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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 39


Volume 08 Chapter 39 - Survival Bases

Sitting in the black dragon ship, through the universe travel, they reached the Bai Lan Star which was 11.8 thousand light years away from Earth on the day itself.

Bai Lan Star, the extreme cold area.

Huge warehouses within the base were scattered about the area, a black universe ship slowly descended on a particular warehouse residential area, right in front of a castle.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God swiftly jumped off the ship, behind them followed four black Mongolian bodyguards.

’’Master!’’ The one hundred and one slave guards stationed on Bai Lan Star stood outside the castle, respectfully receiving Luo Feng.

’’Big brother, second brother, follow me.’’ Luo Feng walked towards the castle.

Walking along the winding stairs of the castle.

’’Third brother, you really have it good.’’ Thunder God looked through the windows by the stairs, gazing far out into the snow covered land. This was his first time leaving Earth and heading to another planet with life in the universe, ’’This is the first time in my life leaving Earth, and I've actually come to...oh, how many light years are we from Earth again?’’

’’11.8 thousand light years.’’ Luo Feng was somewhat speechless.

Due to the pressing matter of the Nuolan Shan family, the pressure on himself was enormous, and while this second brother of his was initially nervous himself, it seemed he had totally relaxed now.

’’11.8 thousand light years, what a far place.’’ Thunder God complimented.

’’This is a good place to stay for awhile.’’ Hong nodded.

’’Big brother, second brother, aren't you guys worried at all?’’ Luo Feng opened the door and entered the living room.

The three sat separately on the sofa.

’’Worried? Against danger, your worry has no use at all.’’ Hong's gaze was calm, ’’Be those proficient in the ancient meditation ways of yoga, or in the ancient chinese traditions of meditation, they all have beneficial effects to a person's state of mind.’’

’’State of mind?’’ Luo Feng was curious.

However, from the manuals of the Yun Mo Planet, or the other forms of training he's done, most of them were all about skills and techniques, etc and requirements, this whole realm of training was completely different from state of mind.

With a poor state of mind, evil and mad person can still become a powerful being.

’’Don't tell me...’’Within the AI space, Babata's blood red eyes lit up, ’’This is the reason behind Hong and Thunder God achieving their domains in the Star Traveller level? On Earth, most of the strongest come from China or India! And many of them are at the conception level, much higher than the average of the universe.’’

The realms were mostly separated into basic, conception, domain and world, the four main levels.

Above that lies the Undying level.

’’Let's not talk about this now.’’

Within the living room, Luo Feng's expression was heavy, ’’Brothers, while the ship was swiftly rushing to Bai Lan Star, I've been thinking...there are some risks with the plan before!’’

’’Risks?’’ Hong and Thunder God pondered and nodded their heads.

’’If we don't take these risks, what else can we do?’’ Thunder God said helplessly.

’’We can't be precise to every minute and second, the moment the Nuolan Shan family fleet reaches Earth, I'm afraid they'll immediately capture and control the important people.’’ Luo Feng's gaze was as sharp as a blade, ’’No matter what, I will definitely not let my family take these risks. I'm sure the same goes for my two brothers.’’

Hong nodded. ’’Didn't we leave the other ship on Earth?’’

The universe C grade scout ship from the explorers was currently parked behind Luo Feng's castle. It was left there as an escape route for Luo Feng's, Hong's, Thunder God's families and several other important people to take should the time arise.

’’No! That ship is too small, only so many people can enter. One thousand? Three thousand if we squeeze them? What about resources and food? The food and drinks?’’ Luo Feng shook his head, ’’In the worst case scenario, we can only save the maximum one thousand people, it'll be hard for the many races to reproduce.’’

’’So you are thinking...’’

Hong and Thunder God looked at Luo Feng.

’’We'll buy survival bases!’’ Luo Feng said.

’’Survival bases?’’ Hong and Thunder God were suspicious, not exactly clear on what those were.

’’Normally, developing planets, or even mineral planets will all build a survival base!’’ Luo Feng explained, ’’A survival base, the small ones can hold up to 10 million people, the big ones can hold billions within. They can ensure air is sufficient, water resources, food, etc.’’

’’Hm?’’ Hong and Thunder God's eyes lit up.

’’We can go to the Virtual Universe Network and look for a seller of these bases.’’ Luo Feng smiled.

Even though it was another supposed three months before the Nuolan Shan family fleet would arrive on Earth, it wasn't, it could be 88 days, or 89 days later, or...whatever the case, the time wasn't specific enough! To prevent any accidents, it was better to build a strong and solid survival base, this way, it would be much safer.

Virtual universe, Ganwu Empire, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

The Black Dragon Mountain Island, even though it was called an island, it was still about a billion times bigger than the surface area of all of Earth's surface land put together.

In a particular private room of a restaurant.

’’Even though this is the virtual universe, the dishes and food, etc, are all exactly like reality.’’ Thunder God complimented, ’’And the prices are all very cheap.’’

’’Don't eat anymore, in a bit, the manager of the Tieluo company will be here.’’ Hong said.

Luo Feng still had a sense of being troubled from his expression.

The price of a survival base Babata had gathered from checking spoiled his originally good mood from before.

’’Knock, knock, knock.’’ Knocks on the door resounded.

Thunder God automatically got up and opened the door.

The person who walked in was built huge, close to 2.6m, his skin was brown, there were also three scars on his left cheek, this man was from the big Tieluo company from the universe, a second level manager from the Black Dragon Mountain Empire division. He smiled, slightly bowing, ’’I'm called Luo Di, very nice to meet you three. You three requested to purchase survival bases, the amount of money involved is too large, hence it's better for us to meet and discuss.’’

’’Understood.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

The manager placed a black drawing book onto the table, in it, images of survival bases started to appear.

’’Look, there are big and small bases, the prices too are definitely different.’’

’’This is the cheapest a grade, it only requires a 100 000 Black Dragon dollars to build one with length and width 10km, height of 100m, the survival base is separated into 30 levels, it's enough to house up to 300 million people, and there are even bigger ones!’’

’’My three respected customers, if you need stronger defenses, this is the B6 grade, it's much more expensive, it's size can be large or small just like the one before, it requires 90 million Black Dragon dollars.’’

The manager smiled, filled with assurance and confidence as he spoke.

Hong and Thunder God looked at the various bases and their prices.

’’I need a survival base that's able to withstand a Universe level 1 warrior's attack.’’ Luo Feng said directly.

The force of over forty Star level 9 fighters combined match up to just about one Universe level 1.

’’Oh? That's going to be expensive!’’

Luo Di's eyes lit up, ’’This is the C5 grade, able to house 300 million people, requires 98 billion Black Dragon dollars.’’

Luo Feng's eyebrows creased.

Back when he first sold the arc cutter knife, he had a 180 million remaining, after that, he bought the Jade Marrow, slave guards and the precious and expensive metals required for the Golden Horned Beast, purple light drink, now he had only 1.7 billion Black Dragon dollars left. On a normal planet, this was definitely a top level wealthy person. However to purchase a large survival base able to withstand a Universe level 1 attack, it was far from enough.

’’I need a C3 grade.’’ Luo Feng said directly.

’’C3 grades are cheap, able to house 300 million, they only require about 51 billion.’’ Luo Di said.

’’Smaller.’’ Luo Feng's eyebrows creased.

’’This is one is able to house 30 million people, only 8.9 billion.’’ Luo Di continued and smiled.

’’No smaller ones?’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’No more.’’ Luo Di's expression was somewhat dissatisfied, he cursed to himself, did these three people purposely call him here just to waste his time?

Luo Feng pondered to himself, the living standards and capacity of these bases, was leaving about 10 square meters for each person. And in Earth's times of distress, if they crammed together, the 30 million standard capacity should be able to house up to 100 million people!

’’We've checked the information, your company can make custom survival bases right?’’ Luo Feng said.


Manager Luo Di shot Luo Feng a glance, ’’To make a custom one according to your requests is too troublesome! That's why, custom mades are privileges only for orders exceeding the 10 billion black dragon dollars big orders. Sigh, you three, are you going to buy or not? If you can't afford a C grade, then just buy a B grade. Don't look down on the B grades, while not being able to afford the C grades.’’

’’Do you even know how to speak?’’ Thunder God was pissed and a bunch of Mandarin left his mouth.

To no avail...

Luo Di obviously didn't understand.

’’Oh, angry?’’ Luo Di rubbed his big nose, scoffing as he laughed, ’’Being in charge of the virtual universe side of things, I often meet these sort of lousy customers! They can't even afford anything, and still ask so many questions, such a waste of my precious time! Is it because you thought in the virtual universe, there's no way to punish you, that you thought you could waste my precious time?’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were stunned.

In what way was this manager anything close to a business person?

’’What? Not satisfied? So what if I scold you? In the real world, your majesty would definitely severely punish you all.’’

’’Hmph, three poor misers!’’ Luo Di stood up, poof, vanishing into nothing, obviously leaving the Virtual Universe Network.

Within the private room, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were enraged.

Poor misers?

They were called poor misers!

’’If I understood and spoke universe language, I would have definitely scolded him well.’’ Thunder God couldn't help but say.

’’Scolding him wouldn't have meant anything.’’

The little spirit Babata on Luo Feng's shoulder simply laughed, ’’Very simple, you all just have to immediately become a large client of the Tie Lo company and directly complain about the service of this Luo Di being extremely poor! These sort of department manager, or second level manager punk, will immediately be fired, he'll definitely regret it later!’’

’’Large client?’’ Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were shocked.

’’But we don't have so much money.’’ Thunder god said.

’’That's simple.’’

Babata said casually, ’’Luo Feng, don't you have a black dragon mountain x81 ship, these sort of ancient luxury goods are definitely one of the favourites among the ship enthusiasts, there's definitely a whole lot of them willing to buy it if you take it out.’’

’’Sell the ship?’’ Luo Feng was shocked.

’’Just performance wise, the little scout ship you captured from the universe explorers isn't lousier than this current ship. Afterall, it's also a C grade ship. The only thing is its material is alloys. The scout ship is worth a few hundred million black dragon dollars and your black dragon ship is worth more than a 10 billion. Other than that, there's not much difference. After selling the black dragon ship, you'll still have the other one to use.’’

’’What's more, once you acquire the account your teacher left behind for you, you'd be able to buy a ship even better than the black dragon mountain ship, why bother so much?’’

Luo Feng immediately laughed.


After he reached the Star level, he could naturally buy a new ship!

’’How do I sell the black dragon ship.’’ Luo Feng asked.

’’Simple, you just have to directly contact Gao Sheng, he's a ship enthusiast. Someone like him, besides his status and position, definitely knows a community of other enthusiasts, people with money and status. The can definitely give you a high price.’’ Babata said, ’’After selling the black dragon ship, you can build a few survival bases for the people of Earth! That'll be something of great contribution for the people of Earth. Also, you can use your status as a big client to teach a good lesson to that condescending bastard.’’

Luo Feng nodded.

He immediately made Babata contact Gao Sheng, while connecting, Luo Feng and the other two sat to eat.

’’Hello, Luo Feng, it's been awhile since you actually contacted me.’’

Luo Feng and the others stared at the screen that appeared before them, on it appeared the fat and chubby kid from before.


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