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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 40


Volume 08 Chapter 40 - Three Months

’’The two beside you are of your race?’’ Gao Sheng laughed.

’’Right.’’ Luo Feng nodded, ’’ I've been rather short on cash recently...’’

’’Lack of money, as long as the figure isn't too huge, within 1 billion Black Dragon dollars, I can help you settle it. Not a single cent of interest.’’ Gao Sheng said candidly.

Borrowing money should definitely come with interest, Gao Sheng's straightforwardness proved he was indeed a good friend.

’’No, I actually want to sell my black dragon mountain x81 ancient universe ship.’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Damn!’’ Gao Sheng's eyes almost popped out, ’’You can actually bear to sell it? That's an ancient, over a million years old artifact, to be able to preserve it that well, it's really rare. It's definitely a treasure that every ship enthusiast would want. Ah, I advise you to never sell it, it'll probably be almost impossible to buy it back after selling it!’’

Luo Feng was helpless.

Universe ship enthusiasts? The truth was he didn't share this interest at all.

’’I'm really selling it, do you have any channels?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Selling it is simple.’’

Gao Sheng's expression grew serious, ’’You just have to let the news out and it'll easily be sold. However, to sell it at a high price...hmm, I'm in a few ship enthusiasts communities. I'll help you spread the news and tell them about this. When I mentioned to them about your ship before, there were many that were extremely excited and wanted to buy it.’’

’’Then thanks.’’ Luo Feng was excited within.

’’Hm, wait a while, give me a little bit of time, I'll look for you again when I've discussed the matter. I'll definitely look for the best price for you.’’ Gao Sheng said confidently.

The call ended.

Within the private room, Thunder God couldn't help but be suspicious, ’’Luo Feng, you letting this person help you, will he try and get a commission in between?’’

’’What's the point of worrying,I have no better channels.’’ Luo Feng revealed a smile, ’’And as long as the price isn't too far from what I have in mind, I'll take it. I believe this Gao Sheng isn't that sort of person.’’

About 25 minutes later.


’’Luo Feng, Gao Sheng requests a call.’’ Babata shouted.

’’Connect.’’ Luo Feng's eyes lit up.


The screen floated and appeared before them, Gao Sheng's image appeared.

’’Everything is settled, I've talked to a brother from the Black Dragon Mountain Star, he's willing to pay the highest price of 12.8 billion Black Dragon dollars, this is the best price I've gotten from all my other good friends.’’ Gao Sheng said directly, ’’These people are not stupid at all, they won't be willing to go any higher.’’

’’Alright, we'll sell it at this price.’’ Luo Feng said easily.

’’This is his virtual universe contact number, you can settle the contract with him along with the date and time of the exchange.’’ Gao Sheng immediately told Luo Feng the number.

After the conversation ended, Luo Feng and the other two returned to Earth.

They brought the silver grey universe ship to Bai Lan Star, for the upcoming trips, they would have to use that ship in the meantime.

Twelve days later.

Bai Lan star, the planet's docking bay.

’’This planet is too cold.’’ A ship with a decorative design of three swords landed, it's cabin door opening. A youth dressed in expensive luxurious clothing stepped out followed by two Star level 8 bodyguards. This youth's mouth especially was fat and chubby, his hair long and dreaded, there was even a special unique marking on his forehead.

’’Sir.’’ The main person in charge of the docking bay respectfully received him.

The fat lipped youth glanced over at the person in charge, surveying his surroundings nonchalantly, spotting Luo Feng and the other two, shouting loudly: ’’Dear Brother Luo Feng, I'm really glad to be able to meet you.’’ He ran over to give Luo Feng a bear hug.

’’Very nice to see you, Brother Ke Rui.’’ Luo Feng too hugged him back.

’’Where's my baby?’’ The youth's eyes lit up.


Luo Feng pointed in the distance.

The youth immediately flew over to the pure black black dragon ship's side, extending his arm to caress the body, looking at its grain and scars, he couldn't help but compliment, ’’Wow, pure black yttrium, what a lavish black color! Also the old x marking of the black dragon, it's rarely seen now.’’

’’It's been maintained very perfectly. Hehe.’’ The youth was so excited his eyes were gleaming.

Under Luo Feng's leadership.

The youth surveyed the black dragon ship's internal cabins, rooms, etc.

From Gao Sheng's information, Luo Feng knew this youth came from the main planet of the Black Dragon Mountain empire, an extremely huge background, and the family he was from, was much bigger and stronger than the Nuolan Shan Family! However, these sort of direct descendants of big families couldn't go about antagonizing Universe level 9 warriors just after meeting them.

’’12.8 billion, we'll exchange the goods and money in one go.’’ The youth walked out of the cabin door and smiled, ’’I've just transferred the funds, 12.8 billion Black Dragon dollars have entered into your account.’’

The deal was successful!

This ship enthusiast youth, brought his new baby, the black dragon mountain x81 ship and left Bai Lan Star. And Luo Feng, he immediately began custom making the survival bases.

’’5 million people capacity, a C2 grade little survival base, four of them! The price of 1.6 billion Black Dragon dollars, a total of 6.4 billion!’’

’’10 million people capacity C2 grade survival base, one of it! Price 2.6 billion Black Dragon dollars.’’

’’10 million people capacity C3 grade survival base, one! Price 4.2 billion Black Dragon dollars.’’

’’A total of 13.2 billion black dragon dollars.’’

’’Your Tie Luo company in the virtual universe, Black Dragon Mountain Empire division, there's a second level manager called Luo Di, his virtual universe number is xxxxxxxx...his attitude is really bad.’’ Amidst the discussions about the survival bases and business, Luo Feng lodged a complaint.

This was something that his second brother Thunder God strongly requested he added on!

The pitiful little manager Luo Di, ever since he entered the Tie Lo company, such a big company in the universe, he became arrogant. These sort of big companies had high salaries, high commissions, causing him to start looking down on the average masses. While he was only a Star Traveller, his pay was still higher than some Star level bodyguards.

How could he not be arrogant?


Meeting a big client in the tens of billions complaint, this second level manager ultimately lost his job. He forgot...that he was still running a business, he shouldn't look down on people so easily. Even if he hadn't met Luo Feng and his party, he would eventually have met someone else of the same caliber that would cost him his rice bowl.

Time passed.

Luo Feng had immersed himself deeply in his training the past few days, with Babata's instruction, his evolution speed was raised to its highest efficiency.

He would only occasionally leave just to receive goods.


Within the blink of an eye, it was already year 2062, Dec 24th in China's time zone. On this calm night, it had been a month since the little explorer team had landed on Earth, Luo Feng and his two brothers were currently returning to Earth again.

’’In the following day, I'll build a survival base in America! This survival base has a 5 million people capacity, of course, in desperate times, we can definitely squeeze more in.’’

’’In India, we'll build a similar five million people capacity base.’’

’’In Russia and the neighboring European countries, we'll build a combined 10 million people capacity survival base.’’

’’Asia's population is bigger, in the other Asian bases, they'll share one five million people capacity survival base.’’

’’Africa and South America bases, will share a five million people capacity survival base.’’

’’China, will use a 10 million people capacity survival base.’’

Within the wargod palace, Luo Feng announced to Earth's upper echelon.


In terms of population, China definitely had a better deal! Afterall, Europe and Russia's population combined together far exceeded China's, however the two only used one 10 million capacity survival base. However, the leaders of the countries didn't have any right or authority to say anything, after all, these were bases that Luo Feng was giving to them!

Giving them these bases was an act of benevolence.

Even if Luo Feng didn't give them anything, no one could blame Luo Feng!

In truth, they didn't even know...

China's survival base was a c3 grade, the rest were only c2. While the c2 grade could still barely withstand a Universe level 1 warrior's attack, it paled in comparison to the c3's sturdiness.

Earth, China.

The survival base Hope, was built in the north area of the Jiangnan headquarter city. The entire base was just like an enormous pillbox. This survival base's entire structure was bronze, it's height was close to 90m, with 28 levels in total. It's precise space allocation was for 10 square meters for each person.

The survival base had an underground 16 levels.

In the 6m wide walkways, China's upper echelon was surveying the place.

’’Senior official, wouldn't these be too tight?’’ A middle aged man couldn't help but ask.


With a full head of silver hair, the old man shook his head, ’’All we are doing now is adding upper and lower decks along with side decks to our original living spaces, allowing 4 people to live in one room! Those activity areas, etc, we don't even use them, how can this be considered tight? This survival base currently can house 40 million people, and we can totally increase that number!’’

’’Increasing anymore and we won't even have the activity areas.’’ The middle aged man said.

Right now within the survival base, there were still activity areas etc.

People living in there wouldn't find it too tight.

’’A crowded area beats having them dead.’’ The silver haired old man sighed, looking at the inlayed mirror along the walkway, discovering that his hair had gone all white.

’’The universe, is a place full of mystery for us humans of earth.’’

’’Luo Feng, everything depends on the three of you.’’


Earth's various countries, placed all their fighters, science elites and brightest in the survival bases. As the fighters were mostly from a little district, their big movement wasn't too much of a deal.


Time passed.

Earth's average humans continued living their normal lives as before, Earth's elites however had all moved into the survival bases!


Luo Feng had already reached a planet not too far from the milky way, a government station of the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, the Jade Rock Star, it was the center of several countries around. It was in fact more central than several low level empires. The Jade Rock Star was even closer to Earth. With the universe travel, it only took about five days.

On Jade Rock Star.

Luo Feng didn't dare relax for even a moment, using the highest efficiency to constantly evolve his body.

The moment he reached the Star level, he would be able to access his teacher's account on Jade Rock star, and immediately apply to be Earth's leader.


In space.

Around that star, eight other planets constantly orbited around, this was the solar system! There was one particular life planet...Earth!

Two enormous interstellar battleships, one leading the other, were flying at shocking speed towards it.

’’Senior Pula, just another 2 hours 26 minutes and we'll reach that life planet!’’

’’It's already in sight, that blue green planet, it's beautiful.’’

’’How beautiful.’’

The Nuolan Shan family fleet, after travelling in space for over two years, had finally reached the solar system.

On that day, it was currently year 2063, February 21st in China's time zone!


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