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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 4


Volume 08 Chapter 4 - Nurturing, Birth

The natural survival technique, creating a second body, is not as simple as just creating a puppet. It required going through the internal world and nurturing the body, just like a woman being pregnant with children, just like the legends say an egg gave birth to the creator Pangu. One theory, through the nurturing of the internal world, gradually allowing the form to evolve into an step at a time, until it finally matures.

The Golden Horned Beast in its life could have up to three bodies, one during the Star traveller stage, the second one during the Universe stage and the third one during the Sector Lord stage.

As the created bodies can also gradually train, there was no question about it, the first body was definitely the most important!

That was why, choosing the race and bloodline too was important.

As the Golden Horned Beast's first body, they would normally choose very good races and bloodlines. This was because the conditions to create the embryo were very low...just a strand of hair or a drop of blood would do, as long as it contained a trace of the genes and such materials, they would suffice.

’’Luo Feng, you are sure, to make your first body as a human from earth?’’ Babata couldn't help but ask, ’’Just a strand of hair can be used to begin the nurturing, later on, you will definitely be able to find powerful races of humans, like the Manka people etc. Possessing them would be hard, but finding their hair would be very easy, with some surgery, they can be made to look like your old self, it would be very easy to do.’’

’’I'm sure!’’

’’My first body will be a human from Earth.’’ Luo Feng said, ’’And, I'll be using my own body to begin the nurturing!’’

The nurturing stage was extremely demanding.

This was because, the body that will eventually be nurtured, had to be placed within the Golden Horned Beast's internal world and worked on from scratch. And the entity that goes in would be killed immediately! Unless, it had reached the Sector Lord level, where the internal world was exactly similar to the physical world, only that way could a living entity enter the internal world.

Earlier, the Golden Horned Beast could have decided that Earth's humans and creatures weren't worth one of its bodies, hence it hadn't begun nurturing anything.

And Luo Feng, he began immediately.

Within the Golden Horned Beast's body.

With a diameter of over 20cm, filled with countless complex golden engravings around the glowing crystal, this crystal ball, was the core, or also known as the Space core, World core, Spirit core. This core contained the Golden Horned Beast's core existence!

Even if its head was blown off, its body destroyed, as long as the core and the spirit was ok, it wouldn't die.

Within the core.

It was as vast as space, at a particular spot, there was a dazzling glow of light, a sphere glowing like a star, gently rotating on its own. This...was formed from Luo Feng's accepted soul imprint from his teacher and the Swallowing Beast's soul put together!

This was a star shaped into a sphere, it was also the Soul core.

This meant...Luo Feng's spirit reader level and reached the Star level 1! As for the Golden Horned Beast's original power, they were all gathered in the horn on it's forehead! The golden horn, was the Golden Horned Beast's most sturdy location, it's also where its power is stored. That was why when its natural techniques were unleashed, its golden horn was the first to light up!

’’The internal world.’’ Luo Feng could feel it after his soul had melded 100% with his new body...

Within the vast space inside the core, there seemed to be a formless connection joined to another world.

The internal world.

This was a vast land, one that had an area of 10 square km, and up in the air in that area was a golden fog, surrounding it too was an endless golden fog. The land itself was golden, there were also hills, mountains that were all made from metal.

It was a metal world!

Luo Feng controlled this world!

’’Babata, release my previous body.’’ Luo Feng thread of thought was linked to Babata outside, and using the swallowing natural ability, he immediately ingested his own body in.


On one of the hills in the metal land, a body appeared in mid air, it was Luo Feng's body! As a Star Traveller level 3 warrior, only a couple of months didn't have that much effect on his body, it was just rigid and freezing cold. As for the items on his body, they were taken off long ago, the cloud contact vine? As it was unable to enter the storage space, it had been in the outside world guarding since.

’’Natural ability, 'Nurture'!’’

Luo Feng's thoughts moved.


The entire metal continent began to vibrate, Luo Feng's old body began to be moved by a formless energy, floating high up in the sky of the metal world. This was a move the Golden Horned Beast could only do three times in its life. Only when its internal world had reached the Universe level would he be able to do it the second time. Now, Luo Feng had already used his first natural ability, beginning the nurturing stage!

’’Chi...’’ Energy vaporized.

Floating up high in the sky, Luo Feng's body immediately vaporized.

’’Huhu,’’ what originally was up high in the sky of the metal continent, the large amount of golden fog was madly rushing towards the center, forming the genetic remains from Luo Feng's vaporized body into a round golden egg.


Ever since Luo Feng came to know of his natural ability, plus information concerning his skills, he found out about the amount of time required for the nurturing which was directly linked to his own power! The stronger the internal world, the faster its nurturing. And the lower the level of the genetic remains, the easier the nurturing! With Luo Feng's current Star level 1 internal world, the nurturing speed was definitely not fast.

A few high level bloodlines, powerful races, may even require a few hundred years to 1000 years to nurture.

Why so long?

This was because nurturing was akin to giving birth to an infant. For example a Sector Lord Golden Horned Beast, obtaining a Sector Lord human hair, producing a was producing a Sector Lord level warrior body!

Its genetic makeup was completely duplicated! Its body was completely duplicated!

To train and reach the level of a sector lord requires tens of thousands of years, to produce one within a few hundred years was already impressive. The catch for nurturing however couldn't produce something stronger than itself! The most it could do was one with comparable strength.

One day later.

’’Hm, looking at the speed, I estimate a couple of years for the nurturing to complete.’’ Luo Feng understood, when that time came, he would have a body with similar strength before, with a genetic makeup of 99.9999% similar to before.

The only thing...

A very small difference, this was a body nurtured from the internal world, hence its genetic makeup had a few extremely small changes, however, even with a DNA test, it wouldn't even be discovered, the differences between the original and the latter.

In a space in the universe, a large star was like a fireball, constantly burning.

A grey universe ship was swiftly flying past an asteroid with a diameter of 5km.

Within the ship.

A resting room, a handsome middle aged man was sitting in a chair with his eyes closed, his watch communicator's light was glowing, obviously...this captain's consciousness had entered the universe's virtual network, this space was an extremely important existence.

The universe was incomparably vast.

However, using the universe virtual network, even if the distance was tens of millions away, one could meet and discuss within the network. It was 100% virtual.

’’Ding.’’ The communicator's light dimmed out.

The handsome middle aged man opened his eyes.

’’Even though we've spent quite a bit of money, we have managed to buy a star map of the milky way from a few hundred years ago, this void district.’’ The handsome man was very excited, ’’Within a 1000 light year area, this is only a millionth of the Silverblue Empire's territory, luckily, this area has two planets with life.’’

’’Two planets with life? We've really struck it this time.’’

’’Hmm, the closest planet is, going by the ship's inferior light speed, requires two years and eight months to get there. The other planet with life, however requires 136 years.’’ The handsome man was somewhat unsatisfied, even though his life had reached over ten thousand years, wasting up to 100 years was too much.

However, to earn two planets with life, this was hitting a goldmine!

’’Two years eight months!’’

’’Let's hope there's some worthy goods there, selling to the slave merchants too can get us big money. If there's nothing good, then, we can just sell the entire planet.’’ The handsome man was thinking, his eyes lit with excitement.

A planet with life, that was extremely valuable!

Time passed.

The internal world was nurturing the body, Luo Feng had begun his studies on the <Absolute Space>and <Deity of the World>, also using his claws and swallowing large amounts of metal. Actually, the swallowing relied on the core to activate, that was why, whether it was using the claws, mouth, or tail, they all could activate the Swallowing ability.

It was just the Golden Horned Beast preferred to use its mouth.

And Luo Feng, he felt using his claws was enough.

That scout ship, flying in the universe, was quickly heading towards Earth's star field.

On Earth.

Year 2060, September 12th.

’’Attention all, our Jiang Nan's no.1 hospital is currently housing one of our proud eight heroes from Yang Zhou, Luo Feng's wife Xu Xin. From what we know, the ward she's staying is the most luxurious ward in the hospital, just the fees alone from the ward requires 2 million Hua Xia dollars.’’

’’Every month's fee goes up to as high as 12 million dollars, if you add the costs of the doctors, staff and others etc, I estimate the cost of the ward Xu Xin is staying at every month to be worth more than tens of millions! According to the news, Jiang Nan's number one hospital's head said, Luo Feng's wife Xu Xin's cost for staying at this hospital has been discounted to the lowest, a full 30% discount!’’

’’Dear viewers, our reporter has already reached Jiang Nan's no.1 hospital, according to news, Xu Xin's delivery might occur within the next few days. And according to our sources, who managed to talk to the doctors in charge of the case, acquiring secret information...Xu Xin has twins in her belly, the previous news of the triplets were only rumors.’’

Year 2060, September 15, Morning 8:15am.

Xu Xin was wheeled into the delivery room.

The number of news reporters and paparazzi outside Jiang Nan's no. 1 hospital was shocking, to a point that even reporters from other countries were there too. One must know...out of the eight heroes before, only Luo Feng's wife Xu Xin was pregnant, and with Luo Feng's sacrifice, now that the children were being born, it garnered the attention of the entire world.

Countless citizens from all over the world, even normal old men and women were all guessing...

Luo Feng was already a prodigy and genius of such a level, what about his children? What would they be like in the future?

Even though they had yet to be born, Luo Feng's children had already become a focal point!

The Golden Horned Beast which had reached a body length of 230m, became a beam of light leaving a golden trail, swiftly flashing about in the deep sea, he was practicing the <Absolute Space>.

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng.’’ Babata shouted anxiously.

’’What's the matter?’’ Luo Feng stopped.

His enormous dark golden pupils filled with curiosity.

’’Happy occasion, big happy occasion. Xu Xin has just given birth to two children, both children and mother are safe! Your big son weighs 3.7kg, your second son weighs 3.03kg.’’ Babata said excitedly.


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