant Jupiter.

’’Du! Du! Du!’’

The huge apparatus immediately flashed several warning lights and a signal right after.


Ever since the universe scout ship from before sneaked in without a trace on earth, after Luo Feng left Earth and came to Bai Lan Star, he immediately ordered a few space detecting apparatus, separately installing them on several moons within the solar system. This allowed him to know the moment the Nuolan Shan fleet had arrived.

China, Hope survival base.


An ear piercing warning alarm immediately resounded across the entire 28 floors of the survival base, the solar panels originally placed at the top floor of the base were immediately kept, all of the large windows automatically shut themselves, the initial important pathways and exits too were shut and everyone went into a state of nervousness!

Survival base underground 12th level.

Luo Feng's family, Thunder God's family and Hong's family were living within this spacious living quarters. However, while they were special and privileged because of their relationships to Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God, their personal space was still a grand total of 10 meter area each.


Meng Two and Meng Four, the two powerful warriors Luo Feng had left behind swiftly rushed in.

’’The universe fleet is arriving Earth soon.’’ Xu Xin looked at her wrist communicator, this was something Luo Feng had given her. ’’The apparatus's signal transmitter works at light speed, even faster than the speed of the two battleships.'ll probably be about an hour, the enemies' interstellar battleships will arrive on earth.’’

Everyone within the room fell silent.

’’I'll inform Luo Feng and the others.

Xu Xin immediately went to the room beside, within it lay an untraceable account consciousness transmitting helmet.


At the same time!

Earth's five great countries and twenty three bases were informed of the news. They had already known much earlier...that the Nuolan Shan family fleet would be arriving in three months, hence they had measures prepared for it. After receiving the report, each country began to swiftly put things into motion!

The only thing was...

The upper echelon of earth, the leaders, were still very worried about the situation!


No one knew what would become of their fates!

Against a powerful universe family's fleet from the universe, Earth had no power to resist. Everything could only lie on the hopes of Luo Feng on Jade Rock Star.

Jade Rock Star, was an important hub surrounded by six other huge Empires. The Black Dragon Mountain Empire's government station on this planet's main motive was to rely on this planet's location to deter the other surrounding countries and the Silverblue Empire.

It was modern and bustling beyond compare on Jade Rock Star.

In a particular Oceanside bar, Luo Feng and the other two had rented a little building.

’’Today is already February 21st. That Nuolan mountain family fleet's arrival on Earth should be today.’’ Thunder God stood outside the villa, looking at the vast sea outside, creasing his eyebrows, ’’Brother Hong, right now third brother hasn't even broken through! Will we really not make it in time...then all we can do is...’’

’’Bear with it! There's still hope!’’ Hong said solemnly.

If Luo Feng truly didn't breakthrough in time, then they could only submit Earth's properties, population, etc to the Black Dragon Mountain Empire and receive the reward. That way, Earth would belong to the Black Dragon Mountain Empire!

The moment it belonged to the Black Dragon Mountain Empire.

Then Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God would absolutely have no say in Earth's government.

’’Endure, endure, endure.’’ Thunder God's disposition may be very good, but as the days passed one after another, along with the thought of the ever closing Nuolan Shan family fleet reaching Earth, this sort of pressure...if it were a normal person, he would have lost it much earlier. ’’Even I've broken through to the star level, but third brother still hasn't!’’

Thunder God was originally at the peak of the Star Traveller 9 level!

Relying on the Yun Mo Planet's training secrets, along with being on Jade Rock Star, Luo Feng bought them several assisting treasures, Thunder God became the first to breakthrough to the Star level 1, while Hong remained in the Star Traveller 9 level.

’’And we don't even know when he might breakthrough,’’ Hong turned around, through the special translucent wooden paneled window, he saw Luo Feng sitting crossed legged on the bed.


Hong and Thunder God realized, Luo Feng's eyes opened from within the room.

’’Has he broken through?’’

Hong and Thunder God rushed into the room.

’’Hm?’’ Luo Feng opened his eyes, ’’It's a call request from Earth?’’ Babata was currently semi connected to the virtual universe, just to be able to receive messages, to be able to send out messages however required one's full consciousness to enter the virtual universe.

When he saw the two seniors rushing into the room with faces of anticipation, Luo Feng shook his head, ’’No, I haven't broken through. It's only that I've received a message request from Earth.’’

’’From Earth?’’

Hong and Thunder God were shocked, the countries on earth these past few days wouldn't have deliberately disturbed them.

’’Don't tell me...’’

Hong, Thunder God and Luo Feng's expressions became ugly.

’’Let me check.’’ Luo Feng closed his eyes, his consciousness entering the virtual universe.

The blue green planet.

Two large objects had just entered the atmosphere.


Within one of the battle ship's control room, Pula and four other heirs, via the external image simulator, looked at the clouds covering the beautiful earth, laughing excitedly.

’’We've finally reached this life planet.’’

’’After travelling in space for two years, it's too long.’’

These four heirs had extremely high positions, never actually going through such hardships before. The arduous journey through space that took a total of two years!

’’Discovered the online network.’’

’’Already hacked into the planet's network.’’

The control room's AI swiftly hacked into Earth's network, acquiring large amounts of information. That AI didn't know however... that early three months ago, the entire Earth had revamped and cleaned up the entire online network after the incident with the little explorer team! There was a mass clearing of the more important information, footage from the net.

The person orchestrating the whole clean up, was the AI in charge of maintaining the wargod palace.

’’This planet's name is Earth, radius of about 6,400km. Surface mass is 5.1 hundred million square km. Of which 29.2% is land while 70.8% is water bodies. The planet's gravitational pull is 0.11 of the universal gravitation unit.’’

’’This planet's population is close to 7 billion.’’

’’This planet's fighter numbers...’’


The battleship's AI was swiftly reporting large amounts of data.

’’I'll pass on the good news to teacher.’’ The handsome youth Bula said and immediately left the control room, entering his private room.

Within his room.

Bula swiftly connected his consciousness and entered the virtual universe.


Within a three story luxurious villa, it's walls covered in a beautiful array of flowers.

Within a quiet room.

’’Di, di, di...’’

Pula stood within the room, quietly waiting, beside him a screen appeared, it was blank.


The screen suddenly displayed an imposing strong looking man, his ears pointed, obviously of the same race as Bula.

’’Teacher!’’ Bula respectfully bowed.

This, was his teacher, and also Pula Nuolan Shan's grandfather, currently the head of the Nuolan mountain family, Yu Ke Nuolan Shan, one of the newer and more unconventional heads. Unlike the other heads who liked art and spoke of etiquette, this was a brash and wild head, one who displayed more power than the previous generation of heads.

’’Hm.’’ Yu Ke Nuolan Shan nodded, his eyes fixed on Pula,’’ You've reached that planet?’’

’’Yes, teacher.’’ Pula said respectfully, ’’This planet's aboriginals call it Earth.’’

’’Earth?’’ Yu Ke repeated the word a couple of times.

’’Bula!’’ Yu Ke Nuolan Shan said seriously, ’’The planet you've just reached, you have to be extremely careful! Buluo from before has already been out of contact for a total of three months. Even the old head has been unable to contact him. He's...most likely already dead. That's why, don't get careless.’’

’’Understood.’’ Pula nodded.

When Buluo Nuolan Shan began not answering to calls, the family didn't think too much of it initially.

However as time passed, and when even the two other heads couldn't contact him...the Nuolan Shan family began to suspect that Buluo could had died.

’’Everything will go according to plan.’’

Yu Ke Nuolan Shan said seriously, ’’With the greatest speed, collect as much of Earth's data as you can and begin sampling! With the interstellar space marker, the data and goods, we can swiftly apply to buy the planet from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire and place our family name on it. When that time comes, whatever we want to check or investigate on earth, we can do it slowly and leisurely.’’

’’Yes, teacher.’’ Pula said respectfully.

’’Go on.’’ Yu Ke said.


The call ended.

Pula's eyes slight squinted, ’’Data, sampling!’’


Pula's consciousness left the virtual universe and returned to reality.

More than 10 billion people lived on Jade Rock Star.

A posh and luxurious city, within one of its Oceanside bars, one could hear the swishing of waves rushing against the beach.

Hong and Thunder God sat crossed legged on the beach, quietly waiting.

Behind them...

In a quiet house.

Luo Feng sat crossed legged on a bed, his entire being immersed in silence, yet within, he was boiling with anxiety and pressure. His body's training, usually level 1 to 3 is the easiest, 4 to 6 is a little harder and 7 to 9 is even harder. For person at level 9 to breakthrough, that was the hardest part!

As Luo Feng's core was his original core, hence his soul couldn't breakthrough, limited by his human body!

His physical body had early on reached the star traveller level 6, however to break into level 7 was extremely difficult! Luo Feng had been stuck at this crucial pass for abit, whenever he felt like it was about to breakthrough, he didn't seem to be able to!

’’The Nuolan Shan family has already reached earth!’’

’’We don't have much time, not much at all!’’

’’Don't tell me, that we really have to resort to the second route...engaging in a mass evacuation of Earth's humans? Close to 7 billion all evacuating, and most of them aren't even at the Star Traveller level, they cannot receive protection from the empire. When they meet slave traders, if they get kidnapped, we can't even do anything!’’

’’I can't accept this, I won't accept this!!!’’

’’Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!’’

It was an emotion unlike never before!

That glimmer of hope!


Luo Feng's consciousness tremored.


All was silent!

His ears could hear the distant waves rushing against the shore, it could hear Hong and Thunder God's uneasy breathing, and also mechanical noises of the clock hung on the wall, with his powerful spirit reading feel, it seemed like the world had been reborn.

’’It's not the same anymore.’’ Luo Feng opened his eyes, smiling as he looked around.

’’I'm not the same anymore.’’

Luo Feng said softly, Earth isn't the same anymore!’’

Outside the house, Hong and Thunder god turned at the same time and looked within the house.

’’Big brother, second brother.’’ Luo Feng smiled, ’’Follow me to the Universe Galaxy Bank!’’


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