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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 36


Volume 08 Chapter 36 - Capturing Luo Feng and the Other Two

Virtual Universe, Black Dragon Mountain Island, a particular residential area.

After the captain hung up the call, he casually walked to another side of the room and poured himself a glass of wine.

’’Di, di, di.’’

’’Captain, the family's fleet is requesting a call.’’ The little spirit on the captain's shoulder Atuka shouted.

’’Don't worry.’’ The captain smiled as he held the wine glass, sitting casually on the sofa, gently swirling the wine glass, the transparent golden colored wine swirled about, ’’We have to ignore them, let them understand...that in this whole discussion, just who actually holds the power! Hmph, a bunch of idiots!’’

’’Captain, the family fleet is requesting a second call.’’

’’Third request...’’


Time passed by the minute.

The captain lay on the sofa, lifting the wine glass to eye level, listening to the ninth call request from the family fleet, mumbling, ’’Pula, this time I'm letting you all know...I Buluo of the the Nuolan Shan family is this generation's most exceptional. You? Nothing but a pretty flower from the greenhouse!’’


’’Captain, an anonymous number is requesting a call, the caller has revealed his status, it's a Universe level warrior.’’ Atuka shouted from his shoulder.


Buluo's online technology allowed him to check one's power levels! The Virtual Universe Network, through the use of the AI's and assisting functions could scan a person's data and deduce one's power! Usually in the virtual universe, people normally didn't display their powers.

Only in special times, for example when a special place demands the identity and power level of the person entering, would one be required to display or let us know.

’’Put it through!’’ Buluo Nuolan Shan shouted, before saying, ’’Wait!’’

’’Buluo took a deep breath, checked his face, and calmed himself down before saying, ’’Put it through.’’

’’Yes, captain.’’ The young boy Atuka shouted.


A screen appeared on the wall of the living room, on it was displayed a pointy eared, red eyed, incredibly handsome middle aged man who resembled Buluo in many ways.

’’Old Family head.’’ Buluo said, respectfully bowing.

Nuolan Shan family, as a new dynasty's big powerful family, including the current heads, had a total of three heads in the family.

The first was the one who started the Nuolan Shan family.

The three heads had all reached the Universe level before gaining the rights to be heads! This old head...was the second head, when he received the position back then, he was only at the Universe level 1. And now after tens of thousands of years had passed, this head had already reached the Universe level 6.

The head, was Buluo's grandfather.

And the second head, was actually over 10 ranks above Buluo's current position!

’’Buluo!’’ The head smiled as he looked at Buluo, ’’I know very little about the family's later generations, today, should be the first time we are seeing each other and talking I guess.’’

’’Yes, Head.’’ Buluo's face was flushed red and he was extremely courteous.


From the time he was born to the time he left the family, over a thousand years, while he had seen from a distance the head, he never actually got the right to speak to the head, this was the first time!

’’Those under the protection of the family usually grow up weak and frail. Someone like you who explores the universe with its dangers, only that can produce a fighter of power and class.’’ The head complemented, ’’This Nuolan Shan family has always relied on hard work and power to judge its people! This planet was once governed by an Undying Being before, hence it has a very special position...’’

A normal planet with life, didn't mean much at all to the entire Nuolan Shan family.

This particular special planet was one that was deemed more valuable.

’’The family will give you 100 Billion Black Dragon dollars as a reward, and also, give you the title of Eternal Elder in the family.’’ The Head said directly.

’’Eternal Elder?’’

Buluo's eye's opened very wide.

The position of Elder in the family was extremely high, higher than even the heirs in the family! However...even after becoming an Elder, if one makes a mistake, through the heads and Elder's judgment, they could still be stripped of their posts. However with the Eternal Elder position, even after making a huge mistake, one would at most receive smaller rewards, but their post would remain forever.

Only one with an extremely huge contribution had the rights to receive such a position!

’’My Nuolan Shan family's pride and honor, is built upon the hard work of the generations of heirs and disciples.’’ The head said.

’’Head, you can relax, I Buluo Nuolan Shan, as an heir to the Nuolan Shan family, am willing to go to battle for the pride of the family!’’ Buluo stood at attention.

’’You are very exceptional.’’

The head smiled and nodded, ’’This planet's conquering, excavation, you'll be in charge. The family's fleet will reach in three months.’’

’’Understood, Head, you can relax, the strongest warrior here is only a Star Traveller level 9. My team of explorers will be enough to conquer the planet! I'll definitely prepare everything to receive the family fleet.’’ Buluo puffed his chest out, saying loudly, the head nodded his head with satisfaction: ’’On the day you return, I'll personally present you the title of Eternal Elder!’’


The call ended.

’’Haha!’’ The captain Buluo Nuolan Shan's red eyes were shining with emotion, ’’The price of Earth is indeed huge, but I'm afterall just a Star level, such a big reward, I wouldn't be able to handle it all properly! And now...haha, I've become one of the highest ranks in the family, an Eternal Elder!’’


Buluo's eyes lit up .


His entire person disappeared from the virtual universe.

Earth, in the air above the Atlantic ocean.

The silver grey ship was floating there.

’’Follow plan three and act!’’

’’We'll head directly to capture the three strongest on Earth...Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God. Once their top three warriors are captured, Earth will not have any form of resistance or courage to face us! Also, through these three, we can easily learn more about the secrets of Earth.’’ Within the ship's control room, Buluo was high-spirited.

’’Yes, captain.’’

The eight crew members behind him shouted loudly in unison.

’’Atuka, give me the location of Luo Feng and the others.’’ Captain Buluo said.

’’Hacking into Earth's satellite network and checking complete, Hong and Thunder God are both flying towards Luo Feng's living quarters...Earth's China Jiangnan base, Yangzhou city.’’ The control screen displayed a boy's head shouting.

’’Let's head out, target...Yangzhou city!’’

Buluo pointed in the distant direction of earth's china.


The silver grey universe ship immediately became a beam of light, travelling cross the ocean and headed directly towards asia's china continent.

China, Jiangnan base, one of the eight great cities, Yangzhou city.

The castle by the West Lake Courtyard had already become synonymous with Luo Feng.

Hong's ship construct, Thunder God's Seven Star district and Luo Feng's castle, these were the living quarters of the top three strongest on the planet.

On the balcony of the castle.

Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God were sitting cross legged, calm and at peace!

’’Luo Feng, Luo Feng, a universe ship has entered the warning zone!!!’’ Babata shouted nervously.


Luo Feng fiercely opened his eyes, his body trembling from the shock, beads of perspiration streaming from his forehead. A universe ship, one Earth besides his own universe ship, who else could operate one? Unless...from the vast universe, finally someone from another planet, a scout ship had discovered Earth? However, the coordinates of where Earth was located in dark space should have been covered by his teacher's spatial techniques.

’’It's a universe ship, and it's a C grade universe ship!’’ Babata shouted worriedly.

’’How could there be a universe ship?’’ Luo Feng was getting more anxious and angry.

’’I don't know, but it's already reached the air above the castle.’’ Babata said.

Beside, Hong and Thunder God obviously felt the originally calm air about getting messier, both opening their eyes at the same time, looking curiously at Luo Feng.

Luo Feng's expression was ashen and cold sweat streamed down.

Babata's warning area was from his center, a 20,000m radius. Back underground on Misty island, Babata relied on this area to scan the surrounding human's strengths. Babata usually maintained this warning area...this was what allowed him to discover the universe ship.


The universe ship floated about 3000m above the castle.

’’This civilization is indeed backwards, even after our ship stopped right here, they still haven't even noticed anything.’’ The green skinned lady said proudly.

’’Look, this planet's greatest three are sitting on the balcony of the castle.’’

’’Greatest three, hmph, in the universe they could barely get scraps to eat.’’ The black gorilla man laughed coldly, he was one of the three Star levels of this explorer group.

The captain Buluo Nuolan Shan, through the external image simulator, high-spirited, laughed: ’’Attention all, after finishing this whole business on Earth, we never have to risk our lives out exploring again. Let's go, let's make contact with these aboriginal strongest three. Let the aboriginals understand, just what exponents from the universe are like!’’


’’Let's properly play with these aboriginals.’’


The crew was extremely pleased with themselves.

Against an aboriginal planet that hadn't made contact with the universe, they naturally felt a sense of superiority. They regarded...themselves as civilized while what was before them were nothing but aboriginal humans.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The cabin door opened.

With the captain Buluo leading the group of explorers, except for the two maintenance crew, all of them dived down directly.

’’They are coming.’’

Luo Feng looked up, up in the sky suddenly, there were seven human silhouettes, be it the black gorilla man, or the handsome and suave, or the green skinned...these seven were explorers from the universe, they definitely had their differences from Earth's humans. On their faces, wide smiles, their eyes filled with a sense of superiority over the aboriginals.

’’Three aboriginals!’’

’’Poor aboriginals.’’

Buluo surveyed the three expressions filled with fear, feeling exceptionally good about the situation. From his point of view, these Earthlings were adorable...this planet would bring him huge amounts of wealth and an extremely high position! These aboriginals were going to give him everything.

On the balcony, Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God looked at their wrist scanners screens.

’’One's a Star level 6, another a Star level 2, another's a Star level 1. The other four have reached Star Traveller level 9.’’

The 3 looked at each other.

’’This is big trouble.’’ Luo Feng, Hong and Thunder God had really bad expressions on.

These seven universe explorers didn't really mean much to Luo Feng and the others, however, the fact that they were here also meant one thing...Earth was no longer safe!


Buluo surveyed below gently saying, the AI system automatically translated his words into Earth language, ’’From now on, you are the slaves of a powerful fighter from the universe, Buluo.’’ After the translation, the solemn voice resounded throughout the entire castle, causing the large number of pedestrians on the streets outside the castle to look up in the sky.

In mid air, Buluo Nuolan Shan stood high up in the sky, slightly raising his chin, obviously looking down condescendingly at the three aboriginals on the balcony.

On the balcony.

Luo Feng and the others had gloomy expressions on.

’’Guards.’’ Luo Feng ordered indifferently.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Beam after beam of lightning fast human silhouettes flew out from the walkways, the windows, the balconies and rose up into the sky, blurred images of silhouettes shot up, almost looking as though they were arrows looking to cover the entire air and land. The blurred images filled the skies, immediately surrounding the explorers from the universe who were so filled with their own sense of superiority!


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