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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 37


Volume 08 Chapter 37 - Big Trouble

’’This, this...’’ Buluo Nuolan Shan, the black gorilla man, the green skinned woman and the other four explorers were all completely stunned. What was originally a weak and small aboriginal group in their minds, actually produced so many overpowering fighters in a flash!

’’Star level 7 spirit readers?’’

’’Level 7?’’

’’There are three star level 7 spirit readers!!!’’

Buluo and the others looked in fear at their mini computers, the screen displaying the figures for them. My god! The strongest among them was their captain and he was only a star level 6, and only a fighter at that! A Star level 7 spirit reader was more than enough to wipe out their entire team, much less three of them!

’’Master.’’ The blurred human silhouettes bowed respectfully towards Luo Feng on the balcony.

’’Master?’’ The seven explorers looked in fear and shock at the three 'weak little' aboriginals on the balcony, and the 'weak and little' Luo Feng just looked coldly back at them: ’’Capture them, anyone who resists, kill them!’’


The slave guard team respectfully complied.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Immediately, the entire guard team covered the skies and surrounded the seven explorers, the green skinned woman was the first to shout loudly in universe language, the computer swiftly translating and speaking on her behalf: ’’I surrender!’’

’’I surrender.’’ The black gorilla man said.


’’We surrender.’’

’’Don't kill us.’’

The seven universe explorers, six of them immediately decided to surrender.

Even though these explorers risked their lives constantly, they weren't stupid, three star level spirit readers leading a close to one thousand strong army, could easily sweep their little team of 10! Resistance would only mean a certain death, hence the six decided to surrender.

’’How, how can it be...’’ Buluo Nuolan Shan's handsome face was contorted.

How could it have become like this?

He, Buluo, his beautiful future! How did it become contorted so quickly?

This planet's humans, didn't they almost perish just from facing the Star level 1 Golden Horned Beast? How did they suddenly produce so many Star level warriors? And the most important point was...among these star levels, he could discern straight away they weren't from earth!

’’Death, or surrender.’’

The three Black Meng warriors looked coldly at Buluo Nuolan Shan.

’’I...’’ Buluo bit down and said solemnly, ’’Surrender.’’

From that, the seven explorers had all surrendered, without any guts or ability to resist.

Luo Feng and the other two flew up, beside him Hong and Thunder God carefully analyzed these seven...just from appearances, these seven had several very unique appearances. Back when Luo Feng chose his slaves, he chose according to height and appearances that were very similar to Earth's humans. And these seven, looked very different from Earth's humans.

’’Meng One, bring a small team and order the universe ship to surrender.’’ Luo Feng ordered.


A small team swiftly rushed towards the sky.

The silver grey ship in mid air was just about to escape after seeing the situation, but at that time, a black ship appeared and intercepted the silver grey ship. ’’This Earthling actually has a ship!’’ At this moment, all of the explorers grimaced in their suffering, this was something they didn't know before.

’’We surrender.’’

’’Surrender, don't kill us.’’

The silver grey ship swiftly stopped.

The two ship maintenance personnel were very clear, using a spirit energy attack, the Star level 7 spirit readers could easily kill the two little Star Travellers. And as the ship's AI only responded to the captain, it couldn't leave without the captain himself.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God floated in the air above the castle, surrounded by almost a thousand slaves.

Meng One and his team took people into the silver grey universe ship.

’’You are called Buluo Nuolan Shan?’’ Luo Feng looked at the extremely handsome universe explorer captain.

’’Yes.’’ The captain stood at attention, beside him were the escorts Meng Two and Three, his gaze cold, ’’I never expected, that two to three years ago you all were almost totally annihilated by a Star level 1 space beast, and yet now in a short span of two to three years, you have so many powerful warriors.’’

The captain looked at Luo Feng, his gaze confused: ’’You have a universe ship! Then you've definitely visited other planets, these Black Meng warriors, you bought them?’’

Buluo wasn't stupid, of course he could guess what happened.

’’Smart.’’ Luo Feng looked at them.

’’It's laughable that we even thought you all were just aboriginals.’’ Buluo cursed.

If they had known Earth had such strength and power, they wouldn't even have shown themselves...and would've waited patiently in space for the family fleet. The moment the family fleet arrived, Earth wouldn't have any way to resist! However, according to the data and information they had gathered on Earth...they believed Earth didn't have any battle capabilities above the Star level.

Right, they were very sure!

If there was an absolute power or warrior, how could that Golden Horned Beast still cause so much of a disaster?

If there was an absolute warrior, why hasn't there been any trace or news at all on the network?


There was no debate or question about earth's strongest, they were simply Hong, Thunder God and Luo Feng. And looking at these three, none of them were Star level. With all this information, they naturally assumed Earth didn't have anything of the Star level! However, however...fate played tricks with their lives!!!

’’Fate just played us.’’ Buluo cursed angrily.

’’How many of you have come to Earth?’’ Luo Feng asked, ’’Why have you come to Earth?’’

Hope began to grow a little in Buluo's heart.

’’These Earthlings don't even know there's a family fleet behind us, if I just bear with it patiently, when the family fleet arrives and totally destroys them, with any luck there's still hope for survival for me.’’ Buluo was filled with hope for survival.

’’We have a total of nine people.’’

Buluo Nuolan Shan said solemnly, ’’We unknowingly went through a wormhole and entered the dark space star field. According to the old star maps, we knew there were two life planets in this area, we were extremely excited at the time to discover this one. In the universe, this represented immeasurable amount of wealth, hence our little explorer team headed here.’’

’’Oh, a wormhole?’’ Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God glanced at each other.

No wonder!

Otherwise, even if you travel at light speed from the borders of the area in dark space, it would still require about a thousand years to get here! Only through a wormhole, these sort of lawless existences, would a universe ship be able to suddenly enter this star field.

’’Just the nine of you?’’ Hong asked.

’’Yes.’’ Buluo nodded, ’’We wouldn't trust anybody else with the news of discovering this planet, why would we tell anybody else.’’

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God nodded slightly.

What Buluo said made sense.

’’Meng Two, spirit hypnotize the six, carefully interrogate them.’’ Luo Feng was extremely cautious, ordering, and swiftly rushing up into the sky, Hong and Thunder God followed, heading straight for the silver grey ship.


Buluo's expression greatly changed, the other six explorers too.

Having faced life and death situations many times before, they were used to being able to chance on any opportunity to escape, from what the captain said earlier, they were very clear on what to do! Relying on the family fleet behind them, they would have a chance of survival! If even that was revealed, Earth's aboriginals would definitely not spare them.

Without them saying anything, the AI system Atuka, which could communicate through Buluo's consciousness, with his order, would not divulge this either.

It seemed like a good plan...

Sadly, the enemy had powerful spirit readers who could easily hypnotize Star Travellers and Star levels 1 and 2.

Within the silver grey ship, control room.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God entered the control room.


Meng One and the other guards bowed respectfully, beside, they escorted two maintenance personnel of the explorers.

’’Hm.’’ Luo Feng nodded, flipping his hand and producing a microchip.


Immediately entering it into the control board's slot.

’’Beginning the hacking, Luo Feng, leave it to me.’’

Babata began to hack into the ship's AI system.

The control screen immediately displayed a boy's head, shouting, ’’Stop the hack, immediately stop hacking...’’

’’Wahaha, it can only be considered an ordinary AI system, its capabilities, can't even compare to that Black Dragon Mountain x81's system.’’ Babata's head appeared on the screen, he revealed his fangs , apparently very satisfied, swiftly and unrelenting, he hacked into the system, gaining control over the entire ship.


Luo Feng took out his cellphone from his pocket, checking, it was General Wang, his main contact from the country.

’’Mr. Luo Feng, we just received a report saying there's noises from your castle... 'From now on, you are all my...the powerful warrior from the universe Buluo Nuolan Shan's slaves', what's going on?’’ General Wang from the country seemed distressed, ’’And we've discovered a large number of flying warriors, close to a thousand!’’

To be able to float and fly in mid air, one at least had to be a Star Traveller.

Close to a thousand star travellers?

Which country in the world wouldn't be worried?

’’Relax, we just met a small team of explorers from the universe, they've already been handled by us, no problem.’’ Luo Feng said casually.


’’Oh, Lady Lari.’’

Hong and Thunder God too picked up their phones.

Obviously the scene of close to one thousand warriors appearing around the castle had reached all the countries. There was no way they wouldn't know! Afterall, an important place such as Luo Feng's castle would definitely always have large amounts of media and spectators watching.

’’No problem.’’

’’No problem.’’

Hong and Thunder God said and laughed.

Luo Feng smiled as he spoke into his phone, but his expression suddenly changed. This was due to a large amount of chinese words appearing on the control board's screen, Babata was automatically displaying this.

’’This can't be.’’ Luo Feng's face had gone pale white.

Hong and Thunder God looked over in fear, after seeing the details of the chinese words on the screen, their faces too went pale and white.

’’No, no...’’ Hong and Thunder God's eyes were filled with fear and rage.

’’Master, master, what the captain said earlier were all lies, their explorer team is only the first wave, behind them is the enormous Nuolan Shan family fleet.’’ Meng Two who was in charge of the hypnosis interrogation rushed into the ship, shouting worriedly.

Luo Feng's expression ashen, he had already known!

’’Kill them!!!’’ Thunder God raged beside.

’’Don't kill them, disable them first and slowly torture and interrogate them.’’ Hong said angrily.

’’Right, interrogate! All information concerning the Nuolan Shan Family, interrogate everything out of them.’’ Luo Feng's gaze was ice cold.

Earth's three strongest warriors, were all extremely enraged.

’’What's wrong?’’

’’What happened?’’

’’Beloved Hong? What's the matter?’’

Voices resounded from all their phones.

’’General Wang, Earth's humanity is in trouble.’’ Luo Feng's face was pale, his eyes fixed on the control board's screen, on it the large amounts of chinese words were like knives stabbing into his heart.

’’There's big trouble.’’ Thunder God too said solemnly.

’’I suggest, we immediately gather the leaders of the five great countries and twenty three headquarter cities! Hold a meeting in the Wargod palace.’’ Hong said coldly.

Luo Feng nodded, just the thought of the family fleet behind with its huge amount of power, he couldn't help but feel terrified!


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