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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 38


Volume 08 Chapter 38 - Target, Earth's Treasures

’’This, this simply can't be happening.’’ Luo Feng couldn't help but feel flustered.

Hacking into that scout ship's AI System and obtaining the information only to discover...

The Nuolan Shan family's attack on Earth, consisted of this small universe ship leading the pack, and the rest of the family fleet and main powers following behind. They had sent two main fleets which constituted the main attack force, the main person in charge of the whole operation was an heir from one of the family heads themselves, Pula, along with seven other heirs to assist him!

Eight heirs side by side, along with thirty Nuolan Guards!

The head's heir, his position and status was high, one had to reach the Star level 9 before being deemed worthy of the position!

Nuolan Guards, were the brightest and most elite of the Nuolan family soldiers, everyone of them were extremely valuable, their strength's were all at the Star level 9.

Over forty Star level 9 warriors, the rest were at the Star level 8 and 7, etc...two large fleets of Star level warriors, according to Buluo Nuolan Shan's assisting AI system Atuka's data, there were a total of about one thousand warriors! And over ten thousand Star Travellers.

’’Star level 9, just one of them could come conquer Earth. And now over forty of them are coming!’’ Luo Feng's face was ashen with fear. ’’It's indeed very troubling.’’ Thunder God's eyes were fierce, saying solemnly, ’’Over forty star level 9 warriors, commanding an army of about one thousand Star levels and over ten thousand Star Travellers. How can we fight back? There's no way at all! Unless we have a Universe warrior among us, that'll give us a chance. However, where are we going to get a Universe warrior?’’

Luo Feng bit down hard nervously.

Universe level?

Given a couple of years, his Golden Horned Beast body would be able to reach the Universe level! However the Nuolan Shan family fleet was arriving in three months.

’’Three months, there's only three months of time.’’ Luo Feng muttered softly.

Hong, who was originally sitting quietly with his eyes closed suddenly opened them.

’’Have you found it?’’ Thunder God looked at Hong.

Luo Feng too looked at Hong.


Hong nodded, his expression extremely serious, ’’It's easy to search for brief information via the Kaluo Empire's network.’’

’’Nuolan Shan family, 81066 years ago, founded by the Universe warrior Nuolan Shan, Nuolan Shan was the first head, his name too became the family's name.’’

’’Nuolan Shan's natural aptitude was very high, his comprehension and wits too were very high, after reaching the Universe level, he collected a lot of disciples.’’

’’Right now, he is currently at the Universe level 9, he has a lot of disciples under him that have been willingly teaching many others, amongst them six of them are Universe level. And of these six, there are two who are also heads in the family. Each of them taking the second head position and the third head.’’ Hong said solemnly.

’’What?’’ Luo Feng felt even more shocked.

Even though having a teacher increased one's chances of reaching the Universe level by quite a bit, within the Nuolan Shan Family including the heads and founders, there were actually a total of seven Universe levels!

’’How do we fight this?’’ Thunder God too was flustered.

’’The Nuolan Shan family is the Kaluo Empire's third biggest family.’’ Hong explained, ’’The Kaluo Empire, is a universe low level civilization, one of the over five hundred in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, however, it's power is ranked in the top three of these five hundred empires. Kaluo Empire's number one family, is the emperor family Kaluo family, the Kaluo family's strongest is a Sector lord.’’

’’The Kaluo empire's second greatest family is the Wei Di family.’’

Luo Feng's heart skipped a beat, Wei Di family? The good friend he met on Dragon Star...Gao Sheng Wei Di, he even mentioned Kaluo dollars, this Wei Di family is also a part of the Kaluo Empire? However Gao Sheng mentioned before...there wasn't anyone on Dragon Star that he couldn't mess with.

To be able to say something like that, this shouldn't come from just a low level universe empire?

Maybe, Gao Sheng Wei Di was separate from the Wei Di family?

’’The Wei Di family is a business family, only the elders are in the Kaluo Empire.’’ Hong continued, ’’Currently, most of the Wei Di family's power is in the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, even extending to the Ganwu Empire. It's entire combined power, is even more terrifying than the Kaluo Empire. However within the Kaluo Empire, only the Elders remain there, leaving only about ten Universe level warriors there.’’

’’The Kaluo Empire's third family, is the Nuolan Shan family!’’

’’To be able to teach and produce six universe levels, Nuolan Shan's name and reputation is widespread, causing many to bow before him! Along with tens of thousands of years of business, the entire Nuolan Shan family's owned life planets exceed a thousand, the most elite of the Nuolan Guards are called the eight thousand Nuolan guards, meaning, there are at least eight thousand Star level 9 warriors!’’

’’The most terrifying is Nuolan Shan himself!’’

’’Nuolan Shan, is well known within the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, his battle prowess is extremely high.’’

Luo Feng felt a sense of helplessness, against such a huge force such as the Noulan Mountain family, they had no way to resist at all.

Eight thousand Nuolan guards!

Seven great Universe levels!

’’Just what do we do?’’

’’Within the short three months, my Golden Horned Beast body definitely cannot reach the Universe level in time.’’ Luo Feng swiftly pondered, ’’Become Earth's leader? Then within these three months, my human body must reach the Star level and acquire the bank account left behind by my teacher, only then will I be able to buy Earth.’’

Discovering a leaderless planet, there were three options.

  1. receive the reward, no other benefits. As for how Earth should be governed, Luo Feng had no way to intervene.
  2. pay to become Earth's leader, however, the Black Dragon Mountain Empire owned the tariffs on entry and exits of Earth.
  3. directly buying the planet, owning 100% of it.

The first option was definitely something he didn't want, the moment he chose that, he couldn't guarantee the fates of the humans on Earth.

’’I can only work on a way, to reach the Star level with the greatest speed.’’ Luo Feng bit down, ’’The Jade Marrow along with the Mu Ya crystals, within three months, there's...there's still hope.’’

’’Hong and third brother, the leaders from the various countries are just about to reach the wargod palace, let's enter the virtual space.’’


’’Let's enter.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God entered the study room beside and into the virtual space wargod palace.

After countless years, the humans of Earth had never truly made contact with the universe, and right now there was actually a universe empire, a powerful family looking to conquer the entire Earth? Especially since it was Luo Feng and his brothers speaking about their strengths, this made Earth's leaders and upper echelon even more worried, afraid, flustered and stunned.

What was there to do?

These upper echelon were Earth's brightest and elites, and they came up with a detailed plan.


On the balcony on the castle.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were surveying the land.

’’We have no choice.’’ Hong said softly.

’’Luo Feng, you aren't bluffing, is there really such an account?’’ Thunder God looked at Luo Feng.

’’Yes, but I need to reach the Star level before being able to gain access to it.’’ Luo Feng looked far into the streets, the continuous stream of people. The news of him acquiring access to the account only after reaching the Star level, this was something he had only told his wife, Hong and Thunder God, no one else.

’’Let's risk it all! We can only do that.’’ Thunder God said.

’’Let's do it!’’ Hong said solemnly.

’’Right, let's do it.’’ Luo Feng nodded.

Luo Feng said solemnly, ’’Within three months, if I can reach the Star level, everything will be ok.’’

’’If within these three months, I don't reach the Star level, then...we can only rely on reporting to the Black Dragon Mountain Empire and take the 100 billion Black Dragon dollar reward. All the rights of Earth will belong to the Black Dragon Mountain Empire, but at least the Nuolan Shan family won't dare steal from them.’’ Luo Feng muttered, ’’And for the Black Dragon Mountain Empire to control Earth, even through the wormhole, it'll still take them two or more years to travel here.’’

’’Two years is plenty of time, relying on the space ships, I'll secretly move all the humans on Earth away!’’

This was the plan!

A two pronged preparation!

Success, he would become Earth's leader.

Failure would mean leaving Earth to become nothing but an empty shell, evacuating as much of the humans on Earth within the two years! Of course this option would be arduous, moving close to 7 billion people was an extremely hard and painful thing to do. Until the last moment, Luo Feng would never choose to do so.


That afternoon, about 3pm.

Thunder God's daughter, Hong's son and daughter and Luo Feng's close family all gathered in the castle, many of Earth's upper echelon also gathered here!

’’Be careful in the other planets in the universe.’’

’’Earth's countless people's hopes are on you all.’’

’’All the best.’’

From the group's words and prayers, Luo Feng kissed his wife and children before turning and floating with Hong and Thunder God towards the black dragon ship above.

’’Daddy, come home soon.’’


The two kids held by Xu Xin shouted loudly.


Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God entered the cabin of the black dragon ship at the same time.


The cabin door closed and the black dragon ship began to swiftly rise, delivering Earth's humanity's hope and leaving Earth! And the entire population of close to 7 billion, many of them didn't even know...they lived in peace, unknowing to the fact that three people had left earth towards the vast universe to fight for a thread of hope for everybody.

Within the black dragon ship control room, external virtual image simulator was at 100%.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God turned to look at the beautiful green and blue planet.


Luo Feng's voice was cold, ’’Accelerate, prepare for universe travel, the first destination is Bai Lan Star.’’


The black dragon ship carried Earth's strongest three, beginning it's universe travel!

Previously, only Luo Feng left alone to visit and gain insights, also buying metals for himself.

And this time, there were three, all fighting for some hope for Earth.

Not too far from Earth, within a vast starfield.

Two extremely long and flat grey battleships, one behind the other, similar in appearances and their lengths were a shocking over 6000 meters. At the time, these two were currently two blurred beams of light, swiftly flying in space.

The battleship in front.

Control room.

Similar in appearances to Buluo, a handsome youth sat, beside him sat three other men.

’’What's wrong?’’ The handsome youth creased his eyebrows, ’’We can't contact them?’’


The black skinned man nodded.

The handsome youth's eyes glinted demonically, ’’This Buluo, the head promised him the position of Eternal Elder after this incident is done. He still really thinks he can stand high above and step on my head. As for the report on the planet, he actually hasn't even told us anything, how vicious!’’

’’We've requested communication, he doesn't answer.’’ Another handsome youth cursed as he bit down, ’’Pula, I think we should just...’’ he waved his hand!

The other two were shocked too.

The handsome youth Pula shook his head, ’’Don't do anything foolish, the family's matters are the most important, after all there's still three months before we reach this planet. According to the head, there might be huge amounts of treasure on this planet!’’


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