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Swallowed Star - Volume 8 - Chapter 35


Volume 08 Chapter 35 - Nuolan Shan Family

’’Look, liquid silver guards. The two liquid silver guards are working together and holding down that beast.’’

’’There are actually liquid silver guards on Earth!’’

’’It's indeed a planet that was governed by an invincible being.’’

The crew members were obviously very excited.

From the footage shown earlier, many valuable and expensive treasures were displayed, the message being...after the demise of that invincible warrior, there would still be many treasures left behind on Earth. One must know, this was a warrior that even the Silverblue Empire and the Black Dragon Mountain Empire didn't dare to interfere with!

’’Atuka!’’ The captain's eyes were flushed red, excited, ’’Is that beast still alive?’’

’’Of the eight heroes of earth, Luo Feng, Mo Henderson, Eastbourne, Tripathi Singh, Jia Yi, Sokolov, these six sacrificed themselves and unleashed a powerful spirit technique that finally killed the Swallowing Beast, saving humanity on Earth.’’ Atuka swiftly read the report from the network data he had gathered.

’’Bastards!!!’’ The captain couldn't help but scold.

’’Bastards, bullshit, they should just die!’’ The captain cursed fiercely.

The eight crew members were shocked.

Today was a day that was supposed to be joyous and filled with celebration, why was the captain so angry?

’’How can it die!’’ The captain was extremely furious.

The Golden Horned Beast was destined to become a Sector Lord at its peak!

Because of it's natural abilities and talents, the moment it reaches the Sector Lord level 9, it would be just like an Undying Being, and invincible existence! The Golden Horned Beast at it's peak was not one to be trifled with, and even harder to be captured alive. However, there were many ways for these universe explorers to capture a mere Star level 1 Golden Horned Beast infant alive.

It was only at the Star level 1!

As long as a powerful spirit reader 'illusionist' was present, he could easily tame the golden horned beast!

The Golden Horned Beast was extremely rare, cautious, etc, to be able to even meet a young Golden Horned Beast was something of utmost difficulty! In the universe, probably any undying being, or Sector Lords would all be willing to spend large amounts of their wealth just to buy a young Golden Horned Beast.

’’Wealth beyond one's wildest dreams!’’

’’A young Golden Horned Beast's price, I can't even begin to imagine it!’’ The captain was extremely bitter.

Why, why didn't he get here earlier!

These Earth humans were simply savages, wasting god given gifts!

They actually killed a young space beast of the highest bloodline, one that if ever acquired by someone, with careful training, would make the person a true upper echelon person of the universe! The price of a young Golden Horned Beast, was probably worth more than even his entire Nuolan Shan family, after all, it represented the peak of all Sector Lords!

’’Bastards, bastards!’’ The captain was extremely angry.


’’Right, the corpse!’’ The captain's eyes lit up, ’’An Undying Being's body is extremely valuable, the young Golden Horned Beast's body too must be valuable too. Even if it was dead, it would still more valuable than an entire planet!’’ Large powers within the universe, or large corporations would all be willing to pay a hefty price to buy the Golden Horned Beast's body to dissect and research.

’’Atuka, where's that beast's body!’’ The captain shouted.

The eight crew members were very curious.

’’Captain.’’ The ship's AI Atuka replied, ’’After that Swallowing Beast was killed, humanity once sent a group of Star Traveller fighters underwater, but because of the countless number of sea creatures surrounding, humanity hasn't obtained the body. Till now...the Swallowing Beast's body is still a mystery!’’

’’Three years, three years, the Golden Horned Beast could swallow, so it had an internal world.’’ The captain was deducing.’’ It dying, the process of the internal world crumbling, would disperse energy to support the rest of the body, I believe within three years, it's body shouldn't have decayed much.’’

’’The Golden Horned Beast had defensive scales, even after death, it shouldn't have been eaten by normal beasts.’’

The captain was extremely nervous.

At least now...

This Golden Horned Beast's body was the most eye-catching treasure on earth for him.

The universe scout ship was floating above the atlantic ocean, continuing its gathering of earth's data, as time passed, the data collected got more complete.

China time afternoon 11.42am.

’’Captain, the data collection is complete.’’ Atuka said.

’’With regards to the planet's technology and army, etc, they still belong to the space civilization initial stages, still very very far from the universe civilizations. As for strength, this planet doesn't have any resisting capabilities at all against our explorer group. The only thing to take note of is...this planet has Mu Ya crystals, Black God battle armor, Cloud Contact Vines, spirit weapons, spatial storage rings, etc and many other treasures that are valuable throughout the universe.’’ Atuka swiftly said.

Back when the incident on Misty Island occurred.

Hong versus the grand emperor beast, he used a cloud contact vine, while the footage was secret, too many people witnessed it, so one was definitely able to search through the secrets online and locate it. And the madness from the collection of the Mu Ya crystals too could be found in pieces here and there online. Things like the Black God set, spirit weapons, space storage rings were even easier to find in scraps.

The captain and the eight crew members were even more excited.

’’Cloud contact vine?’’

’’The cloud contact vine seed if planted, and nurtured into a bud! Every bud, is worth billions of Black Dragon dollars.’’

’’It's no question why they are so expensive, as long as you spend time and energy to properly nurture the cloud contact vine, it can basically reach the Universe level with absolute certainty. Why wouldn't it be expensive?’’

The cloud contact vine seeds weren't considered too expensive.

Because the seeds had to be alive and nurturing them into buds was extremely difficult! And for the buds to grow into universe level wasn't too hard, for long as they ate enough Mu Ya Crystals, they could reach the Universe level. A Universe level warrior's price is already unimaginable, but the price for nurturing and training too was extremely high. Hence the price of the cloud contact vine bud was expensive.

’’Mu Ya crystals? Taming wild beasts, nurturing plant life and the extreme goods Mu Ya crystals? These are things even the Domain Lords, Sector Lords and even the Undying Beings would buy.’’

’’The uses of the Mu Ya crystals are extremely broad, useful for humans, monsters, plants, etc, many many kinds of life.’’

’’This planet Earth actually has Mu Ya crystals.’’

The entire ship was extremely excited.

’’Captain, I've discovered a special kind of drink on this planet too, it's been called the evolution drink by the people of earth, through examination, this should be the universe purple light drink.’’ Atuka said, ’’And according to speculation, the amount of purple light drink on Earth is extremely huge, I estimate in the hundreds of tons.’’

Atuka based his calculations on the current number of higher level students on earth, estimating a rough number.

’’Earth even has the purple light drink?’’ The captain was shocked, ’’That invincible warrior really left a lot of goods for Earth.’’

Purple light drink in the hundreds of tons compared to the cloud contact vine, arc cutter knife and Golden Horned Beast's body was simply far behind. Several planets that produce the purple light drink have it in the thousands and tens of thousands of tons, these hundreds of tons didn't shock the captain at all.

Within the control room.

The captain and the eight crew members were in discussion, how to obtain the greatest rewards from earth.

’’There's no question, the most valuable things of Earth would be the treasures left behind by that invincible warrior.’’ The green skinned lady's eyes lit up, ’’That was a warrior that could physically enter the dark space and cover the universe marker himself. If we could obtain the treasures he left behind, that would be...’’

’’Keep dreaming.’’ The black gorilla man shook his head, ’’I'm not saying whether that fighter actually met his demise here on this planet, but it's still a little...those level of treasures, if we get our hands on it, it would 99% mean certain death.’’

The discussions among the members carried on.

The captain creased his eyebrows and pondered about his next move.

’’Let's move according to the third plan.’’ The captain said suddenly and seriously.

’’Captain?’’ The eight crew members looked over.

’’Captain!’’ The ship's AI Atuka shouted out, ’’We've received a call request from the family fleet.’’

’’Oh?’’ The captain's expression slightly changed.

’’You all stay here, we'll move later. Let me go deal with this group of arrogant bastards.’’ The captain said, immediately leaving the control room entering his private quarters.


Within the captain's resting room.

The tall and handsome captain sat on a chair, closing his eyes, connect to the virtual universe network.’’

The AI computers were usually semi connected to the Virtual Universe Network, however receiving a call from someone else and answering or sending a message would require one's consciousness to enter the network.

Virtual Universe, Ganwu Empire, Black Dragon Mountain Island.

In a simple average living quarter's courtyard, the captain suddenly appeared within, on his shoulder sat a little spirit with uneven fists. This living quarters, was the captain's property within the virtual universe. Without a property in the virtual universe, one would be like Luo Feng, appearing directly in the streets. Only those with property would appear in their houses.

With a property comes many other uses.

Within the home, living room.


A screen appeared on the living room's wall, on it displayed a call request.

’’Hmph, now you know to come to me?’’ The captain laughed coldly at the screen, saying, ’’Answer.’’

The screen gently moved.

And on the big screen appeared eight human silhouettes, among these eight, three of them had pointy ears, their pupils shining bright red, exactly like the captain's. The other five looked more unique, obviously they were of a different race from the captain.

’’Oh, it's actually the eight heirs calling simultaneously to meet me?’’ The captain arched his eyebrow.


A youth leading the eight, with pointy ears and a handsome appearance said coldly, ’’You should have arrived at the life planet already.’’

’’So what if I've arrived?’’ The captain laughed coldly, ’’ Pula, I've already stated my conditions before! I told you...This planet's discovery, I, Buluo have the greatest contribution, whether it was discovering the wormhole or reaching the planet, the main thing is I did everything. As for the planet, I can give it to whoever I want to!’’


Among the eight standing side by side, a dark skinned man snorted coldly.

’’What are you snorting at?’’ the captain stared, ’’Keluomi, even if you reach the Star level 9, with the status of a blood heir, you are still just an outsider! Me, I'm a true heir of the Nuolan Shan family!’’

Within the Nuolan Shan family.

There were many outsiders who swore into the family, only those who reach the Star level 9 had the right to become a blood heir, with special privileges.

’’Buluo, we called you not to negotiate, but to inform you. After the elder received news of the dark space, he personally delivered an order! As for the planets once governed by that invincible warrior, he's extremely interested, that's why, this planet must go to the family. There must be absolutely no accidents, otherwise...’’

’’Otherwise my ass!’’

The captain stared, ’’Eight heirs, I heard there were even over thirty Nuolan guards? Wow, added together that's over forty Star level 9 people, what a fearsome power, killing me would be like killing an ant. I, so scared!’’ The captain feigned a terrified look, following that, he gave a fierce glare and roared, ’’Get lost!’’

’’If you have the ability, come kill me! Come, COME!’’ The captain shouted.

The eight heirs' faces became green from anger.

’’Hmph, a bunch of rubbish.’’ The captain smiled coldly, ’’You all should recognize the situation well, I'm no longer that weak little runt from before, right now, the family has need of me! That's why, you better show me more respect. Alright, looking at how you are all so unhappy, we'll discuss about this planet again in a day.’’


The call ended.


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